Uncle Paul picked me back up and held me above his head again, after he "put his little man back into the cave". "Tell me how strong I am. I want to hear you say Uncle Paul is not an old man and he is the strongest man in the world," he commanded. I wouldn't say a word. "Oh you don't want to talk huh," he said. He flipped me in the air, so I was no longer on my back looking towards the ceiling. I was now in the air facing the floor. This time one of his hands was placed at the top of my chest and the other was in my crotch area. "I am not going to put you down until you tell me that I am not an old man and that I am the strongest man in the world," he said. I felt myself starting to get aroused so I told him what he wanted to hear so he could put me down. I didn't want him to feel my growing boner. I guess it was too late. "Damn Tony, I guess a little fellow was getting excited. It's natural so don't worry. When I was in my teens, my little man would get hard if the wind blew. And at the most random times, like just sitting in class, or just walking down the street. That's all normal," he assured me. He put me down and then told me to be showered and ready by six o'clock for boy's night out. I just looked at him like a deer in headlights. Did he know my secret? Did he think I got hard because I was sexually aroused? Did he know how much I loved his son? A thousand thoughts ran through my head, so I just said ok and ran upstairs to Matt's bedroom.

I picked out one of the new outfits I bought for my birthday. Tonight I was going to wear a fresh pair of Levi jeans and a nice button-down shirt from GAP. I even picked out a pair of my brand new bikini briefs. It's not everyday that I get to have a guys night out. At around a half past five, I hopped in the shower so that I could be ready by six. While I was in the shower Uncle Paul knocked on the door and asked if he could come in and take a piss. I was already in the shower behind the shower curtain so I told him of course he could. While he was pissing, I pulled the shower curtain back just enough to be able to catch a glimpse of that monster he calls "little man". A solid stream of piss flowed from that beautiful dick for what seemed like minutes. When he was almost finished and shaking his dick off, I made sure to close the curtain back and continue showering. I was so turned on by what I had just seen that I started to jerk my dick. I squirted a hand full of liquid Dove soap onto my penis and began to fantasize about my uncle. I fantasized that he would rip open this shower curtain and begin to eat my ass like Matt had done earlier. He would eat this ass until I begged him to switch out his tongue for his long thick dick. Uncle Paul would tell me how good I make him feel, while banging me against the bathroom sink. I continued to jerk my dick faster and faster as I imagined Uncle Paul was yelling for me to get ready to take his load in my ass. I shot cum all over the shower as my fantasizing came to an end. I've never had such an intense orgasm before.

I got out of the shower and got dressed, barely making the six o'clock deadline Uncle Paul gave me. When I got downstairs, Uncle Paul was dressed and standing in the kitchen waiting for me. He had on a pair of dark blue jeans that looked like they were made especially for him, hugging his thighs and ass just right. The top three buttons of his plain white shirt were undone, so you could see his chest hair as well as part of his chest. To complete his outfit, he wore a pair of size 13 brown Doc Martin loafers. "I have some good news and some bad news Tony. What do you want to hear first," he asked. I asked to hear the good news first. "We are going to have a great night and do whatever you want," he said. I was puzzled as to what the bad news could be. "The bad news is that Matt won't be joining us tonight. He is still hanging out with some of his friends from high school. He'll be home later tonight," uncle Paul shared. I was a little upset because I love being around Matt and I was expecting all three of us to hang out tonight. I didn't want Uncle Paul to sense my disappointment. "That's ok. I guess it's me and the old man tonight," I joked. He playfully hit me with a few jabs in my stomach and said that we need to decide what to do tonight. We threw out a few ideas, and eventually settled on going to the movies to see the new Batman movie. On the ride to the theater Uncle Paul made small talk. "So how are the girls treating you at school. You're a nice looking young man, so I'm sure they are kicking down the door to get to you," he said. I told him that I am just focused on school right now, and I'm now paying these nasty girls any mind. Truth is that as I got older I was starting to find girls less attractive and beginning to focus my attention on the guys at school. Especially during gym class, I would watch the other boys get dressed in the locker room, and try to catch a glimpse of their package while they weren't looking. I would even check out the attractive male teachers during class; watching their crotch area, hoping to see a dick print. "How about you Uncle Paul. How are the ladies treating you?" I asked, trying to get the attention away from me. He said that he was dating one lady, but that things weren't too serious at this time. "How come you haven't brought her to the house Uncle Paul?" "I've only known her for about a month. She could be a crazy stalker for all I know," he said. I agreed with him. Before we knew it we had made it to our destination. He purchased two movie tickets and a huge tub of popcorn for us. Uncle Paul led us into theater number four and found us a seat in the back row. He sat down first and then I took a seat, leaving an empty chair between us. "Why did you sit over there?" he asked. "I didn't want to break man code and sit right next to you," I said. He told me to bring my narrow behind over to the seat next to him. "How are we suppose to share popcorn with you sitting way down there?" he said. I moved into the seat next to him and waited for the movie to begin.

During the movie Uncle Paul fell asleep several times and his body kept slumping over right onto my left shoulder. I had to shake him several times throughout the film to wake up. The last time he fell asleep, I licked my finger and stuck it into his ear. He almost jumped out of his seat. I think it may have been his first 'Wet Willy'. Uncle Paul tried to get me back multiple times, but I kept covering my ears. Just when I thought I was in the clear, he began to tickle my stomach. I am ticklish and couldn't control my laughter. Folks in the theater turned around and gave me a 'shut the hell up' look. I playfully hit him in his arm and told him to cut it out. He tried to tickle me again, but stopped when he realized I was laughing a little too loud. "I'll get you when you least expect it," said Uncle Paul. Before we knew it, the movie was over and people were making their way out of the theater. "It's getting late, so we better head home. It's almost ten o'clock and I have to get up for work in the morning," he explained. As we were walking to the car he powered his cell phone back on and checked his voicemails and text messages. "Dag unc, your lady friend was blowing your phone up while we were in the movie theater," I joked. "No, I got a couple of calls from your mom just wanting to know what we were up to and Matt called to let me know that he was spending the night at his friend's house."

I was kind of bummed out because I was looking forward to seeing Matt when I got home from the movie theater. Well to be quite honest, I was looking forward to having that big dick inside me tonight. Its almost like Matt's dick was a drug and I just had to have my fix. The more I had it, the more I needed it. Guess I am just going to have to use my fingers to play with my tight ass, and jerk off tonight. "You look a little upset. Is everything ok Tony?" unc asked. I didn't want to tell my uncle the real reason why I was upset so I just make up an excuse about me missing my mom. He bought it and assured me that he would do everything in his power to help me during this transition period in my life. He said that he knows that it has to be difficult for me to see my mom and dad fighting, as well as me having to move into a different house. I just nodded my head and kept up the facade. Uncle Paul put his arms around my shoulder and pulled me in for a hug. A thousand thoughts raced through my mind. The manly smell of Zest soap with a mix of Armani Code cologne, combine with the warmth and feel of his perfectly sculpted body just sent me out of this world. We only embraced for about five seconds, but for me it felt more like hours had passed. We finally made it to the car and swiftly arrived at our final destination for the night-home.

"Guy night is not officially over just yet. Go upstairs and put on your pajamas. We are having a slumber party here in the living room," he said. Before you could blink, I went upstairs to Matt's room and changed into my pajamas. I put on a pair of blue silk-like pajamas and a wife beater, and decided not to wear any underwear. I pulled the drawstring tight on my pajamas because I wanted to show my bubble butt. Even though I just turned eighteen I had a really nice round bubble butt. Guys and girls at school would joke with me saying that I had butt injections because of how plump my ass looked. If I can't have Matt tonight the maybe I can have the next best thing, or something even better, I thought to myself. I headed downstairs after about ten minutes. Uncle Paul had already changed into his pajamas and had made a sleeping area on the floor for our slumber party. I wonder if he was doing all this because he noticed that I didn't really have too many friends, or if he felt sorry about my home situation. Whatever the reason, he definitely made me feel special.

He piled about four blankets on top of each other on the floor so that we would be comfortable. "Great minds think alike," said Uncle Paul. We had on the same exact sleepwear, except his pajama pants were red instead of blue. His drawstring was not pulled as tight as it could have been so his pajama pants sagged a little, exposing his bright blue underwear. That was enough to make my dick hard. I grabbed a pillow from the couch to cover myself up. "So what do kids do at a slumber party these days? I haven't had, or been to, a slumber party in like twenty five years," he said. Seeing as though I've never been to one either, I just made something up. "Well normally, people play truth or dare, play video games, and just watch movies," I said. "Ok. Let's play truth or dare. You get to go first," said Uncle Paul. I asked for truth. "Have you ever watched porn before?" he asked. I was so embarrassed by the question I began to turn red. I answered truthfully and said 'Yes'. "Ok. Now it is your turn. Truth or dare," I asked. He asked for truth. "Uncle Paul, do you watch porn?" I asked. He laughed and said that I couldn't ask him the same question that he just asked. He did eventually answer with 'everyday'. I am just glad that I had the pillow hiding my fully erect penis. "Back to you Tony. Truth or Dare?" he asked. I chose to do a dare this time.

"I dare you to smell my feet for thirty seconds," said Uncle Paul. "Ewww that is gross," I yelled. Not wanting to lose this game, I lowered myself down to his feet. He sat on the floor with his back propped against the couch. I laid flat on my stomach, with my face at his feet and my ass in the air. I picked up one foot and placed my nose on the underside of his toes. I held my breath not wanting to smell the aroma of feet, but when I eventually inhaled I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did his feet not smell, they actually smelled really good like the rest of his body. I could still smell the Zest soap he used when he showered before the movies. Thoughts of licking and sucking his feet, then moving up to the rest of his body crossed my mind. Of course this did nothing to help my erection go down. I guess I must have went pass my time because before I knew it Uncle Paul said, "you know your thirty seconds was up two minutes ago." I smacked his foot and acted like I was mad. "You were supposed to keep time unc. I can't believe you had me down there that long," I shouted. Even though I relished every minute, I didn't want to let him catch on to how much I actually enjoyed it. "Now it's my turn. I dare you to smell my feet for thirty seconds Unc," I said. He told me once again that I have to come up with something more original and could not keep asking the same questions or using the same dares as him. "I'll do it this time, but next time you can't ask the same thing Tony," he said. I continued to lie on my stomach to hide my erection, while Uncle Paul moved into place to complete his dare. His face was so close to my feet, I could feel his lips brush against them. That sent shivers down my spine. Unlike me, who just held my nose in one spot, uncle moved his nose around my entire foot, even rubbing his nose against my toes. "Now that is how you complete a dare. My turn. Truth or dare Tony?" he asked. I chose another dare. "I dare you to do twenty jumping jacks and ten pushups. Let me see how in shape you are," said Unc. I stood up and turned my back towards him, then began my jumping jacks. I didn't want him to see me, and my erect dick, doing jumping jacks at the same time. My pajama pants moved up and down over my ass, exposing the top half of my ass every time I came down. "Eighteen, nineteen, twenty. I am done," I yelled. I got into position to do my pushups. After about four pushups, Uncle Paul stood up and pushed my back and butt down so that I did them correctly. He pushed one hand down on my back and one hand pushed my butt down. "Good job Tony. Now you know how to do it right," he said. Unc asked for a dare again. "I dare you run outside naked and yell I'm a loser," I said. I didn't think that he was going to do it, but to my surprise he began to undress right there in the living room. He peeled off his wife beater, which was so tight it looked as if someone had painted it onto his body. He revealed the best set of abs I've ever seen. Matt was in shape, but he was nowhere close to being as well defined as his daddy. Unc sat on the couch and removed his pajama pants, leaving him with nothing on but those tight blue boxer briefs. He walked over to the door and said, "I'm ready." I looked down at his boxers and said, "if you don't take those off, you lose and I win." I could tell he was thinking twice about completing this dare. "Ok, Ok...I will take them off. You better not lock me out knucklehead," he said. This was my first time seeing his entire package, including his ass. He was soft and measured about seven inches thick. His chocolate balls were huge, like the size of small plums, and hung really low. When he ran outside, I hid his wife beater and pajama pants.

After about thirty seconds, he ran back inside the house and closed the door like he was running from the police. "I hope nobody saw me out there in all my glory," he said. Unc walked over to the couch to grab his pajamas. "Ok Tony, where is my stuff?" he asked. I just laughed and said that a ghost must have stolen it. "OK well a ghost is about to take your clothing too," he said. He chased me around the living room for a minute before he finally grabbed me. With the swoop of one arm, Unc was able to pick me up and pin me to the ground. He forced his knee and arm into my back so that I couldn't get up. "So are you going to tell me where my stuff is Tony?" he asked. I just laughed at him. Keep in mind that he is still naked while all of this is taking place. "OK, so we are going to have to do this the hard way I see," said Unc. With one knee and one arm pressed against my back, Unc used his other free arm to yank my pajama pants down to my ankles. It didn't take much to get me naked, since I wasn't wearing any underwear. My butt was now fully exposed. "Are you still not going to tell me where my stuff is?" he asked. I told him no, hoping he would continue to manhandle me. He pulled my wife beater up over my head. Now we were both butt naked in the middle of the living room. He tried to tickle the info out of me, tickling my sides and underarms. I still didn't give up the information. In the midst of my struggling I felt something wet enter my ear. "Since I couldn't use my hands, I gave you a Super Wet Willy with my tongue," Unc said. I jerked and wiggled, trying to get from underneath his hold, causing him to fall against my body. His thick dick was now pressed directly on my ass and his face was near my neck. I continued my struggle to get from underneath Unc so that he wouldn't think that I was enjoying this. Every movement caused my ass to rub against his private area, and I could feel his dick starting to jump. Before I knew it, it felt like a pole had flopped down on my ass. "Damn," I let slip out. Oops did I just say that out loud I thought to myself. Uncle Paul stayed in that position with his huge dick resting on my ass. "Ok Tony. It's your turn. Truth or dare?", Unc asked. Was he serious? "Are we still going to play with me pinned down," I replied. "Yep. So truth or dare," he asked again. I asked for truth. "Do you like having my big dick laying against your ass?" he asked, leaving me in disbelief. I didn't know what to say. Was this just a test for him to find out if I was gay? Was he asking because he wanted to ram that dick inside of me? Was his dick hard because of my ass, or would his dick have gotten just as hard if he had brushed it against the couch? "No, of course I don't like your dick rubbing against my ass," I said, lying through my teeth. I decided to lie just in case he was just testing me. "So you don't like this?" he asked, as he started massaging my back. He made his way all the way down to my feet. Before I knew it he had my toes in his mouth. This sensation was almost just as good as when Matt shoved his tongue in my ass. He licked his way up my legs and found that sweet spot between my ass cheeks. I felt his hand spread my ass cheeks apart and he eased his tongue into me. "Truth or dare Tony. Do you want me to eat this ass for you?", he asked. He was turning me on like crazy. "Yes," I whispered. As soon as the word left my lips he began to act like a mad man. He slurped, sucked, and licked like it was his last meal. "Damn that boy pussy tastes good," he moaned. That was the first time I've ever heard the word boy pussy. I didn't really like the word, but if it made Unc happy I was not going to complain.

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