At just a few minutes after 4 am, my phone rang. I immediately assumed there had been some death or injury in the family. I answered only to hear his voice, still dry and groggy from just waking up. 'Paul. It's Trent. Wanna come help me with my morning wood?' 'Yeah.', I replied. 'Come on over. I just unlocked the front door.' he said.

I jumped out of bed and brushed my teeth. I got dressed and went next door, tapping a couple times before I went in. As I opened the door, I heard him say, 'Back here!'. I turned the corner to his bedroom, but what I saw just didn't register. He had turned his body up so that his ass was straight up in the air. His feet were against the wall above his head, and he was sucking his own cock! I was so confused. 'What the hell?!' where the words that came out of my mouth. I had so many questions, but then he gave me my orders, 'Eat my ass, Dude...while I suck my cock. I've always fantsized about this, but chicks don't eat ass.' I got onto the bed, so my stomach was against his back, and his ass was in my face. I could look him right in the eye, and see his cock moving in and out of his own mouth. He sure didn't look like an amateur at this.

'Is a guy gay if he sucks his own cock?', I wondered. Maybe not. Your not gay if you jack yourself off, but jacking another guy off is sucpicious at the very least. The truth is, there are certain natural gifts a guy needs to be able to blow himself, and this guy had both the agility and the big cock to pull it off, and I have to admit it was totally hot to see happening!

As I probed his ass with my tongue, he brought his feet forward, so that they were both directly in my face. My body braced against his back meant that he didn't need his legs extended to maintain his position. I took a break from eating his ass, and started licking the soles of his beautiful feet. He moaned as I worked on his feet, and kept a finger sliding around his ass, which was still slick with my spit. 'I have to be to work in an hour. Get back on my ass.', he said, and I willing obliged. I wondered what it was about a guy giving me instructions that was such a turn on, but now was not time to delve into the psychological aspects of hot sex!

I looked into his eyes, as I pressed my tongue into his pulsing ass ring. His eyes began to glaze over as he stroked and sucked his cock, simultaneously. This would be amazing to watch, but to be an active participant was making me nuts! He held his cock head at the front of his mouth as he said, 'You want my cum?' I nodded. He said, 'K'. Then, he kept stroking and sucking.

His breathing quickened, and his tight little asshole started to twitch. Each time it gaped a bit, I plunged my tongue into it, which was met by a loud moan each time. He now had a foot on each side of my head, as if he was holding my head in place on his ass, where it belonged. Then, I saw his nuts contract and his cock get completely rigid, and he was moaning and convulsing, as he fed himself his own cum. It must have been a huge load, because it was seeping out the sides of his mouth. He looked like he was in ecstasy. Hell, I almost came just watching it!

I could tell he had his cum held in his mouth, as he started to relax, all the while continuing to stroke every last drop out. I was still making the most of my opportunity to eat his ass, and as his hole relaxed, he continued to moan as my tongue took opportunistic plunges in to the depths of his ass.

Then, he put his hands on my hips and moved me back, so he could lay on the bed. He guided me onto my back, and then brought his face to within inches of my own. He reached down and pulled my chin down toward my chest, slowly guiding my mouth open. Just as my mouth opened, he began to let his cum run out of his mouth and into mine. It was so erotic, though it wasn't something I hadn't considered before. I usually swallowed my partners' load and called it good. He truly wanted me to revel in the tastes and smells of his body. It was amazing, and when I had it all in my mouth, he put his index finger in my mouth and started to talk to me: 'Yeah, you love my cum, don't you. You love my body. You worship me, huh? Hold it in your mouth. You want some more?'

I had no clue what he meant, but then he leaned back against the headboard and told me to keep his load in my mouth. He pulled my head onto his cock, and held it there with his two big hands. He began thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth, and pushing me all the way down on it. I had no choice but to swallow some of his cum, but then I heard him say, 'Yeah, I love it nice and sloppy like that. Your mouth is so hot and slick with my cum in there. Nice.'

I have to admit, this whole scene was driving me wild. His pace started to quicken, and his hands let me know he was in control of my mouth, and he was getting ready to feed me again. But the angle wasn't right and his cock was hitting the back of my throat, instead of going into it. Suddenly, he pulled my head off and rolled me onto my back. He pulled me to the edge of the bed, so that my head hung over the edge, and then position a pillow under my shoulders to adjust the angle to his liking. I had a pretty good idea where we were going with this, when he pointed his dick at my mouth and said, 'Open. Give me that throat.' FUCK, I loved it when he said that!

He slid his cock into my mouth and, yes, right down into my throat, I was impressed. He knew what he was doing. And he kept the narrative going, 'Give me that throat, Dude. Yeah, you like my fuck pole sliding in and out of that throat. Aw, Man, I'm going to feed you another load. Come on. Don't fight me. Give me that hot mouth of yours.' I then felt him brace his arms on the bed, as he plunged his cock into my throat and released his second load of the morning into my throat.

This time he collapsed on top of me, with his head on my belly. He just lay there, as his breathing returned to normal, and I stayed busy massaging his nuts and cleaning his cock with my mouth. Again, I found myself not wanting it to end. Twice in 24 hours this stud has delivered two serious loads from those big balls of his.

After a few minutes, he said, 'That was awesome. I have to get ready for work. You gonna be around tonight? I'm not sure when I'll be home.' 'Sure, just give me a call.' I told him.

He said, 'Hey, did you cum?' I said, 'Nah, it's okay.' 'Fuck that!' he said. 'Get over here and lie on the bed.' I did what he told me, and he said, you're gonna cum while you eat my ass. You seem to like that.' I pulled down my shorts, and then proceeded to grab my cock, but then he knocked my hand to the side. As he pressed his ass into my face, I heard him spit on his hand and felt him grab my cock. The feeling was incredilbe, and my eyes rolled back in my head as I felt him start pounding my cock with his fist. It was probably less than a minute before I began shooting my load all over both of us. He said, 'Dude, you made a mess. You came quick. You must REALLY love my ass.' He got off me and leaned over the bed, his face just inches from the side of my face.

'You love my eating my ass? Tell me you love eating my ass.'

'I love eating your ass, Trent', I responded, seeing his devilish smile out of the side of my face.

'Tell me how you like the taste of my cum.'

'I fuckin' LOVE the taste of your cum, Trent.'

'My feet. Tell me how you love worshiping my feet and my body.'

'Trent, you are incredibly hot. I can't get enough. I love sucking your long toes. I love licking and smelling your feet. I love rubbing my face against those long sexy legs of yours. I love filling my mouth with your big bull nuts. I love the taste of your ass. I can't get enough of you, Trent.'

'Mmmmmm... That's fuckin' HOT!', he exclaimed, as he raised up off the bed with a big smile on his face, and turned toward the shower. He looked back over his shoulder and said, 'See ya tonight.' as he flashed that killer smile. I got my clothes on and went back to my place, threw myself across the bed, and drifted back off to sleep.



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