'I will, sweetie,' breathed Roman, 'but first, I have to repay you.'

Roman slowly got down on his knees and I gasped in readiness of what was about to come. He deftly pulled my pants off and teased my aching rockhard member through the material of my underwear. I saw the wetpatches on it and knew that drops of pre-cum must've been erupting out already.

He finally pulled them down and my cock sprang to life. Roman seized it in his hand and my body quivered at his gentle touch. He began to slowly stroke me, teasing my ejaculation.

He finally went down on my manhood and I inhaled sensually as Roman took me into his mouth. He was definitely a pro as he worked my tool with ease, the noises of his slurping sending me into a wave of ecstasy.

My legs shot up and rested on his broad shoulders as his mouth got further and further down until I was completely in his mouth. He slurped his way back to the head and began swirling his tongue around my sensitive head.

'Oh Roman!' I nearly screamed.

I was about to shoot. I knew it and he knew it. He didn't stop sucking me and he sucked me as he jacked me. My body began to have spasms and I cried out in pleasure as I climaxed down his throat. Roman eagerly sucked me dry, collecting every single drop of cum and drinking it as if he had never seen liquid in his life.

I began to go soft and Roman finally took his mouth off my drained cock. He looked at me with a smile and crawled over to me and planted a sweet cum kiss on me.

'That was great,' I whispered to him.

'I'm glad I could satisfy you,' he said before his mouth began to run down my neck.

Roman slid out of his pants and his briefs quickly and I felt his member prod up against my right butt cheek.

'You've got such a fucking sexy ass,' he said to me.

My hands ran up Roman's shirt and they eagerly grasped onto his bulging pecs and squeezed them. Roman got the hint and took his shirt off as well, revealing his sexy tanned upper body.

Roman spat down on his hands and lathered his cock up in readiness for its entry. I had wrapped my legs around his waist. I winced as I felt his penis head rub against the entrance of my asshole.

'Are you hurting?' he asked me softly.

'Keep going,' I said, willing myself to accommodate him.

Roman pressed more inwards and I held back screams of pain as he penetrated through me and sat at my entrance.

'Tell me and I'll stop,' he insisted.

'Keep going,' I repeated.

Roman pushed me upwards so I could be more onto the bed and so he could kneel on the bed also and soon we found ourselves in a loving missionary position.

He held me in his arms and pushed in a bit more after my ass began to adjust.

'Fuck me,' I breathed.

Roman took this instruction and thrusted more of himself into me. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and I craned my neck as Roman sunk himself into me.

He pulled out slightly and then thrust back into me like a wild animal. He began to pound me more viciously and aggressively as time went on.

We had been making love for nearly half an hour and Roman had finally gotten all the way in. His throbbing member massaged my prostate and I felt as if my semi-hard member was going to shoot again.

'You like this, baby?' said Roman.

Our bodies wrestled around the bed as Roman continued to pump me, his body movements getting swifter and quicker. The sound of his balls slapping against my ass turned me on to the point where I felt I was going to shoot again.

I reached down at my manhood and stroked it a few times before I felt myself ejaculate all over my stomach once again.

This apparently had turned Roman on as he closed his eyes and announced that he was going to climax soon.

'Shoot it on me,' I breathed.

Roman pulled out of my aching hole and began stroking and it wasn't long before he erupted with volley after volley of manjuice all over my stomach and some shots even reached the bottom of my jaw and cascaded down my neck.

After a few more moments, Roman finally collapsed onto me and held me in his arms, our sticky cum rubbing against his washboard stomach also.

'That was amazing,' he whispered before he planted another romantic kiss on me.

He rolled off me, grabbed some nearby tissues and began wiping us down. I sat upright and slid into my underwear again and laid down next to Roman who had slipped into his briefs also.

'That was great,' I whispered.

'Any time,' he replied back to me with a smile.

I cradled myself into the warmth of his arm and rested my head on his bulging chest. I felt his lips rub against the top of my head gently before my phone started to ring on my bedside table. I reached over and took it and saw that it was Duke calling.

I gasped and looked over at Roman who was looking at me curiously.

I ignored his call and scrambled up out of my bed and hurriedly put my clothes on.

'What have I done?' I said to myself.

'Quinn, baby, what's the matter?' Roman asked.

'I'm so sorry, Roman,' I apologised, 'we shouldn't have done this. Well, I shouldn't... we shouldn't... I'm sorry.'

The sudden feeling of hypocrisy washed over me and I knew that if anything, I was more at fault and Duke was completely innocent. My mind flew back to the night at the beach with Roman and I knew I had to see Duke.

I rushed out onto the street and stopped a surprised taxi driver before aggressively telling him I had to go to Duke's apartment building - pronto.



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