I woke up around seven o'clock the next morning to the smell of eggs and bacon. After brushing my teeth, I headed downstairs to the kitchen. Uncle Paul was fully dressed for work, sitting at the kitchen table with a newspaper in hand. "Morning Tony. I left you some eggs and bacon on the tray on top of the stove. Grab something to eat and have a seat at the table so we can talk," he said. I wasn't really sure what he wanted to talk about, but I quickly grabbed a plate and sat down. "I just spoke with your mom this morning. I told her that I want us all to sit down with your dad to talk about what happened between you and him. As far as the fight in school, you can't let people get you that upset. Unless someone puts his or her hands on you, just brush it off and walk away," he said. I know what uncle Paul was saying was true, so I just nodded my head in agreement. "Don't just sit there and nod your head Tony. You know fighting stays on your school record. When you go to apply to college they can see that stuff. You have got to learn how to control yourself," he added.

Uncle Paul could probably tell that I was over talking about this subject because he just abruptly changed the topic of conversation. We ended up talking about what I wanted for dinner that night and he gave me a list of chores to complete while I was staying at his house. "I hope you didn't think that you were just going to sit around this house all day, like you are on vacation. You were just suspended, so you have got to face some kind of punishment. I want you to vacuum all of the floors, wash the dishes in the sink, and dust in the living room & kitchen. That should keep you busy for a few hours. When you're done with your chores, I want you to study or review your classwork for all of your major courses, said Unc. I told him that I couldn't study because everything is back at my house. "Can you stop by my house after work and pick up my cellphone, some clothes, and my book bag. I will call mom and ask her to have my stuff ready for you to pickup. Thank you Unc," I said, thanking him in advance. Mid-way through me asking him the question, he interrupted as if he had to get something out before he forgot what it was that he wanted to say.

"Oh I have to talk to you about last night," he said. Unc looked at me square in the eyes with the most serious face. "What happened last night cannot happen again. I am your uncle and we are blood. On top of that, I'm straight," he blurted out. That was not what I wanted to hear first thing this morning. "I apologize to you Tony for even letting something like this occur. What I did to you was no better than what your father did to you yesterday. I was wrong for letting things go as far as they did," ha added. I just hung my head and tears just started to flow. "You did not take advantage of me Unc. I wanted to do what we did last night and the time before. I feel like I took advantage of you. I know that you are straight and that you are my uncle, but I couldn't stop my feelings. When I am around you, I just feel like I want to be with you," I confessed. Unc looked away from me and stared at the ceiling. "Tony, I don't want you or me getting hurt behind this. Your mom and dad would kill me if they found out what happened, not to mention you are a minor and it's against the law," he said.

Unc asked me if I thought that I might be gay. "I don't know Unc," I said sarcastically. "Maybe I just like your dick inside of my mouth and ass. Does that make me gay?" I joked. I felt like I was channeling the spirit of Clarence and couldn't help but to be a wise ass. "Forgetting about labels, did you not enjoy being inside of me Unc? Did it not feel good when I was riding you or letting your dick tickle my tonsils? Did you not enjoy every minute of it? We don't have to stop doing it because of how I may feel or because you could potentially get into trouble. I am a big boy and I know how to keep a secret," I said. Unc looked at me and didn't say a word. I don't know why, but the tears just started streaming down my face again.

"Don't cry Tony. I just want to make things right and not feel like I'm taking advantage of you. And just to be clear, my dick should have never been in your mouth last night. It should have been inside that tight little ass of yours," he said with a sly grin. Unc slapped me on the ass and walked out the door to head to work.


As soon as Unc left for work I started working on my newly assigned chores. Washing the dishes, which seemed like torture, as I never had to do any chores when I was staying with my parents. I needed a little distraction so I powered on the small radio Unc kept in the kitchen. I searched for my favorite station, slowly turning the knob until I found WPGC 95.5. Destiny's Child was playing on the radio, and was just the motivation I needed:









I sang and danced all around that kitchen as my favorite songs kept being played. Before I knew it, there were no more dishes in the sink. As I was walking to the hall closet to grab the vacuum, my favorite female rap artist came on the radio:











Missy Elliott had me crunked up and ready to vacuum. In just a couple of hours, I managed to finish every task Unc assigned me. It was only eleven o'clock in the morning, so Unc wasn't going to home for about four hours. I wish I had my phone so I could hit up the Clique and see what they were up to for the day. I didn't want to just stay in the house all day watching television. I couldn't remember anyone's cell phone number by heart, but I did remember the names of Clarence's parents. There was a phone book sitting near the house phone, so I searched for his parents. I looked for Clarence Miller, Senior in the phone book, but did not have any luck. I kept scrolling down the list to see if I would find his mom, Melissa Miller, and I did. Only problem was that there were four Melissa Miller's and I forgot their home address. I picked up Unc's home phone and just dialed the first number. "Hello can I speak to Clarence," I asked. I was politely told that I had the wrong number, so I hung up and dialed the second number. "Hello can I speak to Clarence," I asked once more. The person on the other end wasn't as friendly this time. "Y'all motherfuckers keep playing on my goddamn phone. Y'all need to go head with that bullshit. Don't call my fucking house again," the woman said. "Third times a charm," I thought to myself as I dialed the third number. "Hello. Can I speak to Clarence?" I asked. Before I could finish asking the question, the person on the other end of the phone said, "Tony, you don't know my damn voice. Where the hell have you been? I've been texting and calling you all night. What the hell were you doing?" Clarence asked. I told him everything that happened between me and my father and how I was now staying with my uncle. "Damn Tony, that's fucked up. Your pops is mad wrong for that. I would still be beating that ass if my father ever tried to choke me out. I don't give a fuck who you are, you're not going to do me any kind of way," Clarence remarked. "I have about four hours before my uncle gets home from work. We should get everyone together," I suggested. I gave Clarence my uncle's address and told him to hit up everyone and try to figure out which house would be the most convenient to go to. "I don't even know my uncle's phone number, so I will just call you back in ten minutes," I said. I took a very quick shower and then called Clarence back. "Ok Tony, so it looks like Josh's parents got in his ass. He isn't allowed to leave the house or have company. I'm surprised that this phone wasn't taken away. Guess we won't be seeing him until we get back into school on Monday. He told me to tell you hi by the way. If you want, Michael and I can come over to your uncle's place or y'all can come over here," he said. Realizing that I didn't have any clean clothes to change into, I suggested that Clarence and Michael come over to my uncle's place.

I threw on the same shorts and shirt that I found in Matt's closet last night. The guys arrived to my uncle's place around two o'clock that afternoon. We hugged and greeted as if we just had a reunion after not seeing each other for years. Clarence had on a pair of red shorts that stopped about the knee, with a white button down long sleeve shirt. Michael, on the other hand, had on a pair of black skinny jeans that hung just below his butt. His boxer briefs were almost mesh material, and his white V-neck shirt stopped at his waist, so all that ass was just exposed. I know that I have a nice bubble butt, however, Michael's ass was phat as fuck. Clarence and I joked around with Michael about him sagging, saying that he was advertising for dick. Michael made sure to let us know that he was all top and that nothing was going up his ass. We laughed and joked around all afternoon, totally losing track of time. Uncle Paul walked in around four o'clock and looked a bit shocked to see people in his house. "I'm sorry Unc. This is Clarence and Michael. My friends from school," I said nervously. He looked them up and down and extended a handshake to both. "Is this the crew that got put out of school for fighting?" he asked. We all looked at each other and then nodded yes. "Ok well we all need to sit down and have a conversation about self control at some point. But for now I am going to ask everyone to leave. While Tony is on suspension, I don't want him acting like he is on vacation with his friends. You all are welcome in my home, but after the suspension is up. Y'all can even come back and spend the night. Hope y'all understand," Unc said. The guys headed toward the door and I noticed that Unc's eyes shifted down to Michael's ass. He seemed to be so hypnotized by it, he didn't even realize that I was looking at him. Unc shut the door behind them and you could see what looked like a baby snake moving around in the front of his slacks.

"Your mom is going to be over here in about an hour to drop your stuff off. Let's see what we can get into before she gets here," Unc said. He grabbed my hand and placed it on his dick. It was as hard as a brick, and he made it jump in his pants. I wanted to suck the hell out of it, but a part of me was mad as hell that he was checking out Michael like it was his first time seeing a nice ass. I pulled my hand away from his dick and walked over to the couch. Unc probably could tell that I had something on my mind, because I usually would have jumped at the opportunity to seduce him. He came over to the couch and sat behind me. "What's wrong Tony?" he asked. I didn't want to seem like some crazed lover, so I just lied and said that everything was cool. He stood and unbuckled his pants, letting them hit the floor. My God, Unc was sexy as hell. "Michael may have made his dick hard, but I'm the one that's going to make it go soft again," I thought to myself. I reached out and pulled his tight gray boxer briefs down to his ankles and had him step out of both his pants and underwear. Without missing a beat, I kneeled on floor and began licking those beautifully low hanging balls. The more I licked those balls the louder Unc moaned. "Damn Tony, lick those balls. You're making me hard as fuck," he moaned. I took his dick in my mouth and sucked it like I had a point to prove. After about five minutes of slobbering on that meat, Unc picked me up and literally ripped my shorts off. He shoved me on the couch face down and shoved his tongue into my ass. He has never been this forceful with me when we have messed around before. It was almost as if he was possessed, or just really turned on. I cried out with pleasure as he twirled that long tongue around in my ass, lowering it every now and then to that sensitive place between my balls and my hole. "Fuck you got me horny. I'm ready for that dick Unc," I yelled. Unc already had my ass soak and wet so he was able to just slide right on in. I hadn't been fucked in a while, so I was in pain when he first entered me. "Go slow until you open me back up," I whispered in pain. It was hurting a little too much so I had him pull out and lay flat on the floor. I grabbed a little Vaseline to grease my ass and my own dick, then eased myself down onto his thick pipe. It became a lot easier taking him inside me in this position. Being able to jack off really helps when taking a huge dick like Unc's. After bouncing up and down a few times I was shocked as hell to feel Unc shooting inside of me. He pulled me down onto his chest and we just lay there on the floor together.

*The full version of UNCLE PAUL will be available for purchase on February 18th via Amazon. I will post links on how to purchase closer to the release date. Hope everyone will support my first book.

Thank you,

Ty Thomas




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