As we awoke on Thanksgiving Day, Trent had a raging harden.

'Mmm... Let me take care of that for you.' I said.

'I got a better idea. I want to try something.' Trent replied.

With that, he scooted down the bed a bit, and then threw his legs back over his head, locking his toes onto the headboard. His cock was poised at the entrance to his mouth and I couldn't believe how hot the scene was. Part of me was jealous that he was getting ready to suck that beautiful cock himself. Part of me was just turned on with the whole scene. But, all of me was devoted to participating somehow!

'Eat my ass.' Trent instructed.

I moved with my stomach against his back, and lowered my face to his spread ass. His tight hole was completely exposed, making it easy for my tongue to find its mark. I began circling my tongue around his hot little hole, slowly working my way into the center. Soon, I was plunging my tongue in and out of his ass, and he was moaning.

Every so often, his big balls would move and I could see his cock thrusting in and out of his mouth. It was so hot to see, I thought I would cum right there. But, Trent had other plans.

Trent reached back and grabbed my cock, coating it with my own precum, which was flowing steadily, now.

'Move around here. I want to feel you inside me.' he said.

'What?!' I asked, clarifying what he was telling me to do.

'I want you to slide your cock in my ass, while I suck my own cock.' he explained.

'Are you sure?' I asked.

'Will you get the fuck around here and do it!' he ordered.

'Ok. If you're sure.' I said.

'Now, take it easy. I've never done this before. Just don't shove the fucker in, ya hear me?' Trent said, laughing.

'Yeah, just tell me if I'm going too fast.' I assured him.

I moved around so that I was standing over his head, with his beautiful tight hole staring straight at my cock.

'Oh fuck, you look so hot standing there like that.' Trent sighed.

'Ready?' I asked, as I aligned my swollen cock head up with his little hole.

'Yeah, just take it slow.' Trent repeated.

'Ok, Baby.' I replied as I grabbed his ass and gently started to rock his hole back and forth on my cock. He was obviously telling the truth, because that tight little ass of his seemingly wanted no part of an invasion. But, I was taking it slow and steady, as I slowly got his tight ass ring more comfortable with my cock. He started to relax, and more of my cock head dipped into his hole.

Suddenly, his hole engulfed the head of my cock, and Trent winced and threw his hand against my thigh.

'Hang on. Hang on. Give me a second to get used to it.' Trent exclaimed.

My cock was hard as a rock. I could feel my balls hanging low between my legs, air circulating all around them. I slowly started rocking again, and could feel his ass start to relax around my cock. I started working my way in deeper and deeper.

Trent was holding his big nuts in one hand and his cock in the other, and sucking on the swollen head of his own cock. As I started dipping further and further into his ass, I could hear his breathing change. As my cock began to rub against his prostate, I knew there was no way in hell I would hold out much longer. His ass felt like it was on fire, and my cock had never felt so good. His tight little ass was squeezing my cock, and at one point I just stopped moving and let his body work on my cock.

He was sucking his cock like a starved animal, and I was starting to feel like I was no longer in control of my body.

'Aw, fuck. I'm sorry, Baby, I'm gonna cum!' I panted as I grabbed his ass and started fucking him harder. I could hear his breathing quicken, as he started grunting 'Uh hm! Uh hm!'

That was all the encouragement I needed as I started to blow my load inside him. As Trent feverishly sucked on his cock, his mouth coated with his own precum, he was clenching his own big nuts, and looking up at my spread ass and balls. The feelings in his ass were intense, and just as I started to blow my load, he began feeding himself his own huge load.

He was gulping and grunting and his ass was flexing and relaxing against my rock hard cock. As his orgasm started to subside, I slowly pulled out of him and looked down at him. He had cum seeping out of both corners of his mouth, so I got off the bed and leaned down, so I could lick the remnants of his hot load from the corners of his mouth. As he pulled his cock out of his mouth, I tried to milk the last few drops from it. He was panting and swallowing, and as I licked the cum from his lips, he grabbed my head and kissed me deeply.

'Of course, you know what this means, right?' I said with a smirk on my face between kisses.

'What's that?' he said, with a knowing look, as though he knew I was going to make a smart ass remark.

'Uh, you're my bitch, obviously.' I said, as I kissed him.

'No, you're MY bitch, regardless of what we do sexually.' he said.

'You're my BIATCHHHHH!' I joked as I strutted away from the bed.

'Aw, you fucker!' he exclaimed as he leapt out of the bed and ran toward me.

Sensing his attack, I pretended to run to the bathroom. He soon caught me and kissed me playfully. We kissed for a bit and then started the shower.

Soon, Page knocked on the bathroom door and said she was starting breakfast. But, not long after that, we heard screaming and yelling coming from the living room.

'What the fuck?!' Trent yelled, as he jumped from the shower and grabbed a towel, me right behind him. Suddenly, everything started to move in slow motion. As Trent rounded the corner of the bathroom into his bedroom, I heard the loudest noise I had ever heard in my life. I flinched and ducked, but as I opened my eyes, I saw Trent being thrown backwards past the bathroom door into the corner of his room. As I look down, still in the bathroom, the horror of what was happening set in, as I saw blood trickling down Trent's chest. I will never forget the look on his face as he looked up at me in disbelief.

Soon, shock gave way to rage. I realized I had heard Page scream something about the police, and I heard a man's voice in the bedroom with Trent say, 'Fucking faggot.' just as I heard the gunshot.

I was engulfed in rage. The thought of losing Trent filled me with a fury I have never known, and some other part of me took over. As I rounded the bathroom door, my eyes locked onto the eyes of a man much taller than me with a gun in his hand. He looked startled.

I took only a few steps before launching my body toward him. As I flew toward him, I heard two more shots ring out, but I was committed to my attack, and as I came into contact with Trent's attacker I heard Page and Sarah scream.

I've never been a violent person, but this person had just robbed me of the thing most precious to me in this world. I was filled with a hatred I had never known. As I began my offensive, he dropped the gun to free up his other hand to try to push me away from him, but it was too late. I had my arms and legs wrapped around him, and for lack of a better description I was wailing on him. I was no longer human. I was a relentless killer who would not be denied his prey.

The man screamed and begged, but my attack was ruthless. Soon, Dan and two police officers were trying to pull my still naked body off Trent's attacker. Eventually they pulled me free, and paramedics rushed down the hall to Trent. The police handcuffed the now unconscious man, and Page told Sarah to grab me a robe.

As I turned I saw the paramedics hovering over Trent's pale body, and my world came crashing down around me. I felt tears of rage and desperation fall across my cheek, as I collapsed onto the floor, ending my rampage with a howl of defeat, because while I may have taken down Trent's attacker, he had torn out my heart before I ever took the first step toward him.

I heard voices. Strange voices. A man and a woman. 'Can you hear me?' the woman asked, as I tried to focus on her.

'Yes.' I said.

'You're ok. You collapsed, and we're taking you to the hospital. You're going to be alright.' she said.

'Trent. Where is Trent?' I asked.

'Who is Trent?' she replied.

'Trent. He got shot. The guy shot him.' I said, as I started to sob. 'The guy shot him...'

'He's on his way to the hospital.' she said, as she looked to her partner. The look on her face told me she was protecting me from some dark truth.

'Is he ok?' I asked.

Suddenly, I heard Sarah's voice, 'Paul. It's bad. It's real bad.' I realized she was in the ambulance with me and holding my hand.

'We will do everything possible for him. The hospital has surgeons standing by. We're just pulling into the hospital now. Just relax and concentrate on your breathing.' the paramedic instructed.

My mind replayed the morning. Only a couple hours into Thanksgiving Day, and I felt like I was trapped in some bizarre TV drama.

We arrived at the hospital, and I was checked out by a doctor. Aside from being grazed by a bullet, and being in severe distress, I was ok. They told me they were going to keep me and check me into a room.

Soon, it was just Sarah and me in the room. 'What has happened? This is a nightmare. Some sick nightmare. How could this happen. Who was that guy?!' I asked.

'Paul, that was our cousin Bruce. He's very homophobic, and I guess when Mom talked to Aunt Connie yesterday, she told her about you and Trent, and she must have told Bruce. He's always been a weird guy. I just can't believe he did this.' Sarah explained.

'Sarah, tell me the truth. What's happening with Trent?' I demanded.

'Paul, it's not good. He wasn't...' she was interrupted by Page and Dan entering the room.

'Mom, what's going on?!' Sarah begged.

'Paul, are you ok? I'm so sorry. I'm so so sorry.' she said.

'I'm fine. How is Trent?' I asked.

'Paul, Honey, I'm just going to be honest with you. Trent isn't doing too good, right now. They're going to operate to remove the bullet, but it has apparently done a lot of damage. They won't know the extent of the damage until they get him in the operating room...' Page explained, as her voice tapered off into tears.



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