We were now around six months into our relationship, and I awoke to the sound of Trent growling in my ear, and rubbing his cock between my ass cheeks. He must have been at it for a long time, because my ass was swimming with his precum. In fact, at first I thought he had already cum on me.

'Grrrr... Good morning.', he whispered in my ear, heavily, his voice filled with lust.

'Good morning. Did I sleep through the part?', I asked in a soft voice.

'Nope, you're just in time. Just relax, Baby.', Trent instructed.

He had his arms wrapped around me and was using his hips alone to align his cock with my hole. I first felt his cock poke my hole a few times, and each time it got a bit easier, as my hole was lined with his precum.

'You ready?', he asked affectionately.

'Yeah, Trent, I want your cock inside me.', I said, as I reached down to adjust my own rock hard cock.

'Yeah, just relax. Give me that ass, Baby.', he purred.

I felt the head of his cock slide into me, but he was still taking cautious strokes, each time going a bit further into my ass. It felt like heaven.

He finally announced his arrival, 'Nice... There you go, Baby. You got all of me. How does that feel?'

'It feels great, Trent. I love your cock. I love it.', I cooed.

'I know, Baby. I know. Just relax and give me that ass.', I told me.

'Yeah, take my ass Trent. It's all yours. All for you, Baby.', I said.

He was quickening his pace, as he began to get more into fucking me, and his dock felt incredible inside me. This was a good morning, indeed, but not so unlike most morning. Trent loved sex and we usually started our day off with sex of some variety. Sometimes, I'd just blow him. If he was off work, we sometimes start the day with a long hot session, where I would make love to his body with my tongue, and he would just spread his long body over the bed and enjoy my attention.

He was leaning on me more and more, as he got more into it. I felt the temperature of his body rising, and then he pushed me over so I was completely on my stomach. His legs were outside mine, and his arms were fully extended, supporting his upper body high above me. Now, with his hips alone, he was giving my ass the good fucking it needed. I imagined what his perfectly shaped ass must look like, as he fucked my ass.

As usual, I was slipping into some sort of sexual trance, as Trent continued his work on my hole. It was incredible, the feeling of his thick, long cock moving in and out of me. As if I weren't already going nuts, he pushed me over the edge by starting his string of rhetoric.

'You like that, Baby? You like that big cock buried in your ass, don't ya. Yeah, feel my big cock tearing into your hot little hole. Come on, Baby, take that cock. Take it deep. You're doing great, Baby. You make my cock feel so good. I'm gonna breed your ass, Baby. You want me to fill your ass with my cum?', he asked.

'Oh yeah, Trent. I want your load. Please give me your load. Use my ass. Please, baby, fill my ass with your come.', I pleaded.

'Yeah? You want my cum, don't ya. You want me to unload up your hot little ass, don't ya?', he confirmed.

'Aw, yeah. I want it bad. PLEEEESE, give it to me. Come on, Trent. Give it to me. I need it, Baby!', I begged.

'Yeah, I know you do. And, you're gonna get it. You ready, Baby? You ready to feel me seed your ass? You ready for my big load? Yeah, here it comes, Baby. Take my load, Baby. Take it! GRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!', he exploded, as he blasted my ass with his huge load.

He was banging me like a maniac, and as he started to cum, he slammed into me and held it for a second, then started working his cock in and out of me more slowly, allowing my hole to clamp down on his long shaft, and milk his load from him. His body felt like it was on fire above me, as I felt drops of his sweat fall onto my back.

He collapsed onto me, his hard dick still buried in my ass. 'Now, cum for me, Baby. Cum for me with my big load inside you', he directed.

He rolled us onto our sides, lifted my leg and began to pump his cock in and out of me slowly. Letting go of my leg, he spat in his hand and then reached for my cock. He began stroking me fast like a machine. His mouth was right next to my ear, and I could feel his breath across my ear as he hissed, 'Give me that fucking load, Boy. Come on, don't make me way. You feel my cock buried in your ass, just the way you like it? Your hot little ass filled with my cum? Come on, Baby, let me take care of you. Give me that load.', he hissed.

I was nearly delirious, as he continued pumping my cock. I was no longer in control of my body, as I felt myself convulsing and shuddering uncontrollably. He had one of his hands spread across my chest, holding me against his body, as he continued his dialog in my ear. The other hand was stroking me faster than I've ever been stroked. I could no longer discern the up and down motion on my cock, instead just feeling a perpetual wave of arousal.

My body started to tremble, and I lost myself. 'Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Don't stop. Please don't stop.', I begged.

'I ain't stoppin'. Give me that load you fucker. I'm gonna milk that load out of you. Give it to me. Fuckin' give me that load!', Trent demanded.

'My body went rigid, as I saw my first volley of cum shoot past the edge of the bed, and land squarely on the wall. The second went nearly as far, and they just kept coming. I shot so many times I thought I would pass out, and his stroking was relentless. I was out of my mind. My body was feeling things it had never felt before. I had never experience an orgasm like that, where my body felt like I had literally shot a nut out of my cock! I felt completely drained.

Trent moved me a bit, so that I was lying flat on the bed, and he looked down at me and kissed me, 'That's a good boy. You did good. That was fuckin' hot. In fact...', he said as he pulled out of me and shifted his body, so he was between my legs, 'I'm going to unload in your ass again.' He was now above me on the bed, smiling down on me with a devilish grin.

'Fuck me, you bastard. Fuck me. I can't get enough of you. Fuck me, Trent.', I hissed, as I felt his cock once again invade my hole.

'Yeah, that's hot. You can't get enough of me, can you? You want it? You want me to unload in you again, dontcha? You horny fucker. You just can't get enough of me, can ya?', he growled.

He started banging me again, but this time his cock was plowing through its own cum, which heightened Trent sensitivity in my ass. It was only a couple of minutes before his body tensed, and I felt another warm wave of his cum being unloaded into me.

'Yeah, Trent. Please give me your cum. I want it, you fuckin' stud. I love you, Trent. I love you so much, Baby.', I said, as he was collapsing on top of me.

Trent reached up and grabbed my head and starting kissing me. 'I love you. I love you so fucking much, Paul. You are my world.', he assured me between kisses.

I felt a tear roll down my face, and as I looked up at him, I noticed Trent's eyes were glassy, as he continued telling me how much he loved me. Then, he hugged me and held me close to him, as I felt him gently probing my ass with his softening cock.

'I love you, Baby. I love you more than you will ever know.', I told him.

'Shit, I have to get ready for school. I'm sorry, Baby.', he said.

'Stop. Stop! Don't be sorry. I love you. It's all good, Baby.', I reassured him.

He paused as he looked down at me adoringly, and I felt his fingers running through my hair. Suddenly, a mischievous look washed over his face, as he said, 'Hmm... Now, be a good bitch and go wipe your cum off that wall, and get this place cleaned up!', he taunted as he rose up of me.

'You fucker!', I yelled as I bound off the bed to chase him.

I broke my chase at the kitchen and ran in to start some coffee. I then joined Trent in the shower, where we washed and caressed each other. There was a moment we were together I didn't cherish. He was everything I could ever have asked for in a man and a partner, and it just kept getting better.





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