I was awakened by the sound of the toilet flushing, and rolled over to take advantage of the sunlight shining through the window to get a good look at Trent's long muscular body strutting through the room. I was getting hard just looking at him. 'Perfect, you're awake. Time for someone to get what he has comin' to him!', he said as he clapped his big hands together, then rubbed them together with anticipation. He grabbed the bottle of lube off the nightstand and jumped onto the bed, landing horizontally next to me. He threw the covers off of me, pulled my leg toward him, leaving me flat on my back with my legs spread. My arms were above my head, as he rolled over on top of me, settling between my legs, and smiling down on my face. I looked up at him in awe, and feeling the weight of his long muscular body on top of mine brought my cock to full attention.

'You know what this is?', he said, as he presented the bottle of lube to me with a devilish grin. 'Oh yeah, I sure do.', I replied. 'Any last words...?', he chuckled. We both laughed and he said, 'I REALLY want to fuck you. You ready?' I replied, 'Like I told you before, I want you every chance I get!' He smiled, and then diverted his eyes down to his groin, as he popped the bottle of lube open, and massaged some onto his huge cock. 'Lift your leg a little.', he directed. As I lifted me leg, he rubbed the cold lube onto my hole. I winced a bit, and he chuckled, 'We're gonna get that warmed up real quick, don't you worry about that.' Of course, I had no doubt that was the case!

He got up on both knees, and my body felt cold as he removed the weight of his body from mine. He grabbed my ankles and pushed my feet back toward my head, so that his cock was perfectly aligned with my hole. I watched his face as he looked down at my hole, and paused for moment. I could feel him rubbing the head across my asshole, and gently pushing in a bit and pulling back out. At first I wondered if he was doing it out of consideration, but I had already decided I was going to observe him doing things his own way to learn more about him. He was gently sliding just the fat head of his cock in and out of my hole, very slowly. He threw his head back, and hissed, 'Oh fuck, that feels so hot...' I looked up at him. My legs looked like two goal posts framing an Adonis. His muscular body was flexing as he breathed and used my ankles to control the alignment of our bodies.

Soon, he lowered his face to look right into my eyes. He looked beautiful, and had a look of pure lust on his face. He smiled at me and asked, 'You ready, Dude? You want me to make love to you?' My entire body was tingling with excitement, compounded by the cool morning air gently blowing across it. It was another moment of pure sensuality, where everything seemed to be aligning for another perfect sexual experience.

'Oh yeah, Trent, I want you inside me so bad. I want all of you.', I begged.

'Just relax, ok? Just take me in.', he said.

He started feeding his rock hard cock into my ass. It felt like it would never end, as he slowly went deeper and deeper into me. I could feel every vein and bump on the shaft of his cock, as he slid deeper and deeper into me. Every few seconds, his body would shudder, and he looked like he was in some type of trance, as his piercing eyes stared into mine, and I felt my body shudder as he invaded my depths. Soon, he was all the way in. I felt his groin pressed against my ass, and he let go of my ankles and fell forward onto my body. He rested on his elbows, with his face just inches from mine. My legs were wrapped around his body, as I felt his hips start to rock in and out of me. I could tell he was experiencing intense pleasure, because his breathing was erratic and his body shuddered from time to time.

'You okay?', he asked, with a genuinely concerned look on his face.

'I'm in heaven.', I replied.

'You like my big cock buried in your ass? Tell me how much you like it. What do you like about it?', he asked.

'I love the way you slid inside me nice and slow, so I could feel every millimeter of your cock penetrating me. I love feeling you on top of me. I love feeling you work that cock into my ass, just like you're doing now.', I said.

I could tell my words were adding to his enjoyment, because his eyes were nearly closing and he looked like he was somewhere between two different worlds. So, I kept talking, soothing his ego and fueling his lust with my words, 'Aw, Trent, you are so hot. I love every inch of your body. I love it when you let me explore your body with my tongue. Licking the soles of your big sexy feet. Sucking those long toes of yours. Kissing my way up those long legs. Taking your big bull nuts into my mouth and sucking on them for you, real good. Eating your hot ass...just spreading your cheeks and burying my face in your beautiful ass.'

'Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh....', he hissed, 'I know you love my body. You can't get enough of me, can you. You're always so fucking horny for me. You want me anytime I want, huh? You love to please me...'

'Yeah, Baby, I love taking care of you. Whatever you want. I love the taste of your cum. I love it when you let me lick your pits. I love it when you let me lick the precum off your big swollen cock head.', I said.

'Yeah, I know you love it. You love me, dontcha? You fuckin' love me...', he said, his voice tapering off as he moved his lips so close, that I could feel him breath his words into my mouth.

'Yeah, Trent. I love you. I absolutely love you.', I said.

His eyes closed, and he lowered his warm swollen lips to mine, and our bodies were on fire. At first reluctantly, his tongue moved into my mouth, and then back out, as though he was making me wait. Our open mouths were joined together, as he gently lowered his tongue into mine, and we started to kiss. I felt his big hand wrap around the back of my head, as he forced my mouth against his, as his tongue probed my mouth deeper and deeper. I had never experienced such a deep and overwhelming kiss.

Now, it was me who was between worlds. So many things happening so fast. I was trying desperately not to blow my load, but admittedly this scene had gotten way too hot. My heels were pressing down on his ass, as he took long steady strokes into my ass, and I felt like I couldn't get enough of him. I wasn't sure how much longer I could hold out. We were in a place beyond words at this moment. A place where there was only me and him, and the rest of the world had faded away. Each time he thrust into me, my heels pressed against his ass, as though I were trying to ensure I got every inch of him inside me. He now had sweat rolling down his face and body and onto mine. I was past the point of no return and had my arms wrapped around his shoulders and my legs around his hips, as though I was trying to meld us into a single person.

My body started to tremble, as my orgasm slowly made its way through my body. It was one of those orgasms where you feel like your body is in suspended animation. Where you can feel each drop of cum making its way, slowly from your balls, up the shaft of your cock. 'Uh hm... UH HM....', Trent encouraged. There was a brief second where I wasn't even sure I would ever cum; where I was just lifted to another plane by ecstasy. I started to feel like I was going to pass out, when suddenly my body went completely rigid and I exploded into an orgasm, shooting volley after volley of cum onto our joined bellies. Screaming into Trent's mouth, as my load blasted out of my cock.

When my body went rigid, my ass ring clamped down on Trent's thrusting cock, and it was more than he could take. He was pumping my ass like a machine, as he broke our kiss, rose up onto his hands, raised his red face to the ceiling and heralded his orgasm, 'MOTHER FUCKER!!!! OH SHIT!OH SHIT! OH SHIT! FUCK! OH SHIT, DUDE!!! HOLY FUCK!!!'. His screams tapered off into a laugh, and he fell back onto his elbows and grabbed my head between his hands and started kissing me, and chanting between kisses, 'I love you, Dude. I fuckin' love you. You're so hot. So fuckin' hot...'

His cock was still inside me, and it didn't feel like it was getting a lot softer. My ass was now letting me know it wanted a break, but I didn't want him to get off of me. Suddenly, he wrapped an arm around my neck and rolled us over, so that I was now perched on top of him. He threw his arms open, outstretched on the bed, with me still sitting on his cock.

Surprisingly, this new position and his cock still pretty rigid inside me was making me really horny again. Now, it was my turn to gaze at the ceiling, as I felt my ass starting to work on his cock. I knew there was no way we could cum again after what had just happened, but it felt so hot to be riding his cock. As I looked down on Trent, while I continued working his cock, I saw his hands clench into a fist, and then he pleaded, 'Mother fucker, you are going to make me cum again! Keep riding it, Dude. Don't you fuckin' stop.' He was almost begging me, and I was set to fulfill his every wish.

I kept my pace slow and steady. I watched the muscles in his up stretched arms tighten in contract. The muscles across his chest were flexing and trembling. I was in disbelief that I was about to milk a second load out of this stud. I reached down and grabbed my cock, and a wave of electricity went through my body, which must have caused me to tighten my ass around Trent's cock again, because he went into a full pant, 'Oh, Baby. Come on. Just like that. Don't stop. PLEEEEEEAAAAAASE don't stop. Keep ridin' my big cock, Baby...'

I knew he was close, as I saw his arms starting to pull up on the headboard, stretching his upper body, and bringing every sexy muscle into full view. His face was red again and his body was starting to tremble.

'Give me that load, Trent.', I hissed.

'Uh huh.', he replied.

'I want it.'

'Ok. Take it! Milk that fuckin' load out of my big nuts. Come on. Ride my big cock.', he encouraged.

'Yeah, just lay back and let my asshole service your big cock. Make me work for it, Baby. I'll ride your cock as long as you want...until you're ready to give me your big load. Let me milk it out of that big cock. Let my hot ass milk your big tool.', I returned, as I continued stroking my cock toward another orgasm.

Once again beyond words, I heard him mumble something that sounded like, 'Oh yeah, oh fuck...', and with that he started rising up to bang into my ass, as I continued my relentless milking. He was throwing his head from side to side, and chanting, 'Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh yeah, oh fuck...'. I was so turned on watching him, that I blew another load onto his chest and stomach.

As his orgasm subsided, he pulled on my arms, pulling my head down onto his chest, and I felt his cock gently slide out of my spent hole. We settled like this for a few moments, and I was totally at piece listening to the sound of his breathing and feeling his body next to mine.

But, all the sweating and cumming had taken its toll on both of us, and I heard him say, 'Did I tell you about the rule?'

'What rule?', I countered.

'The person on the top has to go get the ice water.', he laughed.

'Hrm... Okay, but the person on the bottom has to start the shower.', I said, as I got up and went to the bathroom, where I used a washcloth to sop up most of the cum on me. As I headed off to the kitchen, I heard him yell, as he got up out of the bed, 'Holy fuck! Oh yeah, the person who was on top has to wash these fuckin' sheets! There's cum all over everything in here!', to which we both started laughing.

I returned with two huge cups of ice water, knowing they were nowhere near enough. As I went into the bathroom, I asked, 'What time do you have to be to work?'

'I don't. I'm off today!', he said.

'Oh cool. Whatcha got planned?', I asked, suddenly realizing that whatever he had planned didn't include me.

'Hrm... Well, I was thinking about grabbing some breakfast, and then going to get some new shoes.', he said.

'Oh, that's cool.', I said as I waited for him to get out of the shower.

The shower door opened tentatively, and he peered out. 'Dude, what the fuck are you doing out there? You're just standing there?!', he asked.

'I was waiting for you to finish.', I replied.

'Get the fuck in here and stop being an ass.', he said.

As I stepped into the shower, he pulled me to him, and he said, 'Hrm... I guess I'm going to have to be more literal for you, huh, Dude. Just in case there's any confusion, MY plans for the day are OUR plans for the day. So, if you have anything you need to do, we can do that too, while we're out.', he said, very plainly.

I was amazed by this guy. There was really no doubt in his mind that he was in control. He knew full well that he was dominating me, but he did it in a way that made me want to beg for more. But, my train of thought was interrupted, when he said, 'Dude, what's that look for?'

'What look!?', I asked.

'That little half-smile you had on your face just then when you were thinking. What are you thinking about, Dude?', he asked, playfully.

'Oh, nothin'. I don't know.', I said.

'He was moving toward me, and now had my back pressed to the back wall of the shower. He was moving in and moved his forearms up to the wall behind me, on either side of my head. 'Look at me.', he demanded. 'Dude... Paul... I know we were having sex before, so maybe that doesn't count. So, I'm going to ask you again, and I want you to answer me honestly. No bullshit.', he said, with a very serious look on his face. I nodded in agreement, and I guess I started to divert my eyes from his. 'Look me in the eye.', he again demanded, and I did as he instructed. 'You love me, don't you?', he asked.

So many things raced through my mind. We had only known each other a couple days, and our entire relationship up until this point had been a sexual one. 'DON'T THINK ABOUT IT!', he said in a strong, commanding tone of voice. 'Yes!', I answered without any further thought. There was a pause. 'Yes, Trent, I do love you.', I clarified. Again, my eyes started to drift, but he quickly grabbed my chin with his fingers and raised my face to his, 'And, I love you, too, Paul.' He leaned in and kissed me in a way that punctuated his words. There was no doubt he believed what he was saying, and I had long since given up trying to conceal my feelings from him.

We were in that shower for close to an hour, caressing each other with soapy hands. Randomly kissing each other. We were totally embracing what was happening to us. Finally, Trent said, 'Okay, we better get out of here, or I'm gonna have to give it to you again.' I looked up and smiled, and apparently that look said it all. 'Dude, you are insatiable!', Trent laughed.

I threw on the clothes I had been wearing, and Trent got dressed. He threw on some shorts and sneakers, and a casual button down shirt. We walked over to my place, so I could change into some clean clothes, and then headed out to a local place for some breakfast.

We sat down and placed our orders, and Trent looked up at me and smiled. I smiled back, and he said, 'Man, a couple days ago, I would NEVER have thought of myself as gay or anything like that. But, now, sitting here, I can't imagine being with a woman. Hell, I can't imagine being with anyone else, but you. It's like you just GET me, you know? I don't have to explain anything to you. I can be myself. It's incredible.' 'Yeah, same here.', I said. 'Dude, you were still gay a couple days ago.', he said, being a smart ass. 'Yeah, I know that, but I mean I've never had a relationship with anyone like this. It's like we have some sort of natural harmony or something. It's incredible.', I explained. 'Dude, you are right on. That's it, EXACTLY! It's fuckin' awesome.'



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