'I want to make you feel special,' Duke mumbled to me. He slowly and carefully slipped off me and onto the floor and then proceeded to place his arms underneath me.

With ease, he pulled me off the dining table and like a newlywed couple, he carried me away to my bedroom which he found almost without a problem.

Looking down at me with a warm, embracing smile, he laid me down on my bed and planted a nice, warm kiss on my forehead.

'You're beautiful,' he whispered.

Duke slowly began to unbuckle his belt and then unzip the fly of his pants. He tore the zipper down and wriggled out of his pants, revealing a nice bulge in a tight pair of blue boxer briefs.

I motioned for him to lay down next to me which he did with a sly look on his face. I rolled onto him and straddled him, taking charge of my man. I leaned down and forced my lips onto his, my tongue venturing into his mouth and finding the warmth of his.

Duke found the button of my jeans and unbuttoned it and fumbled around looking for my zipper. I lifted my hips off him so he could pull them down, the warmth of his hands caressing my bare thighs almost enough to make me shoot.

My pants were around my ankles and I managed to kick them off onto the floor next to his. My hungry lips moved down to his neck, kissing and licking every inch and ridge of this perfect man.

I made my way down to his masculine chest and my tongue hungrily swirled around his rigged nipples; I heard Duke let out a sigh of satisfaction.

'Yeah, baby, that's it,' he mumbled.

My tongue gently caressed the sensitive nipple and twirled around it, bringing it to its full erectness.

The nerves in my body were at an all time high as I kissed down his defined chest and found myself in front of Duke's member which was very happy to see me.

Little did he know, I'd only ever kissed before...

I kissed his manhood through the fabric of his briefs as I sensed Duke run his hands down to his briefs and struggle to pull them off to set it free.

I saw the top of it as he pulled his briefs down and finally it escaped as erect as ever. It was nice and thick, big but not too big, around 7 inches and it was cut, just how I liked it.

'Quinn,' he whispered.

With a shaky hand, I grasped onto it, my touch sending chills all throughout Duke's body. I sat there, my own manhood as aching as ever, holding onto Duke's when I realized that I wasn't sure if I was ready to go so fast on a first date.

Duke must've sensed my hesitation as he partially sat up and looked down at me. I let go of his penis and glanced up at him, disappointment colouring my face.

'Quinn, are you okay?'

'I've never done this before,' I mumbled.

Duke scooted back and sat completely upright, reaching down to his underwear to pull it back up. I looked down, expecting Duke to run away from the inexperienced virgin.

'I'm sorry, I didn't want to rush you,' he said.

Duke spread his legs and motioned for me to sit in between them. Happy that he wasn't about to run away, I crawled in between him and turned around, the warmth of his body seeping through my tank top.

He wrapped his heavy muscular arms around me in a tight embrace and I felt his face close to mine.

'We don't have to do anything,' he whispered, 'we can go as slow as you want. I want to make you feel special,' he repeated himself.

'Thank you,' I replied almost in tears over the chivalry shown by my dream man.

'I won't leave you tonight,' he whispered.

I rested my head against his as his warm arms held me in his embrace, our mouths having no need to talk as our bodies spoke the words.

After a half hour of silence, he rolled me over onto my side in a lying down position, his big, warm body spooning me. He deftly pulled the covers over us and he began lightly kissing my head through my hair.

'Get some rest, my beautiful,' he almost breathed.

I felt down his arm and eagerly clasped onto his hand, our fingers intertwining.

With the sound of his breathing at a calming, repetitive rate, I soon found myself fall asleep in the arms of Duke Erving.



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