It was a restless night. My mind is reeling from everything that is happening. Yesterday evening, I met my new neighbor, and tonight I lie beside him, listening to the rhythmic sounds of his breathing, feeling his breath on the nape of my neck, and feeling the warmth of his long body next to mine.

I scold myself for being promiscuous, but then revel in being next to him. As I reflect on what has happened over the last day or so, I once again find myself giving into my own desires. His hypnotic breathing is proof that this stud is content and relaxed, and I am very proud of getting him to this place.

It's 2:38 am, and I'm craving sex yet again with this guy. I simply cannot get enough of him. I'm hard as a rock just thinking about him and feeling him next to me. But, what should I do? Is he the type of guy who enjoys midnight sex, or is he more content to sleep? All too soon, my question is answered.

I feel him move and his breathing changes. He lifts his head and looks at me, and I turn my head to see him. In a husky whisper, he says, 'Hey...', and a big smiles spread across his face. And, he has me once again. At this moment, I would do absolutely anything for him. I feel like I'm going insane, but I'm beyond reason at this point. 'Hey, Sexy.', I say. I roll over and he stretches, grabbing the headboard and fully extending his body. It's an impressive sight. His strong masculine hands clutching the headboard. His long muscular arms completely tensed. His long torso. Those long sexy legs leading to those beautiful long feet. At this moment, I want to devour him! And, I'm excited to see his cock is rising as he finishes his stretch.

His long exhale ends with, 'Argggggggh... what are you looking at?' As I look up to see that big smile on his face, I smile back and counter with, 'Just trying to decide where to start.' 'Dude, you can start anywhere you want, but I gotta pee first.', he says as he hoists himself up out of the bed. What an incredible view, as his long body walks through the moonlit room. It's as if he has some aura around him that just makes me want to beg to please him. It occurs to me that I'm actually anxious for him to get back from the bathroom, so I can make love with him. It's not just his figure, it's the way he uses it. His mannerisms and that certain arrogance he has that's just enough. There's no mistaking he's the alpha male, or that he enjoys the role.

As he returns to the bed, he hurls his body onto it, and I just miss getting struck down by a couple of those limbs, and we both laugh. He says, 'Come here.', as he rolls me onto my back. He pushes one of my legs to the side with one of his hands, as he positions himself between my legs. He's looking down at me and smiling, as he moves closer. Our mouths are just inches from each other, as he starts to rest the weight of his body on mine, and I'm in heaven. He looks into my eyes and says, 'Do I have morning breath?'.

I say, 'Who cares?'

'You care!', he says.

'No, I don't, and you don't have morning breath.', I respond.

'Prove it.', he demands.

'How am I supposed to prove it?', I counter.

'Don't pull away.', he says as he lowers his mouth to just millimeters from mine. I can feel the heat of his lips, as he breathes into my mouth, and suddenly, I feel our lips meet, and his tongue slips past my lips, and I lose control. I've wanted this from the moment I saw him, and I don't want to let it end. He is holding my head with his big hand, lining me up just the way he wants to kiss me. This guy is a control freak, and I'm loving every minute of it.

He reaches down and grabs one of my legs and pulls it up above his hip, and I willingly lift the other, as I start to feel him aligning his cock with my hole. I want it so badly. He smiles at me and says, 'I think someone needs to be fucked.' 'I do, I want it so badly. You are driving me nuts. I can't get enough of you.', I pant. 'I know, and I LOVE that! Do you know how hot it is to have someone want me so badly? It's a total turn-on.', he says as he extends his long arm to grab the bottle of lube off his nightstand.

As he raises up to open the lube, I say, 'Wait.'

'What?', he replied.

'Can I suck you first?', I half begged.

'Man, it's all yours. Tell me what you want.', he chuckled.

'Come here.', I said as I pulled on his hips and positioned myself against the headboard. He realized I wanted him to feed me his cock, so he moved up the bed on his knees, and soon I had that huge mast just above my face. I grabbed his cock and started to pull it down toward my mouth, but he grabbed it and knocked my hand away, saying, 'Not so fast. You're gonna have to work for that. Why don't you start by sucking my big nuts.'

This guy was like a porn story come to life. He seems to know the right thing to say and do at every turn. It's like he's reading my mind, and knows exactly what I want. We are like yin-yang; he's everything I'm not, and I absolutely love that about him. He enjoys dominating and being pleased, and I seem to live to please him.

I first lick each of his nuts, as I look up at his long body towering above me. He's rubbing his belly and his chest, and it's plain to see that he's loving having his nuts serviced. I suck his left nut into my mouth and bathe it with my tongue. Getting anxious, he pushes his other nut into my mouth with his long finger, lowering himself onto my face even more, so my nose is now pressed against the bottom of his shaft. He reaches down and starts stroking his cock, 'Aw... That's nice. That's what I like. Give my balls a good tongue bath. Massage them with that tongue.'

I can feel his balls actually getting bigger in my mouth, and I'm not sure how much bigger they can get before I'll have to eject at least one of them. But, at this point there's nowhere for them to go, and he's continuing his dialogue, 'Aw, nice. You like sucking on my big nuts, dontcha. They feel so good in your hot mouth, with your tongue running all over them. That's awesome, Dude. Yeah, keep massaging my nuts with your tongue.'

His balls have now swollen to the point where my mouth is absolutely full. I can't really even move my tongue around them much more, because they've gotten so big. But then, he starts to back up, and says, 'Look, I've got something for you. Something I know you love. All for you.' That's when I realize he's leaking precum, and is sliding his finger up his shaft toward the head of his cock, swabbing a bunch of it with is finger. 'Open,' he says, and I open my mouth nice and wide. He slides his finger across my tongue and says, 'Suck it.' I begin sucking on his long finger, and I love the taste of his precum. I look up toward his face, and he's smiling, but has an intensely erotic expression on his face.

He slowly slides his finger out of my mouth and says, 'Good? That's what you like huh? Want some more?' 'Yes, I want it.', I replied. 'Time to get you to work on my big cock. That's what you want, huh? Wanna suck my precum from the source?' 'Yeah.' I said. 'Open', he commanded, and I opened my mouth nice and wide. 'Just the head, just the head.', he whispered, as he put just the head of his cock into my mouth, so I could suck on it. I closed my mouth around it and greedily began sucking the precum off it. Wow, it tasted so good, and he slowly started feeding more of his cock into my mouth. The position wasn't ideal though, so I scooted up a bit more, and then I felt the head of his cock slip into my throat. He was once again clutching the headboard, and moving slowly in and out of my mouth, so that each time he moved out of my throat, I could work on his cock with my tongue. I was in ecstasy, as was he. We were in a perfectly balanced sexual state, where I was once again pleasing the alpha male towering over me, and he was being pleased.

'Oh shit. I really want to fuck you, but I think I'm gonna have to feed you my load instead. Your mouth is just too fucking talented. It's like you were born to please my fuckin' cock, Dude. Yeah, man, come on. Keep doing it. Just like that.' 'Mmmmmmmmmm...', was all I could muster in response. 'Stroke your cock, Dude. Are you stroking your cock? I want you to fuckin' get off on sucking me. That's hot!', he said. I grabbed my cock, but was honestly so horned up that the slightest move could cause me to explode, so I just held it tightly.

Luckily, I wouldn't have to wait long. He was starting to fuck my face faster, now, and I was working as hard as I could for my reward. His quickening paces, were making it harder to tongue his cock. He was getting into a steady fucking motion, as he pumped his big dick into my throat. He was starting to pant, his body was glistening with sweat, and he was becoming even more vocal, 'Aw, fuck, Dude. Give me that fuckin' throat. Aw, yeah, you were fuckin' MADE for this, Dude! Come on, open up for me. Take my big cock into your throat.' I had long since let go of my cock, and was clenching his ass cheeks, encouraging him to bang my mouth; encouraging him to use my mouth to please his big beautiful cock. 'Aw, yeah, Dude. Grab my ass. That's hot. You fuckin' love this, don't you. You're gonna get what you want, Dude. I'm gonna drop a load in that hot mouth of yours... Awwwwww... Dude.... Fuckin' take my load, Dude.... ARGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!', he exclaimed as he began flooding my tonsils with his cum.

I was still clenching his ass, when he sunk his cock into my throat and started filling my mouth with his seed. I could feel the cum pumping up the underside of his cock, as he blew his load into my mouth. I could feel the head of his cock swell against my tongue. The salty taste of his cum filling my mouth was just more than I could bear, and before I knew it, without ever touching myself, I felt my cock erupting in a fiery orgasm.' 'What the fuck!?!', Trent shouted, as he felt me painting his back with my cum. 'Aw, Dude, you're fuckin' bustin' your nut all up my back! That's hot, Dude! Come on, Dude, get off on giving me head. Come on. You're out of control, Dude! Go for it!' He was once again pumping my face, but this time purely for my benefit. At some point, during his monologue, I had grabbed my cock, and was banging it for all I was worth. I have no clue whether it was a second orgasm or an extension of the first one, but I could feel my nuts contract and even more cum flying out of my cock. I was so hot having this stud's cum-covered cock in my mouth, as I blew my load. It was one of the most intense orgasms I had ever had.

Much to my surprise, Trent didn't move. He was pretty much sitting on my chest (hot, right!?!), and catching his breath, as his cock spasmed and softened, while rewarding me with a few final drops of ball juice. Finally, he started to laugh, and said, 'Ok, Dude, to the shower! This cum on my back is getting cold!!!!' He got up and extended his hand to me to help me up. As I stood up, he looked down at me and pulled our bodies together. 'Dude?', he said with this sexy smirk on his face. 'Huh?', I said. 'That was fuckin' hot.', he laughed as he grabbed me by the hair and kissed me, sinking his tongue deep into my mouth.'

At this point, a couple thoughts were racing through my head. First, how hot is it that he's so dominant even when he's just kissing I mean, a fistful of my hair, as he holds my head in place so he can kiss me. The other thought was that he HAD to be tasting his own cum on my breath, since my mouth was TOTALLY coated with it. That was kind of hot, too!

Still holding my hair, he pushed me toward the bathroom and let go of my hair as I started walking. 'I'm going to get me some of that ass in the morning, so be ready.', he said as he walked behind me. 'HA! You'll be lucky if you don't wake up with me riding your monster cock, before then!', I countered.

I started the shower and stepped in, and he followed a couple seconds later, after grabbing some towels. 'Room for me in here?', he asked as he climbed past the shower door. 'Always. Plenty of room for you.', I said. 'Yeah? Nice.', he replied. To my surprise, he was very affectionate in the shower. I was so relaxed, and he had apparently gotten much more comfortable with me. I was in a trance, as those big hands explored my soapy body. At one point, he was standing behind me and pulled me to him, so that his cock was in the crack of my ass, and his head lowered so it was next to mine, nestled in my shoulder. At that moment, we were at total peace; it was a moment that felt like it went on for years. Yin-Yang, two parts of a whole, in a single unifying moment. It was sensual. It was erotic. It was paradise.



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