Luckily I had work today otherwise I would have had to sit around Roman in all his perfection. I tried to think about how lovely Duke was but all I could picture was Roman, Roman, Roman.

In desperation, I called Duke during my lunch break. 'Hey babe,' he answered the phone.

'Plans tonight?' I asked him.

'Only with you,' he replied.

With a huge sigh of relief, I bade him farewell without a proper goodbye. I was glad I didn't have to face the temptation of Roman.

I got home and saw Roman sitting on the sofa with a tank top and a pair of board shorts as I would assume most men from sunny Hawaii would wear.

'Hello,' he greeted me, his sexy voice making me melt almost instantaneously, 'how was work?' Sophia had trust him enough already to leave him home by himself so I was glad nothing had been trashed or stolen.

'Fine,' I said, attempting to hide my distaste for Duke and all of his 'events'.

I excused myself to my bedroom to get changed into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, particularly paying attention to making myself look presentable.

My phone buzzed in my hand so I looked down and read the message from Duke: 'forgot about a dinner, cant do tonight sorry babe i miss u x'

'Fucking...' I mumbled under my breath.

'Is everything alright?' asked Roman.

'Yes, well...' I sighed. 'My friend just cancelled our plans on me.'

'That's okay,' he said with a big grin on his perfect tanned face, 'we can make plans. I don't start at Sophia's until Monday so let's make this Friday night fun!'

I had known him for about 5 minutes and I could tell that his optimism would rub off on me.

Sophia ditched out on Roman and I on the last minute as well saying she had a date with her boyfriend. As she sped down the road, I glanced over at Roman awkwardly who was still in his top and board shorts.

'Got any cool beaches around here?' he asked eagerly.

Despite it being nighttime, I got dressed into a pair of thigh-high denim shorts and a tight white tank top and called for a taxi.

I would've sworn I caught Roman looking down at my exposed legs but I told myself I imagined it. After being dropped off at the beach and paying the taxi driver, I watched as Roman excitedly ran around on the sand; I also noticed that next to no one was on the beach.

I planted myself in the sand as Roman quickly took his top off and ran to the water. From what I could make out, Roman had a very well defined back and a pair of washboard chiselled abs that I wanted to touch so much...

After laughing to myself at how childish Roman was in the water, he made his way over to me - chiselled abs and all - and sat down next to me, the sound of him panting overpowering the crashing of the waves.

'I can't wait to see what this is like in the daytime,' he said with a huge grin.

'Oh gee, we forgot towels,' I mumbled.

Roman beamed at me. 'That's okay, I'll just use you.' Roman wrapped his arm around me and started playfully drying his hair on my top.

I began screaming and playfully slapping him but he continued to use me as a human towel. He then swooped me up onto his shoulder and ran around the sand with ease, my stomach bouncing uneasily on him.

I almost ran out of breath from all the laughter and so did Roman as he carefully laid me down on the sand. Everyone had already left the sand and I was sure no one could see us.

The laughter died down as I looked up at Roman who was still grinning at me. Sexual tension that started to rise as we stared at each other for a while, his hand still on the small of my back.

'Fun,' I breathed.

'Yeah,' he mumbled.

In a quick movement, Roman brought his face closer to mine and pressed his lips against my lips. I grabbed onto the back of his head and forced him against me, our lips aggressively moving around one another deftly.

After making out for what seemed an hour, I rolled Roman onto his back and pulled his shirt off and began playing with his nipples with my tongue.

My face went lower and I eagerly pulled down his shorts revealing a beautiful cock, probably 7.5 inches and equal thickness to Duke.

Without thinking about anything, I seized his manhood into my hand and dove onto it, my mouth wrapping around it and my tongue caressing the head.

I held onto him still with my hand and jerked him a the same time as I sucked him, the aroma of his manhood almost intoxicating me.

I heard Roman moan as I took him inside my virgin mouth, my tongue swirling around his fully erect cock. I made myself go deeper and deeper until I was almost gagging, my mouth full of Roman.

'Oh god, I'm gonna...'

I didn't stop and kept on sucking until I felt him spasm underneath me and then I felt the warm sensation of Roman's ejaculation in my mouth. Shot after shot came out and in the midst of my thoughtlessness, I swallowed every drop of it and licked his penis head clean of every amount of cum.

My wits came back to me and I suddenly realised what I had done. I gasped and shuffled away from Roman who had pulled his pants back up and looked at me as if he had just ran over a dog.

'What's the matter?' he asked me.

'Duke...' I muttered to myself.



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