I took a look at the time on the cable box and saw that it was almost eight o'clock, so I turned on the television and caught the tail end of Dragon Ball Z. Uncle Paul came downstairs around eight thirty to fix breakfast. He poured a large bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and sat at the kitchen table. "Did you eat already Tony? If not, come get some.....some cereal," he said, stuttering. I hopped up and was about to walk toward the kitchen when I realized I was still butt naked from the night before. I looked around for my clothing and could only find my pajama bottoms, so I just threw those on and headed into the kitchen. Honey Nut Cheerios were my favorite, so I poured a rather large bowl and sat at the table with Unc. "I like your suit Unc." He worked for Levitz and Katz law firm in downtown DC, and made a decent salary from what I overheard my mom telling one of her girlfriends. I guess that is how he was able to afford this huge house. "Thanks Tony. I will teach you how to dress one day," he said. I looked at him square in the face and laughed. "Well you taught me how to undress last night. You get an A for that lesson," I said. Uncle Paul gave me a look like I shouldn't be making mention of what transpired the night before, so I just changed the topic. "Did you like the movie last night?" I asked. That did the trick. Unc's mood totally changed and he was now fully engaged in conversation. This was the uncle that I knew. Nine o'clock rolled around and Unc had to head out for work, so I was now home alone. I just went back into the man cave, got under the covers and watched television.

Peace and quiet in the makeshift man cave came to a halt when Matt came bursting through the front door with someone I assumed was one of his high school friends. "Hey little cuz where is everyone?" he asked. I explained that his dad just left and that my mom stayed out last night. "Oh this is my good friend Jason from high school. I rode down from New York with him. He goes to New York University, which is not too far from my college," he explained. I stood up and shook Jason's hand, allowing me to take him in from head to toe. Jason had smooth silky skin and a perfect white smile to match. His short curly hair was neatly trimmed he had just the right amount of facial hair. Both Jason looked like they had just stepped off the basketball court, so I was able to see Jason's amazing body. His body wasn't as defined as Matt and Uncle Paul's, but his body was still sexually appealing. He stood at six feet two inches, weighed about two hundred fifteen pounds, and was thick, but solid. He looked like he would be the perfect defensive lineman on any NFL team. I could see a slight dick print in his blue Nike shorts. I tried not to stare too hard. Didn't want to excite myself, since I wasn't wearing any underwear and I only had on thin pajama pants. "Nice to meet you Tony. Your cousin has told me nothing but wonderful things about you," said Jason. I wondered just how much he told Jason. I don't think he would tell our secret, especially since he is straight; well that and that fact that most people frown upon incest. "Jason and I are going to go upstairs and play Xbox for a lil bit then head back out," said Matt. Off they went into the bedroom, shutting the door behind them.

I felt some kind of way that I wasn't invited to go hangout, but I guess I have to understand that they are much older than me. They don't want to hang around some high school student, when they are college scholars. I just watched television in the living room until curiosity got the best of me. I wasn't hearing any sound from upstairs. When Matt and I played Xbox, we were really loud as we talked back to the game and talked to each other. I walked up the steps and put my ear to the door, seeing if I would hear anything. I heard an occasional whisper, but the volume was too low for me to make out what was being said. "What the hell was going on in there," I thought to myself. I didn't want to get caught listening by the door, so I just eased back downstairs and went back to watching television. After about an hour, Jason and Matt came downstairs. "We are going to go hoop real quick down the street. I'll be right back," said Matt. They both smelled like smoke, but it wasn't cigarette smoke. I just said ok and nodded so they could leave. That smell of smoke was not a good smell at all. As the two were leaving, I noticed that Jason's Nike shorts were inside out with the tag showing.




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