Thank God it was the summer when all of this chaos took place. I am pretty much a straight A student and all of this stress definitely would have had a negative impact on my grades. It had been two weeks now since mom and I stayed with Uncle Paul and I was beginning to believe that we were never going to move back in with dad again. With everything going on, mom still made sure to let me know that we were going to celebrate my 18th birthday.

I was looking forward to my birthday for two main reasons. The first was because on July 6th I was going to officially be a teenager. Second, my big cousin Matt, who was now twenty-one, was going to be coming home from college and staying for a few weeks. I hadn't seen Matt in a couple years. Since starting college, he barely came home. Once in a while he would visit for a day or two and then go straight back Columbia University in New York City. Uncle Paul had a nice three-bedroom house with a two-car garage. For the past two weeks mom has been staying in the guest room and I had been sleeping in Matt's room. I guess we'll have to sort out the sleeping arrangements once Matt arrives.

For my eighteenth birthday, mom planned to take me to the movies and to the mall so I could go on a five hundred dollar shopping spree. Since I can remember, I never really had too many friends, so I relished the time spent with family. I counted down the days until finally July 6th was here. I woke up bright and early. The sun still hadn't risen, but I was up and ready for my big day. My day got off to a great start. Mom and Uncle Paul made my favorite breakfast that included waffles, scrambled eggs, bacon, French toast, and grits. They watched my every move while I ate, hoping to see a look of contentment. When I finished my meal I gave them my seal of approval. "It was the best breakfast I've ever had," I told them.

A couple hours later, mom and I headed to the mall. She gave me five hundred dollars and told me that I had two hours to spend all of the money. All I needed was one hour. I purchased a pair of the new Jordan's, a couple pairs of jeans, two button-down shirts, socks, and some nice underwear. Since I was eighteen, I wanted to switch from wearing regular boxers to wearing something a little sexier, like boxer briefs and bikini briefs. I met up with my mom, who was waiting for me in the food court, and we heading back to Uncle Paul's.

Around four o'clock, we all headed to Union Station to pick up Matt. He had taken Amtrak home since he doesn't drive yet. We parked the car in the garage and sat inside the station to wait for his arrival. At approximately five minutes after four, I saw this tall, handsome, well-toned man walking towards us smiling. I knew that it was Matt, but I couldn't believe how much he's changed since I last saw him. Matt now stood at six feet, weighed about one hundred seventy five pounds, and based on the tank top he was wearing; we could all see that he had a well-defined upper body. To say that I was happy to see Matt would be an understatement. He hugged everyone waiting for him. However, when he got around to me, he gave me an extra big hug and told me how much I've grown since a couple years ago.

When we arrived at Uncle Paul's house, Matt carried his things to his bedroom and we discussed where I would be sleeping. He said that he gets the bed since he's older and that I could sleep on the floor. I didn't bother to put up a fight since it was his room. We stayed up half the night playing Xbox until we finally started to get tired. "Did you get everything you wanted for your birthday," Matt asked. I looked right into his eyes and then down at the floor. "Almost everything. Can we play Milk the Cow like back in the day?" I asked.

Matt said that we could play Milk the Cow as long as we could also play a new game that he would tell me about later. I agreed. He got up to make sure that the bedroom door was locked, and then he walked towards me with this devilish grin. "This cow hasn't been milked in a few weeks, so this game should be real fun," he said. I placed my hand around his dick and started to stroke it like before. His dick had gotten much bigger, to the point where I had to use two hands this time. Like back in the day, the object of the game was to make the cow shoot its milk before the five-minute mark. I was approaching the five-minute mark and was about to lose the game, so I decided to try something to try something new. I leaned over and put as much of Matt's dick into my mouth as I could. I gagged at first, but then I got use to it. I bobbed my head up and down then stopped to make sure Matt was enjoying it. "Hell yeah I'm enjoying this. Your mouth feels so damn good I don't know if we will be able to play the game I had in mind later," he said, with a big smile on his face.

I went back to playing with his dick, this time running my tongue over his big balls and up and down the sides of his dick. He wanted me to get his dick nice and wet, so I spit on it until it was covered. Matt stood up and told me to kneel down in front of him. He slid his dick in and out of my mouth for about five minutes before his entire body starting shaking and he shot cum all down my throat. "Damn, where did you learn how to do that," Matt asked, gasping for breath. He slapped me on the ass and then said, "You must have been practicing with some of those DL boys at your school." I just laughed out loud. "On the real you know you are the only person I've ever had sexual relations with," I confessed. I've never seen Matt smile so hard before. He told me to get in the bed with him and then he began kissing me so passionately. I was in heaven. We never did get around to playing that second game, but he told me we would play tomorrow. Matt held me in his arms all night, and the next morning I woke up in love with my cousin.

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