I waited the obligatory 2 days before anxiously calling Duke, and he sounded very pleased to hear my voice.

'I was beginning to think you had forgotten about me,' he said with an indecipherable tone.

Small chat eventually turned into setting up a meeting.

'Is this a date?' I asked jokingly, half-expecting him to say no.

There was a brief silence on the other end of the line before Duke said 'yes, if you would like'. I gasped and nearly dropped the phone. Did I hear him correctly? Was I REALLY being asked out on a date with Duke Erving?

'I'm sorry, I just blanked for a second, what did you say?'

'Yes, if you would like.'

I WOULD LIKE THAT VERY MUCH. 'That would be lovely.'

After organizing the details, I hung up with an aching boner in my pants. I booted up a few shirtless pictures of Duke and began jacking off over them, the thought of going on a date with him stimulating enough. As I began to climax, I sighed out Duke's name and shot hot ropes of cum all over my stomach.

Duke had wanted to take me to a movie and then a dinner, so I decided to keep my look casual with a pair of tight fitting jeans and a tight black and pink shirt.

I immediately felt insecure when I saw Duke in a pair of designer jeans, a white V-neck sweater and black Italian leather shoes. He looked so drop dead sexy that it caused a rise in my pants.

He opened his passenger door for me as I walked down my driveway, expecting to wake up any time soon. It amused me to know a 10 like Duke was publicly dating a 7 like me.

During the movie, the sexual tension between us arose and I desperately fought back the urge to run my hand up and down his broad chest. Yearning to touch him, I allowed myself to wrap my arm around his in a warm embrace, my hand resting on his large bicep. Duke looked at me and flashed me a welcoming smile.

I soon dared to rest my head on his shoulder; as soon as I did, Duke let out a sigh and the muscles in his arm tensed. I sensed he didn't like it but he laid his head on top of mine.

My hand silently crawled down his arm and found his hand; I entwined my fingers with his and held his rough, masculine hand.

'This is nice,' whispered Duke.

After we ate dinner - and after several attempts of waking myself up with hourly pinches - we sat in Duke's car as we decided what to do now.

'I guess I could take you home now,' said Duke, the disappointment clearly colouring his voice.

I nodded my head knowing that I never wanted this magical night to end.

His car finally rolled to a stop at the bottom of my driveway; I was glad to notice Sophia's car was missing.

'I had an amazing time,' he mumbled.

'Do you want to come in?' The adrenaline got the better of me.

Duke gladly accepted and followed me into my small house, his hand never leaving my waist. We stepped into my house and I quickly showed him the tour of the 2 bedroom complex.

'Would you like a coffee or anything?' I suggested.

I spun around and saw him looking at me almost as if he was about to laugh. I smiled awkwardly at him, paranoid that he was about to tell me this was all a joke.

'The way you do things is really cute,' he said.

Aware that my ass was sticking out, I decided to play him a bit longer and continue to bend over, fumbling around a drawer to see if I could find the coffee maker even though I knew we didn't have one.

My plan had worked as I felt Duke's hand rest on my lower back. I straightened myself up and turned around to see him with a very serious expression on his face.

'I have never felt this way about another man before,' he whispered.

I could feel his warm breath caress my neck, his face getting closer and closer to mine. I sighed as he moved his lips toward mine, tenderly embracing them with his.

I looked up at his warm eyes, aware of the tent I was pitching in my pants. I stumbled back to the kitchen counter behind me as Duke followed suit.

He caressed my cheek with his hand and leaned forward once again, moving his lips around mine. He held my face gently in his hand as his other curiously rid up and down my back.

'Duke,' I sighed as we came up for air.

Duke placed his hands on my ass and squeezed them before lifting me up effortlessly and placing me onto the kitchen counter. I wrapped my arms around his face and kissed him once again, this time with more impatience and aggression.

My tongue darted into his mouth and fought with his tongue; my member aching in my pants as it chafed against my underwear, desperately wanting attention.

Duke's mouth ran down from mine and to my neck where I held his head and sighed, my eyes closing in pleasure.

'Duke,' I breathed.

His hands rid up my shirt and I was self-conscious about my soft body compared to his firm and masculine frame.

Our lips met once again, the sounds of our desperate breathing nearly echoing throughout my kitchen. I wrapped my legs around him in a tight grip and he pulled me off the kitchen counter, his firm arms holding me up in the air as we desperately made out with one another.

My back slammed into the fridge as my hands began to ride up his back, my fingers clasping onto the ridges of muscle on his back.

Still holding me against the fridge, Duke deftly tore off my shirt exposing my singlet underneath and he began to lick my bare neck and chest.

He pulled me away from the fridge, his mouth sucking my neck and forced me down onto the dining table. He climbed on top of me as he necked me furiously.

I felt down his stomach and grabbed onto his crotch where I felt his rock-solid member awaiting my touch. He let out a sigh when I felt it through the fabric of his pants.

'I don't want to force you to do anything you don't want to,' he whispered to me before he softly kissed me on the lips again.

'I'm fine,' I breathed, still in awe of what was going on.

With that being said, Dan pulled his sweater off, revealing his magnificent tanned chest and his washboard stomach, putting my upper body to shame.

Duke smiled at me once again before leaning down to kiss me once more as he straddled me on the dining table.



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