The next morning, mom had made everyone breakfast before running out to catch the train to work. She was finally returning to work after taking two weeks off, so it was just we men at the breakfast table. Uncle Paul asked how we slept last night and if we were up playing Xbox all night because he heard noises pretty late. We explained how we stayed up playing nearly all night, and then I told a little white lie about how I had to get use to sleeping on the floor.

We continued with small talk while we ate breakfast. Uncle Paul asked questions about Matt's college experience, and asked me what I wanted to do after graduation. I don't know if eighteen is a magical age that makes you see things differently, but for the first time I start looking at Uncle Paul in a different way-a sexual way. Matt and I sat at the breakfast table in pajamas, while Uncle Paul had on a robe, with no shirt and just a pair of boxers underneath. His chest hairs were exposed and from the angle I was sitting, I could see his dick print coming through the fabric of his robe. I tried not to stare, so I made a point to turn my chair so that I couldn't see his bulge.

Around nine o'clock, Uncle Paul got dressed and headed off to work, leaving Matt and I in the house alone. We sat around in our pajamas watching television for a while and then played Xbox for a while. After some time, he grabbed his laptop and pulled up some porn. He told me that it was time for us to play that game he was talking about. He told me that he wanted me to do everything to him that the woman in the porno was doing to the guy. In the porno, the girl started by stripping off all of her clothes. I followed suit, and slowly removed my shirt and pajamas. Continuing to play along, I knelt down in front of Matt and began to suck his dick slowly. After about five minutes, the guy in the porno flipped over and she started to lick his ass. I was very hesitant, as I had never seen this done before in porn or real life. However, I continued to play along and shoved my tongue into Matt's ass. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. He moaned, making the sexiest sounds I've ever heard. Hearing him moan made me want to please him even more, prompting me to spread his cheeks and swirl my tongue around in his ass. I was having a field day with Matt's ass, until the realization set in about what was coming next. I knew at some point soon, that big dick porn star was going to shove his piece up that girls ass, so I was a little intimidated. Matt grabbed a jar of Vaseline that was sitting beside the couch. "Take some of this and slide some in your ass," he commanded. I did as I was told and used my index finger to stuff as much Vaseline as possible up my ass. "Damn Tony, you look sexy as hell finger fucking yourself. You can stop now. I got it from here," he said. Matt replaced my finger with his own, managing to eventually work in two fingers. Without removing his fingers from my hole, Matt used his free hand to apply a large amount of Vaseline to his dick. In just a bit I was going to have a dick in my ass for the very first time. "Relax Tony and don't be scared. I'm not going to hurt you," he said. I felt the head of his dick press against my tight hole and then inch-by-inch he slid inside of my barely legal ass. I was about to say game over because the pain was unbearable, but I wanted him to be pleased, so I continued. After a while, pain turned into pleasure and the dick started to feel good inside. I was able to mimic every position the girl in the video tried, except for the one where she had her legs behind her head. Our last position of the night was Matt was lying on his back, while I rode that dick. "Damn dude you are about to get this nut. Ride that dick. Tell me you like this big dick." I told him how much I loved his dick and how I wanted him inside me always. He began to shoot so much cum into my ass it felt like someone put a water hose inside me then turned the water pressure on high. I finally had sexual intercourse for the first time, and I must say that it felt amazing!

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