The sun prematurely woke me up the next morning; I usually slept with a sleeping mask on to block the sun so this was a new change for me.

I stretched out my limbs and realised I was by myself. I looked around and saw that Duke had gone. I sighed with disappointment but my feelings changed when I saw a scribbled note on my bedside table. I seized it and after rubbing my eyes, read it out loud:

'Had to leave for work. Will call you as soon as I'm finished. See you soon. P.S. Be prepared to receive a picture message'

I glanced down at my phone and almost as if by magic, it started to vibrate. I picked it up and opened the picture message and almost dropped my phone when I saw what he had sent.

It was a picture of me sleeping that Duke had obviously taken. It looked like I was smiling - for obvious reasons.

I replied with a simple 'You loser x' and set my phone down. Now was the long, long task of waiting for his phone call.

I snuck into the kitchen and walked passed Sophia like usual, hoping she didn't suspect anything.

'So,' she said with her morning coffee in hand, 'someone had fun last night.'

The next few hours seemed like decades as I waited almost psychotically next to my phone, awaiting Duke's call, when finally it began to vibrate loudly on my dining table.

'Hello,' I answered it almost breathlessly.

'Good afternoon sunshine,' he replied, sounding as happy as ever, 'did we get a good sleep?'

The best I ever had. 'It was okay.'

'Listen, I have to do some promo shoots for a bit longer but I was wondering if you wanted to go out for dinner tonight.'

I'm willing to do anything with you. 'Sounds good.'

'Perfect, I will pick you up at 8.'

I will be dying until then. 'Great, I'll see you then.'

I hung up to save myself any further embarrassing psychotic thoughts. I sat there, thinking about the events of last night in my head, being so close to Duke's member that I started to pop a boner.

I was in my dream fantasy land for nearly half an hour when Sophia came in and broke my concentration.

'We have an American boarder staying with us in two days,' she announced happily.

Sophia worked as a social worker and sometimes social workers from other countries would come to Australia to work temporarily with other people. The last one I remember was a friendly Irishman who always questioned the tightness of my pants.

'Cool,' I replied, not thinking twice about it as all I had on my mind was Duke, Duke and Duke.

Duke arrived 5 minutes early as a gentleman should and he was dressed to the nine once again, putting my jeans and navy green button up shirt to shame.

'You look amazing,' he complimented me even though I felt like shit compared to him.

Avoiding the topic of last night, Duke and I conversed about his day and my day off from work and what I done - I happened to avoid mentioning how I was pining over my phone.

'This is my most favourite restaurant in the world,' he proudly exclaimed.

I looked up at the restaurant and my stomach turned; it was a seafood restaurant and I was a strict vegetarian. If it had a face, it wasn't going anywhere near me.

Duke saw my facial expression and the colour from his face drained.

'Don't like seafood?' he mumbled.

Fearing for the worst, I shook my head slowly. 'I'm sorry, I'm a vegetarian.'

Duke reached over to me and grabbed my hand and held it.

'Not to worry, I will find another place.' With less excitement, Duke sped off and found an Italian restaurant which was a few blocks away.

As we ventured into the fancy restaurant, Duke was greeted by a few big, burly friends of his.

'Hey guys,' he greeted them with his sexy grin, 'this is Quinn, my friend.'

Duke looked at me and I glanced at him, the smile from my face fading.

'G'day Quinn,' they all said simultaneously.

After excusing ourselves, we sat down at the table in silence.

'Friend? I thought you were out. It says so on your Facebook profile.'

Dan held back laughter as he learned of my stalkish behaviour.

'I didn't know that, actually,' he replied, 'I've been straight all my life but I've just never felt this way about another man before, you know that.'

'Why couldn't you introduce me properly then?' I hissed.

Duke squirmed around in his chair uncomfortably.

'It's too early...'

I dismissed the waiter as soon as he came to our table, saying that we weren't staying any longer.

'I would like to go home please,' I ordered Duke.

I pushed the door open and attempted to leave his car but Duke reached out and grabbed my arm.

'Let go, please,' I mumbled.

'Quinn, baby, I'm sorry that happened but I don't think I'm ready for this to be public,' he replied.

'What about the movies?'

'No one could see us in there.'

I rolled my eyes and tried to leave again but Duke held me more forcibly and he eventually pulled me gently back into the seat.

I opened my mouth to argue with him but his mouth had found mine before words could come out. His lips parted mine and his tongue dashed in, looking to wrestle with my tongue.

His hands clutched onto my dark hair as my eager hands ran up and down his muscular back. My left hand reached down and grabbed his bulging crotch through his jeans.

His lips parted momentarily at my touch before they continued to move with mine. My hand slid up his shirt and groped his chest.

Duke pulled up off me and looked at me, breathing heavily.

'You're special,' he whispered, 'let's not rush things.'

I smiled and leaned in for another kiss before I shut the passenger door behind me and asked Duke if we could sit in his car and eat some takeaway.

'Anything with you would be great, I don't care about the price,' I said.

Duke beamed down at me and planted another passionate kiss on me before driving off.

Noticing Sophia's car was absent yet again, Duke followed me into the house and into my bedroom where I immediately took my shirt and my pants off, laying down on my bed in just my tank top and underwear.

Duke followed suit as he stripped down to a pair of sexy black briefs, his bulge quite large and inviting.

He slipped into bed next to me and spooned me once again, his arms wrapping around me in another warm embrace. His lips searched my neck curiously as he kissed me gently, getting me in the mood...

'Duke,' I whispered.

'Yes, Quinn?'

'I've never had sex before, oral or anal,' I said simply.

'That's okay, I've never had man-to-man sex either.'

I craned my neck to look at his perfect face. 'Do you mind if I try something with you?'

The corners of Duke's mouth turned upwards into a smile. 'Whatever you want, beautiful,' he replied happily.




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