I can't believe that the summer has flown by so quickly. It was now August, which was going to be an important month in both my life and Matt's life. He was about to enter into his senior year of college and I was going to enter into my junior year of high school. I should really be going to the twelfth grade this year, but I had a fear of going to school when I was in the third grade. I ended up having to repeat that entire year. "I am going to head over to Paul's to help him set up for Matt's party. Do you want to ride with me or wait for dad to come home and ride with him?" mom asked. "I'll wait for dad, since I still need to get dressed," I replied. Out the door she went and up the stairs I went to pick an outfit for Matt's going away celebration. Mom and Uncle Paul were throwing Matt a going away party since he was leaving tomorrow to head back to college, and I needed to look fly tonight. I haven't seen Matt or Uncle Paul in almost two weeks, since I moved back home with my parents. Mom and dad made up and they were the happiest that I've ever seen them. Time apart really did wonders to repair their relationship. I stood in my closet for about twenty minutes trying on different options and finally decided on some tan cargo pants and my tight blue superman t-shirt. Dad was going to be home in about an hour so I jumped in the shower, and began to get dressed. The cargo pants made my ass look bigger and plumper than it already is, and the tight blue superman shirt allowed you to see how tiny of a waste I had. Not that I'm conceited, but I absolutely loved my body. From my sexy full lips to my pretty feet, there isn't one body feature I could complain about. I grabbed a pair of brown flip-flops to go with my outfit and headed downstairs to wait for dad. It wasn't long before dad got home. "Hey Tony, how are you? I just have to run upstairs and change my shirt and I'll be right back down," said dad.

He was back downstairs in no time. Dad kept on his black slacks from work, just changing his shirt and shoes. His button down shirt was replaced by a white & black tank top that showed off his well-sculpted arms. His shoes were replaced with a pair of black sandals. Dad and I was a good-looking father and son pair. We got on the road and headed to Uncle Paul's house. When we arrived, there were balloons and people everywhere, and there must have been at least forty people in Unc's backyard. The first person that I saw was Uncle Paul. He was looking sexy as hell as he worked the grill. He had on an apron that read 'Kiss The Cook', and I wanted to do just that. Dad and I spoke briefly with Unc then he went to find mom. It was a good mix between family and some of Matt's friends at the party. I saw lots of faces that I haven't seen, but there was one face that stood out--Jason. He seemed to be one step behind everywhere Matt went. If Matt was at the grill getting a hotdog, Jason was one step behind reaching for a hotdog bun. If Matt was talking to friends or family, Jason was right there to jump in and join the conversation. Matt made his rounds in the backyard, speaking with everyone who showed up and thanking them for coming out. He eventually made his way around to me. "Hey knucklehead. How are you? I haven't seen you in a while," said Matt. We had a very brief playful exchange and he said for me to take care of myself when he leaves to head back tomorrow. Just like that, he was off with his group of friends laughing and joking in the far corner of the backyard.

By ten o'clock, it was just a handful of family members and Jason still left. We all pitched in and helped to cleanup so that it wouldn't be so much on my mom and uncle. "Alright Matt. I'm out. I will talk to you later," said Jason. He flashed a bright white smile and was off. I walked back inside the house and helped mom with the dishes in the kitchen. In the midst of cleaning, I recognized that Matt had left his phone on the kitchen table. He was part of the outside cleanup crew, so I figured I had a little time to do some snooping. "I'll be right back mom. I need to use the bathroom," I lied. I grabbed Matt's phone and headed to the upstairs bathroom. Matt didn't have a lock on his phone, so I was able to access his text messages and phone numbers without any problems. The first thing I did was look for a text message from Cindy, but I couldn't find one. I scrolled through the phone book to look for Cindy's number, but once again I could not find her name. Oh well, I guess she is in under a different name. While I was searching, a text message popped up from Jason. "What time tomorrow do you want to head back to NY?" the text message read. I responded as if I was Matt. "We can leave tomorrow." There was no reply, so I sent another message. "You should have spent the night here so we could have just left straight from my house in the morning." Jason replied, "I would have been too tempted to hop on that dick if I stayed. You know I am loud, so I wouldn't want to put you out there like that." Then Jason sent another text. "I can't believe that it will be our one year anniversary next week. Isn't that crazy babe." I saw all that I needed to see and just went back downstairs. I erased the text messages before putting the phone back on the kitchen table. I have never felt so much hurt in my life, but it was clear that Matt was just using me for a nut, but was in love with Jason. Mom was all done with the dishes and ready to go home. She said goodbye to everyone and headed to the car. Dad had already left hours ago. Without saying goodbye to Uncle Paul or Matt, I just got in the car and headed home.




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