I heard Sarah go into the bathroom, and I opened my eyes thinking, 'I should go make us some coffee. I really want to stay here with Trent, but a good host would be sure his guest got everything she needed.' I dragged my ass out of bed, and grabbed some shorts and a tank top to throw on.

As I got dressed, I looked back at Trent, still sleeping. He is one of those people who sleeps beautifully. Some people look like accident victims when they sleep, in complete disarray, with limbs everywhere. They look like they were thrown onto the bed. Trent was not one of those people. He looked totally at peace, and as though he was posing for a magazine spread. He was lying on his stomach, with his arms wrapped around his pillow, one leg drawn up and one leg outstretched.

I couldn't resist. I crawled back onto the bed toward him. He had kicked the sheets off, so his entire body was in plain sight. I couldn't help thinking about how much I loved him, as I bent down and kissed his butt cheek, then the small of his back, then his shoulder blade, and then his neck, just below his ear. He awoke with a big stretch, rolling over as he stretched. His eyes opened and he looked up into mine. He grabbed the front of my shirt and pulled my lips to his. We kissed and he pulled me down onto the bed beside him with his other arm.

'Hey.', he said with a smile.

'Hey.', I replied. 'I'm going to go make some coffee. I heard Sarah go into the bathroom a minute ago.'

'Sarah's on her own. I have needs.', he said, as he pulled me in for another kiss. He rolled over on top of me, so he had an elbow on either side of my head, and he was between my legs. I wrapped my legs around him, and squeezed him tight. He felt so good on top of me. I didn't want it to end. Both of us were getting hard.

Two knocks and the door flew open. 'Yo, I heard you two in here talking. Who's on coffee?', Sarah said, looking like she had a pretty rough night. She was crawling onto the bed beside us, wrapping her arms around Trent's pillow, as though she planned to go back to sleep.

'Did you sleep okay?', I asked.

'Yeah, why?', she said as she crawled onto the bed beside us.

'Oh, just wanted to be sure.', I replied.

'Or, because you look like you were attacked in your sleep!', Trent said, laughing. 'Did you look in the mirror? Your hair is FUCKED UP!', he laughed.

'Shut up!', Sarah responded groggily, as she diverted her gaze from Trent to me. 'Will you make coffee?', she pleaded, as she looked into my eyes.

'Yes, if I can get your brother off of me.', I said.

This was clearly a matter Sarah was experienced in handling. She sat up and first smacked her brother's bare ass, then started pulling on his shoulder, while changing her expression to a vicious look. Through her teeth, she said, 'Get off of him. I need coffee!'

'Alright, alright...', Trent said, as he stood up. 'I've gotta piss, anyway.', and strutted off to the bathroom totally nude.

'Trent, you better put some clothes on. You know Mom and Dad will be here any minute.', Sarah said.

I got up and followed him out of the room, as he looked back over his shoulder suggestively, and said, 'Wanna help me piss?'.

'No, piss by yourself!', Sarah shouted, 'Paul is making coffee.'

Trent laughed as our paths separated and I headed toward the kitchen, smiling back at him. As I was walking past the entry door to my apartment, I heard two soft knocks. I unlocked and opened the door, and saw Page and Dan standing there.

'Good mornin', Paul.', Page whispered. 'Is everyone up?'

'Mornin'', Dan said as he walked into the living room, looking like he was ready to take on the day.

'Yep, Trent is in the bathroom, and Sarah is in the bed.', I said.

Page snapped her head around, 'In the bed?! Oh, don't tell me she kicked you boys out of your room!'.

'No, no. She came in to talk to us, when she heard us up.', I explained. 'I think she desperately needs coffee.'

'Oh, Paul, she is a bear before she gets her coffee. You'd do well to work quickly!', Page laughed.

I heard Dan tap on the bathroom door. 'Trent, why don't you go ahead and shower. Your Mom and I wanna take everyone out for breakfast.', he said.

'Ok, Dad.', Trent responded.

'Can I have my coffee first?', Sarah moaned.

'Sure, if you can drink it before Trent gets out of the shower.', Dan bargained.

'Ug... Paul...', Sarah pleaded, as she climbed out of bed and started toward the kitchen.

'I'm coming. Here, it's all ready. Do you want something in it?', I said as I walked toward her.

'Nope, I'll take it just like that.', she said.

'I'll have a cup, if you have enough, Paul.', Dan said.

I poured Dan's coffee, but Page opted for orange juice. We sat and talked, and soon Trent was walking out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist.

I on the other hand was mesmerized by the sight of Trent standing there in that towel. It seemed to drape across his pelvis effortlessly. What a sight! His tall lean body, long muscular arms, light treasure trail, then long slender legs, and big feet. He looked like something off the cover of a porn flick standing there.

'Mornin'. 'Y'all sleep well?', Trent asked.

'We sure did.', Page replied, looking at Dan with a smile.

'Ok, Sarah, let's get moving.', Dan commanded.

Sarah had just taken a few sips of her coffee, and looked up at me with an exasperated expression, 'Paul, will you go next?'

'Sure.', I said as I started toward the bathroom, my own cup of coffee still in hand.

I started the shower and undressed. Just as I stepped into the shower, someone knocked at the door and then opened it. It was Trent.

'Hey, sorry, I used the last of the soap.', he said.

'Oh, cool. Can you hand me a bar from under the vanity?', I asked.

'Sure.', Trent replied as he searched through the vanity for the soap. He then unwrapped the bar of soap and opened the shower curtain a bit.

'Here's the soap. What's it worth to ya?', he asked.

'Hrm... What do you want?', I responded with a smile.

'I'll make ya a deal. Give me a good kiss, and I'll throw in a bonus.', he said teasingly.

'A bonus, huh.', I said as I moved toward him.

He didn't move as, I approached him, clearly wanting me to do all the work. I moved close to his lips, and stopped short of kissing him. I looked into his eyes, and then leaned in and gently let my lips touch his. I saw his eyes close, as I began to press my lips against his, and then open my mouth. Remembering that I had been drinking coffee and hadn't had a chance to brush my teeth, I pulled away.

'You call that a kiss? I KNOW you can do better.', he whispered.

'Trent, I haven't brushed my teeth yet, and I have been drinking coffee. Wait 'til I get out.', I demanded, as I started to back away.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me toward him, 'Don't back away from me. When I tell you to kiss me, I want you to kiss me. Now, let's try this again. Kiss me!', he said, as he firmly smacked my ass!

I was so startled by him smacking my ass, that I jumped forward and he grabbed the back of my head and forced my mouth onto his. Before I knew it we were in a deep kiss. My mind was more focused on how aroused that smack on my ass made me. As he slowly released his grip and our kiss ended, he smacked me on my wet ass again. I don't think anyone had ever done that to me, and I was stunned to realize there was something incredibly erotic about it.

'Yeah, you like that, dontcha. I think we're gonna have to explore that a little later. Right now, I want you to get on your knees. I saved you some.', Trent said.

Not quite sure what he meant, I got on my knees. Honestly, I was following his instruction with very little thought. My mind was still wrestling with those smacks on my ass, and the way they made my cock jump to attention. But, once on my knees, Trent dropped his towel, and aimed his semi-hard cock at my face.

'Open.', was all he said, as I followed his instruction and he began pissing into my mouth and down my chest. His stream ended all too, soon, but it was still a hot scene.

Again there were raps on the door, as Page yelled, 'Trent, what are you doing in there? Come out and let Paul finish his shower!'

'Ok, Mom. I'm coming.', Trent said, as he pulled his towel back up and looked down at me kneeling in the shower, soaked in his piss.

As I stood up, he leaned toward me. 'Kiss me.', he instructed, and I kissed him deeply, as he explored my piss soaked mouth with his tongue.

'Mmmm...', he said. 'You taste good.'

As he reached to open the door, he smirked and said, 'Don't forget to wash behind your ears.'

My shower went much more quickly after Trent left, and Sarah followed me in the shower, and we were headed off to breakfast within the hour.

Throughout the morning, I just kept looking at Trent and thinking about how much he had expanded my sexual boundaries in the short time I had known him. He made me WANT to do more. Hell, half the time he made me beg for it! He was now the most beautiful man I had ever known, and not just because of his physique, but because of who he was and who we were together.

The rest of the day was just sightseeing and shopping. Later that week, his parents left, and Trent and I started to settle into a routine. With both of us working and Trent going to school, we seldom went to his condo. He was coming home late at night, and leaving fairly early in the morning. We were usually making love twice a day, and it hadn't lost any of its charm.

I was filling in the gaps in Trent's hectic life, doing his laundry, running errands, and soon my life and his life, melded into our life. The condo next door almost seemed unfamiliar to both of us when we walked in, like a remnant of a past life.

Then, one night, Trent came home and I wasn't there. I had run to the store.

He called me cell phone and asked, 'Where are you? I'm home, and you're not here.'

I noticed a tone in his voice that sounded like he was upset with me, and I had just had the day from hell. It seemed everything that could go wrong had gone wrong that day, and now to hear disappointment in Trent's voice was the straw that broke the camel's back.

'I'm at the store, Trent. I realized we were out of coffee for the morning, and I forgot to pick it up today. I'll be home in a few minutes, ok?', I heard myself say in a frustrated tone.

'What's going on with you? Why are you in such a bad mood?', Trent asked.

'Trent, I'm in the checkout line. Can I talk to you when I get home?', I said, still using the same condescending tone.

'Yeah, I guess.', he said, sounding rather confused.

I paid for the few items I had bought, and headed to the car. 'Why didn't I remember to pick up coffee at lunchtime. Now, I got Trent upset with me. What a fucking day...', I thought as I climbed into the car. All the way home, I had beaten myself up for everything that had gone wrong that day. Without realizing it, this had made me flat out venomous by the time I got back to my place. I was pissed at myself and the world, and that was about to make my day even worse.

Trent was in the shower when I walked in, and I put away the few things I had gotten at the store and made myself a drink. A few moments later, Trent emerged from the bathroom.

'Hey.', he said as he walked toward me, cautiously.

For some reason, I couldn't look him in the eye. 'Hey.', I returned.

He leaned in and kissed me, and I pulled away.

'What the fuck is the problem???', he said in an agitated tone.

'What do you think, I'm just supposed to be here waiting for you when you get home? Like I have nothing better to do?', I said. I couldn't believe I heard myself saying it. I hated hearing myself saying it, because nothing in it was true. The truth is, that I was okay with Trent's schedule, though I'd sure rather spend more time with him. He had been honest with me from the start, and aside from that, I don't think either of us had planned for our relationship to happen at this moment in our lives.

'Look, I just didn't know where you were? All I did was call and ask you where you were. What the fuck is the big deal? Why are you being so nasty?!', he said.

I have to admit, he was kind of intimidating when he was angry. He towered over me, and waved his arms a lot. I quickly realized I had never seen him upset, and I didn't like it. The angrier he got the more I wanted to kiss him. Wow, he was hot when he was mad! All I had wanted to do since I met him was to please him, and now I'm standing here causing him pain.

'You know what, FUCK YOU!', he yelled as he turned toward the bedroom.

I immediately started after him, realizing what I had done. 'Trent, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I just had the worst fucking day, and I just made it even worse by upsetting you. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have taken it out on you. I was a dick. I'm sorry.', I apologized.

Most people feel vulnerable to some extent when they are nude, especially when they are in an argument. That apparently wasn't the case with Trent. He was tearing into me, full force, yelling about how he was just concerned and that is why he called. And, with each sentence, I felt like a bigger and bigger heel.

He was beautiful. His face was red with anger, and his arms were flailing around, and he kept turning toward me and away from me, telling me about how I was being an asshole to him, and how he had told me he had a rough schedule. He told me he never lied to me, and yelled that this is how it always ends--a remark that was like a stake through the heart to me. I had never thought about our relationship ending; it honestly never occurred to me that our relationship could end.

After a few minutes of him ranting, the world just seemed to fade away. I no longer heard his words. I just saw his anger and drifted off into my own mind, thinking about how awful this all was and how I couldn't believe this was happening. It was as though I couldn't take anymore, so my mind simply disengaged, and drifted off to a quiet place. Suddenly, his words boomed into my conscious mind, 'I thought you had left me.' I don't know whether the words had completely left his lips, when I felt a tear shoot down my cheek.

He was now sitting on the edge of the bed, looking broken. I wanted the Earth to open up and swallow me. Anything to end this moment, to take it all way. I dropped to my knees in front of him, 'What have I done... what have I done...', I kept repeating to myself.

'Trent, I am so sorry. I didn't even consider that you might think that. I'm so sorry. You have to know that I love you with every fiber of my being, and I have no intention of leaving you, now or ever. You are the only guy for me. You make me feel whole. I worship you.' I grabbed his face, and looked into his eyes, which I now realized were filled with tears, 'I worship you.', I told him.

He grabbed my face and kissed me, and slowly lay back, as I slid on top of him, straddling his lap, and kissing him deeply. 'I'm so sorry.', I said as we kissed.

'I love you. I love you so much. I don't want to lose you, Paul. You are my world.', Trent said.

'And, you are mine. I'm so sorry.', I said as we continued to kiss.

After about ten minutes, we had started to calm down. He was lying on his back on the bed, and I was still straddling him, hugging his chest, and he was kissing the top of my head. I rose up and looked down at him, 'I'm so sorry. Are we okay.'

He looked back at me, and said, 'Yeah, tell me again.'

'Tell you what again?', I asked.

'You know. What you told me a minute ago. Tell me again.', he said.

'I love you?', I asked.

'No.', he replied.

I quickly recounted the conversation from the past few minutes, and then it clicked, 'I worship you.'

'Again.', he said.

'Trent, I worship you.', I said as I leaned down and hovered just above his lips.

'Yeah, I like that...', he hissed, with a big smile on his face. That smile lifted the veil of anxiety that had covered the room, and with that one smile it seemed as though order had been restored. I leaned in and kissed him, and felt his big hands caressing my back and thighs.

'There's just one thing.', he said, as he broke our kiss.

'Yeah, what's that?', I asked.

'A suitable punishment.', he returned, as he brought his big hand down against my ass. 'You didn't think I was going to let you off that easy, did you?'

I just kind of chuckled, and asked, 'Oh, I see. Well, what would be a suitable punishment?'

'You deserve to be punished right? For what you did to me, right?', he asked, apparently wanting me to admit I needed to be punished.

Just the way he said it was making me hot! 'Yeah, I deserve it. Punish me Trent.'

'Get undressed.', he instructed.

I got undressed, and Trent grabbed my arm and pulled me down onto the bed.

One of my arms was trapped under my chest. The other was caught between me and Trent, at my side. He slapped my ass, and my cock jumped to attention. 'Fuck, that is hot! I can't believe this is making me so hot!', I thought.

'Tell me again.', he ordered.

'I worship you, Trent.', I responded.

His hand slapped my ass again. 'Again!', he ordered.

'Ow! I worship you!', I cried out.

Suddenly, he got up and straddled the small of my back facing my ass. My arms were still pinned, and he was now smacking my ass with both of his big hands. I could feel my ass starting to burn, but there was something incredibly erotic about this. He seemed intently focused.

'Yeah, look at that ass. It's glowin' red. Now, THAT'S a hot ass! You like having your ass smacked?', Trent asked.

'Yes, I love it.', I blurted out.

He continued on, until I was begging him to stop. My ass was really starting to get sore now, and he wasn't letting up. I was started to get scared he wouldn't stop.

'Stop, Trent. Please stop!', I begged.

'Yeah? You want me to stop? You think you've learned your lesson?', he asked.

'Yes, I'm so sorry. I worship you, Trent. I'm so sorry. I've learned my lesson.', I reassured him.

'Hrm... Well, I guess maybe I'll let you off easy this time. Does your ass hurt?', he asked.

'Yes, it hurts so bad. It burns, Trent.', I told him.

He got up from the bed, and told me not to move. I heard him stripping, and then heard the lube bottle pop. I knew he was lubing up his big cock. 'Seems like I should get something out of this, right? Seems like you owe me for being so nasty to me, huh?', he said.

'Yeah, Trent. I owe you. I wanna make you feel good. Fuck my burning ass with your cock. I want your cock. I want you to fuck me hard. Please fuck me, Trent. I want it, Baby. Fuck me.', I pleaded.

'Yeah, I know you want it. Ready? You ready for my big cock?', he asked.

Then, I felt him align his cock with my hole, and just steadily feed the long shaft into my hole. It hurt, because he didn't give me time to adjust to it, but I didn't want to complain. Within a few seconds, I relaxed and accepted his cock in my ass. The world felt righted now that Trent was inside me.

He was merciless. He fucked me for over an hour, one of those slow sensual sessions, where he kissed the back of my neck, nibbled on my ears, pulled my hair, and kissed and nipped at my shoulders. It felt so hot, though my ass was still very sore. The ecstasy had at some point overtaken the pain, and I was getting close to cumming. Realizing I was not going to be able to hold back, I said, 'Trent, stop, I'm going to cum. Stop, stop, stop.' But, he kept fucking me.

I could feel his cock swelling in my hole, and he was panting in my ear. 'Cum. I want you to cum. I'm going to cum with you. You ready, Paul? Ready, Baby?', he panted.

'Yeah, I want it. I want you to fill me with your cum, Trent. Fuckin' breed my ass. You are my stud. My ass is yours. Fuckin' own my ass, Trent. Take it. Give me what I need. Give me that big load.', I hissed back.

'Yeah, that's a good boy. Tell me how much you want it. Beg me for my cum. You cum with me. You ready? I'm gonna cum, Baby. Cum with me...', Trent instructed.

Suddenly, he forced his cock into me all the way, raised his head back and let out a howl! I could feel his cock pumping cum into my ass, and it was more than I could take. My own cock started to shoot, tightening my ass around Trent's cock, and his orgasm was renewed. He almost squealed, as my ass latched onto his cock and he felt his load being dumped into my hot ass. Every muscle in his body was tightening, until I could feel his body trembling on top of me.

After a few moments he collapsed on top of me. We drifted off to sleep and awoke a short while later. 'Come on.', he said, as he got up off me. My back was drenched with sweat, and I had sweat running down the sides of my torso. Trent helped me up and we went to the bathroom and showered, holding each other and reveling in our unity. When we had dried off and returned to the darkened bedroom, Trent instructed me to lie on the bed on my stomach.

I heard what I thought was the lube top pop again. 'Oh, no, I thought. I don't know how much more I can handle.', but I didn't object out loud. After a couple seconds, I felt his two big hands rubbing my still burning ass, and I realized he was rubbing creme onto my ass. 'This should take away the burning. I'm sorry if I got carried away.' I thought for a moment about what to say to him, and could think of only one thing to say: 'I worship you, Trent.'



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