'What the fuck!?!' I don't know whether that was just what raced through my mind or whether Trent yelled it, but it's the thought I awoke to, as I saw this beautiful tall slender woman sitting on the bed next to Trent.

'Sarah?!', Trent exclaimed. 'Oh fuck, it's a wife or girlfriend', is what went through my mind. I didn't move a muscle, in hopes that somehow I would just fade into oblivion.

'What are you doing here?!?!?', Trent asked.

'Trent, your memory totally sucks! You know Mom and Dad and I were coming to visit this week. We left a message for you this morning on your phone, didn't you get it.', she asked.

'Oh fuck! No, I didn't... We were... Oh, man. Where are Mom and Dad?', Trent asked, now in a full panic.

They dropped me off because I needed to use the bathroom, but then Mom wanted to run to the store so she can cook for you tonight.', she explained.

'Well, go to the bathroom, then!', Trent said.

'I already did! I came in put my bags over there, peed, and sat and watched you two sleep for a few minutes.', she said with a big smile. 'You're so rude! Are you going to introduce us?'

Trent, seeming very flustered, said, 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry. This is Paul, he's my...'

'...boyfriend, yeah, I get that. Hi, Paul, I'm Sarah. I'm Trent's little sister.', she said as she reached out to shake my hand.

'Hello, it's nice to meet you. I'm Trent's neighbor.', I said, in a desperate attempt to recover.

'Mom!' Trent shouted. In all the confusion, none of us had noticed Trent's parents standing in the hallway, his father holding his mother, seemingly trying to stabilize her. When she realized we had seen her, she put her chin up and marched into the bedroom, extended her hand to me, and said, 'I'm Trent's mother, Page.' As I shook her hand, his father approached the bed and extended his hand, adding 'And, I'm Dan, Trent's dad. Nice to meet you, young man.' At this point, I was still unsure whether this was just a bizarre nightmare or whether it was really happening. Then, Page, who was now sitting on the bed with her arm around her son, said, 'Okay, let's give these boys a chance to get themselves together, out of here, both of you! I'm going to put on a pot of coffee.', she said to Sarah and Dan, as she shooed them out of the room.

As the door closed, and the voices faded, I looked over at Trent.

'Dude... you are white as a fuckin' ghost!', he said and then started laughing hysterically.

I was reeling from the events of the last ten minutes. Trent leaned over and apologized and kissed me and said, 'You're my boyfriend. Once Sarah knows something, there can be no secrets! We just have to assume it's public knowledge, now.', he said, smiling that big boyish smile.

'Wow, I'm really surprised your parents took that so well.', I said.

'Yeah, they're really cool. They've always been very open-minded and have allowed Sarah and me to make our own decisions. They may give us a nudge from time to time, but they really want us to live our own lives.', he explained.

I was speechless. Absolutely stunned and speechless.

'Now, if we don't get out there quick, they'll be back in here, so, do you think you can walk yet?', he said, laughing.

We stood up, but I have to admit I was still a little apprehensive. I hadn't even contemplated my short-lived relationship with Trent would ever get to the 'meet the parents' phase, and I has sure never contemplated that I'd meet them all in Trent's bed! Trent pulled me into his arms and told me, 'Relax. They're really great people, and I know they're really going to like you.'

As we went into the living room, Dan said, 'Trent, throw your shoes on and come with me. We had a blowout on the way, and I want to get a new tire put on the car before I do anything else.'

'Sure, Dad.', Trent replied. Trent grabbed his shoes and put them on.

'Wait, now, I just put on a fresh pot of coffee. Can't you boys wait until after we have coffee?', Page pleaded.

'No, I want to get this done now, so we won't be worried about running around in the car. It should only take about an hour.', Dan said.

Trent turned and grabbed his wallet, then turned to me and said, 'You gonna be okay here while I'm gone?'

Insulted, Page came to attention, 'Well, what in the world... What kind of question is that?! You act like you're leavin' him with a couple of barracudas!' Trent's Dad chuckled, as Page continued, 'Goodness sake, he's in good hands. You boys go on, and we'll take good care of Paul while you're gone. Paul, you're just gonna relax with us and have some coffee--do you like coffee, Paul?'

'Yes, Ma'am, I LOVE coffee.', I answered.

'Good, then it's settled.', Page said.

I was stunned when Trent leaned in and kissed me on the lips, and then turned to leave, saying, 'And, don't ya'll be interrogating Paul while we're gone.'

'Now, you stop that! We wouldn't do that.', Page said.

As I watched Trent disappear out the door, I looked over toward Sarah and Page, who were both looking at me with knowing looks. 'Just relax. This will only hurt a little', Sarah laughed. 'Aw, stop that and carry this coffee for me, Sarah. Paul, they give me the hardest time. Don't you worry about a thing. You're in good hands.', page promised.

Page had put together a tray with cups, cream, sugar, and a French Press full of fresh brewed coffee. Sarah grabbed the tray and headed out toward the balcony, and Page approached me, took my arm, and started leading me to the balcony.

As we took our places around the patio table, Sarah--with a devilish smile on her face, not unlike her brother's--justified her brother's apprehension, saying 'Here's how this is gonna go down. We want the dirt!', Sarah said.

I was expecting Page to reign Sarah in, but instead she added, 'Yes, Sweaty, sing like a bird!', Page cackled, as she poured my coffee. 'Be careful, though, Dear. Remember, I'm somebody's mother. I don't want ALL the details!'

'Yeah, you can save those to tell me later tonight.', Sarah said.

I was horrified. All I really had were dirty details, tales of our sexual exploits and how much I love making love with Trent. Then, suddenly, as though some third person in my mind stepped up to the plate, I heard myself say, 'Well, we were both coming home at the same time one evening, and Trent introduced himself to me. We talked a while, and he asked if I wanted to have a few beers with him. I told him I don't drink and...'

'At ALL??? You don't drink at all, Dear? Paul, Honey, are you on the wagon?', Page asked.

'Subtle, Mom. Real subtle.', Sarah said, as she sipped her coffee.

'No, no. Nothing like that. Just never developed a taste for it.', I replied.

'So, back to the story!', Sarah said, shooting an agitated look toward her mother.

'Well, I told him I kept some beer in my fridge for company and invited him over. He said yes, and we hit it off. We've been together ever since!', I said.

'Oh, it's so romantic! Sarah, Dear, one day you're going to meet a nice boy like your brother did, you'll see.', Page said. As the full impact of what Page just said hit her, she had a perplexed look on her face.

'Yeah, those are words you never thought you'd hear pass your lips, eh, Mom?!', Sarah chuckled.

'What about the sex?', Sarah asked.

I was once again stunned. I liked how direct Sarah was, much like her brother, but there were times when I was taken aback by it, and this was certainly one of those times. I could feel myself blushing, as I looked down at my coffee, half wondering whether I could drown myself in it in order to escape the rest of my interrogation!

'Oh, come on. We found you in bed with him. I know you all are sleeping together. Plus, we have a good reason for asking!', Sarah said, exchanging a knowing glance with her mother.

'Sarah! Did you forget I'm somebody's mother?', Page asked, seeming rather annoyed.

'Mom, get a grip. You know why I'm asking.', Sarah countered.

'Okay, but this conversation stays right here. Between us!', Page demanded.

Sarah agreed, and then said, looking knowingly at her mother, as though there was some unspoken communication occurring between them, 'I don't know how to say this, so I will just say it. Trent didn't do so well with women. They loved him and found him incredibly attractive, but his relationships never really lasted.'

'He's a man who likes to be a man, if you know what I mean.', Page interjected, trying to lessen the impact of her son's perceived shortcomings. 'He likes to be in control of things, and women today don't take kindly to that. Women just didn't seem to understand him. He's a little rough with them, sometimes, I guess.' She looked concerned and vulnerable, like a mother who recognizes something is wrong with her child, but is wrestling with how to manage it.

'Yeah, he's a kinky, arrogant, and rough in bed.', Sarah added, as clarification to her mother's comments.

'Do you find this to be true, Dear?', Page asked, making absolutely no attempts to disguise her concern.

'Oh, yeah, that's what I like about him!', I heard myself say. There was a pregnant pause, as they both looked at me with their mouths open.

'Sounds like you're our man! Welcome to the family, Paul.', Sarah said, as she and Page clicked their glasses together, apparently toasting the victory at the end of a hard fought battle.

Page chuckled, and then confided, 'Sarah thought you were woman yesterday!'

'What?', I asked.

Sarah explained, 'Well, I called Trent at work yesterday, and he sounded like he was walking on air. I told Mom and Dad that I just knew he had found his soul mate, and that I couldn't wait to meet her. Trent wouldn't tell me anything, but I kept asking about his new 'love interest', and he just kept chuckling.'

'Yes, well, apparently, you forgot that the point of your call was to remind him that we would be here today, and to be sure he was off work for a couple days, so we could spend time with him. She's such a gossip!', Page said.

'So, you live RIGHT next door?', Sarah asked.

'Yep.', I replied.

'Wow, let's go see your place!', Sarah said.

'Sarah, you don't just invite yourself to someone's home! Good grief!', Page exclaimed.

'Mom, he's sleeping with my brother. He's family!', Sarah countered.

'Sarah, I am NOT going to tell you one more time, I am somebody's mother. Do not talk about stuff like that in front of me.', Page said.

Sarah leaned into me and in a stage whisper said, 'And, like, how do you think she got to BE somebody's mother!'. And we all laughed, as Page blushed.

'Come on. Let's go.', I said.

Page wasted no time in snapping up her coffee cup, and slipping her feet back into her shoes, and off we all went.

'Oh, this is just beautiful! Did you decorate this yourself?', Page said as we entered my condo.

'Yeah, it's nothing special, really.', I said.

'It's great! It's so peaceful. When you walk in, you just feel the outside world fade away. This is awesome!', Sarah said.

'Hey, this is pretty cool. Now, I won't have to sleep on that air mattress. Mom, you and Dad can sleep in Trent's bed. They can sleep here, and I can sleep on somebody's sofa. Actually, this sectional looks WAY more comfortable than Trent's sofa. I'll sleep here.'

'Paul, just forgive her. I don't know what gets into her sometimes.', Page said, as we followed Sarah out onto my balcony.

Then, we heard a voice from Trent's balcony. He and his father had returned. Sarah and Page had pushed themselves up against the wall of the balcony, attempting to hide from Dan and Trent, giggling like two school girls. We eavesdropped as we heard Trent say, 'Well, they didn't through him off the balcony! But, where did they all go?' Dan replied, 'I told you we should have left him a stun gun or a rape whistle or something. Do y'all have an incinerator? Maybe they're trying to dispose of the body!', he teased.

'Daniel Jacobsen, I heard that!', Page shouted playfully. 'You wait till I get back over there. Actually, Trent, bring your Daddy over here, so he can see Paul's place. You gotta see what he's done with this place, Honey!'.

My god, it just occurred to me that I didn't even know Trent's last name, until Page just used it to dress down her husband. Trent Jacobsen. Nice.

'Wow, this is beautiful!', Dan exclaimed as he walked in. 'I told you.', Trent said, leading me to believe that he and his dad had some conversation today about us. 'Paul, you've done a great job. This really is homey.'

'So, did they wear you down, Paul?', Dan asked, playfully. 'No, no. We had a nice visit.', I replied. Page and Sarah gave me a look of affirmation, as though I had given Dan the answer they desired.

'Did they interrogate you? Dad said we should have left you a rape whistle or a stun gun, in case they gave you trouble!', Trent laughed, as he leaned in to kiss me.

'No, no. I really enjoyed chatting with them.', I assured him.

I have to admit, that I felt like I was experiencing some sort of role reversal. I found myself feeling a bit awkward that Trent would kiss me so openly, though I've been gay my whole life! I didn't expect this to move so quickly, and sure didn't expect that I would be meeting the parents.

'I wanna get unpacked.' Page said. 'Trent, you come over here and give me a couple drawers in your dresser and a show me where I can put my clothes.'

Sarah reiterated her sleeping arrangement proposal, and there were no objections. 'Momma, sounds like we're gonna have Trent's place to ourselves tonight!', Dan said, with a devious smile on his face.

'Dan, you stop that in front of the kids!', Page said. 'Oh, he gets so frisky!'

'Yeah, she's somebody's mother!', Sarah added, just in time to get a sharp look from their mother.

'How long have you lived here?' Sarah asked, as the rest of the family left for Trent's place.

'Oh, just a couple months.', I responded.

'Thank god they're gone! Now, let's talk dirt!', Sarah said. 'By the way, where are those beers you said you keep for company?' she said, as she opened the fridge. 'Found 'em!'

As she took the first sip of her beer, she said, 'Trent has had a tough time with love. He wants what most people aren't willing to give. But, when I talked to him on the phone yesterday, I knew he had found it. And, when I sat on that bed and watched the two of you sleeping today, you seemed like you were perfectly at peace. I know you two haven't been together long, but I have a really good feeling about this. I've never seen him act this way with anyone.'

'Help me understand, something. Why aren't your parents freaked out about their son suddenly being gay!?', I asked.

She stared at me for a moment, the nodded a couple times, and then said, 'Let me tell you something. They are a little bit freaked, if I know Mom and Dad. But, they've always encouraged us to be our own people and to live our own lives. And, the truth is, Trent has been really unhappy for a very long time. You know that big smile he had when he walked in that door a few minutes ago?'

I nodded.

'It's been years since I've seen that smile. I think he had even given up on himself, figuring he'd never find his other half. But, I think he has, and I'm not trying to create any pressure on you, I'm just calling it like I see it.', Sarah concluded.

'I agree with you.', I said.

'What? About what?', Sarah asked.

'I believe we are the two halves to a whole. Can I tell you something?', I asked.

'Yeah, it'll stay right her between us, I promise.', Sarah offered.

'Trent and I have only known each other two days, but I have never been more sure of anything in my entire life. There is an intensity. A sense of knowing. A feeling that we just clicked with each other.', I said.

'I agree. I TOTALLY see that with you guys.', she whispered intently. 'Welcome to our family, Paul.' I felt like a million bucks.

'But, can I ask you something. It's WAY more personal.', Sarah asked.

'Yeah, sure.', I said.

'Well, you know, I talked to all of Trent's old girlfriends, and they all had the same complaint. He wanted them to do things that they thought were to kinky or perverted or whatever. I guess he gets kind of rough in bed, and talked dirty to them, and they really felt like that was kind of abusive.', she explained. 'One of them said he wanted her to massage his feet for him. According to her, he wanted her to suck his toes and worship his feet. Has he tried any of that weird shit with you? Oh, fuck, I hope I'm not scaring you off.', she said.

'Nope, I'm good. I worship EVERY INCH of Trent.', I offered with a smile.

She looked at me out of the corner of her eye, like she didn't quite know what to make of what I was saying, 'Dude, what the fuck?! Could you just say yes or know or whatever? You're like fuckin' Yoda! Just spit it out Dude, do you suck my brother's toes and do all that kinky stuff he likes or what?', she asked anxiously.

I leaned forward and looked into her eyes, and said, 'Sarah, I worship every inch of your brother's body. There is not a part of his body that I wouldn't lick, suck, kiss, massage, or whatever! What Trent wants, Trent gets.', I said.

'OH. My. Fucking. GOD! Dude! That's hot! Don't get me wrong, I'm not sharing a drink with ya, now that I know where your mouth has been, but DAMN, that is hot! You got a brother? I need a guy like you!', she asked.

We laughed, and then Trent came back through my front door. 'And, what are you two gossips talking about?'

'Trent, come here.', Sarah said.

Trent sat beside her on the sofa, and she rested her arm around his neck, and leaned into him, 'I like Paul. I like Paul a lot. He can handle Mom. I fuckin' LOVE Paul. Anyway, DO NOT fuck this up, do you hear me? Paul, if he gives you any trouble, you come talk to me and we'll get it worked out. Trent, I love you and I want you to be happy. DON'T FUCK THIS UP!', Sarah exclaimed.

Trent got up and walked toward me, but as he neared me he began to lay his body out across the sofa, using the weight of his upper body to push me over and down under him. 'I'm not going to fuck this up, because I love this guy! I fuckin' love this guy more than anything!', and he leaned in and kissed me.

'Yeah, but I mean, don't do what you did with all those chicks, where you asked them to do all kinds of freaky shit, and they got totally freaked out. You know what I'm saying?', Sarah clarified.

'Sarah, that won't happen. He loves all that shit. We've already DONE all that shit... AND MORE! He's the first person I've ever met who not only keeps up with me in bed, but ENJOYS it! I can be myself with him. He loves me for who I am, and it's incredible!', Trent explained.

'FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! That's hot! Seriously, Paul. Do you have a freaky brother?! A straight one, I mean?', Sarah said. 'Aw, I love you guys!', Sarah said, as she, too, climbed onto us, and kissed both of us on the lips.'

Just then, the front door opens, and Page steps in mid sentence. She stops and stares at her two children, sprawled out on top of me on the sofa. As we look at her, she looks at me and says, 'Paul, what have you done to my children?'

'Mom, we love this guy!', Sarah says.

'Yes, Paul is a very sweet man. Now, can one of you come over here and help us? Your father was trying to figure out all those remote controls to get the TV working, and finally just gave up and went to the bathroom. If someone doesn't get this fixed to where he can use it, he may botch it up so bad we'll never be able to watch TV again!', she said.

Sarah got up and started toward the door, then said, 'Uh uh... Nope... You two, get up and come with me. I'm sleeping on that sectional tonight, and I don't want you doing any freaky shit on there while I'm getting Dad's TV setup.'

Trent just looked at her with an evil smile, and then said, 'Uh, too late. This was the first place we had sex!'

'Oh god...', Sarah said, as she went out the door.

'Come here, quick!', Trent said as he grabbed my hand and lead me into the bedroom. He locked the door, then turned back toward me. He put his thumbs in the waistband of his shorts, and dropped his pants to his ankles in one fell swoop! His huge cock jumped to attention, and he said, 'Quick, blow me. I need to get off, bad!'

Needing no further encouragement, I dropped to my knees, wrapped my fist around his huge cock and starting sucking on the head, while fisting the shaft of his cock. As I glanced up his body, I noticed he was playing with his nipples. I reached up with my other hand and massaged his nuts. There was no mistaking that he needed a quick release, and soon his body was starting to tremble and he was panting, sure signs that he was about to reward my efforts. I was sucking the head of his cock sloppily, sucking and tonguing the underside of his big swollen cock head, while I pumped the shaft and massaged those big balls of his. Suddenly, his body went rigid and he used both hands on the back of my head to completely immerse his cock in my mouth. I swallowed jet after jet of his cum, until his breathing returned to normal. He bent down to pull his pants up, but grabbed the back of my head with one hand and kissed me, sliding his tongue deep into my mouth, getting a good taste of his own cum.

He helped me up, then unlocked and opened the door. Sarah was standing there in the kitchen, swigging the last of her beer. 'Mom's got dinner ready, or have y'all already eaten?!', she said with a smirk.

Trent countered, 'Nah, we need food. We need our energy!'

Trent threw his arm around my and Sarah's necks, and we wrapped our arms around his waist, and we walked over to his place, where Page had prepared a great meal. We had a nice dinner, and before we knew it, Sarah was staking her claim to my sofa, and Page and Dan were heading off to bed at Trent's place, and Trent and I were heading off to my bed.



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