"Damn Tony. You're milking that cow like you know what you're doing. Don't stop until you see milk coming from the cow OK," he said. I loved hanging with my big cousin Matt. Even though he was sixteen and I was only twelve years old, he always made time to play fun games with me like 'Milk the Cow' or 'Lick the Lollipop'. We played this game a few times before, and I was getting pretty good. "Ahhh damn don't stop Tony. You are about to see the big cow shoot its milk. Keep milking it. Ahhh I'm about to...,"he yelled. Before Matt could finish his sentence I saw the milk shoot into the sky and down onto his stomach. "Now be a good boy and drink this milk. Lick it off my stomach," he instructed.

"Tony, you are my favorite little cousin. Like I tell you every time, please don't tell anyone about our special games. These games are just between you and me," he said. I never felt more special than when I heard Matt say that to me. He gave me a big hug, kissed me on the forehead, and told me that he was going to come back over to visit me later in the week. Not having any siblings, and not a lot of friends, Matt was the closest thing to a brother I had. As each year went by, we seemed to grow closer and closer, despite the significant age gap.

I lived with my mom and dad in Washington DC, but I barely saw either one of them because they both worked long hours. Dad was a police officer, and mom worked for some business consulting firm. Dad was an attractive man, and in my seventeen years of life, I've seen him bring at least thirty different women into our home. One particular night, mom was out of town attending a conference in North Carolina, and dad had come home with a tall blond woman. This woman looked to be about nineteen years old, making her only a couple years older than me. It was about ten o'clock at night and I was on the couch watching television. When I heard the two come into the house I just pretended to be asleep so I could eavesdrop on their conversation. "Awww how cute, your son looks just like you and he is knocked out on the couch," said the young woman. "Thank you. Lets go upstairs before we wake him," dad replied. After about ten minutes of silence, all I could hear was loud moaning coming from upstairs. I slowly crept up the staircase so that it wouldn't make a creaking noise. When I got to top of the steps, I saw the dress that the blond woman was wearing crumbled up on the floor leading to my parent's bedroom. The bedroom door was cracked and there was a little light coming from the television. I slowly made my way towards the door and was both shocked and amazed at what I saw once I got there. My father had his faced buried into this woman's private parts. "Don't stop daddy. Eat that pussy daddy, she moaned. That went on for about ten minutes, then my father stood up and I saw the biggest dick that I've ever seen in my life. From where I was standing, it looked as if his dick was about ten or eleven inches long and about as wide as a soda can. The only other dick I ever saw, besides my own, belonged to my older cousin Matt. Matt had about eight or nine inches and was quite thick, but not as thick as dads. My mouth dropped open in amazement.

The blond woman wrapped her lips around my dad's big dick and I know that I should have been pissed that dad was disrespecting my mom, his wife, in their own bed, but I couldn't help but to be aroused. My own dick began to rise in my pajamas. While I watched my dad get his dick sucked by this barely legal teenager, I pulled my eight-inch dick out and began to slowly stroke myself. She laid on her back in the middle of the bed and placed her legs behind her back, using her own fingers to play with her pussy. This was obviously turning dad on because his dick seemed like it kept getting bigger and bigger. He eventually shoved his dick into her pussy and went in and out of her like his life depended on it. She was yelling for him to stop because his dick was too big, but he kept right on fucking until he pulled out of her and sprayed cum all over her face and breast. I damn near exploded when I saw all of that cum hit her body.

Pops told her that she could get cleaned up and spend the night if she wanted to, and the woman agreed. I hurried back downstairs and crawled back onto the couch before anyone noticed I had moved. I couldn't help but replay what I had seen over and over in my mind. My mind kept racing from the woman's pussy to my dad's big thick dick. Both were turning me on equally.

Night had come and gone and I awakened to the sound of the front door slamming. "Good morning Tony. Wake up. Mommy's home," said mom. I rubbed my eyes and gave her the stank look. "Come on ma. It is only six o'clock in the morning," I reminded her. "Oh boy hush. I came back early. They cancelled the last day of the conference." Oh shit. I remembered that dad was upstairs with that blond chick. As much as my father deserved to get busted for fucking some woman in my mama's bed, I did not want mom to find out like this. I'm afraid it was already too late. Mama was making her way upstairs.

Mama picked up the dressed that was still on the floor from the night before, and clearly knew it wasn't hers. She wasn't a big lady, but she wasn't as tiny as the blond woman by far. With the dress in hand, she barged into the bedroom. She saw dad sleeping in the bed naked by himself. With one leg hanging off the bed, his thick dick and big balls were in plain view. She woke him up and asked whom the dressed belonged to since it obviously wasn't her dress size. Dad made up some lie about buying it at a yard sale for her. He tried to flatter her by saying that he thought that the dress would fit her perfectly and show off all of her curves. Somehow mama bought into this and began to undress. "Did you miss me while I was away", she asked. "Hell yeah. Come over here to daddy," he replied. I stood by the bedroom door puzzled as hell about how the blond woman was able to leave the house without me hearing her last night. Well dad began to fuck mom like his relationship depended on it. He would put that entire dick into her and then pull it all the way back out, and then repeat slowly. This must have sent mom into overdrive because she yelled that she was about to have an orgasm for the third time in fifteen minutes. This went on for about thirty minutes and dad finally told my mom that he was ready to nut. "Let me inside that tight little ass of yours so I can give you this nut," dad commanded. She did as instructed and within two minutes pops let out just as much cum as he did before with the young blond woman.

Mom went into the bathroom to get cleaned up, while dad waiting in the bedroom for her to finish. She turned on the shower and waited for the water to get hot. After about five minutes, when dad saw that the coast was clear, he pulled the blond woman from the closet and was about to escort her down the stairs. Just as they were about to make their escape, the bathroom door opened. Mom had forgotten her towel so she was heading to the hall closet to retrieve one, but now she was standing face to face with the woman dad had given his dick to the night before.

"Who the fuck are you", mom asked. The woman replied that she didn't want any trouble. "Were you fucking my husband in my house," mom asked, knowing she knew the answer. "Yes, but I did not know that he was married ma'am," the woman replied. My momma must have seen red because the next thing I knew, she hauled off and punched the woman square in the face. Dad tried to break up the fight, but mom and the woman were pulling each other hair, and kicking and punching.

After about five minutes of fighting, dad was finally able to break things up between the two. But now he had another problem, as mom was now fighting him. While mom and dad were fighting the woman eased her way downstairs and ran out of the front door to safety. Mom was kicking and punching dad, and calling him every name in the book. The disgusted look on her face was enough to tell that things were serious. I didn't know how things were going to play out, but I knew that it wasn't going to be a good ending. Mom finally grew tired and yelling and fighting and just went into the bathroom. She took a nice long shower and got dressed as if she was about to go to an upscale event. As she was about to make her way downstairs dad asked her where she was going and she replied, "To get some dick from down the street". This set him off and the fighting returned.

This time dad became physical with mom and began to push her. "That's why I've been giving this pussy to Mike from work." As soon as the words left her lips, dad slapped her so hard across the face I could see his hand print. Mom grabbed her face and began to lash out in anger. "You pussy motherfucker. I can't believe you just put your hands on a woman. I'm going to call the police. No, I'm going to call Paul." Paul was her older brother, my uncle. "He is going to fuck you up. Get out of my house," mom yelled at the top of her lungs. I wouldn't be shocked if everyone in the neighborhood heard her. Dad stood his ground and refused to go anywhere. "I'm not going anywhere. I pay the damn bills in this house. You can get the fuck out, but I'm not moving," he said firmly.

Mom looked at me and told me to come with her. She called Uncle Paul and asked him to pick us up. I was sad, scared, nervous, anxious, and a number of other feelings all at the same time. I didn't know what was going to happy to our family. Uncle Paul was able to pick us up within ten minutes, since he didn't live too far. He stayed in Northwest DC, near Howard University. On the way to his house mama told him everything. Uncle Paul said not to worry and that we can stay at his house for as long as we needed to do so.

*Please continue to read the next couple chapters. I promise the story gets better and hotter. Just had to set the foundation.




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