If you are not legally allowed, or you don't like sometimes violent stories of Domination/Submission, don't read this. All others read it and enjoy it.

My Teacher, My Pet 9 - Coach Bryan's Kids

"Please don't do that, JD" Ken said as we walked towards his house. I'd been feeling up his butt as we walked as a reminder that I hadn't given up on fucking him. I mean he had a butt that wouldn't quit and I couldn't keep my hands off of it.

"You telling me what to do, Ken? Huh?" I said as I now grabbed his ass and squeezed it hard. "You wouldn't be doing that would you, Ken?"

"Please, JD. We've got a deal."

"We ain't got a deal until I say we've got a deal" I said as I grabbed him around the waist and moved behind him. Holding him tight I jammed my crotch into his ass a couple times. "I'm still thinking of taking your ass." He reached behind himself to try to push me away. "Get your fucking hands down" I snapped at him.

He dropped his hands and just stood there as I moved my crotch around and around and up and down, pressing my rousing hard-on into his ass.

"Please, JD. I'm begging you. Please, don't do this. I'm telling you, Trace will give you a blow job. I'm sure of it. Come-on, JD. Please." There was a catch in his voice so I think he was on the verge of crying.

"You had your chance at a blow job, Kenny boy, and you blew it, pun intended. It's this hot ass of yours that I'm interested in now, and I haven't decided whether I can give it up or not. But I'll hold off until I see what your little brother has to offer."

"Please, JD. Please, man" he pleaded. "Take my brother. You'll like him. He's a cute kid." Holding him tight, I jammed my mostly hard prick against his butt once more, actually fitting it into his crack. Then I gave him a kiss on his neck.

"What a sweet ass, Ken. Just made for my big prick" I said as I kissed his neck once more. Letting go of his waist I now put my arm around his shoulders and we headed on down the street.

As we entered the house, Ken led me up to the second floor. "Let's take just a minute and see my sister" he said as we went up the steps. "Just for a minute. She's been dying to meet you so this will give her a thrill."

As we entered her room Ken introduced us and I gave her one of my devastating grins. "Hi, Stacy. I hear you've been wanting to meet me."

"Ken" she giggled. "What did you tell him?" She started turning red and turned her head away in embarrassment.

"Ken said you told him I was the sexiest thing on two legs" I said as I took her chin and made her look at me. "So here I am." I still had on the torn sleeveless t-shirt so my arms were bare as I spread them wide, halfway into a biceps curl, showing my body in all its magnificence. She actually swooned and gulped as her eyes moved up and down my body.

And there was plenty to look at. I'm massively muscled and I'd just finished working out so my muscles were looking their very best and I was dressed to show them off. Tight short cut-offs that didn't hide anything and were slit slightly up the sides in order to fit over my massive thighs, and a skin tight sleeveless t-shirt looking almost painted on to my bulging pectorals and my rippling abdominals. And the size and definition of my arms and shoulders was simply beyond belief.

"So here he is, Stacy, in the flesh" Ken laughed. "You want his autograph?"

"Oh, I don't know" I said with a leer. "I think Stacy might want something more than my autograph. What do you think, Stacy?" She was young and sexy and Ken's sister, and those were three good reasons for believing that I might be interested in giving her something more than an autograph. I had something in my pants that I might be willing to give to her.

"What did you have in mind, JD?" she said, trying to sound coy and sexy. That turned me on. She was an absolute doll and obviously hot for me. She was a young chicken just waiting and anxious to be plucked. By me. The best thing was, even though she was only a kid, thirteen or so I suppose, I was under eighteen myself so doing her was not illegal.

"Ken. Go entertain your little brother" I said without even looking at him. I slowly reached down and made an obvious point of groping my prick, making it impossible for them not to see.

"JD, no, I can't. I mean, you can't" he said. "I mean, I've gotta stay here with my little sister."

"Fuck you, Kenny" Stacey pouted.

"Cut it out, Stacey. JD's here to see Trace" Ken snapped at her. "Come-on, JD. Let's go see Trace."

Without even looking at him, I reached over and grabbed Ken by the neck, and keeping my eyes on Stacey and giving her a grin, I marched him out of the room. Giving him a shove so he banged against the wall in the hall, I closed the door and locked it.

Then I turned back to Stacey. She was in my arms in two seconds, actually knocking me back a step. She definitely caught me unaware, but I just reached around her and grabbed her ass as she wrapped her legs around me. She was a particularly tiny kid; probably only 5'2" and maybe a hundred pounds.

She put both hands around my neck and latched her lips onto mine and started moaning. Yeah, she was a moaner.

"Ooooooooh" she moaned as the kiss went on and on. Holding her with one hand as if she were nothing more than a box of feathers, I pulled one of her arms loose from around my neck and jammed it between our bodies putting her hand on my dick.

"Ooooohhhhh" she moaned even louder, as she grabbed a tight hold on my dick. "It's so big, JD. It's so big" she mumbled in amazement.

"Oh yeah, hon, JD's got the biggest" I whispered into her ear, "and JD knows what to do with it."

"Ohhhh, JD" she squealed in a high pitch almost hurting my ears as I said that. Then she went back to her moaning as she tugged on my dick and kept kissing. This moaning was going to get tiresome pretty damn quick and I thought I might have to put a sock in it. Ken was sure getting an earful from outside the door.

"You a virgin, Stacey? Hmmm? Is my sweet little girl a virgin?" I asked as I broke the kiss, gave her ass a tight squeeze and started nibbling at her neck. She was squeezing and stroking my fully hard dick like she was afraid it would get away.

"Yes, JD, yes" she murmured breathlessly. "But I want you. I want you to be the first."

"I know you do, hon. I know you want JD's big dick." It seemed unlikely to me that she was still a virgin at thirteen, but my dick was going to fit in there either way. She screamed in excitement and ecstasy as I bit her neck, probably giving her a hickey. "You've got a thrill coming, baby; getting it from the biggest and bestest prick in the state." I blew into her ear and then licked it a couple times getting another scream from her as I kept squeezing her ass.

"You want to be my bitch, don't you, hon?" I whispered. "You want me to fuck your virgin cunt and make you my bitch." Young girls always like a stud like me to talk dirty to them and Stacey was no exception.

"Oh yes, JD. Yes, yes, yeeesss" she actually screamed as her whole body shuddered in my arms and she came for the first time. Oh, yeah, she was a hot little number. As I set her feet back down on the floor she kept her hand on my dick. She just didn't want to let go.

"Go exploring, honey" I said. "Get in there and see what you find." She immediately dropped to her knees and tried to unbutton my pants. I wasn't wearing a belt but my short cutoffs were definitely tight.

"Damn it, damn it, damn it" she said in frustration as she frantically tried to get my shorts unbuttoned. It was hilarious and I had to laugh aloud because she was absolutely desperate to get to my dick.

"Help me, JD" she snapped in frustration. "Don't laugh, just help me."

"No way, hon" I continued laughing. "It's your treasure. You want it you've got to find it." Finally she was able to handle the button and the zipper and was able to peal the shorts down over my muscular thighs.

"Oh, JD, JD, JD" she said in astonishment as my enormous dick popped out in her face. She took hold of it with both hands and just admired it for a moment. I was fully hard now so her hands couldn't even reach around its' enormous girth. "Oh, JD" she moaned as she kissed it on the tip. "Oooohhhh." What a moaner she was.

Backing up slowly, forcing her to crawl along on her knees in order to keep a hold on my dick, I sat down on the bed. Might as well get comfortable since I was going to be here for a while.

She never stopped moaning the whole time she was sucking me, and came at least two times before I shot my load down her throat. Though I guess she was only thirteen, she'd obviously had plenty of practice sucking guy's dicks, because she was an accomplished cocksucker. Even after I blew my load, which she gobbled up like it was her favorite desert, I couldn't get her off my dick. She only took about three inches into his mouth, but she played with it with both hands, and constantly spoke sweet nothings to it, telling it how beautiful it was. I just sat there and enjoyed watching her enjoying herself.

I think I enjoyed her total exuberance and enthusiasm as much as the actual blowjob itself. I wasn't using force like I usually do, but just let the heat buildup slowly giving her a full thirty or forty minutes of playtime before I finally blew my load into her mouth. She swallowed it down like candy but still wouldn't quit, keeping my dick in her mouth and continuing to moan. She was having a love affair with my dick. So I just let her go at it until she got me hard again.

She was number eighteen on my cherry picking list when I finally got her ready to fuck. After removing her panties I used them to tie her hands to the post at the top of the bed. She never stopped moaning and I think she came again as I tied her hands above her head. I was sitting on her chest with my full ten inch dick in her face.

"Do you love JD's cock, honey? Do you really love it?"

"Oh yes, JD. Yes, yes, yes" she gasped as I banged it softly against her face.

"Tell me, honey. Tell me how much you love it" I said with a big smile, absolutely loving her total worship.

"Ohhh .... JD. JD. You are so powerful. You are so beautiful. I love you, JD. I love you." Of course this was doing incredible things to my ego, and I hoped my head wouldn't get so big I wouldn't be able to get my football helmet back on.

"Lick my balls, honey" I said as I moved up slightly with my balls right on top of her lips. She was wild with lust now so I knew she'd do anything. She started kissing my balls.

"Don't kiss, honey. Lick. Lots of saliva; get them wet. Do what JD tells you." Now she started licking as I rubbed my dick back and forth against her face. As she got my balls wet, I scooted up rubbing them and her spit against her nose and then her eyes, and then back down again. "That's it, hon. Now suck on them. Suck on JD's balls." I knew she couldn't get them in her mouth, but she tried, as she sucked and licked every inch of them. I scooted up and down several times smearing the spit coated balls all over her youthful teenage face, and watching her moaning and swooning as she sucked and licked.

It didn't seem to make any difference to her when I scooted up further, planting my ass in her face because she just kept sucking and licking, trying her damnedest to get her tongue into my hole. So I gave her a good ten minutes of action, sliding back and forth over her face, from the base of my cock to my balls and to my ass. She was not only moaning, but laughing and giggling with exuberance as I basically sat on her face. I final started to scoot slowly down her body. I rubbed the tip of my dick against one tiny tit, and then the other. She's only thirteen or so and didn't have much there yet, but what she had was hard as I wetted them with my pre-cum. Her face was covered with her spit and she was breathing hard, but the look of incredible excitement and passion showing on her face was amazing. She was the hottest little bitch I'd had in weeks.

"You gonna be eighteen, baby. Lucky eighteen." I said as I bent down and locked onto her lips and started to French kiss, which she aggressively returned. Reaching down and bending my dick down to meet her cunt, I very carefully took aim and pushed. "Lucky eighteen, baby" I said as I broke the kiss. "Eighteen bitches I've induced into the world of hot sex with JD"s big dick." Hell yes, I was counting. I was fucking her partially to piss Ken off, but mostly because she said she was a virgin, and let me tell you, there just ain't nothing like chalking up another virgin. She was definitely going up on my scoreboard.

You think she wasn't wet? Hell, she's already cum I don't know how many times, so it wasn't that difficult even if she was a virgin. I slowly slid into her using a slight jacking motion forcing her to open up for my massive dick. The moaning which had never stopped, now got louder.

"Oooooooooh" she went on and on and on as I got deeper and deeper. Then she screeched, and there was no question it was a screech of pleasure not of pain. Jesus, was she ever a hot little thing.

So I started fucking. She'd already given me a blowjob so I knew I could keep this going as long as I wanted. And I was determined to get a whole lot of pleasure from this sweet little teenager.

I went slowly for the first ten minutes or so, just enjoying the tightness against my prick. She got louder, sometimes moaning, sometimes squealing, and sometimes just giggling and yelling 'JD, JD, JD'.

Then, after that first few minutes, I lay down right on top of her and started to pickup speed. And, gradually, over the next ten minutes I got to the point of banging into her. Really banging into her. She was now pretty much squealing all the time as I kept thrusting into her snatch.

Then, with one final slam into her, I yelled and started to cum. But she actually outdid me by screaming even louder as I fired into her no long virgin cunt. I was sweating and moaning and she was sweating and moaning as I fired shot after shot into her. Ain't no question the pleasure is greater when you know that there's never been a dick in there before. There ain't nothing like having a virgin on the end of your big wanger.

I just lay there for a while, probably crushing her, but she didn't say anything. The moaning had stopped but she was now humming softly as she kissed and licked my neck and rubbed her hands up and down my muscled back.

When I finally raised my head and looked at her, she had a look of total adoration in her eyes. I smiled and gave her a peck on the lips.

"I love you, JD" she swooned. "I love you."

"I love you too, honey" I said as I gave her another peck on the lips. Total bullshit of course, but it doesn't cost me anything to tell her what she wants to hear.

I fucked Stacey partly because, if you come right down to it, Ken actually offered her as a replacement for him. His actual words were 'my brother and sister' and no matter how much he might deny it, I remember what I heard. I also admit I fucked her because I knew it would piss Ken off, and also because it was always a thrill to be the very first one to stick your dick into a young girl's twat and take her cherry. When Ken was pleading with me, trying to save his ass, he mentioned her, and since she was wildly mad for me anyway, I knew she'd give me a good time.

But to make a point here, a fine point, I never actually agreed to Ken's terms. Yes, he suggested his brother and sister, or at least his brother, in exchange for my blowjob from him, but I never actually said yea or nay. I know that is a fine point, but I felt no obligation to abide by the terms if I didn't agree to them. In fact I might fuck Ken out of sheer spite, just because he was a cold hearted bastard who was willing to offer up his siblings in exchange for himself.

If I recall correctly, my exact words to Ken were 'I'll let you off the hook for now'. That doesn't sound to me like I agreed to his deal. That statement was open to a lot of interpretations, and if I wanted to, I could interpret it to mean I could do any damn thing I wanted to him Can you imagine how incredibly cool that would be to fuck all four members of one family; my coach's family.

Stacey was lying on the bed with her eyes closed totally sated, and maybe asleep. She had some bruises on her lips and her cheek was red where I'd slapped her a couple times. I had already untied her hands from the bed and now, as I wiped my dick off with the panties I had to laugh. I damn well knew she was never going to wash these again and was probably going to sniff them every time she got horny.

I stuffed my softening schlong back into my shorts and zipped up. I was still wearing my sleeveless T, so I now took it off and tucked it into my shorts in the back, allowing it to hang down over my ass. As I looked into Stacey's bedroom mirror, I flexed my arms and admired my incredible physique. Oh yeah, I was going to allow Trace to experience a real muscle man before I fucked him. There was no doubt that this young beginning bodybuilder was going to be absolutely dazzled by what I had to show him.

As I walked into Trace's bedroom I saw him at the desk in front of the computer and Ken lying on the bed. They both looked up as I smiled and raised my arms slightly, not really flexing, but giving them just a taste of the potential of my massive delts and biceps. Trace's mouth dropped open in awe at my muscular body, but Ken simply looked angry. I wasn't at all surprised at Trace's look of total astonishment and I wasn't really surprised at Ken's expression either. After all, I threw Ken out of Stacey's room and they'd been listening to her moaning and screaming for the past hour or so while she lost her virginity.

Trace was as absolute doll, definitely better looking than his sister, and he was a hunk besides. He was amazingly well built for a thirteen year old. Ken told me he had really gotten into lifting weights, and it was beginning to show. Much more than his sister, he was definitely my type: pretty cherubic face, perhaps a little overly feminine, but that was simply because of his youth. But he had an impressive youthful sculptured body. I know it seems like I say that anything I can stick my dick into is my type, but he really was what I'd call my perfect type. A little young, but otherwise just perfect. I had the sister and now I was going to have the twin brother.

I walked to the bed and grabbed Ken by the front of his shirt and pulled him to his feet. He was so startled that he didn't even react as, without saying a word, I marched him to the door, pushed him into the hall and closed the door in his face. Turning back to Trace, I gave him one of my devastating smiles, and I could almost see him melt in front of me.

"What do you think?" I asked as I put my hands on my hips and stuck out my chest. "Pretty impressive, hey?"

"Geeze, JD. You are incredible" Trace answered. "Simply amazing." It makes sense to get a kid totally enthralled with your body when you're preparing to fuck him. Getting him to verbalize his admiration is a good way to start.

"What do you see? Tell me." I just stood there arrogantly, hands on hips, with a smirk on my face, watching him literally drooling over my body.

"You're just amazing everywhere, JD. Every part of your body is unbelievable."

"Which body part do you like best? Which muscles really turn you on?" Is that a sexual comment: 'turn you on'? You bet it is.

"Well, I've .... I've been working hard on my biceps, but yours are gigantic. Coach says arms are really hard for a skinny kid like me."

"Eighteen inches of rock hard muscle, babe. You ain't skinny so keep working; you'll get there." God he was a pretty kid. His baby face made him look about seven years old and I suppose he hated that, but I loved it, and the way his curls hung down over his forehead must drive the girls crazy. It was driving me crazy. I don't know who called him skinny, but you could see there was some muscle under his loose t-shirt. I was going to enjoy rubbing my hands over that body and squeezing those 'little boy' muscles. "Come here, Trace" I said.

"Ahhh, yeah?"

"Come here." He got up from in front of the computer and stepped over to me. "Right here" I said. "Right in front of me." He took another step, closer. I just stood there looking down at him. Down, yes. He was about 5'5" or 5'6" so I had him by eight inches. I just kept that smirk on my face as I looked into his eyes but didn't say anything for like twenty, thirty seconds, making him very uncomfortable.

"Ahhh, yeah? JD?" he asked quizzically. This is called intimidation. He was intimidated to begin with, but now he was flustered too, not knowing what I was up to. I wasn't trying to instill fear in him, not yet anyway. I just wanted him a bit bewildered and demoralized as I prepared to take control.

Finally, after I had him completely befuddled, I raised my right arm and flexed my massive bicep, right in his face. His mouth dropped open and he gasped, and I actually saw his whole body shutter in astonishment.

"Oh shit, JD" he said, his voice quivering with emotion. "Oh shit." The blood actually drained from his face in shock and amazement as he glued his eyes to my perfectly shaped, beautifully defined bicep. "Oh shit" he said once more.

I reached down and took one of his hands and pulled it up and put it on the enormous muscle.

"Oh shit, JD" he said, and then: "thank you." Very gently he began rubbing his hand over my bulging bicep, just moving his hand over its contours with a very light touch. "Je-sus Christ" he murmured breathlessly as he gave me a quick glance and then brought up his other hand and put both hands to work feeling my amazing muscle.

And I was loving it. I mean, what's not to love? This kid was a total muscle freak.

As he glanced up at me again I said "you can kiss it," and he did, instantly. Diving in he started licking the big muscle. I quickly grabbed him by the hair and pulled him back a few inches. Startled, he looked up at me. "I didn't say lick, honey. Pay attention. I said kiss. Just sweet, warm kisses."

As I let go of him he leaned in to start kissing my bicep. "Hands behind your back, honey. Hands behind your back." He didn't seem to react to my calling him 'honey' which was a definite plus.

With a quick glance at me, he did what he was told, putting his hands behind his back and started kissing my bicep. I reached behind him with my left hand, and grabbed his wrists, as if I was restraining him. I felt his body shiver in excitement as I then pulled him in against me, crotch to crotch.

Jesus, what a hot little number. Not that I hadn't had this kind of action before. I mean, this happened all the fucking time. Any number of kids I'd fucked had acted this way, completely malleable and compliant, totally enamored with my muscles, and literally begging me to stick my dick up their asses.

Moving my hand from his wrists, I grabbed his ass, lifting him up to his tiptoes, and started squeezing it.

"Mmmmmm" he murmured as I squeezed his ass. He now put his arms around me, but he didn't stop kissing my bicep. He was obviously a nut for biceps. Dropping my right arm, I pushed his face against my shoulder.

"Kiss, honey. Go ahead and kiss" I said and he started kissing my bulging traps. Remember, I'd had quite a workout just over an hour ago, so my muscles were still pumped to the max. I got a finger in his ass crack, almost pushing his sweat pants into his ass hole.

And he started sobbing. Yeah, sobbing. Not sobbing 'I'm in pain' type of sobbing, but sobbing 'I'm in ecstasy' type of sobbing. That pushed my cock to its' ultimate ten inches and it shuttered in anticipation.

Then, with my hand on his ass, I just lifted him off his feet. He put his arms around me, squeezing tightly, as I walked over to the bed. Setting him down on the edge of the bed, I pushed him onto his back, grabbed his sweat pants, and jerked them off. He had jockey shorts on so I jerked them off as well.

He lay there looking at me, bewildered, but also filled with lust, his little dick hard and tight against his stomach. Standing there touching the bed, my legs in-between his legs, I performed the double bicep pose and grinned at him.

"Oh JD, JD, JD" he murmured in euphoria. Dropping the pose, I unbuttoned my shorts and pealed them down and off.

Just standing there in front of him, I leaned back just a bit forcing my hips and my very hard prick forward, and started stroking it. Trace's eyes had been focused on my arms and shoulders almost exclusively, but now moved down to my enormous prick that I was caressing.

"It's a beauty, isn't it?" I asked him.

"Ahhh.... JD. Ahhh.... geeze!" he stammered in amazement.

"I'm gonna give you some of this, honey" I said, grinning wickedly at him as I kept stroking it. I don't think Trace realized yet that he was going to get fucked, because he just seemed to be under the spell of my muscles and my soft dominating voice. But he was going to find out right now.

Grabbing his legs and lifting them and raising him up onto his shoulders with his ass in the air, I spit a big gob of saliva into his crack. Pushing him even higher and grabbing both ankles with one hand, I started smearing the saliva around his asshole. Giving him only a couple seconds, I punched a finger into him.

"Ugggh" he said in surprise. "JD? Ahhh... JD? Wait. Wait." He suddenly came to the realization that I was going to take his ass and he started jerking, trying to get away.

Pulling my finger out and dropping his legs I stepped back and grabbed my cock again. Casually stroking it, I just looked at him for a moment, and then walked over to his closet and opened it. He was staring at me in shock, his eyes nearly bugging right out of his head. Very calmly and collectively I found a belt, turned and walked back to the bed, grinning at him all the time, as I continued stroking my dick.

Moving quickly, I grabbed his shoulders, flipped him over and pulling his hands behind his back, tied them securely with the belt. This happened so quickly that he didn't even have a chance to react.

"JD" he said in a shocked tone of voice. "What are you doing?" I had to laugh because the kid still hadn't figured it out. I know he's only thirteen or so but what did he think I was doing here, letting him worship and kiss my muscles, if it wasn't to get into his virgin ass?

Rolling him back over I bent down so our noses were almost touching and grinning broadly at him, gave him a peck on the nose and then on the lips. "I'm going to fuck you, honey bon" I said.

"No, JD. Don't. I mean .... Ahhh .... don't. I mean .... I never ...." he gasped as it finally became clear.

"Hey, hon, don't worry. You're going to love it" I laughed. "Big dominant muscle stud like me, I know you're just dying to get it on with me."

"No, JD. I mean .... Ahhh, don't JD. Please. Ahhh.... Let me kiss your muscles" he said desperately. "Please, JD. I'll kiss your muscles. I'll lick them if you want"

"That's good, baby, because I like that. I love having little boys worship my muscles, but first you are gonna be my pussy." I said grinning at him in delight. "You gonna be JD's cute pussy boy."

"No, JD. Please. I don't want to do this" he pleaded, and then, like a flash of light, he seemed to come up with a great idea.

"JD" he said excitedly. "Let me suck you. I'll suck you. I'll suck your cock. Please, let me suck your cock" he blurted out all in one breath. With my face still just inches away from his, I put one big hand on his throat, squeezed gently, turned him slightly, and pressed my lips against his.

Then I just lay down on top of him, both of our legs dangling off the side of the bed. I held on to his neck, squeezing it a little, letting him know my strength, and aggressively jammed my tongue into his mouth. Evidently he'd not done much deep tongue French kissing because it took him a while, but then he started returning it with a vengeance.

We just lay there kissing for the longest time, ten minutes or more. At one point he tried to say something, so I pulled back slightly. "My hands, JD. My hands" he gasped. Then he went back to heavy kissing. As we continued I slid a hand under him and unbuckled the belt. He immediately put his arms around me, literally trying to crush us together as he rubbed his hands up and down my lats. The kiss went on and on.

Finally, while still kissing, I let go of his neck but grabbed a shoulder and as I rolled over I pulled him on top of me. He had now pretty much taken over the kiss so I put my arms behind my head and just let him go at it. He was absolutely something else. Then, he moved his lips from my lips and started kissing my face. Covering every inch with kisses: my cheeks, my eyes and nose, my forehead, and even down to my neck.

Finally, he raised his head to look into my eyes. "Can I suck you, JD, please? Can I suck your cock? I want to. I want to suck you. I want to do it for you."

Well, well, well. Another conquered neophyte.

As I started laughing, Trace smiled, and started interrupting my laughter with kisses.

"Please, JD" he said as my laughter slowed to just a chuckle. "I want to suck your cock. I want to lick your muscles. I want to do all kinds of stuff with you."

"Sorry, honey" I said still chuckling. "But I've gotta have that ass." As I said it I reached down and squeezed one of his cheeks.

"I know, JD. But let me suck you first. Okay?" I swear to God, he was pleading with me. He was begging me to let him worship my dick. My dick and my body.

"I'm going to fuck you, honey. But you go ahead and suck on it and get me good and ready." Trace immediately slid down to his knees at the side of the bed. I just lay back on the bed with my feet dangling down to the floor and my super hard-on tight against my belly. Trace pried it up with both hands and started licking up and down its ten inch length.

I was hot, and I was ready to fuck, but I decided to let him entertain himself for a while with my prick. There ain't many can take a ten inch dick and I knew Trace wasn't one of them, so I decided to just let him have his fun for a bit, and then I'd fuck him. My hands now back behind my head, I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the feeling of his total dedication to kissing and licking and sucking my cock.

Shit, life was good. I was only sixteen but I had an endless line of worshipers vying to give me all the pleasure I could handle. Coach Bryan and his daughter Stacey, and now his son Trace were just the latest in a long list of JD disciples. I hadn't quite decided yet, but Ken just might be next. Since there wasn't any Mrs. Bryan, if I took Ken, I'd have had the entire family. Just how cool is that?

But the truth is, after fucking Mr. Jameson several times a week, I was finding out that a well-trained submissive could be as much of a thrill as fucking somebody new all the time. I mean Mr. Jameson was turning into an amazing cocksucker and worshiper and loved being abused. I could be as rough and demanding as I wanted and he'd beg for more, and our fuck sessions were beginning to go on for hours. He was turning out to be a damn near perfect fuck toy.

Suddenly I kinda woke up, completely startled. Here I was with a studly young kid going ape-shit over my cock and I was thinking of Mr. Jameson. Can you believe it? I was picturing Mr. Jameson down there on my cock. Not Mr. Atlanta, and not the endless list of hangers-on that always surrounded me, but Mr. Jameson. What the hell?

"Give me some action down there" I finally said to Trace. "You ain't gonna break it. Suck on it. Make it feel good for me, for god's sake," Trace had been admiring it and rubbing it against his face as much as sucking it, but I wanted some action.

I'd just finished doing his twin sister twice but as far as I know there was no limit on how many times I could cum in a day. And besides, just the idea of doing two virgins, twin brother and sister, one after the other was just about as hot as hot could be. I was raring to go.

"Okay, baby, it's time" I said as I reached down and pushed his head back out of my crotch. "Get up here on the bed on your back." He looked me in the eyes for just a moment and then climbed up on the bed. I lifted his legs and got on my knees behind him, and grinned down at him. "It's gonna be good, baby. You're going to like it."

"Please, JD. Don't hurt me" he whimpered. "I ain't never done this."

"It's gonna hurt, baby. Ain't no way around it" I said, still grinning at him. "But it won't be too bad. And you'll do it for JD won't you? Hmmm? You want it from a real stud don't you?"

"Ahhh ... I don't know, JD. I'm scared."

"Just look at me, baby. Just look. Look at this body and these muscles. Tell me you want it. Tell me you want to be fucked by a real stud." There was fear showing in his face, but his eyes kept flickering up and down my massive chest, shoulders and arms and my rippling stomach, like he was just overwhelmed by my magnificence and couldn't get enough.

"Yeah, okay, JD. Yeah. I want it from you."

"Good boy" I said as I spit on my hand and started working on his butt hole. "It's gonna hurt a little at first, but you just remember whose doing you. This is JD taking your ass, and there ain't nobody can do it better." Spitting in my hand several times I worked one finger into his butt, and then finally two. He was watching me intently as I worked his butt, looking a little skittish, but ready. He was such a cute kid that I really wanted this to be good for him, so I spent an extra minute or two spreading my fingers apart, enlarging his hole in preparation for my assault.

"You ready, hon" I asked, looking into his eyes. "Huh?"

"Yes, JD. I'm ready" he whimpered excitedly. "I want it, JD. I want you to do it."

"Good boy" I said as I spit twice into my hand and rubbed the spit up and down my enormous ten inch prick. "Here goes, hon" I said as I lined up and started pushing. I was slow and as gentle as possible as his little pucker was forced to open up for the girth of my enormous prick.

Trace started groaning and panting, and then wailing softly. "Oh, oh, oh, JD."

"It's okay, hon. I'm almost there" I said as I continued to push, trying the get the head of my prick into his tight little hole.

"Ohhh, it hurts, JD. It hurts" he said as I kept going. "Ohhh."

"Almost there, hon. Almost there." And then, finally, I was there, with the first inch or so of my big prick crammed into his tiny hole. "Okay, hon. I'm there."

"Please, JD. Please. Take it out" he cried. "Please. It hurts."

I really did want to make it good for him, so after holding it there for fifteen or twenty seconds, I pulled back out completely.

"Oh, JD" he said, gasping in relief. "Wow. That really hurt."

"Not a problem, Trace. It always hurts a little at first. It won't be as bad this time" I said as I took aim and started in again.

"Oh, oh, oh" he said as I entered him again, not being quite as gently as the first time.

"We're in, baby" I said giving him a grin. "Now comes the good stuff." He kept groaning as I started to fuck. Still being somewhat gentle, I pushed in an inch or two and pulled back out, and then kept at it, going slightly deeper each time.

"Ohhh, JD" he said, panting wildly. "Oh, oh."

"You're taking JD's prick, baby. You're getting it from the best" I said, starting to chuckle. "And you've got a sweet ass, baby. I'm loving it." He kept groaning as I kept going deeper and deeper, but he wasn't yelling or squealing. I knew that his pain centers were about to be overcome by his pleasure centers. I was pretty sure he was going to enjoy this as much as I was.

And then I was in as deep as I could get; all ten inches into his little boy butt.

"Oh, baby. What a sweet ass" I said as I bent down and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. "How you doing, baby?"

"I'm good, JD" he panted. "It hurts, but It's okay. It's okay so far."

"Feels great to me, baby, so here goes." And now I really started to fuck. Starting slow, pulling half way out and then pushing back in, I very gradually picked up speed until I had a good smooth fucking motion going. "Yeah, baby" I blurted in elation. "Taking your virgin ass."

And now I started slamming it to him, shaking the bed each time I slammed into him. He grunted with each thrust, but I think the pain was completely gone. He had his eyes closed and was grimacing but I was convinced he was enjoying it.

"Look at me, hon. Look at your muscle man while he fucks you." Rather than concentrating on the feeling of my prick in his ass, I wanted him to see me. I wanted him to see that he was getting fucked by the hottest stud he'd ever seen. I wanted to see the admiration in his face as I fucked him. As he opened his eyes I saw tears there, evidently from the initial pain, but there was also a look of excitement and awe as he watched me getting a sheen of sweat on my muscular body. I knew he'd get a thrill from watching me, an absolute demigod, and knowing that I was taking pleasure from screwing his ass.

"Yes, JD. Yes, Yeeesss" he grunted as I slammed into him over and over. The look on his face was of total adoration. He was unquestionably thrilled to see that he was capable of giving me, a total god in his eyes, such great pleasure. My pleasure was his pleasure and he was enraptured to be the one to provide it.

And then, all too soon, I was there, at the point of no return. Slamming into him one final time, I started blasting my semen into his hot little ass. "Ohhh, baby. Ohhh, baby" I howled as I fired shot after shot into him.

As I fired my last shot and began to calm down I noticed a puddle of cum on Trace's stomach. Obviously it was really good for him since he'd cum without even touching himself. I couldn't get a better compliment from him than that.

"That was really good, Trace" I said as I slid my still fully hard cock in and out of his ass a couple times. "You are one hot number."

"Thank you, JD" he said, still panting. "It was good for me as well." Very slowly, I pulled my softening dick out of his ass, and then lay down on my back next to him. He immediately rolled to his side, put one hand on my pec and started kissing my shoulder. "It was wonderful, JD" he whispered. "I love you, JD. I love your body; I love your muscles, I love everything about you.'

I put an arm behind his head, pulling him over so he could start kissing my chest. He really went to work, kissing and licking my bulging pecs, and sucking on my tits.

"That's it, hon. Worship your man." You know how crazy I am about body worship; some cute young thing covering every inch of my body with their mouth and tongue, but I knew we were probably running out of time, since his dad had to show up some time.

"Sorry, hon, I've got to go" I said as I pushed him away and sat up.

"Don't go, JD" he said as he set up beside me. "I just want to eat you up." He laughed as he put his arms around me and started kissing my deltoids again.

As I got up from the bed and turned away, he got up with me, put his arms around me and started kissing the back of my neck. "Mmmm" he murmured under his breath as he kissed.

"Down, boy, down" I laughed as I turned back to him and gave him a peck on the lips. He immediately grabbed my dick, but I pushed his hand away. "Enough already" I laughed. "Enough."

"I want you, I want you, I want you" he laughed as he tried to grab my dick again. This was really too much, because I began to feel a tingle in my dick again. This little tyke just didn't want to give up.

"Stop it" I said but I couldn't stop laughing. Pushing him away, I pushed him back onto the bed, grabbed his wrists and held his hands above his head. "Behave yourself" I growled "before I take you over my lap and spank you."

"Yes, yes, yeeessss" he keened. "Spank me. Spank me and then fuck me."

"You little shit" I laughed as I flipped him over and gave him a good hard slap on the ass. "You are just too much." As I let go of him this time he just rolled back over and looked at me, watching as I got into my cutoffs and muscle shirt.

"Can I see you tomorrow?" he asked. "Please, JD. Can I? I'll come to your house."

"No kid. Not tomorrow" I said sternly making it clear to him that I meant it. "Give me your cell number and I'll call you."

"Okay, JD. But call me soon" he said as he got up to write down the number. I don't often fuck a kid a second time since there are so many out there needing my dick, but I knew I'd have this kid again. Anyone that enamored with me definitely deserves a second go-around.

As I opened the door, I saw Ken sitting on the floor in the hallway. Decision time. What was I going to do about Ken?

"Come-on, Ken. Walk me home" I said as I grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet. I pushed him ahead of me to the stairs so I could get another look at that hot ass of his. And, just as I remembered. It was pretty much irresistible.

---- more to come ---- -----------------------------------------

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