A couple weeks later Trent and I were on our way to Nebraska. I had driven through Nebraska once, but never spent any time there. Despite the misery of traveling on a holiday, I was excited to see Trent's family again. Of course, my own family was holding a grudge, because I usually refused to travel on the holidays, but made an exception this time around. I'd have to smooth that over later.

We arrived and the whole family was there to meet us as we came through the security checkpoint. It was a great welcome and then we headed out to the car. There was, of course, the conversation about how Trent almost ruined Thanksgiving, but we were all soon past that and moving on to my driving tour of Omaha. I'm not sure what I expected, but I was pleasantly surprised by several areas that had some unique historic architecture.

Soon, we were out on a long country road. We turned off, and traveled up a long drive to a sprawling ranch-style house nestled in a stand of trees. The weather had turned cold, and Page's earlier warning of snow was starting to materialize, as large flakes began coating the ground around us. I will say Nebraska was every bit as cold as I expected.

We pulled into the garage, and exited the car, grabbing our luggage and following Page and Dan into the house. As we walked in the first word that popped into my mind was 'homey'. The house was decorated in an eclectic fashion, but was neat as a pin. Everything seemed to have a place, and the colors and furniture made me instantly forget how cold it was outside.

'I'm going to get the fire going, and you boys put your things in Trent's room.' Dan instructed.

Page was in her element, having all her chicks back in the next, and went into the kitchen to make some homemade hot chocolate. I followed Trent and Sarah down the hallway to Trent's room. As we walked into the room, it was exactly what I might have expected. It looked like a room someone had spent their entire childhood in, redecorating for each new phase he went through, but leaving some remnant of each. There was a teddy bear on a bookshelf. A box of Lincoln Logs on another shelf. Various model cars that were once fantasies of possible first cars. There was an autographed football on a stand on the desk. It was just an eclectic and lived-in room, but what I liked most about it was that it just felt like Trent. Even now, I could sense his presence there. I could smell his scent. There was no single definitive object that made the room Trent's, but rather the sum of all its parts.

Trent had a huge smile on his face, making clear that he was glad to be home. He threw his bag down and threw himself on the bed. He patted the bed beside him and looked at me with a devilish grin, 'Welcome to Club Trent! This is where you'll be staying, and we guaranty you'll be another satisfied customer.' he said. I could only look at him in disbelief, but Sarah quickly verbalized what she and I were both thinking, 'Aw GAWD!' We all laughed and Page told us to come get some hot chocolate.

Dan had a great fire going and we all settled in to catch up and enjoy our hot chocolate, as we watched the snow falling outside through the big picture window in the family room. After about an hour and a half, Dan got up and said, 'Trent, I have to run into town. You want to ride?'

'Sure!' Trent said, as he kissed me and slipped out from behind me. Page started talking about something else, and then Sarah opened the door to the garage and yelled, 'I'm going with Dad and Trent. We'll be back.' and the house fell into silence.

Well, thank goodness they're gone. Now, we can have some time to unwind. 'Come on, let's go to the kitchen. We can visit while I get some of my cookin' out of the way.' Page said.

I followed her to the kitchen, and was impressed by the size and the organization. There was a huge island in the middle, but it seemed very functional. Indeed, she would prove its worth over the next couple of hours, as she whipped up salads, cookies, and a variety of other sauces and dishes in preparation for Thanksgiving. I was amazed at how she glided through the preparation of a variety of foods, as though it was just what she did. There were no recipes or measuring cups. She tossed ingredients together and produced beautiful dishes like some sort of genie. Trent had definitely gotten his love for cooking from her. I was wishing Cassie could be here to see this.

Page was taking some cookies out of the oven, when we heard the garage door start to go up. Trent, Dan, and Sarah came back in laughing and chatting.

'It's really starting to snow out there, now. It's beautiful out. Wanna go for a walk?' Trent asked.

Page was cooking, Sarah had to make a phone call, and Dan had something he needed to fix. So, Trent and I threw on our coats and went for a walk. Page had a huge smile on her face as we walked outside, and I was thinking she was just so glad to have her boy home.

We walked out back, hand-in-hand. Trent started talking about how much he loved me and how glad he was that I was here with him. He talked about how much his family loves me and how he can't imagine his life without me.

'Trent, you know I feel the same way. I'm so happy we could come. Your family is awesome.' I agreed.

We approached this huge oak tree, and he pointed up to a battered old tree house, nestled way up in the branches. 'That's my tree house. When I was a kid, I spent all my time up there with my friends and Sarah. We'd play Monopoly and Yatzee, listen to music, and eat snacks we stole to bring to the fort. We'd play pirates, cops and robbers, astronauts. Sometimes we were on a desert island and other times we were in a fortress that our enemies couldn't bring down. When I think back, so much of my life took place in this tree house. And, when I was older, I would come here to veg and think about my life and what I wanted. One day, I decided that when I found the right person for me, I would bring her here and ask her to marry me (I was straight then, remember).'

'Yeah, I remember.' I said, trying to gauge his emotions. Was he disappointed that he hadn't met the perfect woman? I felt like I was treading on sacred ground, like maybe I didn't belong here. As I immersed myself in analytics, gazing up at the tree house way up in this tree, I noticed Trent disappear from my peripheral vision. At first I thought he had fallen, but as I whipped my head around to look down at him, Trent was kneeling beside me holding a ring up toward me. My mind scurried to make sense of what was happening, and Trent spoke the most beautiful words I had ever heard.

'It's you. You are the person I am meant to be with, and I want to be with you every day for the rest of my life. I want you by my side forever. Paul, will you be my partner?' he asked.

My eyes swelled with tears, as my mind processed his words. The cold Nebraska air stung my eyes, and without warning I lunged at Trent, throwing my arms around him and telling him how much I loved him. The impact of my attack caused us to tumble onto the ground.

He was lying on his back with me straddling his body. My face was inches from his, as I looked into his eyes, 'Trent, I would LOVE to be your partner. I love you with all my heart and I can't imagine ever being with anyone else but you. From the first time we touched, it was like I had found the other half of my soul, and I'm thankful for every day I'm with you. I love you so much.'

'I know you do, Baby. And, I love you too.' he said as we fell into a long deep kiss.

Suddenly the air was filled with hooting and hollering, as Sarah, Page, and Dan came running from the house--having been watching from the kitchen window--congratulating us and telling us how happy they were for us and welcoming me to their family.

'Does it fit?' Sara asked, looking at me.

'Does what fit?' I asked.

'The ring, silly. Dad and Trent and I just went and got it this morning. Does it fit?' she repeated.

'Oh, no.' I said.

'What??? What's wrong?' Page asked.

'He never took the ring.' Trent explained.

'Oh, no!' Page said, 'Now, don't worry, it's here somewhere. We'll find it.'

We all desperately searched for the ring, but it was no use. The snow was coming down so fast. Dan told us to hang tight and ran to the garage. Seconds later he emerged with a metal detector, and a few minutes later we plucked the ring from the snow, where it had fallen against the trunk of the oak tree. Trent leaned with his back against the tree, as he slid the ring on my finger.

'I love you.' he said, as the ring found its new home.

'I love you, too. It's beautiful.' I replied.

'It sure is...' Trent said, looking into my eyes and pulling me in for another slow deep kiss.

I felt someone pulling on my hand, and then Page said, 'Lordy, it sure is! It's beautiful! It looks so nice on you. That is exactly where that ring belongs!'

Suddenly, I realized that I didn't have a ring for Trent. 'What about you? I don't have a ring for you.'

'That's cool. Since I'm not wearing a ring, that means I still get to fool around.' he reasoned.

'Ha! You're not getting off that easy. Here ya go, Paul.' Sarah said, as she handed me a matching ring. 'He bought the set.'

I took his hand and held the ring up in front of him, 'Trent, will you be my partner?'

'Nothing would make me happier, Paul. I love you.' he said, as I slid the ring on his long finger, then brought it to my face to kiss the ring and his hand.

'Oh, my goodness, this is just so romantic!' Page said as she burst into tears. We all reached out to her and hugged her to calm her down, and she was half laughing and half crying.

'I'm just so damn happy. I love you Paul, we all do.' she said.

'And I love all of you!' I returned.

'Come on, let's go in here and have some dinner!' Page said.

'You guys go ahead. We'll be in a few minutes.' Trent said.

As they traipsed off toward the house, Sarah and Page were talking about everyone they wanted to call to share the news with. Trent put his hand on the tree and looked up the towering trunk. Then, he turned and looked at me, 'I need you to know a couple of things.'

'Ok.' I said.

'I know sometimes I talk down to you and tease about you being my bitch and all that, but I need you to understand that I love you absolutely and completely. You are the center of my universe, and I worship you. I know you accept me for who I am, and that you accept that I need to be dominant, and that's why we're standing here, now. Not everyone can handle my personality, but you get me. I just need you to know that putting all that aside, I love you because you are you and not just because you let me dominate you. Do you understand that?' Trent asked.

'Oh, yes. I love you so much, Trent.' I agreed.

'Good. There's one other thing. From this point forward, everything that is mine is yours. All of it. If I can trust you with my heart, then I can certainly trust you with all the material stuff.' he said.

Trent didn't really have much in the way of possessions, so I was a little confused by this statement, and it must have shown. I considered that perhaps this was a way of him getting me to do the same, and I was absolutely willing to share all that I had with him, 'Trent, and everything of mine is yours. I agree with you 100%. There is nothing I wouldn't share with you.' I confirmed.

'I know that, Paul. But, that's not what I mean. My family has a lot of money.' he explained.

'That's cool.' I replied, still not fully comprehending what was being said.

'No, Baby, I mean my family has a LOT of money. We're extremely wealthy.' he said.

'I don't understand. But, what about working at the restaurant and going to culinary school?' I asked.

'I love cooking and I work to gain experience. I certainly don't have to work.' he explained. 'We aren't the type of people who throw our wealth around. We go about our business and live normal lives. No limos or jets or lavish homes. Just good basic people who have a whole lot of money.' he confirmed.

It suddenly occurred to me that the ring on my finger may be worth a lot more than I realize. I looked down at it wondering exactly how much I was wearing on my finger. It was a simple silver band, but its simplicity made it absolutely beautiful. Not being a person who is comfortable wearing or knows much about jewelry, my concern was mounting the more I looked at it.

'Trent, I'm not someone who usually wears expensive jewelry, so I need to know what I'm dealing with here. Is this ring terribly expensive?' I asked.

He chuckled, 'No, no. In fact, at the jewelry store we debated whether you would even where it at all. The rings are fully insured. But, they're platinum, so I'm sure they'll be pretty durable...like our love.'

There was no way he wasn't getting kiss after that line...and he knew it! As he broke our kiss, leaving our lips barely touching, he said, 'But if you lose it, Club Trent is reopening to the general public.'

'Smart ass!' I replied. 'Club Trent is condemned. Closed for good.'

'Yeah? By whose authority?' he teased.

'By your bitch's authority.' I said.

'By my partner's authority.' he corrected me.

'Mmmmm, I love you, Baby.' I said as we sank back into another incredible kiss.

We headed back into the house, and I still didn't really grasp the whole money thing, but figured it wasn't an issue for me, anyway. I did alright for myself, so life would just continue on as it had.

As we entered the house, Trent leaned into Sarah, who was standing in the kitchen doorway, 'Someone is gonna get lucky tonight, and that someone is me!' I heard him say, as he plucked a half-eaten cookie from her hand and popped it into his mouth. I couldn't help but laugh, because it's not as though he didn't get lucky every other day, too. Sarah just rolled her eyes and said, 'Whatever. Hell, if you bought me a ring like that, I'd sleep with ya, too!'

Understanding what she said, my eyes darted in Trent's direction. He started laughing, sensing where this was going and, through a mouth full of cookie, said 'Baby, will you stop worrying about the ring? It's just metal. It can be replaced. What's important is that it's the ring I gave you and you choose to wear it. Okay?'

I nodded, and Page came around the corner and asked what was wrong.

'He's afraid the ring is too expensive and he might lose it.' Trent explained.

'Honey, don't you worry about that. The ring is insured. We'll get you another one if something happens to that one. Just don't you worry about that.' Page said.

'Yeah, but if I lose it, he threatened to re-open Club Trent' I said, knowing full well I was throwing Trent under the bus.

Sarah burst out laughing, and Page shot Trent a nasty look and said to me, 'Sweetie, Club Trent was never really a hot spot, anyway. I don't think you have anything to worry about there.'

'Rude!' Trent shouted, as we all burst into laughter.

We sat down to dinner, and then sat around and watched some TV. Sitting in front of the fireplace made us all very sleepy, and soon Trent was leading me down the hall to his bedroom.

We got undressed, and he pulled me into the bed with him. He kissed my lips and face, and then moved down my body. I felt like I was living a fantasy, as the day's events and the moment overwhelmed me.

Trent moved between my legs, and lowered himself on me, so our faces were next to each other. He kissed me sporadically, reminding me that now its official, and I'm all his.

'I like being all yours.' I assured him.

'Yeah? Good. Now, let's see about getting you knocked up.' he said, as his big cock began sliding into me.

I loved feeling his body on top of mine, and he was moving in and out of me at a slow and leisurely pace. His big cock felt so good moving in and out of me, and his deep wet kisses were making me incredibly hard. He was in an unbelievably passionate and romantic mood tonight, and I was sincerely enjoying it. My legs were wrapped around his back, and I was using my heels to push down on his ass to encourage his thrusts. The whole scene was so erotic, because he was making love to me in his room and in his bed.

I was moving my hand up his bicep, when the glimmer of the ring caught my eye, and I realized this was real and that Trent and I would be making love like this for the rest of our lives. He must have read my mind, because he smiled down at me and said, 'It's real. This is all real. WE are real. I love you, Baby.'

'Trent, I want you so bad. I want you to fill me with your cum. Breed my ass, Baby.' I begged.

His thrusts increased in speed, and he replied, 'Yeah? You want your husband's load? You want my load, Baby? Tell me how much you want it. Tell me...'

'Trent, I want your load in me, so badly. Just fill me with your cum. My ass is all yours. Mark your territory, Baby. Make me yours. Come on, Baby.' I pleaded.

'Oh, yeah. That's a good boy. You want it, don't you. You want my big load.' he said as he leaned down to kiss me. As his tongue probed my mouth, I felt his cock let loose inside me, as he pumped wave after wave of his cum way up inside me. My own cock released a torrent onto my chest and belly, as I continued to kiss the man of my dreams. He was my perfect partner.

'Yeah, take my load.' he said, as he held my bottom lip between his front teeth.

'Thank you, Baby. Thank you.' I responded, as I took the last of his load, and spewed my own load between our stomachs.

We got cleaned up and got back into bed. He was spooning me and letting out a couple of moans, signaling his absolute contentment as we were drifting off to sleep.

The moment was shattered when he whispered into my ear, 'Oh, yeah. You're my bitch, alright.'

'Yeah, I'm the bitch that closed down Club Trent!' I bantered.

'Aw, see, why'd you have to go there?!' he laughed.

We drifted off to sleep with big smiles on our faces, and we were two of the happiest guys on the face of the Earth.



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