I woke up the next morning with a painful sensation still hovering in my body, feeling the after effects of what happened last night. I ignored the pain and looked around and saw I was alone in Duke's bad still stark naked, but was delighted to see a vase on the bedside tabl e with a single purple orchid in it.

'Duke?' I called out.

Seconds later, Duke stepped into room with a tea towel in his hand. He was shirtless in all his male perfection and had a pair of loose sweat pants on that hung loosely on his V line. I smiled as he walked over to me and planted a kiss on me.

'Good morning, my dear. I am attempting to make eggs for breakfast,' he explained.

I giggled and crawled out of bed and went to pick up my clothes to put on. I slipped into my underwear and for the fun of it, I put on Duke's shirt from last night which was still on the floor after our passionate love-making session.

'You're so sexy,' Duke mumbled as he watched me get changed.

I kissed him on the cheek before picking up my orchid and skipping into the kitchen. I sat on the stool against the counter and watched as Duke walked in and continued cooking. It wasn't long before Duke had burned the egg, damaged his frying pan and almsot potentially burned his apartment down; afterwards, he looked at me sheepishly.

'That's okay honey,' I said. Suddenly, a dirty thought came to my mind. 'I wouldn't mind something else for breakfast...'

With a seductive wink, I crawled onto the kitchen counter in a sensual manner and laid down on my back with my arms up above me resting on the counter. Duke licked his lips at the sight and crawled over me, his pants already suggesting his thoughts of what he wanted to do to me.

Duke pulled his cock out which was nearly fully erect and crawled closer to me; he placed it at the tip of my mouth and I began to tease it, kissing the head and fondling with his balls. Duke's eyes closed as I continued to play with his manhood; holding onto his balls, I took him inside my mouth, my tongue swirling around his sensitive cockhead which almost spasmed underneath the excitement.

'Oh Quinn,' he whispered.

I licked down the shaft of his cock, enjoying each and every inch of Duke's manhood. I kissed it as I moved back upwards and took it in my mouth once again. I slowly took more and more into my mouth until I had nearly reached the base.

The wave of excitement overcame Duke and he began to move his hips, thrusting his cock into my mouth almost causing me to gag. I continued to play with his balls with one hand and grabbed the base with my other hand and began to jerk him off at the same time as I sucked him.

Duke done what turned me on so much and placed his hands behind his head as he continued to thrust himself in my mouth; the sounds of my slurping on his meat almost echoed around the room as my mouth was completely full of Duke. My tongue lashed viciously around his cock.

'Yeah, baby, suck it,' he said, 'oh baby, that feels so good. Yeah, Quinn.'

I could feel Duke's balls tighten in my hand and I saw Duke's facial expression change dramatically.

'I'm gonna come!'

My sucking didn't stop and I soon felt Duke's cock spasm in my mouth and I soon felt his manjuice ejaculate into my mouth. I wasn't too fond of the taste but the fact that it came from Duke turned me on the the extent that I swallowed every drop of his thick creamy load eagerly.

After sucking my man dry, Duke leaned down and we shared a quick cum kiss.

'You're a little minx, aren't you?' he laughed.

'Technically, only a female can be a minx,' I teased him.

We continued to passionately make out on his kitchen counter until he fell off onto the floor; we both held our stomachs as we hysterically laughed at that.

After my first 'breakfast', Duke insisted he take me out to a real breakfast so we found a nearby pancake restaurant and sat down. I had slipped into my pair of jeans and I still had Duke's shirt on which looked way too big for me. Duke still had his sweats on and a body hugging black t-shirt.

We were about to order when a few of Duke's fans ran up to greet him. He signed autographs and got pictures with them but they continued to hang around, one especially making sure she brushed her hand against him as much as she could.

'Is this your friend?' one asked him.

'Quinn,' I introduced myself quite sharply.

The first girl glared at me while the second continued to stare at Duke with lust in her eyes. They eventually backed off leaving Duke to chuckle to himself.

'I thought I was your boyfriend,' I said to him calmly.

'You are! I couldn't introduce you because you beat me to it,' he explained.

I ignored his comment and continued to order, holding back feelings of misplaced anger towards Duke.

After finishing our breakfast, I wrapped my arm around Duke's and we walked out of the restaurant; this very slight display of public affection, meanwhile, had caught someone's attention and they began to snap photos and before you know it, there were a crowd of people surrounding us.

'Are you gay?' asked one man.

'How long have you been together?' asked another.

Duke blushed and we bolted to his car. Even despite this, Duke still managed to open my door for me and as soon as we were in, we zoomed out of the public eye.

Duke had dropped me home and besides a kiss goodbye, a single word was not spoken since the incident this morning. I walked into the house and saw Roman lying down on the sofa with no shirt on and a pair of board shorts.

'Morning,' he greeted me with a smile.

I mumbled a reply and was about to walk passed him when I felt his hand grab mine. I turned around and Roman, as fast as lightning, pressed his lips against mine in a desperate kiss. My arms hung in the air awkwardly as Roman's mouth explored mine.

'How long I've wanted to do that,' he whispered after he had broken the kiss.

'The beach...' I mumbled, 'it did happen.'

'Yes,' he said, 'I thought you had forgotten about it or at least didn't know if it really happened.'

My thoughts soon flashed to Duke but they were wiped out as soon as Roman wrapped me in his arms in a tight embrace.

'I have a boyfriend,' I mumbled to him.

Roman pursed his lips and slowly nodded his head. He leaned in and kissed me one more time before letting go of me, my body already missing the warmth of his muscular body.

'We'll see about that,' he said.

After a while, Roman had left with Sophia to go to work leaving me to my own thoughts and feelings.

It was evening when I had received that terrible call.

'Hello Duke,' I greeted him after checking caller ID.

'Check your e-mail, I'm sending you a link now,' he simply said.

I booted up my computer and opened my e-mail from Duke. I clicked on the link and gasped when I saw what it was. It was an internet article entitled 'Duke Erving in Gay Scandal'. It continued to say that wanderous eyes had caught us at the pancake restaurant this morning and snapped pictures of me with my arm around his. Numerous anonymous sources also added that we had been caught seen together at the movie theatre and previous restaurants on our past dates.

'Duke, I'm so sorry. I know you wanted to come out on your own terms.'

'I know. Me too.'

With that, Duke had hung up on me.



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