I attemped to call Duke several times the next day but I met his voicemail every single time. I was beginning to stress. What if Duke wanted to break things off with me since we had gone public?

Roman had noticed my stress increase and decided to stay away for the time being so not to add to it, but in all honesty, I would've preferred he held me and cuddled me and told me everything was okay, but that was Sophia's job.

Finally, two days after, Duke had called me back.

'Hey babe,' he greeted me coldly.

'Duke? Are you okay?'

'Just need to sort some things out. How are you?'

'Can I see you soon?' I answered, completely avoiding his question.

'Possibly. I'll get back to you later.'

And with that, Duke hung up on me.

One night, after several failed attempts of calling Duke, I was desperate. I had to see him. After borrowing Sophia's car, I drove off to his apartment not worrying about anything else but him. I parked in the apartment complex parking lot and made a dash for the entrance, carefully avoiding the public eye so not to cause any more drama.

I loudly knocked on his door and stood there impatiently. After a few moments of silence and regret, the door slowly opened and Duke emerged looking surprised.


'Duke!' I threw myself at him and wrapped him in my arms, glad I could feel his body next to mine once again.

It wasn't until Duke didn't return the hug that I noticed something was going on. My senses came back to me and I saw a young attractive woman sitting on his sofa looking at us curiously.

'What's going on?' I mumbled.

'I can explain,' he whispered.

'Hold up,' I said, a bit louder, 'what is going on? Is this your sister or your cousin?'

'No but I can explain,' he repeated.

'Hold the fuck up! Who the fuck is that?' I shouted.

'Quinn, calm down, I can explain if you calm down,' he urged me.

The woman sat there awkwardly as I began pointing my finger at her and yelling random curses at Duke.

'So you are gay?' she said.

'No! I'm not,' corrected Duke.

I turned to leave but Duke grabbed me by the wrist and held me.

'Please, Quinn, I can explain,' he insisted.

I pushed him off me and ran down the stairs, telling myself not to cry. I heard him call out my name behind me but I didn't want to see him. Not caring about being seen, I dashed to the car and sighed with relief when I sat inside.

I gripped onto the steering wheel and started to cry.

When I got back, after ignoring several calls from Duke, I bolted into the house and quickly locked myself in my room, not uttering a word to either Sophia or Roman. I jumped onto my bad and sank my face into the pillow.

'Quinn?' I heard Sophia's voice.

I could hear mumbling after that between her and Roman and then the door opened. I looked over fully expecting to see Sophia but instead Roman stepped in and he shut the door behind him. He smiled at me slightly and asked if he could sit down to which I simply nodded.

'Are you okay, Quinn?' he asked me.

I grunted in reply as Roman sat next to me, his muscular frame bringing my mattress down. We sat in silence for a few minutes when Roman shuffled closer to me and put his arm around me. I surrendered all control and leaped onto him, hugging him closely and crying onto his shoulder.

'Tell me what happened.'

I told Roman every part of the story and what had culminated tonight. Roman drank it all in and nodded his head when necessary and in the process was still holding me in his arms.

'I'm so sorry he done that to you, Quinn, you do not deserve to be treated like that,' he replied.

He gripped my chin with his hand and pushed my head up so I could be looking at his. He was smiling down at me and his happiness soon rubbed off on me; I began to form a resemblance of a smile on my face and before I knew it, I was leaning in and kissed him .

Roman held me there for a moment before gently pushing me off.

'I like you, Quinn, don't get me wrong, but I don't want to take advantage of your fragility,' he answered.

I smiled and thanked him before I settled for cuddling him again.

'Sleep with me tonight,' I whispered.

'Of course,' he said, planting a kiss on my forehead.

I rotated my body and laid down with Roman behind me, my body still in his arms. He got up nice and close behind me and spooned me, pulling my blankets over us. I heard my phone vibrating on my bedside table and knew it was Duke so I switched my phone off and forgot about it.

Roman kissed me on the neck and whispered goodnight to me before I finally dozed off to sleep.





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