Everything was a learning experience at this point in our relationship, and Trent was full of surprises. I expected someone who cooks for a living to be very particular about his food, but Trent's attitude toward food seemed to be more like that of a country boy, where he ate what he was given and didn't complain. I would soon learn that, when it came to food, if he wasn't impressed with something, he would simply say, 'It's okay.' If he absolutely hated something he'd say, 'Eh, not really my thing. I won't order it again.' If he enjoyed it, he'd say, 'That was awesome.'

He was adorable. He was like a big kid, always with a big smile, and people just loved him. The waitress at breakfast couldn't stop rubbing his shoulder and laughing with him. He spent part of the meal making faces back and forth to the kids sitting a couple tables away. He had a natural confidence and a love for life that was contagious.

After breakfast, we went to the shoe store, where Trent wanted to pick up some new shoes. I was loving being with him. I don't know how to describe it, but being even within a couple feet of him made me feel so energized and content. When he found a pair of shoes he liked, he grabbed them off the shelf and said, 'Come on.' He plopped down in a chair and looked at me with that devilish grin and said, 'Wanna help?'. 'Hell yeah.', I replied.

I got down on my knees, and unlaced his shoes, then gently lifted his foot and pulled the shoe off his foot. I loved the way his feet smelled, and he knew it. I looked up at him sitting back in the chair, with me at his feet, and he legs spread wide at the knee. Man, I wanted him!

'Make sure you get that stuff out of there.', he instructed. 'You know, all that shit they shove up in the toe of the shoes.', he said very seriously. He was so adorable; I couldn't help but chuckle, knowing that tissue paper stuffed in the front of that size 13 foot could be a big problem. I put his new shoes on him, and he walked around a bit. We did this with several pairs, and it didn't escape Trent that a couple of the store clerks had been watching us.

When he decided on his shoes, we went up to the cashier. 'Did you find everything okay?', she asked. 'Yep, sure did.', Trent replied. 'Boy, that sure is a nice friend you have there, helping you try on all those shoes.', the cashier observed. 'Sure is. He LOVES me!', Trent replied, like it was a badge of honor or something. The cashier just smiled an uncertain smile, and Trent paid and left.

'Did you say you wanted to go get some pants, too?', I asked. 'Yeah, but we can do that later. After that workout you gave me this morning, and that breakfast, I could use a nap!', Trent said with a smile. 'You like naps?', he asked, as though he was genuinely trying to learn something about me. 'Aw, man, I LOVE naps!', I replied.

So, we went back to his place, and sat down on the sofa for a minute with a cool drink. 'Man, this feels really great. I'm so glad you moved in next door.', Trent said. 'Yeah, me too!', I agreed. 'Hrm... Not sure we're gonna need to apartments much longer, though.', he said. I was stunned. TWO DAYS we've known each other and he's gone from being straight to being gay and is now talking about moving in together. This is a record even for a gay guy, and gay guys are notorious for moving in together rather quickly.

'Let's go back and take a nap. But, first, maybe you can give me a nice foot massage.', Trent said with a big smile.

'I'd LOVE to!', I said.

'Yeah, Dude, I there were a couple times when I thought you were gonna do me right there in the shoe store. I saw you pop wood at least twice, while you were messing with my feet.', he laughed.

'Shut up.', I said in a monotone voice.

'Shut up? Shut up????', he teased. He moved in closer, and used his hand to guide my chin toward him.

'Answer me this: who's your daddy?', he said with a big smile on his face.

'You're my Daddy, Trent.', I replied. 'That's what I like.', he said.

'Come on, let's go.', he commanded as he got up and started toward the bedroom, with me following obediently behind him.

As we entered the bedroom, he peeled his shirt off, and then he sat on the edge of the bed. I untied his shoes and slipped them off. He stood up and pulled his shorts and underwear down, and then got back on the bed and lay down. I moved to the foot of the bed, and ran my face across the soles of his feet. He hadn't had his shoes on long enough today to build up any kind of a sweat, but they still smelled like Trent's feet to me, and I was in heaven.

I started massaging his sexy feet, and heard him moaning and sighing. A lot of guys are funny about their feet, especially guys with larger feet. They're generally very self-conscious about them, but not Trent. He loved having his feet massaged and worshiped.

He was wearing those ankle socks, and I started to peel the first one off, revealing the heel of his foot. I bent down and kissed it. Then, I rubbed my face against it, and then finally licked it. Before I knew it I was sucking on his heel, and slowly sliding his sock up to reveal more of the soles of his feet. I worked my way up that big foot, licking and sucking and kissing every inch of it. When I finally slid that sock up over his toes to reveal that whole big foot, I nuzzled his toes, taking in their scent. I licked the undersides, and then between his toes. Then, I took his big toe into my mouth and sucked on it, marveling at how big it was in my mouth. 'Nice, Dude.', I heard Trent whisper, as I took his other toes into my mouth and began sucking them. 'Yeah, suck my toes, Dude. Worship my big sexy feet. You like my big feet, don't ya. You love licking them and kissing them. Sucking on this big toes.', he said. 'I love your feet, Trent. I love worshiping your feet.', I said. Then, I moved on to his other foot.

When I was done with his other foot, he said, 'Come on up here with me, Dude. Lay here next to me. I crawled up the bed, and he grabbed my arm and positioned me so we were facing each other. With our heads on the pillow, he had this endearing look on his face. His eyes were getting heavy, and were nearly closed, as were mine. I could see his guard drop, and for a fleeting second, he was just a little boy, open and vulnerable. Softly, I heard him whisper with absolute sincerity, 'Thanks for loving me, Dude...' I felt my heart stop and a tear slide down my face and onto my pillow, and it was all I could do to choke out, 'Thank you, Trent. I love you.' He smiled and drifted off to sleep, and I must have, too, because the next sound I heard was a woman, saying, 'Oh, this is SO HOT!'



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