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My Teacher, My Pet 8

Part One - Coach Bryan

Coach Bryan had a habit of patting guys on the butt all the time. Nobody thought anything about it, it was just a friendly pat, and something he did to everyone. Everyone except me that is. I'd been in his weightlifting class for a couple months now and I was easily the star of the class. I'd started working out at home when I was twelve so I was years ahead of everyone else in the class. Hell, I had more muscle than all the rest of those wimps put together. And, obviously, with all that muscle, I was also the star of the wrestling team. And of course I was on the football team, and was the best receiver the school had ever seen.

So, I had Coach Bryan for weight lifting, wrestling, and football, but he had never even once patted me on the butt. I probably wouldn't have noticed except that I'd seldom had a private conversation with him either. I'd been in his office half a dozen times, but never without other kids. Never alone. The closest I'd ever got to being alone with him was a couple times when I'd been the last one out of the shower room after practice, but Coach had always been busy or in a hurry.

Even when he was talking directly to me, which wasn't very often, he'd quite often use the third person, and talk to the group. 'What JD needs to do is (blank, blank, blank),' Or, 'JD would do much better if he (blank, blank, blank)." And the other thing I noticed, and this was obvious to me if not to everyone else, he would avoid catching my eye. His eyes would go past me. He's glance at me, or I'd catch his eye, and he'd instantly look away, almost jerking his head to the side. And let me tell you, I was the handsomest and best built kid in the school, and maybe in the whole state, and I was definitely worth looking at. Most everyone else looked at me with awe and couldn't keep their eyes off of me. It took me a long time to figure this out, but it was a fact; he avoided looking at me.

So, it wasn't just one thing that he did, but all these things put together that made me wonder, and you can imagine what I came up with. He was maybe intimidated by my amazing physique, but he was built himself, if maybe going a little soft in the middle. I don't think he could have been afraid of me because of my enormous physical strength, because, after all, he was a teacher and I was his student. What I really wondered was maybe he was just turned on to me and was doing his damnedest not to show it. I know he was married and had a couple kids. His oldest son, Ken, was the quarterback on the football team, and had kinda turned into a buddy of mine. He had a couple other kids too but that didn't necessarily mean he didn't want to get into my pants. The truth is, I'm pretty hard to resist, and I can generally just pick and choose, male or female, who I want to fuck from the admirers surrounding me. The question I kept asking myself: was coach hot for me? Maybe he wanted some of my big dick? More and more I was beginning to think he needed to be introduced to my ten inch slong.

So I decided to make a play for him. Not that I really wanted him because I heard he was forty years old and although he was built; big and muscular, he didn't have that perfect 'he-man' body like he may have had when he was younger. But it was a challenge, and you gotta know I love a challenge. I'd had me a math teacher who I was fucking on a regular basis, and I'd had me a cop, and now I wanted to have me a coach. Just tell JD he can't have something and you can bet your bottom dollar that he won't stop until he gets it. I was going to have Coach Bryan's ass.

The obvious thing I came up with was a pat on the butt, like he did to everyone else. It also had deniability. If he reacted badly and took offense, I could pretend it was an accident. 'Yeah Coach. I just happened to grab your forty year old flabby butt by accident as I was walking by'. Stupid, but deniable.

So I did it. As I walked past him in the weight room one day, a towel in my hand, my muscles bulging and glistening with sweat from the heavy workout, I gave him a pat on the butt and I spoke to him. I said 'hi coach' as I walked by making it seem like the most natural thing in the world.

He turned to see who had done it and actually stared at me; for the first time, in like, forever, he actually stared at me for a couple seconds. Then he walked away. I wanted to give him a big grin but I didn't dare because I had to continue pretending, at least for now, that I did it accidently. Or at least unconsciously.

I didn't know how to read his 'non-reaction' reaction. No reaction at all; no comment, no nothing, he just looked and then walked away. He didn't smile, he didn't frown; he didn't do anything.

And then, suddenly, everything became clear. Just like that time with Mr. Jameson, when I showed him my big dick, Coach was unable to keep from reaching down into his gym shorts and rearranging himself. He wasn't ten feet away and he already had to grope himself. Shit, yeah. He had a boner. There was absolutely no question but that I turned him on. He wanted me. This was going to be so fucking easy I almost laughed aloud.

And I wanted him; at least I wanted to fuck him. I definitely wanted to sink my big pecker between those flabby ass cheeks of his. I wanted his number up on my scoreboard.

I got a great big smile on my face as I pictured myself on top of Coach Bryan fucking the bejesus out of him. Not only fucking him but having a new toy to play with just like Mr. Jameson. Shit, yeah, man. I couldn't wait.

I'm a man of action, or at least a kid of action, but I decided to play with Coach Bryan for a while, just for the fun of it since I was pretty sure he was hot for me. Hey, I've got to get my kicks someway and fucking with a guy's head, a teachers head was about as fun as it could get. So for the next few days I deliberately got in his line of sight as much as possible and smiled when I was able to catch his eye. He had to know I was playing with him, it was obvious, and as much as he tried to keep out of my way I was always there.

After about a week I made my move. As all the other kids headed for the shower, and coach was coming in with his clipboard and some equipment, I walked along beside him and grabbed his ass and held on.

"JD" he said, shocked.

"Nice ass, coach" I said giving him a big smile.

He had his hands full so he couldn't grab my arm, but he tried to pull away. I jerked him back with my hold on his ass. "Yeah, nice ass" I repeated and walked away.

I gave him twenty-four hours to stew on that before I went looking for him. I knew period six was his prep period, so I skipped English and headed for his office. Standing outside his office door, I pulled my t-shirt off and then walked in.

He looked up in surprise from his desk. "Hi, coach. Been looking for me?" I laughed.

"JD, ahhh ... ahhh .... what ....?" he mumbled.

"You've got a hot ass" I said as I walked up to the desk and started groping my growing prick.

"JD, don't. Please. Don't do this." Isn't it amazing that both Mr. Jameson and Coach Bryan started out by saying 'please', as in 'please don't do this' when they actually meant 'I want it, and I want it bad'. It's also interesting to note that neither one of them said 'don't do this', but instead said 'please don't'; not ordering me not to do it, but begging me not to. And if there's anything that really, really turns me on it's hearing somebody begging me; begging me to do something or not do something; it's begging either way. Both Jameson and Bryan knew instantly that I couldn't be ordered to do anything, so they pleaded to my better instincts. Yeah, right, my better instincts. I laughed at him.

"I've got something here you want, coach" I said as I moved my hand aside showing the enormous bulge showing in my pants.

"JD, please. I can't ... We can't ... You can't be here."

"But I am here, coach." I performed a double bicep pose, crunching my enormous arms. "See this body? You helped build this body, coach. I think you deserve some of it and I'm willing to give it to you." With that I undid my pants and pulled my dick out. "What do you think, coach? Is this what you were dreaming about? Is it as big as you imagined?"

I saw beads of sweat break out on his forehead, but he didn't say a word. He just kept staring at my dick. He was mesmerized. I walked around the desk, took his hand, and put it on my growing pecker. "Go ahead, coach. Feel it. Enjoy it. You ain't seen it fully hard yet" I grinned.

You think I don't know how to read people. I saw right through Coach Bryan. I guessed right that he'd been dreaming about it for months, and now was mesmerized by seeing it in the flesh. He didn't say a word but just stared down at it, and kept squeezing it with his hand.

"JD. Please, JD. We can't do this" he whimpered. Yes, whimpered. He was terrified of his own feelings.

"Yeah, we can, coach" I said with a grin. Knocking the shit off his desk onto the floor, I pulled him to his feet, grabbed his gym shorts and jerked them down off of his ass. Grabbing him behind the neck, I pushed his face down on the desk. He was wearing a jock strap which left his ass wide open and ready for my assault. Holding him down with my hand on his neck, I spit on my other hand and smeared it up and down my ramrod.

"I know you been wanting this, coach" I laughed. Yeah, I couldn't help but laugh because I was so excited. I don't know what he thought about me laughing at him, but right now it didn't matter. "You been wanting it bad, coach, so now you're going to finally get it."

All I got out of him was a moan: 'Mmmmmm" as he grabbed the edge of the desk with both hands. He could have pushed me back if he'd really wanted to, but he didn't do anything except grip the desk and hold on. I didn't need to hold his neck but I did it anyway, mashing his face against the desk. Spitting once into his crack, I smeared it around his hole, and then took aim.

Big muscular man like Coach Bryan, who'd evidently been dreaming about JD"s big dick; I knew he could take a lot of pain. He'd take it and love it.

So I pushed, hard; and then harder, forcing him to open up and take my enormous seven inch around prick. I saw he was now biting his hand but there was no yelling and no screaming, just a soft moan 'Ooooohhh' as I pushed and kept pushing, forcing a good five inches into him from my first thrust. He gave a big gasp as I pulled back a little, and then jammed it all the way in; ten full inches deep.

"Ohhhh Shiiit" I exulted as I gave him a good hard slap on the ass and just held my cock deep inside him. "Ohh shit" I said again and gave him another swat. He was moaning continuously, but yelped as I slapped him.

Still mashing his face into the desk with my hand on his neck, I leaned over him putting my lips right by his ear. "That's JD's cock up your ass, coach. JD's big ramrod. Is this what you wanted? Tell me, is this what you wanted?" I whispered in his ear.

He was panting and moaning softly and I thought I might have heard him say breathlessly 'yes'. But it was more than likely just a gasp for breath. Whatever, I got a shot of euphoric delight shooting through my body as I imagined him saying yes to me.

"Oh shit, yeah" I crowed in delight as I now, finally, started to fuck. Pulling nearly all the way out, I slammed into him forcing him to groan and the desk to shake. Then again and again, slamming into him hard. He moaned each time I hit bottom but I don't think it was a sound of pain as much as it was maybe fulfillment. He was being overpowered and fucked by me and I think he was loving it.

I was in no hurry to cum so each time I got really hot, I'd slow down a little to calm down, and then go back to really ramming it to him. He kept moaning constantly with a grunt each time I slammed it to him. His knuckles had turned white where he was gripping the desk, and he was choking somewhat because I think I was strangling him with my grip on his neck.

I was having the time of my life. Big old 240 pound muscle man, my instructor, totally under my power and taking my dick like a champ. Maybe I liked fucking cute young kids better, and maybe not, but conquering this big man, this very butch, very masculine PE teacher was absolutely thrilling. When I finally found myself reaching my peak, I slammed into him two more times and then pulled out.

Still holding his neck, I dragged him off the desk, where he fell on his butt knocking the chair away. Moving my hand to his hair, I put one leg over him, pulled his face into my crotch and started shooting. I wasn't actually shooting into his face, but was shooting over his head, but he had a ringside seat from two inches away of my balls in his face and my big dick convulsing and spurting out its load.

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit" I cried as I spurted again and again and again over his head. Most of my cum landed on his chair and the floor, but as finished the last bit dripped down onto his hair.

"Wow, coach. That was something else" I exulted as I looked down at his face jammed into my crotch. "Your ass was terrific. Terrific."

He just moaned softly: "Mmmmm."

"You want to lick my balls while you're there, coach" I laughed because they were lying right on his lips. And he did. He gave them a lick just as I stepped back and let go of his hair. "How do you feel, coach" I asked, looking down into his eyes.

He didn't say anything at first, just looking into my eyes, and then he very slowly smiled. "You were even better than I expected, JD." That was a hell of a thing to say to a kid whose ego was already so big it wouldn't fit in his head. Obviously, I glowed with pleasure.


Part Two - coach Bryan's son Ken

So I had me a coach. Dominating and fucking him was every bit as great as dominating and fucking Mr. Jameson, my math teacher. But I wasn't interested in doing him again since I was getting steady actions from my fellow students, and, since I was plugging Mr. Jameson a couple times a week.

But there was Coach Bryan's son, Ken. Ken owed me, so I sent him an e-mail a few days after plugging his dad. It said: 'It's time' and it was signed 'JD'.

So he met me after school.

"Ain't no way around it, Ken" I said. "I told you what would happen, and you accepted it. You agreed to it. Just because you now understand I'm the stud around here doesn't change anything. It's pay up time and this stud is going to get paid."

"Come-on JD. Please" Ken pleaded with me as I smirked at him. "I know you're a stud. I accept that and I know I was stupid back in September. But I also hear the stories about your exploits. I know all the action you're getting. Hell, I heard you had Stuart and Beth at the same time. How about letting me off the hook."

"You agreed to it" I repeated.

"I know I agreed to it. After you beat the shit out of me. I didn't have a choice."

"What are you saying, Ken?"

"I'm saying .... I'm saying you already fucked Craig and Sal and with all the action I hear you're getting around school, you don't need me. Come-on JD. I'm begging you. Don't do this."

I laughed aloud. "Begging me? I love guys begging me."

"Come-on JD. Give me a break."

"Hey, I ain't asking for much, Ken. Just a blowjob, and I ain't gonna force you. Not yet, anyway." Ken and I were lying on the grass on the edge of the football field. Each of us facing the other, held up on our elbows. Ken was wearing snug black sweatpants, and we both were wearing grey t-shirts with the school emblem on them. My t-shirt was sleeveless since I'd torn off the sleeves leaving the ragged edges, and, of course, I was wearing my usual tight, short cut-offs. I had pulled a weed from the ground and was chewing on it. "I'm not sure you understand your situation here."

"Come-on, JD. I know what you are, I know what's up. And I know where I stand too, but I'm just hoping you'll let me find an out. We're buds now, JD. We lift weights together. We play football together. I was just being stupid at the beginning of the year, and I'm sorry. I respect you, JD. I really respect you. But I'm just not into this."

"Yes, you were being stupid last fall, but it's still pay up time. I always collect my debts, Ken, and I'm ready to collect this one. And to be brutally honest, buds or not, I don't really give a shit if you're not 'into it'. I'm not expecting much from you because I know you won't be any good at it, so you only have to do it once. Probably only once."

"Please, JD. I don't want to do this."

"Sorry, Ken, but your number's come up. You want to be friends? Well this has to be cleared up first. You agreed to it, so you owe me, and I'm here to collect."

"Hell, I know I agreed, JD. I don't dispute that for a single minute. And I like you; I want us to be friends. All I want is for you to consider ...."

"Hell, Ken" I said with a grin, interrupting him. "Who knows, with what I've got to offer, you just may decide you like it? You may want to become one of my regulars."

"Yeah, right, JD" he answered sarcastically. "I'll become your regular cocksucker."

"Sounds good to me" I laughed. "Okay let's get at it. You can do it here and now, or you can come over to my house tonight and I'll tie you up? A lot of guys who think they're straight want to be tied up, so it feels like they're not doing it willingly. "

"We can't do it here" he said in surprise "we're on the football field."

"We sure as hell can do it here. School's out; all the kids have gone home, and I'm horny" I said matter-of-factly. "I'm a bit of a voyeur anyway, so if somebody comes by we'll just put on a show, so here and now is perfect. Come over here and get it out."

"JD, please. Just let me ...."

"Come over here and get it out" I repeated, interrupting him.

"Shit" he said under his breath.

"Don't say shit to me, Ken. You might piss me off" I snapped at him. "It's better to say please. Now get your ass over here and say please."

Ken sat up, scooted over and started undoing my belt. "Alright, damn it. Please" he said, and I think I saw a tear in his eye.

I rolled over on my back and put my hands behind my head, still chewing on the weed. I was wearing that sleeveless T which showed off my dazzling arms and shoulders, and with my hands behind my head they bulged magnificently. But right now Ken had to be more interested in my prick than my muscled arms.

"Go ahead" I said. Ken was Coach Bryan's oldest son, and the quarterback on the football team. He was a year older than me, seventeen, with brown tousled hair and a very handsome face. He was slim but muscular; obviously not as much of a dedicated bodybuilder as I was, but being a football player he was definitely in good shape.

I sent Ken a message yesterday which merely said: 'It's time' and it was signed 'JD'. He knew he had no choice but to show up today, so here he was.

This all goes back to the first week of school. I was the new kid and Ken and two friends, Craig and Sal, thought they were too big for their britches and had tried to push their weight around. There's no question that they were simply envious of my muscularity and felt threatened since they had been the top dogs the previous year. So they came after me.

I was only a freshman, but no way did I ever put up with any bullshit from anybody. Being called a faggot didn't bother me in the least, but when they tried a 'gay bashing' that was just too much. I didn't try to take them all on at once, even though it might have been a fair fight, so I simply escaped from them. Don't tell anyone, but the word is, I ran. Yeah. Me. JD. I ran. But within five days I had gotten each of them alone and kicked the shit out of them. Totally and completely.

I put the fear of god in all of them and let them know that they were beholden to me because I could have been much harder on them than I was. And I made it clear that when the time was right, I was going to get some serious cock action from each one of them. I made it very clear. Very, very clear.

So far I'd fucked Craig and Sal had given me a blowjob, but I'd been kind of holding off on Ken. He was going to be, like, you might call him desert or something, because he was a very attractive likeable kid. In fact I liked him, but that didn't mean he didn't have to pay his debts.

Ken had opened my pants showing my bright green underwear with the big pouch which was barely holding my half hard prick. Yeah, half hard. Just the idea of pretty boy Ken blowing me was getting me excited.

"Well?" I said. "What are you waiting for? You either blow me right now, or I'm going to take your ass."

"JD" he said hesitantly. "Maybe there's another option; what ...."

Getting angry almost instantly, I grabbed him by the neck and jerked him down to the ground and rolled him over on his stomach. Holding him by the neck I climbed on top of him and slammed my crotch into his ass.

"I thought you had learned not to fuck with me?" I said angrily as I squeezed his neck, almost crushing his larynx.

"Ack, ack, ack" he croaked, trying to say something, but I was strangling him. I rammed my crotch into his ass again.

"This is your only other option" I growled in his ear. "If you don't suck, I fuck." Letting go of his neck, I got up on my knees in preparation to get his pants down.

"Wait" he screamed. "JD, wait, wait. Please, JD."

"What?" I snapped.

"I've got a brother and a sister" he blurted desperately. I just glared at him for a moment.

"Alright, I'm listening" I said.

"It's a long story" he said frantically.

"You ain't got much time" I snarled as I folded my underwear down under my balls allowing my growing ramrod to stick up. "In about thirty seconds I'm going to fuck you."

"JD, wait. Listen. Please, listen" he pleaded. "You know I'm Coach's fair haired boy, right?"

"He's your Dad. So?" I answered.

"He pretty much lets me get away with murder."

"Sorry, Ken, I haven't got time for long stories" I said as I grabbed his sweat pants and jerked them down over his ass.

"JD stop. Stop. I've got a younger brother" he blurted out.

"Your brother ain't here" I said impatiently as I squeezed one of his ass cheeks.

"Wait, JD, wait. I haven't finished. Give me second, please."

"You ain't got a second" I said as I grabbed him around the waist and pulled him up, lifting his bare butt up in the air.

"JD, wait" he said frantically. "My brother. You can have my brother. He's just a kid, JD, but I know you like them young."

"Who said I like them young? I never said that."

"I know you fucked Connie Lauren. She told me so. And I heard you fucked Beth, Troy's girlfriend as well because Troy told me that. They're both barely teenagers." I couldn't help but smile at this, because I had one hell of a reputation. Yeah, I fucked those two girls, and you can bet your bottom dollar they'd give anything to get it from me again. But It's amazing how quickly the word of my exploits gets around.

"So, you've got a little brother?" I queried.

"Yeah. He's hot; he's on the Middle School wrestling team and he's started working out with weights. And he knows how to suck cock."


"Yeah, he's sucked me a couple times. He likes it."

"He likes it?" I asked.

"Well, I'm bigger than he is, and he got a bloody nose out of it. But he finally told me he likes it."

"So you beat on him until he said he liked it?"

"Well, yeah. I guess."

"Why him and not you?" I asked.

"JD, please. I ain't never sucked a guy before; never. Don't make me, JD. I know Trace would be willing. He'd do a good job."

"He's willing, what? To get another bloody nose?"

"If necessary" he said. "I promise. I'll make him willing."

"You mentioned a sister" I said.

He hesitated for a few seconds. "Ahhh... that's Stacey, his twin, but she ... Well, she doesn't do that stuff."

"No? Than why did you mention her?"

"Well .... Ahhh... she .... Ahhh. I didn't mean to bring her up."

"But you did" I said.

"Just forget it JD. She's Ahhh... well, actually, she's dying to meet you. I'll introduce you if you don't mind. She'd love it. She attends all our meets. But it's Trace that we can get to suck you."

"Okay, I'll let you off the hook for now. Let's go check on your brother."

I'm not one to put things off, particularly when I'm horny, so within fifteen minutes we were at his house.

---- to be continued ---- -----------------------------------------

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