To my loyal readers: There were a number of complaints when this story closed out at eleven chapters because there were any number of possible story lines that had not been explored. Upon reflection, I agree and have decided to continue the story. If you have ideas for additional chapters, please let me know.

This story is about the adventures of JD, a very muscular dominant young man as he manipulates and controls his high school teachers, his family members, and others around him. This story is total fantasy and is for entertainment purposes only, and the author in no way intends it to represent any form of reality. If you don't like stories about heavy dominance and submission or you're not of legal age, don't read it.

My Teacher, My Pet 12

He was there on his knees, head bowed, dressed only in his black leather collar and black leather G-string as I entered the room. I pulled his head back by the collar and gave him a big smile and a kiss. Shit I loved this. I'd only been living with Carl for three days, but I loved having him meet me like this, and I really looked forward to it. He'd dressed like this before when I visited, but it was different now that I was living here, completely in control, with him obeying me on everything. My number one rule was while we were home together, he was not allowed to wear anything except that slave collar and that G-string. It was so fuckin cool seeing him like that all the time; even while cooking or cleaning or watching TV.

It made him look sexy, and since he was old, I liked him looking sexy, but what it really did was show my power and control over him. I just couldn't get enough of that, completely controlling another human being and making him do my bidding. I mean, this was my high school teacher, for god's sake. My twenty-five year old math teacher, and I was his sixteen year old student. I had turned him into my slave. Kinda heady for a sixteen year old, hey?

"We can't fuck tonight, honey, because I invited some friends over" I said matter of factly. "Ralph and Beth are stopping by in a while. I guess you should hide out while they're here."

"What? JD? What did you say?"

"I've been wanting to do them together for ages and this is the first time I've had a chance."

"You can't, JD" Carl said. "We agreed you wouldn't bring anybody here. We agreed on that."

"Yeah, but this is special" I said earnestly. "I've had both of them individually, but I've never had a guy and a girl together before, a guy and his girlfriend that is. Can you imagine? Fucking him in front of his girlfriend, or fucking her in front of her boyfriend? It's going to be so fuckin hot."

"JD, wait. Hold on" he argued as he looked up at me. "You said you wouldn't bring anyone here. You can't, JD. You can't."

"I know what I said, but this is really special" I said excitedly. "I couldn't let this chance get away. It's only for today. It's only this one time for god's sake."

"JD, JD. Think what you're doing" he said passionately. "These are my students and this is my apartment. They'll know I'm here."

"No they won't" I said. "You'll keep out of sight and they'll never know."

"JD, stop. You can't do this" he said heatedly as he stood up in front of me. I immediately grabbed his shoulders and pushed him back to his knees. "You can't do this" he repeated. "We agreed you would not bring anyone here so you can't do this. We talked about this, JD. We talked about this and you agreed. Call them and cancel. Besides, I've already got dinner started."

"Carl, listen. I know what we agreed, but that's now changed" I said, trying to be reasonable. "There ain't no way I'm going to let the chance of screwing Stuart and Beth get away. He's a hunk and she's a beauty and doing them together is going to be out of this world. This is truly going to be earthshaking, but it's only for today, so it's no big deal. And remember that we agreed that I could fuck anybody I wanted and you wouldn't raise a fuss. We're sticking to that agreement."

"Come-on, JD" he pleaded. "This has nothing to do with who you fuck, and you know it. This has to do with where and when. We agreed that once you moved in, you would never bring any tricks here. You know how I feel about that anyway. I don't like it but if you want to fuck them you go right ahead. But don't do it here."

"Listen to me, Carl" I said. "This is a chance of a lifetime thing and I'm going to do it no matter what, so stop trying to screw it up for me. And just remember that I'm the one that makes the rules around here. So just let it go."

"Think, JD. Think" he said fiercely as he put his hands on my thighs and stared into my eyes. "They'll know I'm here, and once somebody finds out, I'll get fired. You can't do this to me, JD. You can't do this to us." Now I'm not really known for having a lot of patience, even though I put up with a lot from Carl, but there comes a time when I've simply had enough and I have to lay down the law.

"Carl, you're getting me pissed. They're on their way and I'm going to screw them, so shut the fuck up." Carl could really be annoying sometimes, and damn near impossible to deal with.

"No, JD. No. No. No" Carl said, almost shouting at me. "I won't stand for it, JD. You can't do this." That was it. Now I was angry. When he gets irrational like this I just have to put my foot down.

He was still on his knees in front of me, so I now grabbed him by the collar and jerked him to his feet. "Listen to me you motherfucker" I shouted at him. "I'll do what the fuck I want and you'll do what I tell you. I make the rules, not you. Will you get that through that thick skull or yours?"

"JD..." There were tears showing now. "JD, JD, JD. Please don't do this to me."

"You are one stubborn son of a bitch, Carl, but I've had just about all I can take." Holding him by the collar, I slapped him, hard.

"Yeeeaaaoooh" he screamed. I gave him a violent jerk by his collar, almost lifting him up off his feet and let him have it again. "Yeeeaaaoooh" he screamed once more.

"You get your butt into the guest bedroom right now before I really kick your ass. Move it" I shouted at him. He put his hands to his face which was already turning red and stared at me in shock. But then, without another word, he turned away and went down the hall to the guest bedroom.

I tried to calm myself down. I hate losing my temper like this. But Carl could really make me angry sometimes and I could hardly believe that in spite of all the time I'd spent with him, he still didn't understand that I was in charge. Of course I'd agreed not to bring anyone to the apartment now that we lived together, but that was beside the point. I made the rules and I could damn well change then if I wanted. He keeps forgetting that his sole purpose here is to serve me. He's supposed to dote on me and pamper me and satisfy my every need. Talking back to me wasn't indulging me. What I needed to drill into Carl's head was that my needs come first, now and always. What he wants is insignificant to what I want, and I could give a shit about what he thinks he needs. He should be focused on my needs, not his own.

And if that means I can change my mind and do things he doesn't like, that's the way it is and I expect him to accept it willingly and enthusiastically without any back talk. I wasn't sorry I hit him, because he really deserved it for being so obstinate and talking back to me that way, and daring to lose his temper with me. That was absolutely not allowed. It looked to me like he needed another lesson in obedience training, over my lap, and right now I was in the mood to give it to him. I just might decide to give him a refresher course after Stuart and Beth left.

So now for Stuart and Beth. I don't know if Stuart was gay or straight, he'd never said one way or another. He and Beth broke up after I fucked them, but what Beth told me was that Stuart loved being dominated. She said she'd slap him and hit him and generally run roughshod over him and he loved it. She wasn't a trained dominatrix by any means, but she said she tried to give him what he wanted. I admit Beth wasn't known for being particularly trustworthy, so I don't know if that was true or not, but that's what she told me anyway.

So he was probably into kinky stuff to begin with, so now I know it was no big deal when I took him down and made him blow me. Maybe he wanted it as much as I did. I had him once at home and once across the street from school during lunch, and as he did me the second time, I gave him a blow by blow description of how I'd fucked Beth. She was his girlfriend at the time and me telling him I fucked her turned him on like you wouldn't believe. He blew his wad twice while I fucked his face and talked dirty to him.

I'd actually fucked Beth twice, as well, and she loved it not only because she was getting it from the best looking and most popular guy around, but because I was a real hunk with a big prick. She particularly seemed enamored by my big prick.

The word had got around school that I'd fucked both Stuart and Beth, but somehow it got construed that I'd had them both at the same time. It wasn't true of course, but when I heard about it, it turned me on something fierce. Actually, it was pretty clear that Beth started the rumor herself after I fucked her the second time, partly for notoriety, and partly because she was pissed at Stuart and wanted to embarrass him.

So, I'd told Stuart that I was going to fuck her today and he could watch. I may have neglected to tell him that I intended to fuck him as well, but we'd work that out when they arrived. I was pretty sure he'd go for it, and if he didn't, I could be pretty persuasive. When I weigh 220 and he weighs about 130 and my muscles are three times the size of his, you can bet I can be pretty persuasive. Besides, it hadn't been that difficult getting my dick into his mouth so it shouldn't be that big of a deal getting it up his ass.

Then the doorbell rang. Beth grabbed me in a bear hug and tried to kiss me as I opened the door. "JD, I'm so excited" she said. I avoided the kiss, but I hugged her back and actually lifted her off the floor and stepped back into the apartment. I kicked the door shut and then pushed her away.

"Beth. Take it easy" I said as I grinned at her enthusiasm.

"I've missed you, JD. I've missed you" she said excitedly. "And you've been avoiding me at school."

"That's not true" I laughed. "I wasn't avoiding you."

"There's always so many people around you, that I can't fight my way through the crowd" she giggled. "They don't know that we've got something really special going."

I had to control my laughter at that statement. Hell, everybody knew that I'd fucked her, and she had made sure that they knew. Whether it was special or not was a matter of opinion, since there were no secrets in our school, and it was common knowledge that I'd fucked not only Beth, but a couple dozen other girls in recent months as well. I was a stud, and the fillies' line up for a stud. I was notorious, and so was my dick.

What was also common knowledge, but many times not believed, was that I'd fucked almost as many boys in recent months as I had girls. Even the stud's line up for a bigger stud.

Beth came onto me again and I let her kiss me this time, getting into some deep French kissing. But then the doorbell rang again.

"I think that's your boyfriend, Beth" I laughed.

"He ain't my boyfriend" she snapped. Beth was here for two reasons: one, because she wanted my big wanger in her again, and two, because I told her I was going to fuck Stuart in front of her. She was still pissed about their breakup, even though she imitated it, and I think she wanted to see him dominated and humiliated by me.

I opened the door and Stuart walked in.

I put my arm around his shoulders and pulled him in close, and then did the same to Beth. "Okay, let's kiss and make up" I said. Putting a hand behind each of their heads, I pulled them in and stuck out my tongue. I held them there until they joined me in the three-way French kiss. They may have hated each other but they knew what was hot and exciting, and a three-way kiss with the hottest stud in town can be pretty damn exciting.

Griping a handful of hair on each of them, I pulled them in even harder, almost bruising our lips together. I was slurping up a storm and so were they. Holding them there by their hair, I pulled back so they were now kissing each other. Beth tried to pull back, so I twisted her hair a little.

"Kiss him, damn it" I barked at her. "Kiss him." Stuart was being completely cooperative as he put his arms around us and kept kissing her. Then I moved back in and rejoined the kiss and kept them at it for a couple minutes. Although Beth seemed to hate Stuart, I think he still had some warm feelings for her because he was really getting into the kiss.

"Fuckin awesome" I finally said as I pulled back and allowed them to pull back as well. "The stud kissing the loving couple." I laughed and after a moment, they joined in.

"I don't know about the loving couple, but you are a pretty awesome stud" Stuart said which caused my prick to jerk. Shit, he was really hot for me. This was going to be easier than I thought. Letting go of Beth and still holding Stuart's hair, I pulled him into a kiss, and held him there as we Frenched for a bit.

We got an 'ooooo' from Beth, evidently she liked watching two guys kissing. As I pulled back from the kiss, I dropped my hand to Stuart's ass, squeezed it and held on. I put my other hand around Beth and grabbed her ass as well.

"So here we are" I said. "The awesome stud and the teenagers." I laughed and they kinda joined in. "And the stud is hot and ready." Letting go of them and stepping back, I kicked off my shoes and quickly pulled my t-shirt up and off. Then I undid my cutoffs and stripped them down and off.

My dick was still semi-soft so it was dangling down, but still pretty damn impressive. "What do you think of this body?" I asked them as I performed a double bicep pose, forcing my massive biceps to peak up to their awesome seventeen inches. "What does the teen couple think of these muscles?"

Naturally, they were impressed with my physique, hell, everybody was impressed with my physique. Stuart's eyes moved back and forth between my biceps and my chest because he was most impressed with my strength and power compared with his puny weakness, while Beth's eyes were on my growing prick. Yes, she was impressed with my body, but her main interest seemed to be my big dick.

"You're amazing" Stuart said, while Beth said: "you're incredible, JD." I called Stuart puny, but that was only compared to me, like, hell, everybody was puny compared to me. But Stuart was ripped. A fair wrestler and a dedicated gym bunny he had great abs and pretty good musculature everywhere else.

Keeping my right arm flexed I grabbed Beth by the hair and pulled her into the bulging muscle. "Kiss it, Beth. Kiss that big muscle." She did, but I was sure she'd rather have been kissing a different muscle.

Switching arms, I grabbed Stuart by the hair and pulled him into my left bicep. "Kiss it, Stuart. Kiss this stud's big bicep." As I held him there, Stuart started kissing and licking my bicep. Oh yeah, he was into my hot body. "That's it babe, worship that muscle with your mouth."

I got a reaction from calling him 'babe' because I felt his whole body quiver. Hell, it didn't embarrass him, he liked it. He liked me calling him 'babe'. He kept right on kissing my bicep, and actually started rubbing his nose against the muscle. It seemed like he forgot that Beth was even there. Either that or he was so enamored by my muscles that he didn't care if she was watching.

Either way, I was going to take advantage of it. I let go of his hair temporarily, grabbed his right hand and pulled it into my dick. Even though I wasn't holding him now, he kept right on worshiping my bicep, and while I was holding him against my prick, he started massaging it. From the two times he blew me, I was aware that Stuart liked being controlled by a bigger stud, so I knew exactly how to handle him.

"Take off your shirt, Stuart" I said. "I want to see that pretty body of yours." My prick was rising up like a drawbridge as I watched him take off his t-shirt. I tend to think I'm bisexual, but nothing turns me on like seeing a gorgeous muscle boy and knowing that he's going to be my toy to play with. And Stuart was truly gorgeous. Rippling abdominals, perfectly molded pectoral muscles, and definition in his shapely arms and shoulders that was beautiful to look at. "You're beautiful, Stuart. Truly beautiful."

And he was. He was my perfect type, a true stud muffin, and totally fuckable. He'd really been working out, or maybe I just didn't remember how hunky he really was, but he was like a vision standing there next to Beth. Not that she wasn't a beautiful girl, she was. Very slim with an amazingly tiny waist, and well-formed breasts if not overly big. My prick took a leap and a hop and actually slapped against my belly as it stretched out to its full nine inches. Shit, I wanted him. I wanted him bad.

But Stuart was going to be the desert. I knew he was into domination, and from what Beth had said, he liked it rough. He was obviously into my body as well, so I wanted him to watch me and drool over my muscled physique while I showed him my prowess as I fucked his former girlfriend. That should get him in the mood to be overpowered and controlled and fucked. Maybe he'd even imagine that he was in her place and was being used by me.

Beth was wearing a button down blouse with frilly lace around the collar. Yeah, really. I didn't know girls still wore that kind of shit. I just grabbed it by the collar and tore it down the front, popping all the buttons. She was startled and shrieked as I ripped it off her shoulders and dropped it on the floor. She had substantial tits, and being young she didn't need a bra to hold them up so I could see why Stuart might have been turned on to her.

"You've got great tits, Beth" I said as I grabbed on to both of them, and gave them a couple good squeezes. Bending down, I gave the right one a couple licks and then moved to the left one. "Real nice" I said. Then I raised back up and started kissing her, moving my hands from her tits to her ass.

She reached down and grabbed my dick.

We kissed for a bit as she squeezed my dick and I squeezed her ass. But, since this was where her interest seemed to lie, I pushed her to her knees. "Here it is, Beth. What you've been waiting for" I said facetiously. Beth giggled, but that didn't keep her from holding on to my humungous dick with both hands.

"You have a beautiful penis, JD" she said.

"Yeah, I do, don't I?" I laughed. "What do you think, Stuart?"

"Ahhh, yeah. Sure" he said giving the politically correct answer.

Beth looked over at Stuart and then kissed it, my penis, while looking at him. Without any input from me at all, she kissed it. I was surprised, but of course I loved it. I'd had at least a hundred people kiss my dick, but except for Carl, I'd couldn't remember anybody doing it without me telling them to do it or making them do it.

"It is so beautiful, JD" she said, and suddenly I realized she was putting on a show for Stuart. She was trying to embarrass him because he didn't have nine inches. I think she was trying to make him jealous as well. She was being a bitch.

I was watching Stuart, not Beth, as she did her thing. She was stroking it with both hands and kissing it and just admiring it, while Carl's eyes kept flickering between my chest and abs and Beth's activities.

When I caught his eye I smiled. "Strip for me Stuart" I said. "Let me see that hunky body of yours." I watched as he slowly stripped down to his Jockey shorts, showing his perfectly formed wrestler's body. He was truly beautiful, small, much smaller than me, but perfectly formed with spectacular abdominals. I loved those abs.

He was keeping me hard every bit as much as Beth was, with her activities on my dick. She seemed to be as much into admiring it and cooing over it as she was into actually sucking it.

"Open up, Beth" I said softly. "Take that big dick of mine. Show Stuart how you can suck on my big boner." As I looked down at her I saw that she kept glancing towards Stuart. This was all a show for him. She wanted him to see her sucking me. She either wanted him to be jealous or she wanted to belittle him because of his smaller dick.

In truth, I'd never seen Stuart's dick. He'd blown me twice but I'd never bothered to get him naked. "All the way, Stuart" I said. "Let us see that beautiful body of yours in the altogether."

As Beth finally took the head of my dick in her mouth, Stuart pulled his Jockey's down and off. Beth seemed surprised and had only the very tip of my dick in her mouth. "Ohhh" she murmured as she opened wide. Evidently she hadn't realized how really big it was.

She moaned. "Ohhh, JD." In surprise? In excitement? In ecstasy? Whatever it was, she moved forward taking a couple inches in her mouth. And she started sucking.

And yes she started sucking; with a vengeance. I'd fucked her twice but never guessed what a talented and dedicated mouth she had.

"Oh, shit, Beth" I gushed. "That's it. That's it. Suck on that mutha." She was terrific. I looked over at Stuart and saw that he'd stripped and had grabbed hold of his prick and was beginning to play with it. He had a good five or six inches but I could see why Beth was so enamored with mine. Five or six is okay but nine is one hell of a lot better.

Stuart wasn't looking at my body anymore, but was totally fixated on what Beth was doing. I couldn't help but grin, because I was wondering if he wanted to be there in her place. Was he imagining himself in my place being sucked by her, or was he seeing himself down there in her place with my big boner in his mouth? There was no doubt in my mind what he was thinking.

"You're looking terrific, Stuart. Your workouts are really working. Your definition is out of this world." I reached over and put my hand behind his neck and pulled him into a kiss. I felt my dick give a flip in Beth's mouth as I French kissed Stuart and he returned it passionately. Yeah, passionately. Kissing up a storm as he put his arms around me. You think this wasn't incredibly fuckin hot, kissing Stuart while his girlfriend sucked on my big schlong? This was going to be more awesome than I could have imagined.

As much as I was enjoying what Stuart was doing and what Beth was doing, I had to bring it to a stop. For one thing I was getting too hot, and for another I wasn't planning to get a blowjob from her anyway. I wanted to fuck her. I wanted Stuart to watch me fuck her. Stuart was kissing me and rubbing his hands up and down my muscled back and didn't want to quit. So when I finally pushed him away he puckered up and blew me a kiss, and gave me a big smile. God, he was gorgeous. I grabbed Beth by her arms and pulled her to her feet.

"JD? What?" she said in surprise. I just smiled and gave her a peck on the lips.

"Come on, sweetheart. Into the bedroom" I said as I pushed her ahead of me heading for the master bedroom. I assumed that Stuart would follow, and he did but he put his hand on my shoulder gently squeezing my deltoid muscle, obviously enthralled by its size and hardness. I'd sent Carl into the guest bedroom so we had the Master bedroom for ourselves.

You probably realize that the whole idea of this adventure was in the watching. I was going to fuck them but my main interest was going to be in the watcher. Stuart watching me while I fucked Beth, and Beth watching while I fucked Stuart. You would not believe how hot that was making me just imagining it.

I didn't feel that I had to impress either one of them with my prowess because with a nine inch dong, you can do no wrong. I wasn't trying to embarrass or humiliate Stuart, even though Beth was. I didn't want to embarrass him, I wanted to impress him. I wanted him to want me.

They were both waiting for direction from me as we entered the bedroom, but I simply lay down in the middle of the bed on my back. I grabbed my dick and started playing with it.

"Climb on Beth" I said with a bit of a smirk. I knew I was putting her on the spot because she may have never done this before; getting on top. "Show Stuart how a real bitch can handle this big dicked stud." Okay, so I was being crude but I was pretty sure Beth would like it. She was here to try to demean Stuart and she'd do whatever was necessary to make like she was having the time of her life.

"JD?" she said with a puzzled look on her face.

"Up here, hon" I said, patting my stomach. "Climb on. I'll let you take charge." Then she seemed to get an enlightened look on her face. She was no dummy, and any kid her age had to know about a girl fucking herself on a guy's prick. She may not have done it, but she had to know how it was done.

"Oh, JD. You are wicked" she said as she got a big smile on her face, got up on the bed and straddled my legs.

"You think you can handle this" I asked and I wiggled it in front of her.

She gulped, but she also smiled. "Oh, I know I can, JD. I know I can. Remember? Stuart knows that we did it." Of course Stuart knew because I told him, and I know she told him as well. But right now she was just rubbing his nose in it.

"Yes, Stuart knows I fucked you, but did you know that Stuart and I got it on?" I asked simply. That got her attention. I think she may have known, but it had never really sunk in that I had done him.

I glanced over at Stuart and saw that he was super hard, his pole standing nearly straight up at attention. I specifically said 'we got it on' rather than saying I'd fucked him. He was putting up with enough shit from Beth without me embarrassing him further. Besides, I intended to fuck him after I fucked Beth, and I didn't want to do anything to screw that up. Right now he was incredibly turned on to me and I was incredibly turned on to him and I wanted it to stay that way.

All of this was really putting Beth at a disadvantage. She was a beautiful girl, a really hot teen girl, and she had been a great fuck, but right now, compared to Stuart, she was definitely coming out second best. I tried to ignore Stuart and focus completely on Beth.

She didn't spit or ask for anything to put on my dick, so I figured she knew she was wet enough already to take me. My dick had been in there twice before so she knew how difficult it was to initially get it in.

Getting a hand on my dick and bending it up to line up with her pussy, she slowly started sinking down on it. "Ohhh, JD. You're so big" she murmured as she stared into my eyes. I don't think that was for Stuart's benefit, or mine either. She was saying that more to herself than to us, and reminding herself what it was going to take. She lowered herself a little more and I felt the head of my dick slide into her. She may have been wet but it felt pretty damn tight to me.

"Way to go, girl" I gushed. "That's it. Take my big pecker." Her face was scrunched up so I knew it was painful for her so far, but it felt pretty damn fabulous to me. "That's it, that's it, take my big pecker" I repeated. She kept lowering herself slowly, but there was a whole lot of dick there, and it took her a couple minutes to get it all the way in.

Stuart had gotten down on his haunches a few feet from the bed to get a close-up view, and was tugging at his dick as he watched my nine inches slowly sink into her pussy.

But then she was there, setting on me, all the way in, but resting for a moment before starting to fuck. Beth had been making moaning sounds, but now I heard Stuart moan as well. Shit yeah, he was really turned on watching my dick sink into her cunt.

Beth started slowly lifting up and sinking back down, just the way I like it. I'm not a jackrabbit fucker. I like to sink my dick in slow and deep at first, and that was what Beth was doing.

"Oh shit, Beth. Milk my dick" I said in pleasure. "Keep it going, just like that. Yeah, just like that." She had closed her eyes, but now she opened them and looked me in the eye again.

"Ohhh, JD" she gushed, giving me a big grin. "You have the biggest and bestest dick on the planet. You hear me Stuart?"

"Oh, shit, Beth. Low blow" I chuckled. "Fuck you" Stuart said. "Don't you wish" Beth responded.

"That's enough, hon" I said. "Don't get carried away. Just put on a show for us. Show Stuart what it's like to get fucked by JD's big boner." Her comment didn't seem to faze Stuart at all, and his eyes were glued to my dick going in and out of her pussy. I was pretty sure now that he was more into me than he was into Beth, more into my prick than into her pussy. And let me tell you, that really turned me on. He was jerking his prick like crazy and I knew he wanted to be in her place, on top of me taking my dick up his ass.

"Oooo, oooo, oooo" Beth started whining as she slowly started speeding up her bouncing on my prick. And it was beginning to have its effect. I was getting hot.

I was getting hot from what Beth was doing with my prick, but I was also getting hot from watching Stuart watching what Beth was doing with my prick. He was beginning to speed up the action on his prick as he watched.

"Oh, JD. Oh, JD. Oh, JD" Beth squealed as she banged up and down on me.

"Oh shit, man" Stuart mumbled. "Yeah, yeah, yeah.'

Beth screamed so I knew she came but I was getting pretty damn close myself. I started humping, meeting each downward thrust of her's with an upward thrust of my own. "Shit, Beth. Go girl. Go."

And then Stuart howled, and I saw his jism shoot up in the air and land next to the bed. However, I was too involved in my own coming ejaculation to think about him. I grabbed Beth by the waist and slammed my crotch up into her three times, and let fly. As I started shooting, I slammed up into her involuntarily with each spasm.

Stuart was watching, Beth was watching, I was watching; and we were all in the throes of orgasms. I was euphoric.


I sent Stuart to the bathroom to get a towel to clean up, while taking Beth to the kitchen to get some cokes. She was actually glowing and I guess maybe I was as well. Screwing her with Stuart watching had been glorious. I'd let my teammates watch me screw girls a couple times, but Stuart and Beth were both beautiful, and having been boyfriend and girlfriend made it really special.

"You don't live with your parents, JD?" Stuart asked as he came in and got his coke. Beth had pulled on a pair of panties but Stuart and I were both still naked with our softening dicks hanging down.

"No, thank God" I said. "I was so happy to get out of that damn house." He didn't say anything for a moment, waiting for me to continue.

"And...." he asked?

"Okay, so I've got a sugar daddy" I said. "I'm living here with him."

"That's fucking cool" Beth said. "I wish I could get out of my house."

"So? What?" Stuart asked. "Who is it, some old guy that picked you up?"

"Yeah" I laughed. "He's some old guy who picked me up." I wondered how Carl would react to my saying that. But I didn't want to continue this conversation. . Some kids might have seen that I have a special relationship with Mr. Jacobson so I didn't want them to start to speculate.

"Well" I said looking Stuart in the eye "what do you think of the stud?". I threw my arms wide showing my naked muscular body. "You like the way he fucked your girl? You sure as hell shot a load while watching."

"Well, actually" he said, giving me a grin, "you didn't do anything. Beth did all the work." I was surprised to hear him say that, but of course it was true, so I had to laugh. Beth joined in as well.

"Yeah, JD" she said. "You never had it so good." We all laughed.

"Well, that's one way to do it. I bet you haven't fucked her that way yourself" I said. "How about I show you how it's done with a boy?" Beth got a big grin as I stepped up to Stuart and pushed him back against the kitchen counter. This is what she came for. She had her fuck and now she was going to get her show.

I took Stuart's coke out of his hand, jammed my crotch against him, and latched onto his lips.

"Mmmmm" he said as I stuck my tongue in deep. Putting my arms around him and grabbing his ass, I actually lifted him up off the floor. I'm not taller than him but my muscles are twice his size so it was like nothing to hold him there. Just as I suspected, he was hot for me and just ignored the fact that Beth was there, as he put his arms around me and aggressively returned the kiss.

Holding him up off the floor with my hands on his ass, I backed away from the kitchen counter and headed for the bedroom. Beth giggled as she followed us. "Oh, JD. You are so wicked."

I dropped Stuart on the bed and climbed on as well. Lifting his legs, I got on my knees behind him, put them on my shoulders, and stared down into his eyes. I noticed his prick was already as hard as a rock, but so was mine. "I'm gonna fuck you, Stuart" I said softly. "I'm gonna fuck you right here in front of your girl." Stuart stared into my eyes but didn't say a word, but I felt his body quiver in excitement or anticipation. He wanted it. He didn't give a shit about Beth, he just wanted to be fucked by me, Mr. bodybuilder superstar extraordinary. He wanted to be controlled and dominated by a demigod. And I was ready.

I held his legs up as I grabbed my tube of cream from the bedside table and squirted some onto my hand. I continued staring into his eyes from just qbove him as I rubbed the cream into his crack and then into his hole. "Gonna fuck you, Stuart" I repeated. "Gonna fuck you hard."

As I got more cream and worked it into his hole, I leaned down I gave him a peck on the end of his nose, and then locked on to his lips. He didn't react at all as I pushed two fingers into him, but he was making soft murmuring sounds in the back of his throat as we kissed.

"Ah hum" I heard Beth clear her throat. "I'm still here, boys" she said sweetly, and Stuart and I both broke off the kiss and laughed.

"We know you're still here, Beth" Stuart and I both said almost at the same time and then laughed some more. I was well aware that she was still here, because that was the main part of my plan. I wanted her to watch while I fucked her boyfriend. That was the whole point.

"Here comes, Stuart" I murmured softly as I grabbed my dick and took aim. Lining up with his little pucker, I pushed, forcing him to open up for me.

Stuart groaned as the head of my big schlong pushed its way into him. "Oh shit, JD. Easy, easy" he pleaded.

"Almost there, Stuart. Almost there" I said as I finally got the first inch into him. Then I just waited, giving him a chance to adjust.

"Oh shit, JD. You are so fucking big" he groaned.

"I told you" Beth said and laughed. "I told you."

"You can take it, Stuart. I know you can." I pushed another inch into him.

"Wait, JD. Wait" he groaned. "It's too much." He was gasping and panting, so I pulled out completely, giving him a break.

"Oh shit. JD" he gasped. "I don't think I can do this."

"Oh yes you can" I said and actually laughed. "I know you can."

"I thought you were going to fuck him, JD" Beth said.

"Shut up Beth" I said as I gave her a grin. "Next time I'm going to give it to you up the ass." Taking aim again, I slowly pushed the head of my dick back into him. He groaned again but it was clear the worst of the pain was over.

I gave him a minute to adjust and then started a slow fuck. Moving in and out only an inch or two. Stuart was damn tight, squeezing the hell out of my dick, and I loved it. I kept the slow movement going but started reaching deeper and deeper with each thrust.

"You're taking it, Stuart. You're taking JD"s big boner" I said, grinning down at him. He had his eyes tightly closed however and was grimacing in pain, but I knew it was going to get better.

I kept fucking him slowly for a couple minutes until I finally had all nine inches buried deep into his ass. "I'm there, Stuart" I said. "All the way up your ass."

He only groaned, not saying anything, but Beth made up for him.

"Well, fuck him, JD. What are you waiting for?" she said.

"Shut up, Beth" I said "or I'll make you go stand in the corner."

"You'll what?" she said.

"I said shut up, Beth" I laughed. "You're beginning to piss me off." She didn't say anything more but by this time I was humping Stuart with a good steady motion. The feeling was fabulous and he had stopped grimacing in pain.

Now I started doing deep thrusts, pulling out almost to the tip and then going in all the way. Fucking this beautiful muscle boy was really hot, but I admit having his girlfriend watching make it a whole lot hotter. I wasn't slamming it to him yet but I was beginning to get hot.

Then, right in the middle of a thrust, I stopped. "Well, Beth? What do you think? You like seeing your boyfriend get screwed?"

Stuart's eyes flew open. "JD" he said, looking at me in dismay.

"It's awesome, JD" Beth swooned. "Awesome. So fuck him. Fuck him hard."

Beth had now gotten what she came for, getting my dick up her cunt and seeing her boyfriend get screwed. So I quit thinking about putting on a show for her and just focused on enjoying the fuck. I started really slamming it to him.

He grunted each time I slammed into him, but I was yelling 'yeah' with thrust as well. Stuart had his eyes open now and was watching me as I fucked him. He was loving it, I could tell. He was being dominated and fucked by the muscle stud of his dreams.

"Yeah, JD. Fuck me" he said softly, looking up into my eyes. "You big stud. Fuck me." We were totally focused on each other, and could have given a shit that Beth was there.

"Oooo, Stuart. You are too much" she said.

Neither of us said anything, but just kept grunting with the heat of the hot fuck. Beth just laughed, probably realizing that we didn't even know she was there. My sweat was dripping down on him as I kept banging into his butt, and he kept looking up at me, totally enamored with me as I fucked him.

But I was getting close, very close.

I rubbed my hand up and down over Stuart's face and then stuck a thumb in his mouth. I loved doing this when I fucked, not necessarily to humiliate, but to definitely show my power and control. Stuart started sucking and then reached up and grabbed my shoulders, feeling my bulging deltoids.

My whole body must have been glistening with sweat, so I knew my muscles were showing at their best. You bet Beth and Stuart were getting a show.

"Jerk yourself, baby" I said as I gave him a very light slap on the face. "Go ahead, shoot your load." I stuck my thumb back in his mouth as he reached down and started frantically jerking his super hard prick.

He got there before I did, almost yelling in ecstasy and his body shaking uncontrollably[DC1] under me. I spit in his face, smeared it all over with my hand, and slammed into him one final time.

"Shhhhiiiitttt" I screamed as I fired into his ass. His semen was still shooting up onto his chest as I started blasting into him. We were both yelling as our ejaculations went on and on. Neither one of as had any thoughts of Beth, but she must have been in awe of us.

"Oh, man, Stuart" I finally gasped as I finished shooting. We were both dripping with sweat as we smiled at each other. I rubbed my hand over his face again and then leaned down and kissed him. "That was terrific, Stuart. Absolutely terrific."

"Yes, it was, wasn't it" he said with this big grin on his face.

"Beth?" I questioned as I finally looked over at her.

"Wow!" she responded. "You guys were awesome."

"Yeah, I think we were" I laughed. I gave Stuart another light slap on the cheek and then rubbed my fingers through his hair. "I think we were" I repeated.

Very slowly I pulled my softening prick out of his ass, and then lay down on my back next to him, still breathing hard.

He rolled over on his side and looked at me. "I learned something from you, JD" Stuart said softly.

"Oh yeah? What's that?" I asked.

"I'm gay, JD" he said. "Now I know it. I'm gay." Beth was speechless.


As I entered the bedroom I saw that Carl was lying on his back on the bed. I quietly closed the door and walked over and just watched him as he slept. Seeing him lying there in total repose reminded me of how handsome he really was. Mr. Jameson, my math teacher, He was a very beautiful man. That's what attracted me to him in the first place. That and that cute butt of his.

Before Stuart and Beth came, I was furious with him for being so obstinate and I wanted to strangle him, but of course I'd calmed down now, and looking down at him with dried tears showing on his cheeks, I realized how unfair I had been. He should have been a little more understanding of how badly I wanted Stuart and Beth, but I should have realized that he was really frightened of us getting found out.

Seeing him lying there, looking absolutely angelic, reminded me of how wonderful he was, what a great relationship we had, and how lucky I was to have him. There was no question anymore whether or not I loved him. I knew I loved him. I know I'm still considered a kid, at only sixteen, and Carl is almost ten years older than me, but he is so madly in love with me that I can't help but love him back. So yes, of course I loved him.

I climbed on the bed and lay directly on top of him. As he woke up I gave his ear a lick. "I love you, Carl" I whispered.

Carl put his arms around me and started kissing my cheek, and as I raised my head we latched our lips on to each other. After a couple minutes I raised my head so I could look at him and saw that he was crying.

"I love you so much, JD" he sobbed as he hugged me tight. "I love you so much it hurts." I kissed him again. "I'm sorry I was so difficult, JD. I didn't ...."

"No, Carl, no" I said. "I'm the one that's sorry. I'm so sorry I hit you. I know that was unfair and I'm sorry." I was probably crushing him so I rolled over off of him and lay on my side. We just lay there kissing for fifteen minutes or so, he hugging me and rubbing his hands up and down my back, and me grabbing his ass and gently squeezing it over and over.


"I'm so glad you're here, JD" Carl said later. "I'm so glad you're living with me." It was after dinner and we were in our usual position in front of the TV: Carl sitting between my legs leaning back against me, still dressed in his leather collar and pouch. Me setting there naked with an arm around him gently tweaking one of his tits.

"Me too, honey. Me too" I said as I nuzzled his cheek.

"I'm sorry I gave you a bad time this afternoon, JD" he said.

"That's alright, Carl" I said. "It's gone and forgotten. We don't need to talk about it."

"Did you ....?" he started to say. "While they were here, did you ....?"

"Yes I did" I said. "I fucked Beth and then Carl."

"Was it ....? Ahhh .... Did you ....?"

"Yes, it was wonderful and yes I enjoyed it. I loved it. It was even better than I expected. In fact it was fabulous. Beth is a bit of a bitch, but Stuart is a wonderful boy and a hot fuck. If I didn't have you I think I'd want him."

"Are you trying to make me jealous?" he asked. "If you are, it's working."

"Well, maybe. Just a little" I laughed. "But you know me. I gotta brag a little."

"Yeah, I know you" he replied with a grin.

"But I know how lucky I am to have you, Carl" I said.

He turned his head and kissed my cheek. "And I know how lucky I am to have you, JD. I know how lucky I am." We both turned our heads so that our lips met and we started smooching.

Actually this is the way things went most nights. We'd sit and talk until we started getting horny.

"Are you getting hard, JD?" Carl asked facetiously.

"Hell yes I am" I laughed. "I'm sixteen and I've only fucked twice tonight, so I'm definitely ready for a third." Carl was sitting between my legs so of course my prick was resting in the crack of his ass so he could feel it as it began to lengthen.

Putting my hands under him, I lifted him up to his feet and then stood up behind him, my growing prong banging into his butt. I could have screwed him right then and there, but the bedroom was just a few feet away.

Reaching down and grabbing his legs, I lifted him into my arms and holding him there like a baby, I headed for the bedroom. I could feel my dick growing out to full size as I put him down on the bed. I was most definitely ready for my third fuck of the evening.

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