In a swift movement, Duke had rolled his pants down around his ankles and kicked them away. He was pitching a major tent and I knew he was ready to use his equipment. He lifted my legs up and reached over to the top of my pants; latching onto them, he pulled them down and threw them next to his.

Duke rolled me onto my stomach and got behind me and wrapped his arms around me in a tight embrace. I could feel his boner against my ass through the fabric of both of our underwear. He caressed me with his lips, kissing me all over my neck, shoulders and back. If there was any definition of 'making love' then I am sure that was what we were doing.

We were kneeling upright with Duke behind me before I could sense that Duke was pulling his boxers down. I felt his cock spring to life and it caressed the back of my left thigh, sending an excited shiver throughout my body. He managed to get his underwear all the way off and onto the floor before kissing me all over again.

'Are you ready?' he simply asked.

I nodded my head and then felt Duke's hands pull my underwear down, my member springing to life leaking the clear substance of precum. He reached over and slathered it all over his hand and I bent forward on all fours, waiting for action. I looked over my shoulder and saw Duke spit on his hands and rubbed the moisture on his fingers.

'Tell me if it hurts and I'll stop,' he whispered.

Slowly but surely, Duke put his index finger around the openings of my asshole. I looked down and awaited th e pain. He eventually stopped teasing my entrance and plunged in carefully. I let out little groans here and there but I knew I wanted to go all the way tonight so I didn't protest. The pain shot up my back and I let out another groan as Duke got deeper.

'Keep going,' I whispered.

Duke had inserted his whole finger in and I felt a sensation throughout my body that I had never ever felt before. I let out a sensual moan and refrained from shooting right there and then. I felt Duke pull out and then I screamed out as I felt two fingers go inside me.

'Are you okay, my darling?' he mumbled to me.

I nodded my head and urged him to keep going. His index and middle finger penetrated my virgin asshole slowly and they hung around my entrance for a while as I attempted to loosen up. I kept my hands away from my dick so I wouldn't come too early as I felt Duke's fingers get deeper and deeper into me, the feelings of pain and pleasure entoxicating me.

'Make love to me,' I said to him.

Duke's fingers teased me a little longer before completely pulling out of my red asshole. I glanced over my shoulder and felt Duke's strong, warm hand grab onto the side of my hips as his other held onto his hard cock. He rubbed the head against my opening for a while in an attempt to get me ready. I used all my strength to try and loosen up for Duke.

Duke's head forced its way into me and I yelled out. His dick was so big and I wasn't too sure if I was ready to accomodate him but I know I wanted to - badly. I reached back to my ass and tried to spread my ass cheeks for him to make it easier. Duke went in a bit further and then slowly backed out but not all the way out. I leaned my head into the pillow and muffled my screams.

'I'll be gentle,' he said.

Duke went in further. I loved the feeling of his hard cock inside me. I desperately urged him to go deeper as the feeling of sexual desire grew stronger and stronger. Holding onto my hips securely, Duke pushed himself further in. The extreme pain was slowly beginning to subside and was replaced with an ultimate sexual satisfaction that I had never felt before in my life.

I wiggled my ass a bit as Duke went deeper and deeper. He was slow and loving in the way he made love to me and before I knew it, he was all the way inside me. I shot straight up and reached my arms back around his head and my hungry mouth found his lips and I began to passionately make out with him.

This intense kissing must've stimulated Duke as he began to withdraw and then thrust back in like an animal. Duke began to get faster and faster as he held onto me securely. I stopped kissing him as I was overcome with passion and sexual desire. I moaned as Duke pumped me in an assertive yet gentle manner.

Duke began to get into it as he craned his neck and closed his eyes, whispering things like 'Yeah baby' and 'Do you like this?' to me. More glistening precum shot out of my cock but I was too scared to touch it just yet.

Duke let go of my hips and wrapped his arms around my waist in a tight embrace, pulling me back up into an upright position on my knees. He held me closely and I felt the warm breath near my ear as he thrusted into me, the sound of his balls slapping my ass becoming more apparent. The sound of making love echoed around the room as our bodies colliding with one another along with our moans of pleasure sounded throughout the room.

Duke buried his mouth in my neck with desperate sweaty kisses as he buried his cock deep into me. The feeling I was feeling was absolutely indescribable. The warmth of his body next to mine, the feeling of his mouth exploring the crevaces of my neck and the pleasure of him pounding inside me.

I fell forward with Duke holding onto me and feeling Duke's heavy body laying on top of me turned me on so much. Duke's hot body melted over me as she continued to thrust into me picking up the pace.

'Oh baby, this feels so fucking good,' I said to him.

Duke used his arm strength to pull us back up to a kneeling upright position and his body thrusts into me began to get faster. The sounds of his body clapping against my ass was too much for me. I reached down and began to jerk my dick and it wasn't long before that feeling of orgasm hit me. I let out a loud sensual moan as I shot my load all over Duke's blankets, stream after stream of white jism shooting out, almost coming enough to fill a coffee mug.

'Fuck I'm gonna come too,' Duke moaned behind me.

He went to pull out but I held him in me, telling him I wanted to feel his come inside me. Duke agreed and continued to thrust before I felt his muscular body tense up before feeling the warmth of his ejaculation eject inside me. Thick creamy load after thick creamy load filled my insides as Duke's body collapsed on mine in fatigue. Feeling the warmth of Duke's sperm inside me almost got me hard again and it turned me on so much.

Duke began to get soft in me and then he eventually pulled out and rolled over onto his back, his heavy panting and mine being the only sound heard in his bedroom. I crawled over and laid next to him, resting my head on his shoulder and putting my leg over his body.

'That was incredible,' I said between breaths.

'That was the greatest,' he replied.

'I'm glad you could be my first.'

'I'm over the moon that I could be your first'.

He looked down and kissed me quickly. He smiled at me and then kissed me once more. He pulled his arms up and rested his hands behind his head as I laid on him, the fatigue quickly settling into me and I eventually fell asleep, my naked body next to Duke's naked body.



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