'Excuse me.' came the voice of one of the nurses. 'We have a room ready for you. Are you ready to go up?'

'Yeah, sure.' I said. 'I don't think this is necessary. I think I'm ok.'

'I know you are, Sweetie, but the doctor just wants to keep you here until we can be absolutely sure. There's no sense in taking chances.' the nurse explained.

'She's right, Paul.' Page said. 'We're all going to be here, anyway, so you might as well let them make sure everything is ok.'

'Yeah, Mom's right.' Sarah added.

'Ok.' I said.

We were soon in a nice room, and order seemed to have been restored. Then, the nurse entered and said, 'I hate to do this to you, but the police are here. They'd like to ask a few questions. They need to do it as soon as possible, while the events of the morning are still clear in your mind.'

'I'll come out and talk to them.' Dan offered, as he got up and left the room with the nurse.

'Paul, that was a brave thing you did. He was getting ready to shoot again, but you jumped him before he could pull the trigger. At first, I thought he had gotten you, too.' Page explained.

'Is he in jail?' I asked.

Sarah and Page both looked at each other as though they didn't know what to say.

'Honey, don't you worry about him. You just concentrate on feeling better.' Page said.

'What aren't you telling me?' I asked as Dan and the police officer walked into the room.

The officer was very somber and introduced himself to all of us. 'Paul, I'm Officer Daniels. I am so sorry to have to do this, but a man has died, and I need to make sure I have your version of events.'

Stunned, I said, 'Oh God. Oh no. This can't be happening. Not to Trent.'

I was interrupted by Dan, who exclaimed 'No, no! Not Trent. Bruce. I'm afraid he passed in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.'

I had thought the day had completed its downward spiral, but I was clearly off base. I was now being confronted with the fact that I had killed a man. Me, the guy who always walked away from a fight. The most gentle person I know, and I have killed a man. Of course, I immediately assumed I'd be going to prison.

'Well, I guess that's it then. When do I go to jail?' I asked very plainly.

'Well, you don't.' Officer Daniels replied.

'What you did was in self-defense, so you aren't facing any charges. In fact, things could have been a lot worse had you not acted when you did.' he explained.

'We just need to document the event from the perspective of each witness, so I need to get your version of events while they're still fresh in your mind.' he said.

'I see. Well, it's all a blur...' I said, as I began my explanation. Soon, I had recounted events the best I remembered them, but what I didn't realize was that everything that occurred had done so in just a few moments. It seemed like hours had passed, and yet it was barely 10 am. An hour ago, I was making love with Trent, and now he's lying in an operating room dying, another man is dead, and I'm lying in a hospital bed with the shards of my destroyed world lying around me.

There was a knock at the door, and a doctor asked Dan to come to the hallway. Officer Daniels told me to get better, and said he'd be checking back on us, then he slipped out of the room, also.

Moments later, Dan and Officer Daniels reappeared. Dan had streaks down his face, obviously from tears he had shed outside.

'The surgeon just sent a doctor up to give us some news. They've been able to stop the bleeding, but Trent lost a lot of blood, and there's a chance the bullet may have paralyzed him. We won't know until he regains consciousness.' Dan explained.

'Oh God...' I sobbed, as I broke down again. I was so relieved he was still alive, yet worried sick about his future. 'I have to sit up.' I exclaimed.

'No, now you just be still.' Page said.

'I can't be still. I can't lie here while Trent's down there fighting for his life. I don't feel like I have control of anything anymore.' I hollered.

There was a pregnant pause, and then Page said, 'You're right. Sit up. Sit up!'

She moved to help me, as a nurse came through the door.

'And, just what do you think you're doing!?' she said.

'He's sitting up!' Page said, as my eyes darted toward the nurse.

They moved a chair around and soon I was sitting next to the bed. A couple hours passed, and we were told Trent was out of surgery. We were told they were going to keep in Intensive Care for a few hours, and then he would be moved to a room, but we were told we could go see him after they got him settled in.

About an hour later, we went to the ICU and not one of us had a dry eye, as we came upon Trent's bed. He looked awful, but the sound of his breathing was like music to my ears. I bent down to kiss him, as my tears began to fall on his face. I wiped them away as I told him how much I loved him and told him I was going to be right here waiting for him, whenever he was ready to wake up.

As I stood there looking down at him, I wondered at what point my love for him had consumed me. My mind traveled back through every conversation, every laugh, and every tear, finally settling on a single point in our history. It was the moment when I heard the words, 'I'm Trent.' as he reached out and touched my hand for the first time. There was never anything else. Just pure love and dedication to him from that moment on. I leaned down and kissed his hand, that same hand he had extended to me in our first moment together, and I kissed it again and again.

Over the next couple of days, he got better and better. He still hadn't regained consciousness, but he was breathing on his own, and was soon moved to a room, where he only had an oxygen tube in his nostrils. Page and I would periodically caress him and kiss him, and tell him we were there.

Then, on the third evening, the nurse had just cleaned him up, and Sarah and Dan had just gone to the cafeteria, leaving Page and I there with Trent. I had just leaned down to kiss him, and had started to cry. I leaned down next to his ear, as I began to cry and told him again how much I loved him and that I would never leave his side.

I heard Page gasp, and looked down to see Trent's eyes opening and his lips moving. Let's get him some water, she said, as we moved the straw to his mouth. He took a sip and said, 'Why are you two hovering over my bed?'

'Because I'm your mother!' Page said indignantly. 'Honey, I'm so glad you're awake!'

I smiled and leaned down, inches from his mouth and said, 'Because I'm your bitch.'

Trent got smirk on his face and said, 'No, you're my hero.'

Page and I both burst into tears, and she went running from the room to get the nurse. I kissed Trent over and over, telling him how much I love him.

Soon, we were pushed away from the bed, so that doctors and nurses could tend to Trent. We stood there holding hands, as Sarah and Dan walked back into the room. Alarmed, Sarah said, 'Oh my God! What's wrong?!'

'He's awake!' Page and I exclaimed together.

'Hey Sis. Hey Dad.' came Trent's voice from the bed.

After examining Trent the doctors determined that he would need some physical therapy, but that he would be ok. I knew from that smile on his face that my world was righted, and that I wouldn't lose the person to whom I had given my heart. Not now.

Trent was told he had to stay in the hospital for a few more days before he could return home, so we set up camp. I was sleeping there in the room with him, and Page, Dan, and Sarah had begun going home at night and visiting the hospital a couple times a day. It was clear Trent was going to be fine, now and was just in the hospital for observation. We did all have to speak with a psychologist to help deal with what had happened, and Trent met with his physical therapist.

One evening, we were sitting there talking. The nurse had just made her rounds, and the rest of the night would be quiet. I climbed on the side of Trent's bed and said, 'Do you have any clue how much I love you?' in a playful tone.

'Yes' he countered in a very serious tone, 'You'd die for me. You proved that.'

'But, right now, I need you to do something for me.' he said as a smile broke across his face, and he moved my hand down to his hardening cock. 'Suck this.'

'Gladly!' I said as I pulled the sheet back and took his cock into my mouth. It felt better than it ever had to feel his hard cock in my mouth. Feeling his hands on the back of my head as I took him deep into my throat, only reaffirmed that he was back and as good as ever. Soon, he forced my head down onto his cock, and filled my mouth with his cum. I greedily sucked down every bit.

'Now, it's my turn.' he said with a smile.

'What?' I asked.

'Come up here and put your dick in my mouth.' he commanded.

'Trent, I don't want to get caught. Are you sure?' he said.

Soon, I had a knee on either side of his shoulders and my cock buried in his mouth. It had been so long since I had cum that I couldn't hold out long. I felt his big hands on my ass cheeks, pulling my cock into his throat, as I erupted in his mouth. It was an incredibly intense orgasm, and I collapsed back between his legs. As I lay there, he zipped me up and I kissed each of his long sexy legs, reminding myself how much I worship this guy and his body.



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