If you are not legally allowed, or you don't like sometimes violent stories of Domination/Submission, don't read this. All others read it and enjoy it.

My Teacher, My Pet 7

Part One - Lawrence

"Ask me again nicely" I said to Lawrence as he got on his knees in front of me.

"May I please suck your cock, JD?" he said, his voice quivering with emotion. Yeah, emotion. I'd only had Lawrence once, but my recollection was that he was a pretty good cocksucker. I remember he was a total lunatic when it came to big cocks. Every damn time I saw him, which was half a dozen times a day because he always seemed to be around; every damn time I ran into him his eyes would freeze on the bulge in my pants and he'd lick his lips. I'm not sure if he ever looked at my face.

"Yes, you may suck my cock, Lawrence. Get it out" I said. He reached up, unzipped my jeans and leaned in and kissed the bulge in my bright yellow underwear. Thank god they made underwear these days with an extra-large pouch and no fly because that's the only thing that could handle my enormous pecker. And white underwear? I owned a couple pair of (nearly invisible when wet) white Speedos for shock value, but I'd never owned a pair of white underwear. White underwear? That was for nerds and straight guys.

Lawrence tried unsuccessfully for a minute or so to get my pecker out, and then gave up, unbuckled my belt and opened my pants. I didn't actually see this because I had my eyes closed and was imagining my hero, Mr. Teenage Atlanta down there doing me. He was my favorite image when I was getting a blowjob so I seldom looked at the kids who were actually doing me. Although Ace, that was his name; although Ace was eighteen he wasn't as big as me, but he was still big and had that slim perfectly defined muscled body that I was wild about, and so was the city of Atlanta. And when he was oiled up, he was simply breathtaking. He was only 5'9" so he'd look small next to me with my bulging muscles, but that's the way I liked them. Small and compact and muscular and totally fuckable. God I wanted him; I wanted him bad.

I had to open my eyes and see what Lawrence was doing because I hadn't felt his mouth on me yet. Actually he was just holding my dick in front of his face and admiring it.

"Get with it, cocksucker" I growled at him. "We ain't got all day." He glanced up at me, saw that I was smiling, and then dove in.

It was lunch time and we were in Sarah Lauren's backyard across from school. I'd got exit passes for Lawrence and myself from Marylou, the principal's secretary. Hell, she must have known what I was doing since I got a pass for somebody different every time I left the school property, but she'd go all dreamy when I talked to her and she'd do anything for me. If she weren't so old; she must have been nearly as old as Mr. Jameson, I'd have let her blow me. I knew she was married but that didn't seem to make any difference to her because she sure as hell went all goo-goo eyes every time she saw me. I think her pussy got wet every time I walked into her office.

This was payback time for Lawrence for not talking about my antics with Mr. Jameson. He was a good kid and seemed to worship me; my cock anyway, so he deserved to get the chance at another blowjob.

"That's more like it" I said as he took a good five inches of my prick in his mouth and started bobbing his head up and down. My perfect ideal in a blowjob is a cocksucker with his or her hands behind their back and taking all ten inches of my prick deep into their throat. But, in most cases that wasn't practical, so even though I didn't like them using their hands, I knew they'd never get me off if they didn't.

But Lawrence was pretty good, stroking it with his hand while he bobbed up and down on it. I closed my eyes again and pictured Mr. Teenage Atlanta and immediately felt the heat begin to build up in my cock. Putting my hand behind Ace's head, I forced another inch or so into his mouth. He choked a little but I was pretty sure it'd make him try harder so I kept my hand there; he had to adjust or choke. He adjusted.

I knew we were on a schedule and I was just doing this for Lawrence anyway, so I let my visions of Ace take over, and got hot almost immediately.

"Here I come, Ace. Here I come" I gasped as I started to shoot. With my hand still holding his head, he had no choice but to swallow, which he started to do. But it was too much for him and he started choking, so I let go of his head and looked down. There was Lawrence (not Ace) choking and coughing as he pulled back off my cock. I grabbed my cock with one hand and his hair with the other, and let fly. Maybe he couldn't take it in his mouth, but he sure as hell was going to take it in his face.

"Yes, yes, yeeessss" I shouted as I started yanking my dick as I fired shot after shot on his cheek, his nose, and even his hair. I loved doing that. The only thing better than going in a guy's mouth was going on his face. Lawrence was still coughing as my dick finally stopped shooting.

"Looks like you need some practice" I said to him as I let go of him and stepped back. "You've forgot what it's like to take a big one."

"Yeah, maybe" he gasped, still not back in total control. "You're just too big, JD."

"Too big?" I asked.

"Well, too big for me, I guess" he said as he looked up at me and grinned.

"We'll have to see about you getting some more practice" I said grinning back at him.

"Just tell me when, JD. I'm ready." What a cock hound! But the crazy thing is, Lawrence was not that unusual. There were guys all over the place that were crazy for a ten inch prick.

I have Mrs. Lauren keep a cum towel in her yard so I wiped off my dick with it and handed it to Lawrence. As he wiped his face I noticed the wet spot in his pants.

"Oh shit, Lawrence. You can't go back to school like that" I laughed. Lawrence looked down at the wet spot in his crotch, and I'm not sure he even knew he had shot his load in his pants while sucking me. I laughed and then Lawrence joined in with me.

"You're right, JD. I can't go back like this" he laughed. "Thank God I've got my Mom's car today so I don't have to walk home." Lawrence was still on his knees in front of me as I took hold of his chin and pulled his head up.

"When I do something for you, Lawrence, I expect a thank you. Okay?"

"Yeah, sure, JD" he said. "Thank you for letting me suck your cock. I love your cock. I'll suck it anytime."

"Good boy" I said giving him a couple pats on the cheek. "Now put it away." He pulled my yellow underwear up over my softening prick and arranged the pouch to hold it, and then fastened my pants and belt and zipped me up.

"Thank you, JD" he repeated.


Part Two - After School

"Afternoon, slave boy" I said, giving Mr. Jameson a big grin as I entered his classroom right after seventh period. I locked the door and closed the blinds and then headed back to my desk in the back row.

"JD?" he said, startled. "I thought we agreed we wouldn't do anything here at school anymore?"

"Did we agree on that?" I said, still grinning broadly. "I don't know. But if we did, I've now changed my mind. You got a math test handy?"


"I said, you got a math test? Get me a math test and come back here."

"JD ...." he said as he stood up.

"Come on, move it. I'm raring to go" I said.

"What? Ahhh .... Why?" he mumbled as he stood there looking puzzled.

"Remember when I told you I was thinking of making you get under my desk and kiss my dick during math class? Remember me saying that?"

"Well .... ahhh.... yes ...."

"Well, I been thinking about it. I been thinking about it a lot and I think that would be pretty cool. In fact, I think it would be hotter than hell. I'm giving you a break by doing it after school, but you're going to crawl under my desk and give me a blowjob. My very own math teacher is going to blow me right here at my own desk while I'm taking one of his tests. Is that a fuckin turn-on or what?" With that I sat down and opened my math book and smiled at him.

"JD, .... you .... you.... you agreed to only do this at my apartment. You agreed we'd be teacher and student here at school. You ...."

"Get your ass back here, slave boy" I said, still grinning at him but emphasizing the 'slave boy'. "Move it!"

"We're at school, JD" he pleaded.

"Call me Master" I said.

"Not at school, JD. We ...."

"Shut up and get back here" I growled at him.

"JD, please be reasonable."

"You're pissing me off, Carl" I said softly but with menace in my voice. "You don't want to do that."

"You're going to get me fired, JD" he said as he picked up a paper from his desk.

"Come on, let's go" I said. Stepping around his desk, he walked down the aisle to my desk.

"On your knees" I said. As he got down I grabbed the paper and put it on my desk. Then I got in close and glared at him. "Call me Master, god damn it."

He looked into my face and I saw that he was angry; not shocked nor scared, but just angry.

"Call me Master, you little shit" I said. I didn't give a damn if he was angry, he was going to behave or else.

"Master" he said softly.

"I don't know what's the matter with you, Carl? Why do you continue to piss me off?"

"I'm sorry, JD. Please, I'm sorry" he said contritely. "But ...."

"No 'but's'. Your Master makes the rules" I said looking him in the eye "and your Master can change the rules."

"Okay, JD. I'm sorry."

"What the fuck is this?" I asked, looking at the paper in front of me. "Algebra? Algebra? I don't understand this shit. That's why I'm in your third period. That's why I'm in the retard's class."

"It's not for retards, JD. It's General Math."

"Bullshit. It's math for dummies and we both know it" I said. "Why do you think I'm two years older that all the kids in my grade level? I don't get this shit."

"You'll get it, JD. I know you'll catch on." I almost laughed. Here was my slave boy, my cocksucker, trying to act as a teacher and build up my confidence by telling me I could learn this stupid crap he was trying to teach me. Definitely funny. Maybe I'd start doing my homework with my dick up my teacher's ass. Maybe I'd understand it better that way.

"But I don't need to understand it now, do I, honey bon?" I said as I pinched his cheek. "You're going to give me a 'B', or maybe even an 'A". I laughed. "Aren't you, honey? Hmmm?"

"Ahhh... yeah, JD. Whatever you ahhh .... Whatever you say. Whatever you want."

"Yeah. Whatever I want. But, right now I want you to get under here and get my dick out" I ordered him.

"JD, you're not being fair."

"Do you think I care about being fair? Right now all I care about is getting your mouth on my dick. And you're going to be one sorry son-of-a-bitch if you ain't got it in your mouth in about ten seconds." I said that with a smile so it wouldn't come across as too hurtful. He gave me a dirty look which pissed me off. I'd make sure he paid for it later, but he did get under my desk and started undoing my pants.

I'd been thinking about this all day which kept me hard and made an obscene bulge in my pants where it stretched down my left leg. But I didn't give a shit; in fact I flaunted it. I couldn't quite imagine a teacher sending me to the office because my enormous prick was bulging and looking pornographic. And I also doubted there was a single kid in the entire school who didn't already know what a big dicked stud I was.

Of course there wasn't really much room under my desk, but when he got under there his face was right in my crotch.

"I can't really .... There isn't room, JD. I ..." Carl tried to say.

"Shit" was all I said as I stood up and undid my pants, jerked them down over my thighs, and sat back down. "Chow down, honey. Get your mouth on my prick." Squeezing his head into the confined space, Carl took my, at least half hard, prick into his mouth. No sign of refusal or rejection now. I smiled in pleasure as I realized how much he hated this but did it because I demanded it. That's the power I have over him. It was doubtful he was sucking me out of love, but maybe he was. I just knew he'd do just about anything to try to keep me happy. Ain't it wonderful to have a slave?

"Mmmmm" I murmured as I felt him grab onto my thighs and take my dick in his mouth. "Yes, honey. Yes." As he started to suck, it began get bigger. Carl was so enamored with my dick that so far all the times he'd blown me, I'd pretty much let him suck at his own pace, totally enraptured as he worshiped. But I intended to train him to be a number one cocksucker. I have ten inches and it's damn near impossible to get somebody who can handle all of it. I was determined that Mr. Jameson, my teacher, was going to learn how to handle it.

"JD" he mumbled with my dick partially in his mouth. "I ... mmgh." Suddenly I realized that sometimes the best laid plans simply don't work, because his head was jammed against the bottom of my desk top, and he really couldn't move. There wasn't any room under there for him to do anything. So I stood up.

"Alright, damn it" I groused. "So there's not enough room under there. But you can do it here." Reaching under the desk, grabbing his neck, I dragged him out. Jerking my pants down to my ankles, I spread my legs as much as possible and leaned back against my desk. "Okay, now get on it" I ordered him.

I was annoyed at him and at myself because my plan didn't work out, and it was putting me in a sour mood. I'd really been looking forward to my math teacher under my desk blowing me while I took his test. So fuckin hot. Now I was going to make damn sure Carl made up for it by giving me one hell of a blowjob. As he took it in his mouth, I gave his head a push, forcing five or six inches into him and hitting against the entrance to his throat. He choked for a second but then started sucking.

"Suck on it damn it. You can take more than that" I growled at him. Realizing that he had no choice, he started paying attention to what he was doing, taking about six inches and beginning to bob his head back and forth.

So he was a little angry with me, but I knew he couldn't stay that way. I knew he loved sucking me and I knew he loved giving me pleasure. He really did seem to be madly in love with me so I was sure he'd do anything, absolutely anything that I wanted him to do. This is what true love is, I guess. So all I had to do was be a little patient and he'd bust his ass to make it good for me. Unfortunately, being patient was not one of my better traits.

I put my hand on the back of his head and pushed, forcing a good seven inches into him. He choked so I let him pull back.

"Damn it, Carl, you're worthless as a cocksucker" I said as I grabbed his hair, jerking him back to look up at me. "Don't you want to give me a decent blowjob?"

"JD, please. You're so big. I can't ...."

"Have you been practicing?"

"Huh? Practicing?"

"Don't you have a sausage or something at home? Why in the hell aren't you practicing? You want me to keep you around, you've got to give a decent blowjob."

"I'm sorry, JD. I'm .... I'll .... I'll .... Okay, I'll practice."

"Damn right" I said. "Now, try again." He latched onto my dick again and took at least six or maybe seven inches. I could feel the head hit his throat and then sink in. It felt glorious. And he didn't choke.

But I was hotter than hell now; just talking about it really turned me on, so I wasn't going to wait for him to slowly adjust. I grabbed his head with both hands and started fucking. I didn't want him to choke and I didn't want him puking on me, so I didn't slam all ten inches into him. I just fucked six or so inches into him hard and fast.

"Suction, cocksucker. Suction. Suck on it" I said as the heat began to build up. I felt him clamp his lips tight around my dick and get his tongue working as I pushed in and out. "Yeah. That's it babe. That's it."

To give him encouragement I gave him a couple easy slaps to the cheek. Hey, he loves it. He wouldn't be happy if I didn't show my power and slap him around a little. That's the relationship we have. Him loving me, and me making him work his buns off to keep me happy. That's how you keep a submissive happy.

Carl put his hands on my thighs, but I didn't care as long as he didn't try to push away. In fact I loved him feeling my quads while I fucked him.

As I began to reach my peak, I didn't try to slow down to drag it out. I just let it come.

"Ohhh shiiittt" I screamed as I started firing into his mouth. "Ohhh shiiiittt." When I cum I get into a kind of a frenzy so I let go of his head, grabbed his hair with both hands, and dragged him back and forth uncontrollably while I fired shot after shot into him.

"Ohhh sjiiittt" I said once more as I fired my final shot. Carl was looking up at me with my big dick in his mouth, and I must have really come a lot and overloaded him, because my semen was dripping down his chin. "Oh shit, baby. That was good" I smiled at him and slowly pulled my dick out of his mouth. "You are terrific."

Carl stuck out his tongue and licked up some of the cum. I noticed that he had one hand inside his pants, so maybe he'd shot his load while sucking me. It wouldn't be the first time.

"Well?" I said. "Was that good?"

"Well .... Ahhh .... Ahhh .... I guess so."

"You guess so?"

"Well, okay, JD. It was good." See how easy it is? You use them and then make them say they like it.

"So you liked it?" I asked, giving him a smile.

"Okay, JD, you know I did" and now he smiled back. "I always like sucking you. I love sucking you."

"Good boy" I said giving his cheek a couple friendly pats. "I loved it too." Ain't nothing wrong with giving my cocksucker a little positive reinforcement once in a while.


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