He was without a doubt the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my entire life: he had a dark chocolate-brown tinge to his hair with which he styled in a dashing mohawk to match his fierce brown eyes that melted me to the core of my being. His perfectly chiseled jawline was coloured with fuzzy brown hairs that traced down the sides of his face and around his supple lips. His lips were curved slightly upwards in the corner almost resembling a sexy smirk-smile.

I had never wanted something so badly in my life.

The audio on my small 20 inch TV crackled slightly as the man of my dreams walked around the cafe on screen, his broad shoulders being exposed in a sleeveless grey shirt; his biceps were thick and defined, his right one decorated with a strategically placed armband tattoo with the words 'CARPE DIEM' printed in it. The firmness of his muscles on his arms led down to well-defined forearms, his right one imprinted with ink of a Southern Cross paying homages to his ancestors that fought in the wars to defend our country. His arms glowed a nice healthy tan that made me lust after him even more, if that were possible.

'What's his name?' I asked my friend, Sophia, who was watching the TV show. I had obviously heard of this soap opera before but never noticed him.

'His name on this is Dillon but his real name is Duke Erving. Sexy, isn't he?'

'Like you have no idea,' I mumbled to myself.

With this knowledge, I booted up my computer and began to Google Duke Erving, ogling over the countless numbers of shirtless and underwear pictures he had and reading pointless information on him. He was 26 and I was 18 but that didn't bother me one bit. I was also ecstatic to see that he was a Gemini and I was an Aquarian, thus resulting with us being extremely compatible with one another.

Over the course of the next few weeks, my lust had nearly turned into obsession. I dreamed of Duke holding me in his arms as we cuddled in my bed. I fantasized about holding his hand in public and eating at a fancy restaurant with him. My obsession with him soon found out that he had listed his Interests in both Females and Males; I had never been so happy in my life.

Now, I thought of myself as attractive but juxtaposed with Duke, I questioned my ability to attract such a God. I was 5'9 with a naturally athletic build but I wasn't as defined as I could be; I had nice broad shoulders and somewhat toned biceps and forearms and a sometimes flat stomach with no ab definition. My true power, however, laid in my lower half; while I was endowed with an average member of 6 and a half inches, the true weapon of seduction rested with my long, nicely shaped and toned legs and big juicy ass.

I fell asleep that night, once again dreaming about meeting Duke one day...

The following week, my dream became reality. Sophia and I had gone shopping in the city and had parked on the side of a random road so Sophia could safely talk to her boyfriend on the phone. Seeing that it was a sultry, sunny day outside, I got out of the car and laid down on the roof of the car. My shorts, which ended mid-thigh anyway, hiked up to the top of my thighs, exposing my weapons of mass destruction for anyone who drove passed.

I had been lying down for a good minute when I heard it.

'Is there a good view up there or something?'

With the sun beaming down on me, I could barely make out this remarkable figure on the opposite side of the road. It was Duke Erving with that same sexy smirk-smile that had enchanted me the first time.

He was looking sexy as always in a simple black t-shirt with a matching pair of dark shades covering his eyes; he had a pair of dark faded blue jeans which were ripped on the knees and a pair of expensive looking cowboy boots.

I sat there almost speechless as Duke glanced at me as if I were a puzzling new species of bird. I attempted a friendly laugh which came out ten times more awkward.

'Model?' he asked me politely.

I laughed awkwardly once again and shook my head, internally hyperventilating as I saw the object of my desire standing in front of me in the flesh. I wasn't dreaming; I was totally conscious.

'Nope,' I finally managed to say, holding back fits of giggling and immature laughter.

'Could've fooled me,' he replied with a chuckle.

Duke took off his shades and revealed his warm brown eyes which immediately penetrated me. He locked his car behind him and sat on the hood of his car, watching me humorously.

'How long do you plan to stay up there?' he called out to me.

'Long enough,' I replied, eventually getting over the first shock of being starstruck.

Sophia heard me and looked over to who I was talking to; she nearly dropped her phone and began to breathe heavily.

'My name's Duke,' he said to me, sounding almost cocky, 'what's yours?'


'Nice name,' he said with a smile.

'You too.'

I slowly sat up and swung my legs over the roof of the car, my legs dangling in front of Sophia.

'Need help getting off?' he asked, making his way over to me.

It was obvious even to a blindman that I did not need help off but I gladly accepted his friendly gesture. He held out his hand for me which I took, embracing the rough masculinity of the palm of his hand.

I hopped off the roof onto the road with a nice thud. Duke quickly glanced down to my shorts which were still hiked up to my ass and chuckled.

'Nice shorts,' he mumbled.

'Thank you,' I said, hoping my weapons of mass destruction were doing their job.

I stood there, my hand still in the warm protection of his for a few more awkward seconds, the tension between us thick enough that you could smell it, before he finally let go.

He was around 6 feet tall so he was slightly looking down at me, his eyes making me ooze inside. Unfortunately, the power he had over me took control of my whole body and I had to suppress my member from giving me away. My knees began to buckle and eventually gave way.

With lightning-quick reflexes, Duke caught me in his arms. He held me to the warmth of his chiseled chest, his strong arms wrapped around me tightly.

'Woah, are you okay?'

I couldn't muster a reply as the tension between us grew once again. My hand was placed limply on his left pec while I looked up at him, willing to accept anything he wanted to give me at that point in time.

'Are you alright, Quinn?' he asked me once again.

'Yes, I'm fine, I just have weak knees,' I replied, non-verbally telling my hard-on to disappear.

'Maybe you shouldn't lie down on top of cars anymore,' he added comically.

'Oh really, and you'd know?'

Duke chuckled, his chest heaving in and out with my hand still on it.

'Yes, yes, I am quite learned in the art of lying down on top of cars.'

After finally letting go, he reached down into his pocket and pulled out a card.

'If you ever need any more information on the subject, feel free to call me'.

I held back my excitement as I accepted this man's phone number and quickly pocketed it. Duke nodded towards me before rushing back to his car, leaving me leaning against Sophia's car, attempting to catch my breath as I watched the object of my desire speed off.

'As if that just happened...' muttered Sophia.

I eagerly pulled the card out and looked down at it. Duke Erving. Actor. Phone number.

I knew what I was doing tomorrow night.



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