"OK. Now it's your turn Unc. Truth or dare?" I asked. Unc chose a dare. "I dare you to let me suck your dick," I boldly said. He looked at me and smirked. "It's kind of big Tony. Are you sure you can handle it?" he asked. Unknown to Unc, I had gotten one weeks worth of practice with the help of his sexy son. I started by licking his huge balls, placing each one into my mouth and swirling my tongue around. Then I moved from the base of his dick to the tip all the way up to the head. I didn't have a ruler, but his dick had to have been at least eleven or twelve inches long and about as thick as an air freshener can. I took it into my mouth, inch by inch until I had about nine inches inside. "Are you sure this is your first time sucking dick, because this is the best head I've head in a long time," he said. I just lied and said yes. I couldn't tell him that his son has been shoving his dick down my throat and ass all week. Uncle Paul moaned as I worked his dick over. I used everything I learned this past week to give Unc the best head of his life. "Move your mouth Tony, I am about to cum," he yelled. I disobeyed his orders and kept bobbing my head up and down on his dick. I wanted my reward that I worked so hard for. His body tensed up as he shot stream after stream of cum into my mouth. With a mouthful of cum I asked, "Truth or dare?"

Uncle Paul laughed and asked, "Are we still playing this game?" I swallowed all the cum in my mouth, making sure Unc saw me take it like a big boy. It took at least four gulps because he shot so much. "Yep, one last question. How long have you wanted to fuck me Unc?" His eyes widened as if he couldn't believe that I just asked that question. I mean, he just finished having his way with his eighteen-year-old nephew, so I didn't think any questions were off limit at this point.

"I haven't fucked you yet," said Unc. He grabbed the jar of Vaseline and began to stroke his dick. Before long he was up and ready to go again. "Bring that ass over here and stop asking me questions," he said. I did as I was instructed. Uncle Paul was sitting on the couch with his legs spread apart. "Come sit on this dick," he said, licking his lips. I climbed on the couch and then onto my uncle and straddled his lap. We were face to face as I lowered my ass onto his waiting rod. Inch by inch I was able to take him all the way inside. He kept telling me how tight and warm my boy pussy was. My lips brushed against his as I bounced up and down. He would turn his face every time our faces got too close, but never changed his stroke. As I bounced on his dick he thrust his hips forward until he was balls deep. We stopped after about ten minutes of fucking because Unc said that his dick needed a rest. I did think that it was a little akward to just stop in the middle of having sex, but he did just bust a huge nut less than a half hour ago. I just hopped off and continued with my line of questioning. "OK unc. So how long have you wanted to fuck me?" I asked.

"To be honest you are the first dude that I have ever had sex with. It wasn't until tonight when we were wrestling around, that I even looked at you in that way. Once my dick was lying on that ass, it grew a mind of its own. My dick was so hard I could care less if it was a mouth, ass, or pussy. I just needed to be inside of something. I must say with all honesty that your ass was better than any pussy I've ever had, and I've had a lot of pussy. But on the real, make sure you keep this between you and me. Don't go around telling any of your friends, and of course not your mother," he said. I nodded my head in agreement to let him know that this secret will be between just him and me. "I'm not sure that we should do this again though. You are my sister's son, and I can't guarantee that I will even want to fuck around with a guy anymore," he shared. The hurt must have shown on my face because Unc asked me if I was ok. I told him that I enjoyed every minute of being with him and that I didn't want this to stop between us. He held me in his arms and said not to worry. He said that he is not ruling anything out yet. That eased my nerves a bit.

We both went to separate showers to clean up. When I was done, I made my way back downstairs to our makeshift man cave in the living room. Uncle Paul never came back downstairs, so I called for him. "What are you doing Uncle Paul?" I yelled. He emerged from his bedroom and stood at the top of the stairs. "I am going to sleep upstairs in my bed tonight. That floor is kind of hard," he said. "But guy night isn't over until the morning," I said. Unc told me that we would need to have a full guy night another time. So many thoughts ran through my mind. Did Unc think that I seduced him into messing around tonight? Was he upset about messing around with a guy? Did he just use me to bust a nut? I was a bit sad and a little hurt. I just had one of the most wonderful sexual experiences that I may ever have in life, and I didn't know if it would ever happen again. I just made myself comfortable on the floor and eventually fell asleep. I ended up having a really interesting dream that night....

During the game of truth or dare, not only was Unc playing, Matt and one of his friends were in the man cave playing as well. During every dare, I was dared to suck someone's dick or lick someone's ass. I was being handled like the neighborhood slut, but it was ok because we were only playing a game. When Matt's friend Derrick had dared me to suck Matt's dick, Matt whispered, "suck it like you did when we use to play Milk the Cow." All three of the guys sat on the couch butt naked side by side. I looked Derrick and Unc in the eyes while I was going to work on Matt's donkey dick. I wanted to make sure they enjoyed the view. They must have really been in the mood, because it wasn't long before I felt a tongue slide into my ass. After a few minutes Derrick coated the inside of my ass with that same jar of Vaseline that sat beside the couch. He wasn't as big as the other two, but his dick was six inches and thicker. It took some work, but he managed to get his soda can pipe balls deep into my ass. Derrick kept telling me how tight my ass was. After just one minute, he flooded my insides. Matt was so turned on watching his good friend drill into me; he just shoved his dick right in, using Derrick's cum as lube. He made love to my ass instead of just fucking it, giving me nice long strokes. Unc just jacked his dick while he watched his son fuck my brains out. Unc ended up shooting loads of cum all over my face and Matt gave my ass its second batch of cum for the night. After everyone had shot their loads, the scene in my dream changed and I was now in school. I had just received an F on a math test. Of course I was devastated and did not want mom seeing this test score, so I made an appointment to meet my teacher after school. When I walked into his classroom, Mr. White was sitting behind his desk wearing a nice blue sweater with a white button-down shirt underneath. He looked like he was in his late thirties, by his short balding hair. He was about six feet tall and weighed around one hundred eighty pounds. I begged Mr. White to let me take the test over or allow me to do some extra credit work to boost my test grade. "I cannot let you retake the test, however you can do some extra credit work," he said. He stood up and walked from behind his desk, not wearing any pants at all. He just had on that sweater/shirt combo, black dress shoes, and long black dress socks that came to the top of his calves. His dick was already rock hard and pointed directly at me. He was probably about eight inches long and somewhat thick. "You know what you can do for that extra credit," he said. I kneeled down in front of him and was about to earn my A when I woke up. I kept trying to force myself back to sleep to finish the dream, but it was too late. It was morning before I knew it, and time to wake up.

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