My alarm clock rang at seven o'clock in the morning, but my body was not ready to get moving. I seriously thought about going to school late, but I already had missed too many classes due to the suspension. With that in mind, I jumped out of bed and started to get ready for school. After a quick shower, I got dressed and jolted out the door. My first class for today was Physical Education, which I did not like having so early. It was bad enough that I would have to walk around a little sweaty after class, but this morning I was a mix between sleepy and horny. The bus dropped me off just in time to make it to the locker room before the morning bell rang. I changed into my gym clothes, a gray t-shirt and burgundy shorts that hugged my ass, and went out to the gym floor. Mr. Johnson, my PE teacher, announced to the class that we would be learning the official rules of soccer. Mr. Johnson was an older black man, who looked to be in his early forties. He was about six feet tall, weighed one hundred ninety pounds, had light brown skin, and wore a pair of black prescription glasses that really complimented the frame of his face. Every class, he would wear a school basketball jersey and a pair of white shorts that did nothing to hide his well endowed package. I know that I wasn't the only student to notice. There were numerous occasions where I would see male and female students staring in amazement. Before he started his lesson, Mr. Johnson asked me to stay after class for a few minutes so he could catch me up with the work I missed. I agreed to stay after and he proceeded with the day's lesson. I was more interested in watching his dick flop up and down as he demonstrated soccer techniques, than I was in actually playing the game. Class went by super fast, and it was time to hit the showers. The showers were old school military style, where up to fifteen students could shower at the same time in an open room. I've taken showers plenty of times before, but things seemed different today. Every guy that I passed on the way to the shower covered their private parts with the closest object they could find. The same thing happened in the shower. Guys went the extra mile to cover their dick and balls, as if I was remotely interested in any of them. Word must have continued to spread about the cause of my fight last week. I took a very quick shower, just long enough to get the sweat off. In no time I was dressed and I darted out of the locker room.

I totally forgot to stay with Mr. Johnson after class, and I didn't realize it until I reached my next class. I asked my History teacher if I could run back to the gym to meet with Mr. Johnson for a few minutes and I was given permission to do so. When I entered the gym I didn't see Mr. Johnson, so I walked to his office. Still no sign of him. His office was connected to the boys' locker room, so I went inside the locker room to see if he was back there. The locker room was kind of big, so I walked passed a few corridors before I found him. I could not believe my eyes, but it was one of the hottest things I've ever seen in my life. Mr. Johnson was lying on his back on one of the locker room benches, while he was getting his dick sucked by a girl who was just in my last class. She was a petite white girl who never gave me the impression that she was having sex, let alone with an older black man. She was trying her best to take his entire dick into her mouth, but he was too damn wide. He was about as thick as a soda can and about eight inches long. I made sure to kneel behind the towel cart to avoid being seen. Mr. Johnson obviously didn't like the way she was sucking his dick, judging by his facial expressions. He told her to stop and to sit on his pole. He lubed every inch of his meat with some liquid he poured from a clear bottle, and she eased down on it until her pussy lips were touching his balls. I was amazed that she was able to fit that monster inside of her. However, she was so loud and would have probably gotten them caught if Mr. Johnson didn't keep covering her mouth. "Ride this big black dick. You know you like daddy's black mandingo in that tight white pussy," he whispered. The way he was talking to her was turning me on. She kept riding until Mr. Johnson pushed her off and nutted all over her pussy lips. The girl was visibly worn out from having that monster pumping in and out of her. "Tell your friend if she wants some she can come tomorrow, but y'all gotta keep this shit to yourselves," he told her. I backed away from the towel cart until I was back in his office. I adjusted my dick so my print wouldn't be as visible, and entered the locker room as if I just arrived. "Mr. Johnson," I yelled. I could hear him and the girl scrambling. I kept walking and calling out his name until I came face to face with them.

Mr. Johnson and the girl, Ashley I think her name was, looked at me and just froze. She managed to only put her jeans back on, so her breasts were fully exposed. She tried to hide them with her arms, but that was hard considering the size of those things. Mr. Johnson got up to stand in front of Ashley and didn't even bother to cover himself. My eyes were glued to his dick, which was still surprisingly hard and dripping with the last bit of cum that didn't shoot all over her pussy. "Tony. I'm not going to even try to make up a story about what was going on just now. We are all grown and you know what just went down," Mr. Johnson said. I shrugged my shoulders and gave a look of indifference. "You have to give me your word that you won't go running your mouth when you leave here. Better yet, Ashley come stand in front of me," he commanded. Mr. Johnson gave Ashley a wink and she began grabbing at my pants. She kneeled before me and unzipped my pants, with a look in her eyes that assured me that this wasn't her first time trying to keep someone quiet. I didn't want Ashley or Mr. Johnson thinking that I was afraid of girls, or that I was gay, so I just went along with the debauchery. My pants and underwear were around my ankles with one quick yank. "You sure you want to do this?" I asked her, hoping she would stop. Without saying a word, she started to massage my dick with her hand. When she saw that my dick wasn't getting hard, she took it in her mouth. Feeling the sensation of a tongue swirling up and down my dick made me semi hard, but that was it. I was a little embarrassed that my dick wouldn't get hard, but I could always just say that I was nervous about getting caught. "Common Tony, get that shit hard so Ashley can take care of you," said Mr. Johnson. "Are you nervous with me watching?" he asked. As soon as I was about to answer, Mr. Johnson stood up beside me and brushed his dick against her lips. She was still sucking my semi hard dick, when she opened wider and let Mr. Johnson slide in at the same time. Our dick heads rubbed together as Ashley sucked and licked us like a wild animal. Just the feeling of another dick touching mine had me rock hard in no time. After about five minutes of sucking us both, Mr. Johnson told her to give me some of that good pussy. "And work that pussy like I taught you," he added. She slid those jeans off and was now completely naked again. I asked if either of them had a condom because I was not trying to get anyone pregnant. I didn't have to worry about this with Matt and Uncle Paul. Mr. Johnson handed me a condom and I put it on after a little struggle. I kept looking at Ashley sucking dick, while I was fucking her, imagining that I was in her place. I just imagined being able to have Mr. Johnson's dick inside of me and making him bust a nut the way he did earlier. That mental image allowed me to stay hard and horny enough to continue fucking Ashley. She was moaning with pleasure, having both of her holes plugged at the same time. Mr. Johnson repositioned himself so that he could lick her clit while I was sliding in and out of the pussy. To keep his balance he held on to my back. I was so turned on by the touch, I filled half of the condom with cum. Mr. Johnson told me to keep this to myself and I could have all the pussy I wanted. As fast as I could, I put my clothes back on and headed back to history class.

I returned to class and tried to wrap my mind around what just happened. After about twenty minutes of replaying the gym scene in my head, an announcement was made over the loudspeaker. TONY JACOBS TO THE MAIN OFFICE. TONY JACOBS TO THE MAIN OFFICE. My heart began to beat so fast I thought that I was going to pass out. The last time I went to the office, I ended up with a five-day suspension. I thought of all of the reasons why I might be called down to the office and only one clear reason stood out. Someone had to have seen or heard what just took place in the gym locker room. That was the longest walk in my life. Seemed like it took hours to make it down the short hallway. To my surprise, when I arrived at the main office, my mother greeted me.


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