Our lives continued on this way. Trent was a busy guy, but when he came home I was always there for him, ready to help him relax and enjoy his downtime. As we grew into our relationship, we got to know each other quite a bit more. We spent a lot of time talking and exploring each others' past and personality.

One afternoon, just a little after 5 pm I received a text message from Trent.

'What are you doing?', he wrote.

'I'm working. What are you doing?', I replied.

'I need a kiss, REALLY bad! :)', his message read.

'Come and get it!', I responded.

'Come see me at work.', he countered.

'Really? Are you sure?', I asked.

'Yes, how soon can you be here?', he wrote.

'Half an hour?', I typed.

'Kewl. I am puckered up and waiting.', he messaged.

That was good enough for me. I shut down my laptop, threw my things in my brief case, and headed out. Realizing I might be meeting his coworkers for the first time and not wanting to lug my laptop around, I decided to stop off at home on the way. I ran into the condo, changed my clothes, dropped off the laptop, freshened up, and then bolted back out the door.

I arrived at the restaurant where Trent worked, and wasn't quite sure how to proceed. So, I sent him a text message.

'Ok. I'm outside.', I wrote.

'We don't deliver. Get your ass in here! :) Tell the host you're here to see me.', he countered.

I got out of the car and went into the restaurant. The host was standing with menu in hand. He was a tall black man, with close cropped hair. He was very attractive, and had beautiful eyes.

'Just one?', he asked.

'Oh, no, actually I'm here to see Trent.', I said.

'Oh, ok. Wait, are you Paul?', he asked.

Stunned that he'd know who I was, I figured maybe Trent had told him I would be coming in to meet him. But, the way he said it was as though he knew me somehow. Or, was he trying to differentiate me from some other guy who comes to visit Trent, I wondered.

'It's great to meet you, finally!', he said, extending his hand to shake mine. 'I'm Greg.', he offered.

'Nice to meet you!', I said.

'Come on. Follow me.', he instructed.

I walked through the restaurant and it sure smelled good. It was an upscale seafood restaurant, but not overly formal. The food on the tables looked beautifully prepared and I only noticed one well behaved child in the restaurant--a little girl with glasses, probably eight or nine years old. As we walked past the bar, Greg stopped and grabbed my shoulder, 'This is Paul, Trent's friend.', he said to the beautiful redheaded woman tending bar. 'No way!', she said, as she hurried out from behind the bar and gave me a big hug. I was stunned as she said, 'I'm Rachael. Trent has told us so much about you. You're such lucky guys to have each other.'

'Aw, thanks.', I said, blushing. 'It's great to meet you, Rachael.'

'I'll catch up with you later. I gotta get back to work.', she explained, as another server approached the bar and smiled.

'Wow, this is a friendly group.', I thought.

'Come on.', Greg said. Let's find Trent for you.

I nodded, and we proceeded toward the kitchen. As we passed through the kitchen door, I realized I had never been in a working kitchen before. I had only seen them on TV and in the movies. It was just what I expected. Lots of people scurrying around calling out instructions and confirmations, looking way too busy for visitors.'

'TRENT!', yelled Greg, 'Someone here to see you. The INFAMOUS Paul!'

'HEEEEEY!!!!!', yelled the kitchen staff in unison. I was stunned. I kind of thought I'd slink into the kitchen and probably be brushed off as a nuisance. Instead, there was an incredibly warm welcome, as though I were a long lost friend!

I saw Trent guarding some type of fish on the grill. He looked around with a big smile, and nodded with his head for me to come to him.

'I gotta get back out front. It was nice meeting you.', Greg said.

'You too. Thanks!', I replied, as I started walking cautiously toward Trent.

I felt like a spare part moving around in a well oiled machine, ready to be ejected at any moment. It was clear I didn't belong there, but everyone was smiling at me, and introducing themselves as I passed them. As I finally approached Trent, he had a huge smile on his face and said, 'Hi.'

'Hi.', I said.

'Why aren't your lips on mine?', he asked.

'Here? Are you sure?', I asked, enthralled by the big smile on his face and his bright eyes.

'Kiss me.', he ordered.

I hesitated, as I looked around the room, and realized all eyes were on us.

'Go ahead!', one of the kitchen staff prompted.

I leaned in and kissed him quickly on the lips, but I was surprised by the boos from the kitchen staff. I expect to turn and find them holding up score cards to rate my kiss! 'Now, I know for a fact you can do better. So, unless you want to spend the rest of the evening smelling like this fish, you better try it again.', everyone was hooting and hollering, as he leaned in and kissed me, and this time it was a long passionate kiss. In the background I heard people clapping and carrying on, but Trent had a way of making me focus on him, and his lips felt so good.

As he pulled away, he said, 'I love you.'

'I love you, Trent.', I replied with a big grin on my face.

Looking over my shoulder, Trent said, 'Paul, this is Cassie. She's our head Chef.'

I turned to find a woman, probably in her early 50s, with a healthy figure, dark hair, and a big smile. If I had to guess, I would guess she was probably from Texas, judging from her accent.

'Well, now! We finally meet! What in the world took you so long to get yourself in here for a visit. Trent's had us BEGGING to get you in here to meet us!', she asked.

'Nice to meet you, too!', I replied.

'Have you had dinner yet?', she asked.

'No, I just left the office and headed right over here.', I explained.

'Well, then, you came to the right place! Come over here and sit yourself down, and let's get you some dinner.', she said, as she led me to a table in the corner of the kitchen.

'No, no. I don't want to intrude. I feel like I'm in the way in here.'

'Sweetie, this is a kitchen!', Cassie belted out with both hands on her hips. 'We specialize in takin' care of hungry people!', she laughed.

I saw Trent smiling a huge smile in the background, and the kitchen staff was chuckling.

'You like seafood dontcha?', Cassie asked.

'Yes, ma'am, I do.', I replied.

'Then, Honey, you have come to the right place!', she exclaimed, as she turned around. ' Trent, let's whip your man up some dinner.', she said.

Just then, a young professional woman passed through the kitchen door. 'How's it going, Cassie? Everything ok?', she asked.

Cassie hurried from behind the counter, turned the woman toward me by the shoulders and said, 'Oh, Janet, we have a guest!'

'Janet, guess who this is? This is Trent's partner, Paul!'

'No way! It's great to finally meet you. We were starting to think you were just some fictitious guy Trent had made up. The way he talked about you, you were starting to sound like you walked on water! You are just as handsome as he said you were.', she offered.

'He sure is! And, here he is in the flesh!', Cassie exclaimed.

'Janet, Honey, have you eaten yet?', Cassie asked.

'No, I just got back from a Chamber meet-and-greet.', Janet explained.

'Well, good. You sit here and keep Paul company, and we'll whip you two up a nice dinner.', Cassie directed.

As Cassie whisked off into web of people, food, and utensils, Janet turned to me and said, 'I gotta tell you, you are a lucky guy. To find a guy who loves you the way Trent does is a gift. We should all be that lucky.'

Now, I knew that Trent loved me, but I sure didn't know that he shared it so openly with other people. I had never really seen him interact with anyone, other than his family. Everything happening seemed surreal. Trent was obviously adored by his coworkers, and even shared his personal life with them. I don't know why, but I always assumed he would keep this close to his chest, although thinking back now, he had never been hesitant about letting people know we were together. Somehow, I always just thought he did it to torment me.

'Sorry if we've overwhelmed you a bit, but we've all been begging Trent to bring you in to meet us.', Janet said, jerking me back to the present.

'Wow, no, you all are great.', I said.

I looked across the kitchen at Trent, who kept looking over at me and smiling and I could swear he was blushing. Every once in a while, one of his coworkers would nudge him and taunt him, and they would break into laughter.

'Can I ask you a question, Janet? When did you all find out about Trent and me?', I asked.

Before she could answer, Cassie returned with some type of seafood dip appetizer, and slid into one of the other chairs at the table,' Here's some crackers and dip. What are you two whispering about over here? What am I missing?'

'Paul was just asking when we first learned about him and Trent.', Janet explained.

'Honey, we knew the day after you met. He came in here with a big ol' smile on his face, and walkin' on air! He didn't get ten steps through that door, before we surrounded him and got to the bottom of that smile. Well, there wasn't a person in the kitchen who didn't know something was up, and we beat it out of him!', Cassie laughed.

'Now, tell us the dirt. Was it really as romantic as Trent said? The night you met, I mean? Meeting outside your condos and then spending the evening together.', Janet asked.

'Yeah, fill us in Paul.', Cassie whispered.

'It was incredible. I honestly didn't know he was gay, and I was just being friendly.', I started.

'Paul, we didn't either. Do you know none of us had any clue he was gay. I mean, we sure don't care, but he had just never said anything to lead us to believe he was. Hell, I'm just thrilled to see him so happy.', Cassie said.

'You know what I think...', Janet whispered, 'I think you turned him gay.'

Cassie let out a big hoot, and said, 'Oh, Janet, you're a stitch! You're so bad.'

'No, Cassie, think about it. Remember, he went out with that girl a couple times? But, he never seemed really happy. The day he came in here after meeting Paul, he was like another person. There was no doubt he was truly happy.', Janet said.

'Now, you know that's right. That's true. I forgot about that girl. Well, you would know, Paul. Was he gay before you met him?', Cassie asked.

'I'm not sure, but I don't believe so. But, I don't think I MADE him gay, maybe I was just lucky enough that he discovered it with me.', I offered.

'Hrm... Well, at any rate, you two sound like such a great couple. Trent is so happy when he comes in to work, and he can't wait to get home to you. I want a man like that!', Janet said.

'Janet, the right man is out there for you. Don't look for him and he will find you. That's your trouble, you're trying to hunt him down like a dog. You gotta let him come to you. Ain't that right, Paul.', Cassie explained.

'Yes, maybe so.', I agreed.

'Well, that's how it happened with you boys. Hell, that's how it happened with me and my husband. I'm telling you. You listen to ol' Cassie, and your man will find you.', Cassie said.

Trent approached the table with a basket of warm bread, 'How 'bout some hot bread to go with your hot gossip!'

'Trent, now, you've held out on us all this time, you're damned straight we're gonna gossip, now that we have Paul here. Hell, we're entitled!', Cassie said.

Trent turned to walk away, and Cassie grabbed him by the apron, 'Trent, don't you dare walk away from this table without giving your sweetie some sugar!'

Janet laughed as Trent leaned in and kissed me.

'I love you.', he said, as he leaned in and kissed me a third and fourth time.

'Ok, go on back to your station. You're gonna be too flustered to work, if you keep that up! Hell, you'll have Janet here so flustered, she'll take down a customer!', Cassie laughed.

'Casse!', Janet exclaimed.

'Paul, I'm gonna tell you what. That boy is cute. Hell, I hired him as eye candy when the school sent him over here looking for a job, but turns out he's a damned good cook!', Cassie gossiped.

'Cassie!', Janet scolded in a frustrated tone.

'Well, it's the truth.', Cassie confirmed.

'This dip is great!', I said, changing the subject.

'You like it, Sugar?', Cassie asked. 'That recipe has been in my family for eons.'

'Yeah, it's really great.', I said.

We continued to visit for a while, me sneaking glances at Trent as he bantered back and forth with his coworkers, and continued cooking. People came and went from the table where I was stationed, as Janet had to attend to business, and various kitchen staff and servers took their breaks. It was great meeting everyone.

It was a little after nine, when I realized how quickly time had passed. Cassie had just finished telling me the story of how she and her husband met, when she turned and yelled, 'Trent, clean up and get out of here!'.

'Thanks, Chef.', Trent responded.

I don't know why, but I was really proud of him. Watching him work and realizing that he was good at what he did. I had no doubt that one day he would make a great chef in his own kitchen.

Trent finished whatever he had to do and then walked toward me. I stood up and he wrapped his arms around me and gave me the most perfect kiss. Cassie was standing beside him, rubbing his back.

'Now, you boys go home and squeeze in some lovin' before bed. That's an order!', she said.

'Cassie, who do I pay for this incredible dinner. It was incredible. Everything was excellent.', I offered.

'Oh no you didn't! Get out of here! Shoo!', she said, as Trent and I pretended to cower and run from her flailing hands.

'Come here and give me some sugar, Paul.' I leaned in and gave her a big hug.

'Now, you listen to me. You come by here any time you want. We'd love to see ya. You're always welcome here.', Cassie said.

I thanked her and said goodbye to the rest of the kitchen, and Trent lead me out the back door of the restaurant.

As we walked through the parking lot, Trent asked, 'So, what did you think?'

'Wow, Trent, everyone was so great. And the food is incredible! I'm so proud of you.', I replied.

'Proud of me for what?', he asked.

'Just for being so good at what you do and for being such a great guy. Man, I just love you so much right now.', I said.

He stopped and turned me toward him, and stared down into my eyes, 'Hey, that means a lot to me. And, I hope you never doubt how much I love you, either. You mean the world to me.' Then, he leaned in and kissed me.

'Get a room!', came the call from one of the dishwashers out emptying the trash.

'Night, Tom!', Trent called out as we headed toward the car.

I drove home and Trent held my free hand between his hands, occasionally kissing my hand. When I pulled into my parking space back at our community, and shut off the car, Trent said, 'You know what? I'm really proud to be with you, too. I love how I feel when I'm with you, and I love that everyone thinks you're so cool.'

He followed it up with another long passionate kiss, and I knew I had to get him inside.

As we walked in, he kicked off his shoes and stretched. I wrapped my arms around his stomach and gave him a big hug. When he was done stretching, he wrapped his arms around me, and I felt him kissing me on the top of my head.

'I need a shower.', Trent said.

'I got a better idea. How 'bout a nice hot bath?', I offered. Our units had huge garden tubs, perfect for two people.

'Yeah? Only if you are going to be in there with me.', he said.

'Oh, you better believe it!', I replied.

We went to the bathroom and I started the tub. Trent said, he had to use the toilet, and I told him I would go get him a cold beer, and told him to let me know when he was ready for me to come back in.

A few minutes later he said, 'You can come back in, but I stunk the place up!'

As I walked back into the bathroom and handed him his beer, I leaned in and kissed him, then said, teasingly, 'It's ok. I love your stink.'

'Mmmm... I'm so lucky to have you. Why are you still dressed? Doesn't this beer come with a free strip tease?', he teased.

Being incredibly shy, I wasn't about to do a strip tease, but he watched as I undressed. Then, he pulled me toward him with his free arm and gave me a nice kiss.

'I really do love you. You know that, right?', he promised.

'Trent, I've never been more sure of that than I am tonight.', I reassured.

'Good. Now get your ass in this tub.', he commanded.

I turned off the water, and followed Trent into the tub. He sat with his legs spread and his beer in hand. I settled in between his legs, as he laid his head back. I snuggled in against him, with the back of my head on his chest.

'Man, I'm so tired.', he sighed.

'Yeah, don't even try that?', I said.

'What?!', he laughed.

'No way, man. You're putting out tonight. After such a romantic evening, draining your nuts will be the cherry on top!', I said.

Trent just laughed. 'You know it's yours, anytime you want it...and then some!'

I grabbed the soap and soaped up his body, massaging and caressing every inch of him. I moved to the bottom of the tub, and took each of those big sexy feet and washed and massaged them. I even soaped up his shaved head and washed away all the smells of the restaurant. He just moaned and cooed as I cleaned him up.

He was starting to doze off, so I said, 'C'mon, let's go to bed.'

'Yeah, or I'm gonna have to sleep in the tub.', he replied.

We dried off and headed to the bedroom.

'Hey, remember you promised to drain my nuts for me.', he said as he plodded toward the bed.

'HA! Yeah, I remember all right. Lie on the bed and spread 'em!', I ordered.

'Nice!', he said as he settled onto the bed, lying on his back with his beautiful long legs spread wide.

I approached from the foot of the bed, and started at his toes and kissed my way up his legs, finally reaching that beautiful package of his.

'Now, just lay back and relax and let me suck this load out of those big nuts.', I whispered.

Knowing that he was likely to fade fast, I spent a few minutes licking and sucking his balls, and he was encouraging me. I then moved up and took his big cock into my mouth. I used my hand to stroke his long, thick shaft, while I concentrated my tongue on his big mushroom head. He was writhing on the bed, and groaning, and I could feel his body tensing up.

'Oh, man, I'm gonna cum, Baby. I'm gonna cum. Oh FUUUUUUUUUCK!', he growled as he unloaded his ball juice into my throat. I continued sucking, savoring the flavor of his juice. Within minutes, I heard him start to snore lightly, and I knew my guy was relaxed and happy. I curled up beside him and he rolled over to spoon me, kissing me on the neck just below my ear, and whispering, 'I love you, Baby.'

'I love you too, Trent.', I returned.



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