I sighed in anxiety of what I was about to do. I leaned forward and pressed my lips on Duke's lips who was startled at my approach but he returned the favour anyway.

My lips caressed down his hairy chin and down his neck where I gently nibbled on the side. I traced down the middle of his pecs and then moved to his nipple, my tongue swirling around madly.

Duke let out soft moans as my mouth moved down the contours of his ripped abs, my tongue licking and my mouth sucking every inch of this perfect man that I could get.

With my right hand, I gently placed my hand on Duke's boner through the fabric of his underwear and teased it, rubbing it.

'Oh Quinn,' he whispered.

I kissed his manhood through the fabric of his underwear and then moved back up to his abs. I lifted my head to breathe and then swung my leg over him so I was straddling him.

I looked down at my man and smiled; he soon returned with an amorous expression on his face.

'I don't want to do anything you don't want to,' he said quietly.

I leaned down and pressed my lips on his once again, this time more soft and romantic. His hands reached down to my ass and squeezed it, obviously liking what he was feeling.

I carefully and deftly rotated on him and looked down at his boner; there was a wet patch indicating the amounts of precum that he had produced.

I pulled his underwear down and watched as his penis sprang to life, stiff, straight and extremely hard. With a deep breath, I reached down with my hand and seized it.

I felt Duke's body quiver underneath me as I took him into my grasp. I slowly moved my hand up and down in a rhythmic movement and slowly began to pick up speed; Duke's breaths were getting quicker and sharper. I was mildly surprised with my efforts and felt the adrenaline pumping through me.

'Yes...' he whispered.

Duke's penis felt so warm in my hand as I picked up the pace going fast but not too fast. I soon felt his body spasm underneath me and I knew he was ready too shoot. After a final jerk, Duke shot out thick ropes of hot, sweet cum. Load after load came out and saturated my hand.

I reached over to the box of tissues on my bedside drawer and cleaned my hand and cleaned his pelvis. Duke was breathing heavily underneath me.

'That was great, babe,' he mumbled to me.

I turned to face him once again, still straddling him, and leaned down to deliver a final passionate kiss.

I rolled off him and had my back to him; Duke cuddled up behind me and spooned me, holding me in his arms once again.

The sound of Duke lightly snoring behind me was enough to finally send me to sleep.

I woke up, ready to feel the disappointment of being alone once more, but my senses took full force and I felt Duke still cuddling me from behind, his light snoring indicating he was still asleep.

I rolled around and faced him, watching him in awe as his handsome face looked so innocently beautiful in his unconsciousness. I delivered a quick kiss to him and then got up out of bed, intent on making him a decent breakfast.

Duke came out of my room just in his underwear twenty minutes later, the smell of fried egg waking him up.

'Eggs on toast okay?' I asked him.

He wrapped me in his warm embrace and hugged me from behind, gently kissing a trail up and down my neck.

'It's perfect,' he replied.

'Hello,' I heard Sophia's voice say awkwardly.

Duke and I turned to look at her and she was standing a few feet away looking at us with joy in her face.

'Duke, this is my best friend Sophia. Sophia, this is my... Duke,' I said in humour.

Duke left shortly after breakfast and I had to leave to go to work where I thought about him all day although he left me a few quirky humorous texts throughout the day.

I was on the bus home from work when Duke finally called me.

'Hello my Duke,' I said with a giggle.

'Hello my Queen,' he replied.

'Well, I walked right into that one,' I said.

'Dinner at mine tonight, I'll pick you up in an hour. You have no say in the matter. I'm going to hang up now.'

'Bye?' I laughed.

The next hour took longer than usual so I decided to make sure I looked perfect - I put a pair of flattering faded blue jeans on with black Italian pleather shoes, a nice light blue and white button up shirt and my friendship chain bracelet Sophia gave to me.

As nice as I looked, Duke outshone me of course as he was wearing a designer black suit with a red shirt underneath and a thin black tie. He had a single purple orchid in his hand, knowing that it was my favourite flower.

'You are as beautiful as always,' he greeted me.

I happily took the orchid off him and placed it in a vase near the front door. He held out his hand and I took it as we walked down my driveway and into his car, which he held the door open for me.

We stopped outside a chic, upper-class looking apartment complex and I looked up at it in awe. It was so white and sleek and so modern.

We got off at level 8 and I followed Duke to 8D. He opened the door for me and I was amazed at how beautiful his apartment was.

'Your place is really nice,' I mumbled.

'Thank you,' he said, planting a kiss on my cheek before showing me around the place.

The question that I had been thinking of all day was busting to get out, so I finally blurted it out:

'What would your friends and family say if they found out you were dating an 18 year old male?'



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