I can't believe my own father just called me a faggot. Fuck him and anybody else who got something to say at this point. As I sat in the corner of my room, my tears turned from tears of sadness into angry tears. After about five minutes of being alone, mom came into the room and asked if she could talk to me. I really was in no mood to have a conversation, but I said sure. "Are you attracted to guys Tony?" I just received a five-day suspension for fighting, but somehow who I was attracted to became the most important topic. "No mom, I am not attracted to guys," I replied. "You don't have to lie to me honey. I just want to know the truth," she said. I gave her a piercing look. "Why would you ask me a question if you weren't going to believe my answer? I'm not attracted to guys," I said. She asked why my friends and me would be standing around talking about how attractive other guys were, if we weren't gay. "I don't know. Could you just leave me alone? I just want to go bed," I said. Dad walked in just in time to hear me say that last sentence. "Don't talk to your mom like that. I ought to knock the piss out of you right now. Now answer your damn mother," he said. His attitude was really starting to piss me off. "I understand that you may be mad, but you don't need to talk to me like that dad," I said. I guess he was just waiting for the right moment, because in the blink of an eye I was smacked dead in the face. "Who the hell are you talking to? I'm not one of these little boys at school," dad said. I apologized even though I was just the one who had been hit. "I'm sorry dad," I said between sobs. My dad walked over to me and got so close that his face almost brushed against mine. "You know what I'm sorry too. I'm sorry that my son is a fucking fairy. A dick-taking faggot. No son of mine is going to live in this house and act like a sissy." I had about all I could take and decided to walk around my father and head downstairs. Before I even reached my bedroom door, my dad grabbed my arm and was trying to pull me back. "What's wrong? Is the sissy boy too sensitive? Can't take the truth from his old man," he said. I yanked my arm away from his grip and he looked at me like I had just committed a crime. "Don't ever pull away from me," he yelled. He was so loud, I'm sure the neighbors could all hear. He pushed me into the wall and raised his hand to hit me. I was not having it. I was not going to be his punching bag because he was upset about me being gay. I punched him in the stomach and it quickly became World War II in our household. He put both of his hands around my neck and squeezed with all his might. I could not breathe and began gasping for air. I was punching dad in his side and trying to push him off, but nothing I was doing worked. Mom even tried to jump in and stop him, but with one arm he just pushed her to the floor. His eyes were filled with rage, and I just knew that I was going to die in my room at the hands of my father. With the little bit of energy I had left, I used my knee to hit him in the balls. He reached down to grab hold of his privates, which gave me just enough time to run out of the room and get out of the house.

When I made it out of the house, I just kept running down the street; dipping in between alleys just in case my father was following me. After running for nearly ten minutes straight, I stopped and rested inside of Starbucks. One older lady, who was sitting at a table alone, asked me to come over and sit with her. "What's wrong young man?" I didn't want to tell her everything that just happened, so I just lied and said that nothing was wrong. "I've been on this earth for a long time. I can tell when an individual is going through something," she said. I just started crying and told her that I just got into the worst argument of my life with my father and that now I couldn't return back home. "We've all been there before. I cursed my parents out so many times when I was your age. I was a little spitfire. We eventually talked as a family and got over whatever the issue may have been," she said. I really didn't feel like talking anymore, so I just told the lady that she was right and that I felt much better. I quickly exited the Starbucks, looking around to make sure my dad was nowhere in sight. I walked to the McDonald's on Howard University's campus and just sat at a table. I ran out of the house so quick, I didn't have time to grab my cellphone, and I didn't know any of "The Clique's" phone numbers by heart. I knew that I wasn't going back home, so I had to figure out where I was going to sleep for the night. It was about seven o'clock in the evening, so it would be getting dark soon. I damn sure wasn't going to be wandering around lost on the streets of DC after the sun went down. I left McDonald's and walked down Georgia avenue. The streets began to look familiar and I realized that I was not too far from Uncle Paul's house. I made my way to Uncle Paul's and arrived after just walking a few short blocks.

I hadn't seen Uncle Paul since the night of Matt's going away party, so I didn't know what to expect when I knocked on his door. After several knocks, he answered. "Tony. What are you doing here?" he asked, with a shocked look on his face. I just told him that it was a long story.


"Come in and have a seat. You look like hell," Uncle Paul said. I went inside and made my way to the couch. I took a seat at the far end of the couch, and Unc took a seat at the opposite end. "So tell me what happened. How did you end up here?" he asked. Unc didn't need to know every little detail, so I skipped to the part where dad put his hands on me and tried to choke me out. "Mom begged him to stop, but he kept coming at me. He slapped me, punched me, choked me, and called me a faggot to my face. I actually think that he would have killed me tonight if I didn't manage to break free," I explained. I cried the whole time I told the story. It was as if I was reliving what had just happened hours before. "He did what?" Unc yelled. Unc was visibly angry and this news was definitely not sitting well with him. "Get your mother on the phone now," he said. "You have to use your phone Unc. I ran out of the house so fast I didn't have time to grab my cell phone," I said. As he dialed mom's number I was nervous for some reason. He put the phone on speaker so I could hear the conversation.

Mom: Hello.

Unc: Hey sis. What the hell is going on over there? I'm here with Tony at my house.

Mom: It was just a little misunderstanding between Tony and his dad.

Unc: What happened?

Mom: You know how Greg can be. There was just a little pushing and shoving between those two.

"It was more than just pushing and shoving mom. He tried to kill me," I yelled into the phone.

Unc: Tony told me that Greg tried to kill him tonight, and even choked him out. That's taking it too far sis. I'm not going to have nobody putting hands on my nephew. You should have left his ass for good when he first put his hands on you.

Mom: That was a one-time thing and please don't make it seem like this is the same situation. Greg was only mad because Tony got suspended from school today. Did he tell you about that?

Unc: I don't give a fuck why he was mad. He shouldn't have put his hands on Tony like that. That is going above and beyond discipline. I'll tell you what. Tony is going to stay here with me until you get a handle on Greg. I can't believe that you are defending that piece of shit. I'll call you in the morning.

"Thank you for sticking up for me Unc. And I appreciate you letting me stay here last minute and all," I said. He pulled me in and gave me a hug. "It's ok nephew. You are going to stay here as long as you need to. I'm not going to send you back home to get beat on," said Unc. The wall that seemed to have been up between Unc and I before slowly came down, and I felt close to him again. "Have you eaten anything tonight?" he asked. When I shared that I hadn't eaten since school this morning, he walked me into the kitchen and fixed a plate of spaghetti. I didn't have much of an appetite, but I ate a little something just so he wouldn't worry. While we sat in the kitchen, Unc tried to change the subject to a more positive one. "Matt was just asking about you a few days ago. He's excited about being in his last year of college," he shared. "I'm sure he can't wait to graduate and be done with school," I replied. "Yeah, he is itching to graduate. I can't believe that you will be graduating from high school and going to college in just a couple years yourself," said Unc. We continued talking about Matt and my future plans, and then Unc suggested that I go upstairs to Matt's room to prepare for bed. He wanted me to get rest since I had an unusual long day.

I only had the clothes on my back, so Unc told me to just find some clothing of Matt's I can put on after I shower. I raided Matt's closet and dresser drawers and found a pair of basketball shirts and a white T-shirt. After taking a long hot shower, I brushed my teeth and put on the shorts and shirt I found. The shirt had a slight smell that reminded me so much of Matt. It smelled like a mix between Irish Spring soap and his natural manly body scent. It almost felt like Matt was there in the room with me and I was instantly turned on. I lay down, but could not seem to fall asleep. I kept tossing and turning for about two hours. Since I couldn't sleep, I went down to the living room to watch television. I guess I must have been laughing too loud while watching Roseanne reruns, because Unc yelled from his bedroom for me to go to bed. I turned the television off and headed upstairs to bed--well to Uncle Paul's bed. When I reached his room, he was lying on top of the covers wearing nothing more than a pair of boxers. I told him that I couldn't sleep and asked if I could stay in the room with him. He seemed a little hesitant, but told me to come in and lie down. I took the white T-shirt off and crawled in bed, giving him a clear view of this ass. Dammit. He was not making any moves whatsoever, so I needed a plan B. I decided to sag my shorts so that he could actually see this bare ass. Still nothing, so I backed my ass up and rubbed it against his dick. To my surprise, he was already rock hard. I turned around and was now facing him. "Don't stop now. You already got my shit on brick now," he said. I released that monster dick from his boxers and gave him head like I was making up for lost time. I could tell that Unc was enjoying it because he kept moaning. "Aw fuck", "Damn boy", "Suck that dick", "You doing that shit Tony," Unc kept repeating. Nothing made me happier than pleasing Unc. Before long, Unc nutted in my mouth. With all that nut, he must not have busted since the last time we messed around. He fell asleep immediately, and I just snuggled against his body until I eventually fell asleep also.




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