My Teacher, My Pet 4

We were having our Friday math test as always, and Mr. Jameson was walking up and down the aisles as usual. Everything normal except that I decided to give him a thrill, so I pulled my dick out again. I grinned at Lawrence in the next seat and licked my lips suggestively as I started squeezing it and playing with it, letting it grow to its' full ten inches. I didn't bother with the test but just closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling in my crotch. I knew the stuff anyway, but I'd make sure Mr. Jameson gave me and 'A' later. As usual, I was thinking of that gorgeous 'Mr. teenage Atlanta' from the internet that I damn near worshiped every night. One of these days I was going to send him an e-mail but I hadn't done it yet.

As Mr. Jameson came by I got the drop of pre-cum off the tip of my prick with my finger and brought it to my lips. Looking up at him, looking him in the eye, I suggestively fucked my finger in and out of my mouth. Lawrence's eyes damn near bugged out of his head as he saw what I was doing, so I knew I'd have to see him after class to make sure he kept his mouth shut.

Mr. Jameson looked me in the eye and then quickly looked away, starting to turn red with embarrassment again. I got a big smile on my face as I reached out and gave his ass a quick squeeze.

Mr. Jameson headed to the front of the room, and I had to laugh to myself, since I knew he was going to be sorry for wearing his grey slacks today. He not only had a bulge, but I could see he had a wet spot showing as he quickly got behind his desk and sat down. It was still about forty minutes before the bell so maybe he had a chance for it to dry, but then again, maybe not. He couldn't stay behind that desk forever. When he glanced over at me I gave him a big grin and he quickly looked away. You wouldn't believe how much I was enjoying myself. He was not only my plaything in the evening but he was my plaything during the day as well.

After class I took Lawrence into the bathroom and we had a heart to heart with him up against the wall with my hand around his neck, while I explained what I would do if he ever opened his mouth about what he saw. I also offered him a carrot as well, telling him that I owed him one, and that another blowjob was forthcoming in the near future. I even let him have a feel although I'd gone soft by then. I'm a pretty good explainer so I was confident he wouldn't breathe a word.

At lunch time I used my exit pass to leave campus and walk across the street to the yellow house on the corner. Willy was waiting for me at the gate as I unlocked it and we went into the back yard. Yeah, I had a key, and I'd used it maybe a dozen times to have a quick fuck or a quick blow job during lunch.

And why did I have a key, you ask? Well, you guessed it. Mrs. Lauren, Sarah that is, a single mother, likes young boys with big dicks, and so does her thirteen year old daughter, Connie. I specifically went after them so I could use their yard during the school day and they were more than willing to make use of my big wanger and provide me with a key. And, believe it or not, after I fucked Sarah a couple times I actually got both her and her daughter gobbling my prick at the same time. Sarah was so wild for my prick that when I told her that the deal had to include her daughter, she went for it. Yeah, really; her thirteen year old daughter. What mom didn't know was that I'd got to Connie first and had already banged the bitch a couple times. But it ain't no skin off my ass if she thinks she's giving up her daughter to my big pecker. Besides, fucking thirteen year olds is my specialty.

The yard had a couple of those nice lawn chairs that I could sit in to get a blowjob, or lie down on for a good fuck, and let me tell you, I put them to good use. I mean, Stuart, the wrestler that I'd added to my collection just last week, had already sucked me here in the yard after doing me at home last week. He was a beginning cocksucker, but quite a cock hound. He did try hard and was getting better, and he was pretty to look at too while he sucked.

I had Stuart blow me a second time because I'd already had his girlfriend, Beth. I made sure he knew it and I gave him a blow by blow description of how I fucked her while he sucked me. I'd actually wondered about doing them both at the same time and kinda sounded him out on the idea. But that might be too much, even for me. It was clear that Stuart didn't want to blow me with Beth looking on, and probably didn't want to watch me fucking her either. So, without me beating him half to death it was probably not going to happen. But I could dream. I had a clear picture in my mind of Stuart and Beth, both wearing slave collars, one on each side of me on their knees, licking up and down my big slong while I held onto their leashes. Hey, even with as much action as I get, even I have wet dreams.

Marylou, the principal's secretary was sweet on me so I could get and exit pass anytime I wanted, and today I got one for Willy as well. He was kind of a geek; a smart kid who sat in the front row in Mr. Jameson's class and wore those silly looking rimless glasses. He definitely wasn't my type with those nerdy glasses and skinny body, and I wouldn't have even looked in his direction except that he was in my math class and I was keeping score. He was number nine out of twelve boys in the class, so I was making great head-way (pun intended).

"Come over here and let's get going" I said as I sat on the lounge chair and unzipped my pants. He just stood there like a deer in the headlights, not sure of what to do. "Move it" I growled. "Get over here." I pulled my completely soft dick out and started to massage it. "Hurry up. I want to be able get back and have lunch before fifth period."

In frustration, I stood up, grabbed him by the hair and forced him down to his knees. "When I talked to you today, you said you'd given a blowjob before, didn't you?"

"Ahhh .... Yeah, JD" he mumbled.

"Well, stop pretending you don't know what to do and get busy." I stuck my thumb in his mouth forcing it open, and pushed my dick in. "Get going" I ordered him. So the little geek gave me a blowjob. I just kept my eyes closed the whole time and pictured in my mind that gorgeous Mr. Teenage Atlanta doing me. Just imagining him on his knees with my prick in his mouth always made me so hot and hard that it made my cocksucker's jobs much easier since I stayed hard no matter what they did. I mean, can you imagine what a turnoff it would be for me, trying to get hard while having to look down at this scrawny little be-speckled nerd trying to blow me? For fucks sake, I've got better standards than that. And of course he wasn't any good at it anyway, and I had to do most of the work myself by beating off, but I really wasn't expecting much from him. He was just a number on my math class scoreboard.

At least I made him swallow my junk, and after some firm instruction, he put my dick away and zipped me up. When we were done I told him how wonderful he was and how I was looking forward to doing it again. That was total bullshit of course, but it didn't cost me anything to say it, and it put a smile on his face.

When I walked into Carl's apartment that evening he was naked and on his knees with his head bowed looking at the floor. He was also wearing the studded slave collar I gave him, just as ordered.

"Hi there, honey" I said as I walked by and tousled his hair. "Go get me a beer" I said as I pulled my muscle shirt off and tossed it aside. Slipping out of my sandals I sat down and relaxed as Carl crawled on hands and knees out to the kitchen. I was wearing only a pair of snug navy blue gym-shorts which showed an enormous bulge even when I was completely soft. I wore them in gym class too, but in school I wore a jock underneath. That didn't make a hell of a lot of difference because it's damn near impossible to hide something as big as my ten incher, but, then again, I liked showing it off. Even coach Bryan noticed and I had him on a 'I wonder if' list that I was keeping. 'I wonder if' he likes young boy's big pricks.

I smiled as Carl came crawling back into the room with the beer in one hand, and still looking down at the floor. Without even looking, he crawled up to me and held the beer up. I didn't take it immediately but just waited while he held it there. This went on for almost a full minute but he didn't budge.

I laughed aloud as I finally took the beer from him. Yeah, he was well trained. He was well along to being a perfect slave.

"You want some beer, honey?" I asked sweetly. "Hmmm?" He looked up at me for the first time, assuming that he how had permission.

"Yes, Master. Thank you, Master" he answered softly.

"Okay, suck it up" I said as I poured and ounce or two onto the crotch of my shorts. Without a word he leaned in and started sucking the beer out of my shorts. "Good boy, good boy" I chuckled as I patted his head and fluffed his hair. "My little puppy loves his daddy's beer, doesn't he?"

This was the second time I'd been to Carl's apartment and I was ready to take him to the next step in his training as a totally submissive, obedient slave. Getting him in the nude with his head bowed was a hell of an accomplishment for only three sessions: two at school and only once here In his apartment. I was definitely proud of what I had accomplished.

He'd blown me a few times but I'd only fucked him once, so I was going to have that ass again tonight. But this time he was going to learn how a slave gets fucked, but does all the work himself, by bouncing up and down on his Master's dick. I'd only done that a couple times before and was looking forward to teaching my teacher how to do it. It was so exciting having my own slave; having my teacher as my slave, that I wanted to try all sorts of new things.

Yes, he was going to fuck himself on my dick tonight, but what had really given me a boner every day this week, was imagining him eating out my ass. I'd dreamed of having someone eating out my ass a hundred times but I'd never had anybody do it. Not yet.

But now that I had my own slave who would do anything I wanted, I was definitely going to get some ass sucking action. Sitting there in class every day this week looking at him, I could almost feel those pretty lips and that hot tongue wiggling in my ass crack. That was definitely going to happen tonight.

I also wanted to work on his begging. Few things got me more excited and worked up than hearing a guy or girl begging me to do them, or use them, or fuck them, or whatever. There was no question that Mr. Jameson was so infatuated with my cock that he'd be happy to beg me to let him suck it. But I also intended to have him beg me to allow him to eat my ass. Can you imagine? What could be hotter than that?

You might wonder how a sixteen year old like me can come up with erotic stuff like this. Well, I've visited damn near every BDSM site on the internet and it is incredible how much raunchy master and slave shit you can find there. I have a million ideas of raunchy things I might try on Mr. Jameson.

"It's time to get this ball rolling" I said to him as I stood up. "Pull 'em down." Grabbing my shorts from the bottom he tugged them down over my massive thighs. I'm wild about my muscular body, and I love my big biceps and my bulging pectorals, and of course my enormous dick, but I think I'm most proud of my brawny thighs. "Kiss them, puppy. Kiss your Master's magnificent thighs." Carl dutifully kissed my massive thighs.

I reached out and tussled his hair, patted his cheek and stuck my thumb in his mouth. He automatically sucked on it as he looked up at me with those worshipful eyes, just as if he were my puppy dog. Later on tonight I might lead him around the apartment on a leash just for the hell of it.

"Have some more beer baby?" I said sweetly as I sat back down and poured some more on my crotch. "Come get it." He moved in and started lapping at my crotch. I poured a little more right at his hair line so it'd drip down over his face onto my crotch. He licked it up.

"Did you enjoy the little game I played in class this morning" I said with a laugh. "Does it turn you on to see your student's big dick."

"JD, please. You shouldn't do that" he said as he looked up at me. "The other kids will know something is going on. JD, I beg you. Please don't do that; don't get me fired."

"Don't worry, baby" I said patting him on the cheek and giving him a big grin. "Nobody's going to find out. And if they do, I'll make sure they don't talk. But, honey, a boy's got to have his fun and I thought it was great fun. You should have seen your face. I wanted to fall out of my chair laughing.

"Now, next Friday when you come by I'll drop my test, and when you reach down to get it I want you to give my prick a good squeeze. I'll have it out and all hot and ready for you. You don't have to kiss it or anything; just give it a squeeze."

"JD, no. I can't. I won't" he said almost hysterically. "I mean, please JD, don't." You notice how he said that? He said 'I won't' and then immediately followed that with 'please JD, don't'. He already knows he better not say no to me.

"Of course you can do it" I said gruffly. "You'll do it because I'm telling you to do it. You'll do any fuckin thing I want you to do."

"JD. JD" he said getting tears in his eyes. "Please. Don't make me do that."

"Better yet" I grinned. "You'll drop your pencil instead of me dropping my test. That'll give you a good excuse to pick it up. Lawrence is the only one who'll see it and I've put the fear of god into him. And it will turn me on like nobody's business. My teacher grabbing my prick in the middle of class is fuckin hot. You'd better not wear your grey slacks on Friday."

"JD ...., please. Please don't. "

"Shit, that turns me on just thinking about it. You'd better be happy I don't make you get under my desk and kiss it 'cause I been thinking about that a lot. Shit, can you just imagine me taking one of your tests while you're under my desk blowing me? Oh shit, that's hot."

"JD, you don't understand. You can't do that. You can't ...."

"What" I said, interrupting him. "I can't? You're telling me I can't?"

"JD, you're under age" he pleaded. "If they catch me with you they'll put me in jail. They'll call me a predator."

"You? A predator?" I laughed and kept laughing. "Big, bad teacher man abusing his cute little student? That is fuckin hilarious." That made a screamingly funny picture. This little pipsqueak of a teacher abusing his muscle bound student who was twice his size.

"They will, JD? They will. That's what they will say."

So I gave in. "Alright, already. Alright, alright" I said grudgingly. "You don't have to grab my dick. I'll think of something else. But don't tell me that doesn't turn you on; you grabbing my dick during class? Doesn't it?"

"Well, yeah" he said, giving me a sheepish grin. "Yeah, that's hot" he admitted "but it's too dangerous."

"I'll think of something else for you to do. Now go get that whipped cream I told you to get." He crawled out of the room and came back a moment later with a spray can of whipped cream. "Go ahead, spray it on" I said. Removing the cap, he sprayed a small amount on my prick. "Oh yeah, baby, this is going to be fun. Get in there and lap it up."

"Yes, Master" he said with a smile and he leaned in and sucked up the cream.

"No, no, that's not the way" I said. "Give me some in my hand." He sprayed a glob into my hand which I immediately smeared all over his face and even into his hair.

"JD? Wha....?"

"Give me some more" I ordered him, so he sprayed some more into my hand. "More" I said and he sprayed another glob. Now I rubbed it into my crotch, all over my prick and balls and upper thighs; almost all the way up to my belly button. Smearing more cream on his face, I grabbed his hair and smiled at him. "You look pretty as a picture, slave boy" I said, laughing at the startled look on his face. "So go to it. Lick up that cream."

So away he went, licking and sucking up the whipped cream. I just let him go at it for a good ten minutes and even added some cream a couple times. Each time I added cream, I'd grab him by the hair and drag his face through it, smearing it all over him.

"Oh, baby. This is so cool" I said as I sprayed some right into his face, and then jammed him back into my crotch. "Get that tongue going. Lap it up. Come on, just like a dog. Lap it up." Carl did what he was told but I'm not sure if he was enjoying it, but that didn't matter a hell of a lot because I was having the time of my life.

"Oh, baby, I love that. We've got to do this a lot" I said as I finally pushed him away from my crotch. "Oh, baby, you are beautiful" I laughed because he was one bedraggled mess with cream everywhere.

"JD, please. Why do you have to be so rough?"

"What? My baby doesn't like JD jamming his face into his crotch? You don't like it? Well, tough shit, because JD is having a good time. And all you're here for is to see that JD has a good time. Now, give me some more cream." I stood up and held out my hand and he sprayed some cream into it.

Spreading my legs, I reached down under my balls and rubbed the cream into my ass crack. Then I turned around, bent over slightly, and pushed my ass into his face. "Lick it up, honey. Lick that cream out of my ass."

Not giving him a chance to consider refusing, I reached back, got a hand behind his head and pushed his face into my ass. "Lick it, baby. Lick your Master's ass hole" I said as I held him there. With only the barest hesitation, he started licking as I held him tight in my crack.

"Oh yeah, baby. That's it, that's it. Suck up that cream. Eat your Masters ass" I said as I laughed aloud. "Oh yeah, eat it. Get that tongue up my hole." It was heavenly and I couldn't stop laughing. I'd never felt anything like it, even though I'd read about it and thought about it a lot. Just the idea of my high school teacher with his handsome face jammed up my butt was about to blow the top of my head off.

"Oh, baby, baby, baby. I gotta fuck you" I said as I turned around. Any idea I had of making him fuck himself on my big wanger went right out of the window, because I was too hot. I couldn't wait. Grabbing his hair and jerking him to his feet, getting a howl out of him, I threw him over my shoulder and hurried into the bedroom. Dumping him on the bed, I climbed on, lifted his legs and pushed them apart.

"Line me up, honey. Aim my big pecker towards that little hole of yours."

"JD, JD" he said with a shocked tone. "Aren't you .... Aren't you going to use some cream or something? Huh?"

"Well, shit" I said as I came to my senses and realized I couldn't take him dry. So I spit on my hand, rubbed it in his crack, and immediately jammed a finger into him.

"Yeow, JD. Please. That hurt."

"Tough shit" I said as I spit again and jammed a second finger in.

"Yeow, JD. Please. Take it easy."

"No way, baby. I gotta fuck." I was so hot it was driving my into a frenzy, so I spit once more, rubbed it quickly up and down my super hard prick, took aim and pushed.

"No, JD, no" he screamed and he actually tried to push me away. At this point I didn't care. I just pushed his legs up and apart, knocked his arms out of the way, and rammed into him.

"Yeeeaaaoooh, JD" he screamed at me, but I wasn't listening. I just jammed my ten inch monster deep into his ass and held it there for a couple seconds. Then I started pounding into him. When he kept yelling I put a hand over his mouth, and kept banging into his ass. No buildup, no kisses, no whispering sweet nothings in his ear. Just hard, rough fucking. I don't know when I'd ever been so hot as I was now as I slammed into him over and over again. I wasn't watching him this time, but had my eyes tightly closed and concentrated on the incredible feelings coming from my cock. I also was picturing muscle bound, Mr. Atlanta under me, yelling in ecstasy as I plowed into him.

Carl's screaming finally changed to soft whimpering so I removed my hand from his mouth. I don't think I've ever pounded anybody's ass like I was pounding his, but it felt so great and I wasn't about to stop.

"Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit" I howled as I kept slamming to him. Even as hot as I was I realized that I could keep this intense pleasure going, and I wanted it to last forever. Continuing to slam into his as hard as I could, I reached up and grabbed a handful of his hair and jerked, nearly lifting him up off the bed.

"Yeeeaaaoooh, JD" Carl screamed. "JD, stop." Letting go of his hair I slapped him across the face, hard, and kept slamming into him as hard as I could.

"Yeeeaaaoooh" he screamed again.

In the throes of my ecstasy, I slapped him once more, slammed into him with all my power, and started shooting. He howled again, louder than ever, but I didn't hear it as I fired into his hot little ass.

After the first shot, I jerked back, allowing my throbbing prick to fly up and bang against my belly. Letting go of his legs, I performed a double bicep pose, really crunching my biceps, and screaming as I let fly, and shot time after time over Carl's face and chest and stomach. "Yeeeaaaoooh" I yelled in elation as I crunched my biceps and my cum spurted out.

"Baby, baby, baby" I yelled as shot after shot fired from my dick. I howled again as I fired my seventh and eighth and ninth shots on to him.

And then, finally, I finished. For the first time, I opened my eyes and saw Carl, holding his hand to his red cheek where I'd hit him, and with this horrified look on his face

"Oh, baby" I said grinning into his shocked face. Then I just flopped down on top of him, panting from my excursion. "Oh, baby" I said again, gasping and puffing into his ear.

"JD" he tried to say in a choked voice. "JD." He was actually sobbing. I just stuck a thumb into his mouth.

"Shut up and suck on it, honey" I whispered into his ear. He did what he was told and neither one of us moved for the next few minutes Once I got my breath back, I rolled over off of him

"Oh shit, honey. That was one hot fuck."

"JD" he said. I grabbed his head and pushed him down to my crotch.

"Clean me up, honey. Then we'll talk" I said. I let him lick my dick for a bit before taking hold of his collar and leading him into the shower. I didn't allow him to speak until he'd cleaned us both up and we had dried off and gone back into the living room. I had him put a fresh beer in my hand as I relaxed on the sofa with him on his knees in front of me.

"Before you say anything, hon" I said. "That was a great fuck. Maybe the best ever. You should be proud. I mean, I've fucked a hundred kids and a whole bunch of adults as well but you were the very best. The best fuck I've ever had. How do you feel about that?"

"JD. You've got to understand ..." he started to say.

"Say something positive, honey. Tell me you loved giving me so much pleasure."

"But, JD" he started to say again. I leaned forward, grabbed his hair, and pulled him into a kiss. Holding that kiss I lifted him up onto my lap, setting his naked ass onto my now soft prick. There were only soft kissing sounds for the next few minutes. With one hand behind his head holding him into the kiss, I reached under him and started squeezing his hot buns.

"Okay, hon" I said finally, pulling back from the kiss. "Say something positive."

"JD, I ...." He started to say.

"Master" I reminded him.

"Master" he started in again. "You are so rough."

"That wasn't positive, honey" I said to him. "It was a great fuck. Your ass was just made for my dick. Say something positive."

"JD. I ... It ...." He said hesitantly. "Okay, JD. I'm .... I'm glad you liked it."

"Good, boy. Liked what?" I asked.

"I'm glad you liked fucking me" he said.

"That's it" I said, patting him on the cheek. "That's more like it. You want me to be happy don't you?"

"Yes, JD. Sure. But you've ..."

"All that matters for you, honey, is keeping me happy. If I'm happy, you should be happy. I mean, I'm telling you how wonderful you are, and you're getting all snippy. If you can't take a little roughhousing when I'm fucking you, I'm fucking the wrong teacher."

"JD, ahhh, please. I didn't mean that. I ..."

"You want me to leave, just say the word, and I'm out of here."

"No, JD, please. I didn't mean that. Please don't leave."

"I want to hear you say you loved me fucking you" I snapped at him. "You gonna say it or not?"

"Yes, JD. Please. I'm sorry. I loved having you fuck me."

"Did it hurt?" I asked, putting him on the spot.

He hesitated for only a moment. "Well, yes, it hurt, JD. But it's okay. It's okay. If you enjoyed it, it's okay."

"That's more like it" I said, giving him a big smile. "That's what I want to hear from my honeybun. Now get on my dick. Let's see if he's ready to wake up again."

"Thank you, JD" he said as he took hold of my dick and massaged it gently, and then kissed it lovingly a couple times. Leaning back to just admire it for a moment, he took it in his mouth and started sucking. I took a sip of beer and then put my arms on the back of the sofa. Leaning back I closed my eyes and just relaxed. Immediately the vision of my muscle bound hero, Mt. Atlanta, popped into my head and I imagined him passionately sucking on my cock. I'd finally sent him an e-mail; his name is Ace; I'd sent an e-mail with a picture of me in the nude, but hadn't heard from him yet. The nude picture would leave no doubt of what my interest was.

"Gently, honey. Gently" I said to Carl. "I'm in no hurry to cum." I ruffled my hand through his hair, and then patted him on the cheek. "Good boy" I said. "Good puppy."

I grabbed the remote and turned on the TV while Carl enjoyed himself worshiping his favorite plaything; my dick.

After only a couple minutes, probably not more than five, the doorbell rang.

Carl looked up at me, startled. "I'm not expecting anybody" he said. I just shrugged my shoulders as he got up and wrapped a towel around his waist and went to the door.

"Good evening, Sir. Is everything all right?" a voice said. As I stood up the cutest damn policeman I'd ever seen stepped inside the door. He was a light chocolate brown color with a handsome face making him every bit as good looking as Mr. Jameson. Actually he wasn't much taller than Mr. Jameson either, but he definitely wasn't skinny because you could see that he filled out his uniform very nicely.

"A neighbor reported a disturbance" he said as he glanced over and saw me, and did a double take, snapping his eyes back to me. "Wow!" he said, the word involuntarily coming out of his mouth with a gasp as he got a good look at my 210 pound youthful bodybuilder's body and my half-hard dick sticking out.

Then he said "WOW" again, this time voluntarily. He pushed Carl aside and took a step into the room. I may be only sixteen, but I'm a big, powerful, massively muscled stud, totally intimidating, particularly now, with my enormous dick sticking out, still dripping with Carl's slobber. The cop's eyes seemed to bug right out of his head and his mouth dropped open in astonishment as his eyes moved from my crotch to my face and back again, as he literally drooled over my 'superman' body.

"Is everything okay, sir" he said to me as he gulped, his voice shaking slightly. I had to smile at his instant recognition of my superiority by calling me, a teenage kid, 'sir'.

"Now that you're here I'm sure everything is going to be fine" I said brightly.

I'd fucked lots of kids and I'd fucked my teacher, my math teacher, but I'd never fucked a cop.

....To be continued....

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