It was a Tuesday in early November, and I was working from home when the phone rang. I answered it to hear Page's voice on the other end of the phone.

'Paul, Honey, it's Page. How are you?' she asked in a chipper tone.

'I'm well, thanks. How are you doing?' I replied.

'Good, good. We've been getting some snow up here, believe it or not. I hope it snows when you boys are up here for Thanksgiving!' she said.

I responded with total silence. Trent hadn't mentioned anything about going to have Thanksgiving at his parents' house, but I recounted every conversation I could remember desperately trying to think of when he might have said something.

'Honey, don't you DARE tell me Trent hasn't talked to you about it.' Page said, realizing what had happened.

'No, he hasn't.' I replied.

'I'm going to kill him!' she said.

'Get in line.' I replied.

I then heard Dan's voice in the background, 'Don't tell me that boy didn't tell Paul about Thanksgiving.'

'No, he sure didn't! What am I gonna do with him. I HATE it when he does this!' Page ranted.

Dan picked up an extension and said, 'Paul, you might as well just come up and leave him to fend for himself!' and we all laughed.

'I have a better idea. I say we don't tell him, and see how long it takes for him to remember to tell me.' I proposed.

I heard a door slam in the background at Page and Dan's house. It was Sarah, and she had news. 'You won't believe this!' she announced to her parents, 'I just got off the phone with Trent, and do you know he forgot to tell Paul about Thanksgiving?! I told him he's in deep shit, and he's trying to figure out how to approach it with Paul.'

'Sarah, Honey, you're a day late and dollar short. This is Paul on the phone, now, and your Daddy and I just realized that Paul didn't know they were coming.' Page explained.

I heard another telephone extension being activated, and Sarah said, 'Paul, I'll hold him for ya! You want me to have my assistant make all the reservations for you guys?'

'No, no. I'll make them, now. I need to find out what days Trent's off, and then I can book our flights, hotel, and car.' I said.

'Now, Paul, you and I are getting ready to have a falling out! Don't you dare book a car or a hotel. You're staying right here with us, and you can use one of our cars if you need one. Stop all that nonsense. Just get your flights and get yourselves up here.' Page said.

'Aw, thanks. Ok, let me call Trent and I'll see if I can get us some tickets this afternoon.' I replied.

'Ok, and call us back as soon as you've made the arrangements. We'll pick you up from the airport.' Page insisted.

'Ok, I'll call you back in a bit.' I told her.

As we hung up, I heard their indignant voices launching into a discussion about how Trent could have done this, though we all knew this was classic Trent! Trent lives for the here and now. Now, I wrestled with how I should handle this. I wanted to let him squirm for a while, but I really needed to get on with it.

I decided to pay Trent a visit. I drove over to the restaurant, and news of his blunder had clearly traveled fast. I walked through the restaurant, after a brief conversation with Greg, the host. As I entered the kitchen, Cassie saw me coming and grabbed Trent and yelled, 'I'll hold him for ya! Whoop the tar out of him!'

Trent had a sheepish look on his face, as Cassie released him, reaching for a large spatula.

'Here, use this!' Cassie offered, to the amusement of her kitchen staff, who were taunting Trent.

He approached me and put his arms around me, 'Baby...'

'Oh, this better be one incredible kiss I'm about to get!' I said.

He leaned in and gave me a kiss that rose to the challenge, and then capped it off with, 'I love you. I'm so sorry.'

'It's ok. I love you, too.' I replied.

Cassie looked like she had just been robbed, 'Aw, now, c'mon! He CAN'T be THAT good a kisser! You're lucky you're not my husband, 'cause I'd have you out in that alley right about now! I'd beat ya like ya stole something!'

We were all laughing, and eventually settled into a conversation about what travel dates worked, which led into a conversation about travel tips and tricks. Janet came in with her laptop, and we booked the tickets right there in the kitchen. Then, just moments later, my cell phone rang and Sarah asked how things were going and asked if she still had a brother. I told her we had made the reservations and I was there with Trent, now.

'Oh, thank god. Mom has been a wreck since we talked to you a while ago. So, we're all set?' she asked.

'Yep, I'll forward a copy of the reservations to you and your Mom when I get home.' I promised.

'Awesome. I'm looking forward to seeing you! Just a couple weeks away!' she said.

'Yeah, I'm excited. It will be great to see you all again.' I agreed.

A meal and a couple hours later, I headed back home to finish some work I had to get done. It's was nearly 11 pm when Trent arrived home, looking beat. As he came through the door, he whipped a bouquet of flowers out from behind his back. I kissed him and told him they were beautiful. Trent was a lot of things, but at the top of his list of assets was honesty.

'You know Cassie made me buy those, right?' he said laughingly.

'Yeah, I figured.' I replied.

'I am sorry. I don't know why I do this. When it was just me, I shrugged it off, but now that I'm with you, it frustrates me to see it impact you.' he said as he stood behind me and wrapped his arms around me, kissing me gently on my neck, just below my ear.

'Trent, it's not the end of the world. No one is perfect. We all have our things. I'm not upset by it. I was surprised when your Mom called and mentioned it, but I was never mad or disappointed in you. It's cool. No big deal. I love you for you...all of you.' I said.

'Whew, that's a relief.' he said teasingly, 'I thought I was going to have to make it up to you with really excellent make-up sex.'

'HA! That's a given! Don't even THINK you're getting out of that!' I returned, as I craned my neck to look into his eyes.

He loosened his arms around me, so I could turn around to face him. I turned around and kissed him, our kisses growing more passionate with each kiss. He reeked of food, but I was willing to overlook it.

'Want a beer?' I asked him.

'Yeah, that'd be good.' he said, as he pushed himself up so he was sitting on the kitchen island.

I grabbed him a bottle of beer and opened it for him. He was so beautiful sitting there on the island, as he took his first sip of the beer, and I could see the wave of relaxation wash over his body. I moved between his legs and slid his white undershirt up, so I could kiss his chest and belly. His body tasted so good, as it had a slight saltiness to it from the day's work.

I loosened his pants, and he lifted his ass long enough for me to strip the lower half of his body. Wow, what a sight he was. I moved back toward him and lowered my head to take the head of his cock into my mouth. As I started sucking his big mushroom head, Trent sighed and let out a moan.

'Yeah, that's great, Baby.' he said, as he took another swig of his beer. 'Suck that for me. Work that load out of me.'

I began working more of his cock into my mouth, and I felt Trent's big hand come to rest on the back of my head. His two big nuts were resting on the counter top. Man, I was really hungry for a load of his cum, and he knew it.

'Yeah, that's good. Keep going. Just like that. Yeah, you're getting me close. You ready for that load? You want me to feed you a big load, Baby?' he asked.

'Mmm hmmm...' I confirmed, as I continued my work on his cock.

'Alright, you asked for it.' Trent said, as he put down his beer and used both hands to force my mouth up and down on his cock. 'Give me that mouth, Baby. Give me that mouth. I'm going to pump off a big load into that hot mouth of yours. You ready? Here it comes. Here it comes, Baby. Oh fuck. AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR... Fuck. Fuck. Oh Fuck!' he exclaimed, as he dumped a huge load of cum into my hungry mouth.

I swallowed every bit of his nut juice, as he returned to his beer. As I lifted my face from his cock and looked up at him, he said, 'Was that good, Baby? Did you like that? Is that what you wanted?'

'Oh, yeah. That was niiiice...' I confirmed.

'Mmmmmm, come here, let me taste.' Trent said, as he pulled my lips toward him and gave me a big wet sloppy kiss. I could taste his beer, and he could taste his cum.

As we broke our kiss, he said, 'Yeah, that's nice. Come on, let's go take a bath.'

We went off to the bathroom and I started a nice hot bubble bath. As I turned around, Trent lifted me onto the vanity and moved between my legs, kissing me and pinching my nipples through my shirt. Soon, he lifted my shirt off over my head, and unbuttoned my shorts, before sliding them off. Now, I was totally nude and resting on the counter top. Trent was kissing me deeply, and my cock was rock hard. He reached down and lifted my legs a bit, causing me to lean back against the mirror. He reached in a drawer and I knew he was lubing his cock. Then, I felt his big cock head pushing against my hole.

I let out a groan as he began feeding his long thick cock into my ass. Man, I really wanted this tonight. I was in the mood for a savage fucking. I really wanted him to just fuck me into oblivion. I was holding onto the edge of the counter, and Trent moved his lubed hand to my shaft. I was crazy horny, now, with his cock deep in my ass and his fist sliding up and down my cock.

'Oh, fuck, that feels good.' I said.

'Just lay back and enjoy it baby. Just let me take care of you.' he said.

I was so crazed with lust I couldn't argue. His hand was so hot and slick around my shaft, and he was picking up the pace of his fucking. In and out his big cock moved, as I looked up at him, his face was framed by my legs, which were now on his shoulders. He had settled into an almost mechanical rhythm, which was just making me nuts. His thrusts were somehow predictable, which was just heightening my feeling of ecstasy. I anticipated each plunge his cock made into the depths of my bowels, and my cock was slipping past the point of no return.

'I'm going to cum, Baby.' he announced.

'Oh fuck, me too, Trent. OH FUCK!!!!!!!!!' I panted, as I blasted a load all over my face and the mirror, as he continued his relentless pounding. I thought my orgasm would never end, as his rhythmic pounding yielded his second load of the evening. Between the pounding he was giving me, the feeling of his cum filling my gut, and his tireless fisting of my cock, I felt myself suddenly start to cum again. It was nowhere near the volume of the first load, but it felt incredible as I emptied my nuts on my belly, again.

Our ecstasy was interrupted by the sound of water splashing onto the bathroom floor. 'Oh fuck, the tub!!!!' I yelled, as we both sprang into action to clean up the mess we had made and turn off the water. Trent turned off the water and threw towels onto the floor. Regrettably, my dismount from the vanity didn't go so well, thanks to the lube on the wet floor, and just as I went to stand, my feet went out from under me, and I landed squarely on my back.

'What the FUCK!?!?!' Trent yelled at the sound of me falling. 'Oh fuck, are you ok, Baby?'

As the scene replayed in my mind, I started to laugh, and soon we were both sitting on the bathroom floor laughing hysterically. Each time we tried to regain our composure, one of us would start laughing and the other would soon follow. Trent scooted closer to me, so that our legs where intertwined, and took my face in his hands and kissed me over and over, each time telling me how much he loved me and I responded in kind.

Eventually, we got up off the floor and Trent released some of the water from the tub. We soon settled into the tub together, and the scene that was so chaotic just moments ago, was now a scene of absolutely serenity. As he swigged the last couple of ounces of his beer, we both drifted off to sleep in the warm water, me between his legs with my head against his chest. The feeling of peace and contentment was incredible.




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