I looked Jason up and down when he first came into the house, and I am positive that his shorts were on properly before he went upstairs. "Why would his shorts be inside out," I thought to myself. Maybe Jason spilled something on his shorts and hung them to dry; then when he put them back on they were inside out. I wanted to believe that is what happened, but what is probably closer to the truth is that they were messing around upstairs. I mean if I were Matt, I would definitely want get a piece of Jason. And if I were Jason, I damn sure would want to get a piece of Matt. How dare Matt bring another guy to this house. I would be fine if he brought one of these fast ass girls home, but not another guy. Was my mouth and ass not good enough for him? The worst thing about this whole situation is that they probably messed around in the same bed that Matt and I sleep in.

Time seemed to have just stopped. It was half past noon, and Matt still hadn't come back, even though he said that he would be right back after shooting some hoops. That was a couple hours ago. I was alone in the house, feeling like a pile of crap. This family has really started to let me down. Uncle Paul changed after fucking me for the first time, and now I have to deal with Matt bringing dates into the house. I don't mean to sound crazy, but does anyone believe in loyalty. Neither of us is locked down to each other, so I know I can't expect too much. But I just feel like these two big dick bastards have disrespected me. "How am I going to handle this situation?" I thought. I just lay on the couch and drifted off to sleep.


I sent Matt a text asking him when he expected to come home. "Be home in about one hour or so...around two o'clock he responded. I picked up the house phone and called mom at her job. "How are you doing mom? I miss you. When are you coming back to Uncle Paul's?" I asked. She explained that her and dad are trying really hard to work on their marriage so that we could become a family again. Once again, she was going to go straight from work to spend the night with dad. "OK mom. Well you and dad have fun. Uncle Paul and cousin Matt have been taking good care of me. I love you," I said. I hung up the phone and dialed one last number. "Hello, can I speak with Paul." The secretary told me to hold on as she checked to see if he was available. "Hello, Paul speaking," he answered. "Hey Uncle Paul, I just spoke with mom and she is going to spend the night over at dad's again. And Matt told me that he isn't coming home until late tonight. I was just having a bad day and hoped you were able to come home early." Unc said that he would leave work immediately. He did not want me in the house by myself since I was having a bad day. I don't know why, but everyone in the family thought that I was so fragile. Maybe it was because I only had like one friend and didn't really have a strong presence around them. "I will be home around one thirty," Unc said. As soon as I hung the phone up I ran upstairs to take a quick shower. I put lotion all over my body from head to toe and pumped a few sprays of Calvin Klein cologne onto my chest and neck. I grabbed a pair of bikini briefs from my clothes bag and headed down to the living room. I only had about five minutes left before Unc would be home. I lay across the couch on my stomach so that my ass would be in full view when Unc walked into the house. All I had on were a pair of my yellow bikini briefs, so getting to this ass will be easy access. I heard keys jingling in the door. "Boy what are you doing laying on the couch half naked. Put some damn clothes on," said Unc. I just smiled and said, "Take some clothes off." Uncle Paul did not look like he wanted to play along, so I was going to need to be a little more aggressive. I hopped off the couch and jumped on him, wrapping my legs completely around his body. I used one free hand to grope Unc's dick until it was fighting to break through his slacks. Once I saw that Unc's dick was at full attention, I unbuckled his belt and watched his pants drop to the floor. "You called me home to have sex with you Tony?" he yelled. I put my finger to his lips. "Shut up and give me that dick Unc." I commanded. I sucked his dick while his pants were still dangling around his ankles. I gave it all I had to ensure that he would want to do this again. I felt his body tensing up so I stopped sucking and walked him over to the couch. I didn't want him to bust a nut just yet. I greased Unc's dick with Vaseline and did the same with my hole. Slowly, I eased myself down onto his magic stick and began to ride with a nice slow rhythmic movement. I wanted to enjoy every moment, and I needed to keep this up until two o'clock. After about ten minutes, Matt burst through the door with his buddy Jason. I continued to ride as if there was nothing abnormal about this situation. Matt had a look of embarrassment, as well as a look of anger on his face. It was almost as if he couldn't believe that I was enjoying another dick, and his father's on top of that. Uncle Paul looked scared and froze like he had just seen a ghost. He pushed me off of him and ran upstairs to his room. My work was done. Killed two birds with one stone, and got some dick in the process!


I don't know how much time I spent lying on the couch, but next thing I knew, Matt was standing over me shaking my shoulders. "Boy I am about to get it," I thought to myself. "Wake Up. Wake Up," he said. I jumped off the couch like I was possessed to see the time. The cable box read one o'clock. I could not believe that I just dreamed a whole damn revenge sequence in a matter of thirty minutes. I couldn't help but chuckle to myself when I thought about what an evil bitch I was in the dream. Even though I was upset at my uncle and cousin, I wouldn't dare try any shit like that. My plan would include being more submissive and flirty, so that Matt and Unc wouldn't have to look elsewhere to bust a nut. Being awakened from my sleep was a little irritating, but I was so relieved that it was all just a dream. "Come upstairs with me before your mom and pops get home," Matt yelled. I knew what he wanted, and even though I was still a little upset about him and Jason, I couldn't resist his command. I walked upstairs and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and freshen up. When I walked into Matt's room, he was sitting on his bed butt naked with the exception of a pair of black ankle socks. He was playing one of our favorite Xbox games, and his eyes never left the screen. "Bring your ass over here and take care of this big dick while we still have time to ourselves," he commanded. Usually Matt was a more gentle when he spoke to me, but I have to say that I loved this new attitude. I dove right in and starting licking and sucking his balls. They tasted a little sweaty and salty, since he didn't hop in the shower after hooping for the past couple of hours. I continued licking and sucking anyway. There was no way that I was going to let a little sweat stop me from getting what I wanted. His dick was so far down my throat that I could feel his pubic hairs brushing against my nose. "Damn Tony, you deep throat now. You're getting use to this dick I see," he said. The fact that Matt was happy was sending my hormones through the roof. I stopped sucking his dick and got on all fours. Matt still played the game and didn't move. "You don't wanna get in this ass," I asked." He still did not divert his attention away from the Xbox. "Get this nut out while I still play," he said. I just climbed on his dick with my body facing away from him. "Pass me some Vaseline so I can jack off while I'm riding you," I whispered. He said that the jar was empty but told me to hold my hand out. A huge wad of spit dropped from his mouth into my hand. I was a little grossed out for a moment, but used it to lube my dick. It did the trick. My hand was able to glide smoothly up and down my own dick while I moved up and down on Matt's. I felt myself getting ready to cum and apparently Matt could tell. "Damn Tony, you are squeezing the fuck out of my dick. Keep squeezing that dick and bust your nut," he said. Within seconds I shot all over myself and Matt shot inside of me. He didn't shoot as much nut as he usually does, but it was still a large amount. "Go get a rag with some soap and water so you can clean me off," he instructed. I did as I was told and cleaned him up.

He slipped his basketball shorts back on and continued to play the game. "Can I play Xbox with you?" I asked. "Not right now. We can play together a little later," he said without even looking at me. "If I were Jason, you wouldn't have a problem with me playing with you," I said with anger. He stopped the game for a minute and asked what I meant by that. I just told him that I felt like he didn't want to hang out with me anymore. He assured me that wasn't the case. He said that he just was trying to see of all his high school friends before he went back to New York. "Come over here and sit beside me Tony," he said. I walked slowly towards the bed with my head held down. "I love hanging out with you and you know what else I love. But I can't just be in the house with you all day. I have to hang out with my friends or they will be pissed and try to say that I think I'm too good to hang," he explained. I didn't want to get into an argument with Matt, so I just said ok and walked towards the bedroom door. Something stopped me dead in my tracks. I turned around and asked, "Are you and Jason more than friends?" A look of shock came over Matt's face. "I can't believe you just asked me that. We are just homeboys. I've known him since grade school," he said. I stood at the door, mad at myself for asking the question. I apologized for asking the question and told him that I was sorry. "It's cool Tony. You know that I enjoy spending time with you and that you are the only dude I'm fucking. This dick has that ass written all over it," he said. Whatever feelings I felt before were tossed out the window. He knew exactly what to say and I was back in lust/love.

"Do you have a girlfriend in New York?" I asked. Matt explained to me that he was dating a girl who attended the same college. "I met Cindy during my second year at Columbia University. She was a friend of a friend, so we eventually all hung out. We've been dating for about a year, so I guess you can say that things are getting serious between us" he said. "So what does she look like? What is her college major? Does she know about you liking guys?" I asked. Matt's facial expression changed to a more serious look. "First let me start by saying I don't like guys. You are the first and only dude I've ever had sex with and it's going stay like that. She is a pre-med major and is drop dead gorgeous. She is about five feet five inches, one hundred twenty pounds, and has long brown hair," he shared. I jumped in and said that she sounds like a model. Matt just laughed and said, "Would you expect anything different?" His expression then turned serious again as he continued to speak. "Tony, what we do is purely sexual. I'm not gay and you are not gay either. When you get older, you are going to have your own model girlfriend," he said. I just nodded my head and told him that I agreed. As much as I felt like I wanted to be with him and take Cindy's place, I didn't want him to know it. "I know Matt. It is just sex. But don't be fucking any other dudes," I said. Matt laughed and said that I didn't have to worry about that. He kissed me on the forehead and picked up the Xbox controller. I took that as a cue to let me know that he was done with the conversation. I exited the room and headed downstairs to watch television.

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