Sarah was nestled in on my sectional, and I made sure she had everything she needed. Trent said, 'Come on, I'm beat. What a day.', and headed toward my bedroom.

I wondered whether he meant he was too tired for sex, or whether he just meant he was ready to start winding down the day. I followed him into my room, and he closed the door behind me. 'Now, as for you.', he said with a smile, as he pulled me toward him. He grabbed my face with both hands and pulled my lips to his. He gave me a long kiss, then broke it and said, 'We gotta get these clothes off.'

I began unbuttoning his shirt and he just stood there with his arms spread. I pulled his shirt off and threw it across the chair. He leaned in and started kissing me again, as I unsnapped his pants, letting them fall to the floor. He was now standing in only his boxer briefs, and he looked INCREDIBLY hot in them, although they looked a little disfigured in the front, because his monster cock had started to grow and was fighting to break free of the fabric. I dropped to my knees, and kissed the outline of his cock through his underwear. 'Oh, nice...', Trent hissed. I slowly grabbed the waistband of his briefs, and pulled them down toward the floor, allowing his cock to spring free. It was a beautiful sight, fully erect with two huge nuts hanging below it. There was no doubt he was all man.

I leaned in to suck his cock, starting by sliding the head into my mouth, and just bathing it in my warm mouth. My tongue worked the underside of his cock, and worked its way up to his piss slit. He was running his fingers through my hair, and had thrown his head back, totally enjoying the treatment his big cock was receiving. 'Ok, get undressed.', he interrupted. I stood up and took off my clothes, and when I was completely nude, he said 'Lay on the bed with your head right here. I wanna fuck your mouth for a while.'

Sounded hot to me, so I got on the bed as instructed, on my back with my head hanging over the edge. As he stepped forward and aligned his cock head with my mouth, I could see his big low hanging balls swinging between his legs. I wanted them so badly, but I was going to have to wait. Trent now had the head of his cock in my mouth and was starting to move forward. I could tell by the way he was breathing that he was really focused on getting that cock in my mouth, so I slathered the head up with my tongue, which was his cue to start moving in deeper. He kept pushing forward, and I watched as more and more of the shaft was fed into my mouth, and those big nuts got closer and closer to my face.

As Trent got his cock ready to penetrate my throat, he said, 'Ready? Take a deep breath.' I took in a big breath, and held it, and he slid his cock into my throat. Soon, my mouth was at the root of his cock, and his big balls were resting against my nose. He held his cock in my throat, and I swallowed over and over, so that my throat muscles worked on his shaft. His body started to tremble and I heard him groan, and he backed his cock out of my throat, saying, 'Holy fuck, that feels so hot! I love the way you work my cock with your throat.' He repeated this a couple times, and I noticed that when he pulled his cock out, I was treated to gobs of precum, which I greedily swallowed.

'Here move up on the bed.', Trent instructed. I had no clue what he was about to do, now, but I have to admit I was incredibly curious. He moved me up, so I was lying diagonally across the bed, and then he climbed onto the bed. Before I knew it, he was lying on his side, in a 69 position, and using his hand to pull my head onto his cock. Again, he pushed his cock into my throat and held it there, as I swallowed to massage his big cock. After a few minutes, he pulled out and said, 'My nuts. Work on the nuts.' He didn't have to tell me twice. I licked his nuts, and then sucked each of them into my mouth. I then licked all around them, and started the whole process over. Trent loved having his nuts worked on, and he was moaning and sighing in approval.

Suddenly, I felt Trent's hand grab my nuts. He started rolling them around in his hand, and then I felt his breath on my balls, followed by his tongue. I couldn't believe it, but I just moaned in appreciation.

Trent asked, 'You like that? You like having your balls licked?'

'Trent, that feels incredible.', I replied.

'Nice. And what about this? Does it feel good when I lick up the shaft of your cock?', Trent asked in that seductive voice of his.

'Aw, yeah, Trent. That feels incredible.', I said, and then returned my mouth to his big cock.

'I noticed your cock gets really hard when I fuck your throat. So, I'm going to fuck your throat until you blow your load. I want you to focus on how good your cock feels in my mouth, and how hot it is to have my big cock in that hot throat of yours. Then, just bust your nut whenever you feel like it, and then I'm going to give you mine. Got it?', Trent instructed.

'Trent, are you sure you want to do that?', I asked.

'Yeah, why not? I eat my own cum, when I blow myself and stuff. Cum is cum. What's the difference. Now, take my cock in your throat and focus on what I'm doing to your cock.', he commanded.

I did as he instructed. I put my hands on his ass, and took a deep breath. Then, I pulled his cock into my mouth, and as it penetrated my throat I heard Trent let out a loud moan.

Trent now had my balls in his hand and was gently pulling them out away from my body. It felt so hot to be so vulnerable with my nuts in his big hand, and my six inch cock in his mouth. My cock being much smaller than Trent's, I didn't come anywhere near choking him, but he was still taking all of me into his mouth, and it felt incredible. His strong tongue was working my cock, as he continued to massage my balls. Suddenly, I realized I needed to breathe, and I backed off of Trent's cock. I could feel myself getting close, and Trent knew it, too. He moved his free hand down to the back of my head and leaned his body over toward me a bit, so his cock sank deep into my throat again. I started swallowing again to work his cock, when I realized I was about to blow my load. I was feeling light headed, as I felt my cum start to work its way up out of my balls, and I grabbed Trent's ass and pulled him toward me, ensuring he wouldn't remove his cock before I blew my load.

Suddenly, I felt my balls tighten in his hand, and the first jet of my cum shot out of my cock and into Trent's mouth, then the next, and then the next. Suddenly, I realized Trent's cock had stiffed and his balls had tightened in my hand. I continued swallowing his cock, though I knew I needed to come up for air soon. I quickly backed up a bit, took a quick breath, and then pulled his cock deep into my throat. I could actually feel the head of his cock swell, and his hard cock start to deliver its payload into my throat. Wave after wave of his cum was pumped into my throat, until I finally felt his body relax. I pulled back a bit and took in a breath of air, and was grateful to taste some of his cum still on his cock. I knew by now he had lined my throat with his hot load, and I love it.

Trent collapsed onto his back, and gasped for air. 'Fuck, that was hot!', he said. 'I love you so much, Paul.'

'I know, and I love you. I'm in heaven when you feed me your load. It's incredible. And, it felt great when you blew me. It was total ecstasy!', I said.

The next thing I knew, I was waking up with my head pressed against his leg. He had rolled over during the night, and had one leg draped across me, so my face was nestled right in his balls. I could feel his cock pressed against my chest.

I lay there looking at those big nuts. As I look past them, I can see the soft tufts of hair that line his ass crack. His body is perfect. I feel his cock starting to stiffen, so I back up a bit, and gently take the tip into my mouth. He moans, still asleep, and starts humping his cock into my mouth.

This is SO hot! 'He's fucking my face while he sleeps.', I thought. I wondered at what point he would wake up, but he just kept pumping, never going into my throat, but just moving his cock around on my tongue. I was doing my best to please the swollen helmet of his cock, when I heard his breathing change. He mumbled something, and then started to fuck my mouth more vigorously. Now, he was starting to enter my throat on each thrust, and I was taking breaths as I could. I had his balls in my one hand, and was rubbing his sexy ass with the other. Before I knew it, he jabbed his cock into me and started cumming.

He awoke with a start, yanking his cock from my throat, and saying, 'Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!', as he sprayed cum all over my face and chest, in my hair, and all over the bed.

'Fuck, I thought I was having a wet dream. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.', he said.

'Sorry for what, I asked? I'm just sorry you didn't get to finish in my mouth.' He turned around and held my face in his hands and licked some of his cum off my nose. Then, he kissed me, and stuck his tongue deep into my mouth, tasting his own cum on my breath.

'We're gonna have to go shower, or you're gonna have cum in your hair at breakfast!', he said, laughing.

We got up and headed to the bathroom, ensuring Sarah was still asleep. I started the shower, and checked the temperature of the water. The dimmer switch I had installed for all the lights in my condo allowed us to adjust the lights to we could see what we were doing, but not be blinded in the process. I stepped into the shower, and Trent was right behind me. He pulled me to him and kissed me.

He had an odd look on his face, and I wondered what it could mean. I said, 'What's wrong? Are you ok?'

'Mmm, I gotta piss.', he said.

'So? We're in the bathroom.', I countered.

'I have a better idea.', he said as he adjusted the shower head to hit the wall instead of us. 'Get on our knees.'

I got down on my knees, and he bent over and whispered in my ear. 'I'm going to feed you my piss. You think you would like that.'

I was way too shy to admit I had thought about that, so I just nodded.

Trent slipped into his ultra-domineering mode, looking like he was absolutely possessed by lust, 'Yeah, that's my boy. I knew you would. Have you ever done this before?'

I shook my head no, and he continued. 'Keep your eyes closed, and open your mouth real wide for me.'

He was already aligning his cock with my face, as I hesitantly closed my eyes, leaving them open just enough to see his beautiful dominating stance, as he aimed his big cock at my face.

'You ready? Here ya go. Here's what you've been wanting. Here's my piss. Take my piss, Boy.', and with that, the first spray of his piss splashed across my face and into my open mouth. He sprayed his piss all over me, across my chest, all over my face, on my own cock, everywhere. Then, as his stream was tapering off and he was telling me what a good boy I was and how I was doing such a good job for him, he stepped forward, put his cock in my mouth, and continued to piss, instructing me to swallow his piss. 'Here ya go. Swallow. That's a good boy. Yeah, look at you. Look at you. Good boy, Paul. Drink my piss.', he encouraged.

When he was done, he bent over and got just a few inches from my face. 'You smell like my piss. Nice...', he said, and then he pulled my face toward his and kissed me deeply, exploring my mouth with his tongue. 'Mmmmmmm,' he said, as he withdrew his tongue. 'You taste like my piss. Nice... You like my piss, Paul. You like taking my piss?', he hissed. 'Yeah, it was cool. Thanks, Trent.', I replied. 'Yeah, come here.', he said as he helped me up. We cleaned up and returned to bed and drifted off to sleep.



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