Duke froze in the kitchen; he sighed and slowly looked up at me.

'They'll love you,' he replied, 'you have an infectious personality. I'm just not sure what they'd think about us.'

'Oh' is all I said. Duke must've sensed my distress about the situation so he dropped what he was doing and came over to me. He sat down on the sofa next to me and wrapped his arms around me in a warm embrace.

I sighed and rested my head on his chest, the increase of speed in his heart beats pleasing me.

'This was never going to be easy,' he said.

I looked up at him and kissed him, attempting a smile afterwards. Duke beamed down at me, his joy eventually rubbing off on me, before excusing himself to finish cooking dinner.

Duke had made cheese and spinach canneloni in an attempt to ease my vegetarian appetite; Duke wasn't a great cook so it didn't turn out as well but I loved the thought and appreciated it.

Duke popped on a movie on his TV and he once again held me in his arms, putting a blanket over us to keep us warm even though his body was doing a perfect job of that. He had apparently lost all interest in the movie as his lips began to caress my neck and the side of my face.

I turned around and forcefully pushed my lips on his, my tongue dashing into his mouth, massaging his almost aggressively.

Duke's hands ran up and my shirt and felt up and down my back before settling onto his favourite body part of mine, my ass. He groped it roughly and pulled me onto him so I was straddling him.

Our kissing grew more hot and desperate as my hands rid up his shirt and eventually I tore it off over his head before diving back to his mouth.

Duke fiddled with the front of my pants and pulled them down so they were around my knees and then began grabbing my hard manhood through the fabric of my underwear.

'Duke,' I moaned.

I held his head back while I kicked my pants off onto the floor. Duke smiled and spanked my ass, telling me how sexy it was.

Duke began to lick, bite and suck at my neck while his hands rubbed, groped and spanked my ass; his hands felt down to my smooth toned thighs and he began to caress them as well.

'You're so beautiful,' he whispered.

He pulled up for air and I looked down at him, the colour of our intense kissing showing around his mouth. I giggled and playfully slapped him on his arm.

'Special,' he said, chuckling to himself, 'we have to make it special.'

I smiled and bent down, kissing him once more.

I woke up the next morning in Duke's bed and I could hear the familiar sounds of soft snoring behind me and I could feel his arms hanging lazily around me.

I rolled around and cuddled up to him which seemed to wake him up slightly.

'Good morning,' he said, kissing me on the forehead.

I craned my neck so I could kiss him on the lips. He licked them afterwards and grinned.

'I hate work,' he mumbled almost incoherently.

We both got up and got dressed and after a quick breakfast, he took me hope before he zoomed off for more filming.

Duke called me in the evening telling me had promo shoots to do that night and that he wouldn't be able to do anything that night. So with that said, I fell asleep in my bed by myself.

The next day, I woke up and stumbled out of my room in just a tight white tank top and my tight black brief underwear. I had a late night last night with Sophia and two other friends, Rima and Lily, so I had woken up at around midday.

I heard Sophia's voice coming from our dining room so I assumed she was on the phone. I walked into the kitchen which was adjacent to our dining room and with my eyes half closed, I walked over to the fridge.

'Oh,' I heard another voice.

I looked over and after blinking my eyes for a few times, I saw who Sophia was talking to. He had dark brown hair that looked like it was naturally styled into a spiky hairdo. He had a perfect tan which was evenly spread over his body. He had a cute round nose over a set of perfect white teeth. And a kind of dark green colour to his eyes that made me melt.

His beautifully sculpted biceps were visible in his tight light blue polo shirt and the outline of well defined pecs were also noticeable. This stranger was definitely close to perfection and I was sure to withhold my sexual reaction to him due to my lack of clothing.

'Roman, this is my exhibitionist roommate and best friend, Quinn. Quinn, this is Roman Van Ecker, the social worker from America I was telling you about. Rob's from Hawaii.'

'Good morning,' he said, his sexy American accent colouring his greeting. He flashed me another white-toothed grin and I knew I would've done anything to him right there and then.



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