I woke up the next morning and Roman was sleeping silently next to me on his stomach, his left arm draped over me lazily. I quietly got out of my bed and dashed into the lounge room where Sophia was.

'Wow, two boyfriends,' she said giggling to herself.

I shot her a playful glare and sat down next to her. Sophia was in my opinion the perfect best friend; she always listened to me, voiced her honest opinion and was there for me through thick and thin.

'Did you know he was gay?' I asked her.

'I knew before he came,' she explained, 'but I didn't know he was going to look like a sex God... lucky you.'

My mind went back to last night's events with Duke and I sighed; I rested my head on Sophia's shoulder.

After avoiding several calls from Duke, I bid Roman and Sophia farewell and went to work on the bus. I was busy serving a customer who decided to buy a third of the stock we had when an unfortunate familiar face walked in.

'Quinn,' Duke greeted me.

The customer turned around and gasped when she saw Duke Erving. She looked at me and then looked back at him and then the lightbulb went over her head.

'You're dating Duke Erving?' she asked me quietly.

I shook my head, handed her the receipt and gave her the four shopping bags she required. I busied myself with cleaning the counter and upholding the POS area but Duke stood there patiently waiting for me to give up.

'What do you want?' I hissed.

'Can I please explain?' he asked.


Duke walked around the store, picked up a white t-shirt, placed it on the counter and pulled out his wallet.

'You have to talk to me now,' he said with a smile on his face.

I looked around the store being the only one working and noticed that no customers were looking around.

'I'll give you until the next customer walks in,' I replied.

'My agent saw what was in the tabloids and thought it would be bad for my career if I were to come out now. I told him that I wanted to be with you but he didn't want to risk it so he set me up on a date with that woman you met last night,' he explained.

'I'm glad you have a strong backbone,' I replied sarcastically. 'Why have you been avoiding all my calls?'

'I was with my family,' he replied, 'they also saw what happened and wanted to talk to me. My siblings and my mother are completely okay with the possibility of me being bisexual but I'm not too sure about my father.'

'And you couldn't tell me any of this because...'

'I didn't want to stress you out.'

I processed the white shirt he had placed on the counter and asked him for $20. He handed the correct change to me and I put the shirt in the bag along with the receipt.

'Thank you and have a good day,' I said with a fake smile on my face.

'Quinn, please don't-'

'Hi!' I greeted a potential customer who walked in, brushing off Duke. He finally took the hint and walked off with his shopping bag.

I stayed back late to maintain the shop and then caught a bus home. I noticed Sophia's car wasn't in the driveway and assumed her and Roman weren't home. I walked in and saw light emanating from the kitchen-dining room. I walked in and gasped when I saw a candlelit dinner on the dining table and Roman sitting down with a nice chequered shirt on and jeans.

'What's this?'

'I wanted to make you dinner and to make you feel special,' replied Roman.

He got up out of his seat and pulled the chair out for me. I sat down, still in awe, and viewed the range of salads and vegetarian pastas on the table.

'Duke could never cook,' I whispered to myself.

Roman reached out and grabbed my hand, his being so warm and heavy and masculine.

After dinner, Roman switched on the radio and started to play some slow music. I chuckled at this idea as he invited me to get up with him to dance. I took his hand and wrapped my arms around his neck as he had his around my waist.

'This is beautiful,' I said to him.

Roman smiled and I rested my head on his shoulder, letting his intoxicating scent wash over me.

We slow danced for several minutes until I finally looked up at this handsome man and leaned in to kiss him.

His hands got lower and they firmly grabbed onto my butt, giving a playful little spank afterwards.

'Thank you for this,' I whispered between kisses.

Roman pressed his lips against mine once again, his tongue darting into my mouth and massaging my tongue in the process.

It wasn't long until I was pushed up against the wall and Roman was running his hands down my pants as he continued to grip my ass.

He had me up against the wall with my legs wrapped around his waist as he furiously necked me providing me with the ultimate pleasure.

'Take me,' I breathed.

Roman carried me into my bedroom and placed me down on my bed as he looked down at me with a smile.



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