This story is the adventures of a dominant young man as he manipulates and controls his math teacher and others around him. If you don't like stories about heavy dominance and submission, heavy meaning sometimes brutal, don't read this because you won't like it. Everyone else, please enjoy it.

LEAD IN FROM CHAPTER 4: "I'd had lots of kids and I'd had my teacher, my math teacher, but I'd never had a cop."

My Teacher, My Pet 5

I knew Carl had been screaming at the top of his lungs while I was fucking him. Hell, I'd been screaming myself, but I hadn't stopped to think that the neighbors might wonder if somebody was getting killed or something.

But now, standing here in front of me was the most beautiful young black man I'd ever seen; the most beautiful cop I'd ever seen. And me in the nude with my dick hanging out.

He seemed to be totally stunned by my massively muscled teenage body as his jaw dropped down and his eyes almost bugged out.

Pushing Carl aside like he wasn't even there, he visibly gulped and said? "Is everything okay, sir?" His lip was quivering and his voice was shaky, and I realized he was totally intimidated by me. I couldn't help but grin as he called me 'sir'. Me, a sixteen year old kid.

But in all truth, this wasn't any big deal. This happens to me a lot. I not only have a perfect muscled body but I'm probably the most attractive kid on the planet. That ain't ego, that's fact. So people are always overwhelmed when they see me.

"Now that you're here, I'm sure everything is going to be fine" I said brightly in answer to his query. I'd fucked lots of kids, and plenty of adults as well, but I'd never fucked a cop.

So, what does a hot, superior, dominant muscle stud like me do in a case like this? With an extremely attractive young black man standing there completely in awe of him? It couldn't be easier. He simply does what JD always does. He goes on the offensive and takes charge.

I simply walked up to him, grabbed him by the neck, turned his head into a good kissing position, and pushed my lips against his. He was so startled that he didn't even react as I stuck my tongue into his mouth. Holding his neck with one hand and grappling with his tongue with my tongue, I grabbed his ass with the other hand, lifting him up almost off his feet, and pulled him in tight, crotch to crotch.

He had two choices: either pull back in shock and put me in my place, or join in and accept my dominance over him. He took the third choice by putting his arms around me and actually lifting his feet up off the floor and wrapping his legs around me. I stood there, holding him like a child, with one hand on his ass, while he started to rub his hands up and down my back feeling my bulging lats.

"Mmmmm" I heard him moan uncontrollably as he immediately attempted to stick his tongue down my throat. Now I was the one that was astonished as he aggressively French kissed me.

"Oh, you are hot" I said finally as I broke the kiss and squeezed his tight little ass. And I mean tight, because this little guy was muscled; even his ass was muscled. "So fuckin hot" I repeated.

Then he whispered in my ear, so faint that I almost didn't hear it: "Where have you been all my life?" he whispered breathlessly.

"JD" Carl snapped, but I was temporally indisposed with lust and ignored him.

"Fucking hot" I repeated again. Holding his neck and exploring his hot muscled ass with my other hand, I went back to the kiss as he moved his hands from my back and started caressing my trapezius muscles and my deltoids. Oh yeah, this guy was a total muscle hound. And with his hands feeling my muscles and his legs wrapped round me, there was no question he was ready and willing to serve. Yes, willing to serve and worship.

"JD, please stop this" I heard Carl say, and I knew this had to come to an end, even though I didn't particularly want it too. This was too fuckin fabulous to bring to an end. But I finally pulled away from the kiss.

"What's your name, sweetheart?" I asked softly, giving his ear a lick. Hi whole body quivered in excitement from my word of endearment and my intimate lick.

"James. I'm James" he gasped, out of breath from excitement and from the kissing. "And you?"

"You can call me sir" I whispered again in his ear, giving him another lick. "I like it when you call me sir." His whole body shuttered again, clearly showing his innermost feelings of submissiveness.

"Yes, sir" he said diffidently. "Oh, yes, sir" he repeated. "Sir, you are a god."

Now, how the hell do you reply to a comment like that? I'm a God? Hell, I'm not about to disagree with him if that's what he thinks. I'm a God? Nobody ever said that to me before. I just gave him a smile.

Letting go of his neck and loosening my hold on his ass, I allowed him to put his feet back on the floor. Keeping my hand on his ass, I finally looked over at Carl and saw the shocked look on his face and his mouth hanging open.

"Carl, go to your bedroom and close the door" I said, looking him in the eye.

"JD. What...?" he said in a shocked tone of voice.

"Slave boy" I growled. "Go into your bedroom and close the door. NOW." I glared at him fiercely, letting him know he had no other options.

"Please, JD. No" he whispered, tears instantly appearing in his eyes. I just glared at him.

"NOW" I repeated, letting him know I'd accept no nonsense. He hesitated for a moment or two, took a couple deep breaths, and then headed for the bedroom. Right now I couldn't be bothered with him, but I knew he was hurt, so I'd definitely have to make it up to him later on.

Turning back to James, who was staring up at me with a look of total adoration, I gave him a big smile and gave his ass another squeeze.

"You got a great ass, James" I said softly looking into his eyes from only inches away. "Solid and muscled, just the way I like 'em." I leaned in to kiss him again, but he stepped back.

"Sir" he said and gulped. "Sir, my partner's outside."

That pretty much burst my bubble and sent a message to my very hard prick that it wasn't going to get into a hard muscled ass tonight.

I grabbed him by the neck, and as he tried to hold back, forcibly pulled him into another kiss, and latched onto his ass one more time. He held back for a second and then returned the kiss.

"I want to see you naked, and I want to fuck you" I murmured softly as I finally pulled away from the kiss and moved my tongue back and forth across his lips. "When?"

"Sir. Ahhh... sir. Sorry, but I don't get off work until six tomorrow morning."

"Well, there ain't no way I'm getting up at six" I whispered. "Even for an ass like yours. Be here at noon tomorrow."

"Sir. I have an extra shift tomorrow" he said with an expectant look on his face. He definitely didn't want to lose this opportunity to go with a 'god'. "Would noon on Sunday be acceptable to you, sir?"

"Noon on Sunday then" I answered. "Wear your uniform."

"Sir. I ..."

"Wear your uniform" I repeated.

"Yes, sir" he replied.

"You're allowed to kiss it" I said matter-of-factly.

"Huh? Sir?" he answered.

"I said, you're allowed to kiss it." He looked bewildered for another couple seconds and then came to the realization of what I meant.

"Oh, shit" he said under his breath as he sank to his knees. This time I actually saw his body shudder. Hell, I think he was about to cum.

"Don't touch; just kiss" I ordered him.

"Oh, shit" he murmured again as he just sat there on his haunches admiring it for a moment. Then he leaned in and gave it a kiss. Then he gave it a few more kisses and a lot of adoring looks as I just stood there watching.

"Sunday" I said as I led him to the door and groped his ass one more time. The hottest, hardest, most muscular ass I'd ever had my hands on. I couldn't wait until Sunday.

Now, I know Carl's twenty-five, and he's an adult with a college education, but the fact is, even twenty-five year old guys can cry. As I entered the bedroom I saw Carl lying on the bed, his face in his hands, sobbing softly. Going to the bed, I sat next to him, bent down and kissed him on the neck.

"Honey, I'm sorry" I said, petting his hair a couple times and then pulling his chin around to face me. Then I kissed him on the cheek, but that didn't stop his sobbing. "I'm sorry, honey" I repeated. "I didn't mean to hurt you. Come on honey, it's okay. He's gone."

"JD," he sobbed as he looked up into my eyes. "I love you." His lip was quivering, his eyes were red, and he looked so sorrowful that my heart went out to him. Well, almost.

I guess I kinda figured that he loved me, but I'd tried to explain to him the difference between 'loving' and 'owning'. I didn't love him, I owned him. He was there for my use as long as I wanted to use him. He was my fuck boy, my sex toy. It's ridiculous to think that I should love my sex toy. He was there to give me pleasure and generally it didn't matter if he got any pleasure out of it or not. That was a definite plus for him, but it was not a requirement for me.

If he hadn't gone along with my initial subjugation I suppose I would have raped him; in fact maybe I did rape him that first afternoon in his classroom. It was sheer coincidence that while I wanted to dominate him and fuck him, he wanted to be dominated and fucked.

Okay, so I might have been warming up to him a little bit and it did wonders for my ego having one of my very own teachers to fuck. But the fact is he's too skinny for me and he's too old for me. I go for hunky guys as young or younger than me, not old skinny guys. The reason I was fucking him was because of the challenge of getting control of him and dominating him. I'd met that challenge. What in the hell has that got to do with love?

"I know you love me, honey" I said as I started giving him soft kisses all over his face; his eyes, his cheek, his lips, his nose. "I know you do." Lying down next to him I pulled him over on top of me with his head on my shoulder and just hugged him for a bit as his sobbing gradually stopped. Then I pulled his head up and locked our lips together. His tears were still continuing to drip down onto my face as he gave in to the kiss and started returning it. I reached down and pulled the towel from his waist and started gently squeezing his inviting little ass cheeks.

He put his arms around my neck as I continued to caress his ass and the soft sweet kiss went on and on and on.

Did I say that I planned to teach him to fuck himself on my big prick? Hell yes I did, and I suddenly realized that this was the perfect opportunity to do it. Okay, so I'm an egotistical bastard, but I had to grin as I realized that since he'd just told me he loved me, he'd be willing to do anything to prove his love. Absolutely anything. And hell, I ain't one to look a gift horse in the mouth; when the opportunity appears you latch onto it and I sure as hell was going to take advantage of it. I think he'd be damn near willing to kill himself on my prick if it made me happy. Moving my hand to his ass crack, I wiggled my finger against his hole, and then gently pushed it in.

"Don't cry, honey. It's Okay. Daddy's here." Carl was planting soft kisses on my neck and didn't react to my comment as I fucked him with my finger.

"Ohhhh" he groaned softly as I pushed my finger in deep.

Taking hold of his hair again, I gently pulled his head up and looked into his eyes. 'I want to fuck you, honey" I said, staring into his eyes with our noses almost touching. "I want to feel my big prick up your ass again."

"Yes, JD. Please. I want that" he said softly, looking at me with tear filled eyes. "I want you to fuck me."

"I'm very easy going, honey," I said giving him another peck on the lips, "but you need to call me Master. I'm your Master."

"I don't want Master to fuck me" he said stubbornly, looking me in the eye. "I want JD to fuck me." I looked into his eyes seeing a bullheaded look there, and realized that this was a good time as any for a learning lesson. He clearly was in love with me, but I had to show him that that love was not automatic, but came with many stringent rules and regulations. And I was the one who made those rules and regulations. Reaching my hand over his ass I grabbed hold of his balls and squeezed slightly.

"What did you say?"

"I said, I want JD to .... Yeeeaaaoooh" he screamed as I squashed his balls. "JD, PLEASE" he screamed.

"You don't want to make me angry, hon" I said calmly as I released my crushing grip on his balls. "You're still my slave and I'm your Master."

"Ohhh, JD. Ohhh. That really hurt" he whimpered.

"Don't piss me of, slave boy" I growled at him.

"Okay, JD, I'm sorry" he said. "Ahhh .... I mean Master. But JD, I want you to be my lover."

"Listen, hon" I said softly as I grabbed his balls again and gently massaged them. "I'm always in charge here and you still don't seem to understand that. I'll be your lover if you want; I will, I really will, but that doesn't count for much. I told you that you'll be my slave, and that's what counts. That's all that counts."

"Well, okay, sure, JD. But can't I be your lover, too."

"I said you could, but how much do you really love me?" I squeezed his balls slightly getting a soft groan from him.

"I do love you, JD."

"Do you really? Do you love me now?" I asked as I squeezed harder.

"Yes, JD, yes."

"How about now?" I said squeezing harder.

"Ohhh. Yes, JD. Please. Yes" he gasped from the pain and reached in to stop me.

"Get your fuckin hands down" I snapped at him, and he moved his hands away.

I squeezed his balls harder, much harder.

"Yeeeaaaoooh" he screamed. "Pleeeease."

"DO YOU STILL LOVE ME" I shouted at him.

"YES, YES, YES" he screamed. I let go of his balls and gave him a hard slap to the ass.

He put his head down on my shoulder and started weeping, actually balling. I just let him cry for a while, gently massaging his ass with one hand, and petting his hair with the other.

"JD doesn't exist anymore, slave boy" I said finally, giving his ass a slap. "Only your Master exists."

You probably think I'm being too hard on him, but the fact is, a guy will learn quicker when he's vulnerable like this. Only now did I think he was beginning to fully understand his position here. Yes, he still loved me. I knew that wasn't going to change any time soon. But putting him in his place and reinforcing my dominance over him, now, more than ever, gave me the opportunity to do absolutely anything to him and treat him like dirt if I wanted and he'd take it, he'd accept it, and he'd like it. And he'd probably love me even more because of it. Hell, I could teach a psych class at the university if they'd let me.

"Get up honey." I said finally. "Get on your knees; straddling me." He gave me a puzzled look as he lifted up, but did what I told him. He was still sniffling and dripping with tears. "Reach behind you and tell me what you find." It was like a light being turned on as I saw the realization in his face of what I wanted.

"I've found JD's enormous fuck stick" he said as he grabbed hold of my dick. He wanted this. Right now he wanted to prove his love for me, and fucking himself on my dick was a perfect way to show it.

"I want you to sit on it, baby" I said, staring into his eyes. "I want you to do this for your Master, and give him pleasure like he's never had before. And I want you to look your Master in the eye while you're fucking yourself on his big stick."

"Oh, shit, JD, ah... Master" he said enthusiastically. "Oh, shit. I'll do it for you. I want to do this for you, my Master."

"Go to it, baby. Make me feel good." I flexed my biceps, turned my head and kissed one of the big mounds of muscle, and then smiled up at him. God I loved my body and I loved the power it gives me over my minions. "Do it, baby. Do it for your muscle Master. Fuck yourself on my big dick."

"Can I use some spit, Master?" he asked.

"Go ahead, hon. Juice it up." He spit in his hand a couple times and reached behind and rubbed it up and down my dick. Then he lifted up slightly, took aim, and began to sink down on my super hard bludgeon.

"Oooohhhh" he groaned as he began to open up to take my enormous prick. "Oooohhhh." There was no question in my mind that he was going to out-due himself to prove his love for me, and pain or no pain, he was going to give me the ride of my life. In fact I think the more painful it was the more proud he was going to be to give me the pleasure I desired.

"Feels good, hon. Keep going" I said as his ass opened up and allowed the head of my pecker to slip into him.

"Oooohhhh" he continued groaning as he lifted slightly and them pushed down harder. "Oh shit, Master. Oh shit" he said, his eyes clenched closed and gasping from the pain. He'd hardly put any spit on it so I knew it was going to hurt him, but I knew he wanted it to hurt, and because of that, I knew it was going to be fabulous for me. He just held there, squinting in pain as he tried to adjust to my big wanger.

"Look at me, honey. Look me in the eye." I wanted to impress upon him that he was doing this for me. I wanted him to know his pain was my pleasure, so I gave him a big smile as he opened his eyes and looked down at me. "You're doing this for your Master. You're doing this for your lover. Make it good for me, hon."

"Oh, Master, Master, Master" he whispered under his breath as he pushed down harder. I reached up and gave him a light slap on the cheek and then stuck a couple fingers in his mouth. He automatically started sucking on them. He was now staring into my smiling face, but he was definitely in pain as he pulled up again, and then started pushing down some more.

"That's it, hon. Do it for me. Do it for your Master." I pulled my fingers out of his mouth and gave him another light slap, and then flexed my biceps again. "Do it for your muscle stud. Make your muscle stud feel good."

"Oh, JD. It's .... It's ...." He gasped, showing more pain in his face.

Not willing to wait any longer, I reached up and grabbed his shoulders and jerked him down hard as I rammed my crotch up to meet him, forcing all ten inches of my prick deep inside him in one hard thrust.

"Yeeeoooohhh" he screamed and tried to pull up, but I was holding on to him. "JD" he screamed but I didn't let go. "Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh" he gasped, trying to control the pain.

"You're in, baby. You're in. Ten fuckin inches jammed up your ass" I said with a grin because it felt fabulous. I just held him there for a full minute or maybe two minutes as he began to adjust to the monster dick up his ass. I knew it was just the getting in that was the problem, and it'd get better once he adjusted. After all, I'd already fucked him once tonight.

"Oh, JD, that really hurt" he said as he reopened his eyes and looked at me.

"No big deal, baby" I said callously. "It felt great for me." I was still grinning with pleasure. "Now the worst is over so get going. I want to feel that hot ass of yours fucking my prick."

I put my hands behind my head and just watched him as he slowly lifted up and then slowly pushed back down again. "Oh, yeah, honey. That's it. Feels good." And it felt damn good. Fucking him earlier hadn't loosened him up at all. He was tighter than hell and it felt terrific on my dick.

I just lay back and let him fuck me at his own pace. Slowly up, and then very slowly back down, forcing my dick all the way in. He groaned softly each time he forced the big horse-meat deep inside.

"Open your eyes. Look at me" I reminded him and he again stared down into my smiling face. "That's it, hon. Fuck your man. Screw your hot ass on your Master's big cock."

Hopefully he understood now that I was his Master, but just from the look in his eyes I could see he was fucking himself on his lover's big dick. He was doing this for his lover not his Master. And as he stared at me I knew he'd do anything to make it good for me. I was accustomed to forcibly fucking guys and enjoying the power and the control over them, but it was different now with Carl. He was doing it willingly and with complete devotion. He was unquestionably focused on giving me the maximum pleasure possible, regardless of what it did for him. This was every bit as great as force-fucking a guy, or maybe even better.

"Oh, JD, JD" he murmured (JD again?) as he panted loudly and bounced slowly up and down on my prick and stared into my eyes. "Is this good for you, Master (Master?)? Do you like this?"

"Grind it for me, baby. Grind your little buns against my crotch." Slamming his butt down on my crotch, he did exactly that, rotating his hips and scrunching his ass around, grinding my prick in deep, milking it for all he was worth, before lifting himself up, slamming down and doing it all over again.

I didn't move a muscle, making him do all the work, proving to him that he was a slave not only to me, but to my cock as well. A true cock slave who would do anything for my gratification and be thrilled to be allowed to do it.

Evidently the pain was mostly gone now but he was now panting from exertion and he had beads of sweat on his forehead. I reached up and slapped him, shocking him, making it sting. "That's it, hon. Fuck me with your hot little ass. Your Master likes it." I stuck a couple fingers in his mouth and he immediately sucked on them.

He had a look of total adoration on his face as he sped up the fuck and sucked on my fingers. His cheek was turning red from my slap, but I knew he loved being slapped and abused by me because he knew it gave me pleasure. His pain was my pleasure, and maybe he was finally beginning to understand that. And, oh yeah, did it ever give me pleasure. I loved being rough and demanding and sometimes brutal but he loved me in spite of that. Actually, he loved me because of that.

"Speed up, honey. Move that ass." And he did speed up, really bouncing on my dick now. I started helping by jamming my crotch up and meeting each downward thrust of his ass forcing myself in deep. "That's it, honey. That's it. Keep that going."

I pulled my fingers from his mouth and rubbed my hand all over his face smearing his spit everywhere, and then slapped him again; twice, once on each side. He winced each time I hit him because I wasn't gentle. "Do you still love me, honey?" I asked as I stared into his eyes.

"Yes, Master, yes, Master" he panted, looking at me with adoring eyes. "Yes, Master. I love you."

I reached up and slapped him again, even harder. That knocked his head to the side, but he immediately looked back into my eyes. "Thank you, Master" he gasped. "I love you, I love you, I love you." Isn't it amazing what love will do to a guy?

But I was there.

Spreading my legs and raising up, I pushed him over on his back, got on my knees and started slamming my prick into him hard, really hard. He looked startled when I threw him on his back and now got a pained look on his face and started yelping each time I slammed into him. Hey, I've got ten inches and when I slam into a guy's butt, ten inches into his butt, he damn well knows it.

Throwing his legs up in the air and raising his butt, I actually stood up on the bed bending over him, pushing him up on his neck, and started slamming down into his ass. The incredible feeling of pleasure was like fireworks shooting from my cock to my brain and back again each time I banged into him.

Now he started yelling: "Master, Master, Master" but I couldn't tell if it was from pleasure or pain, and didn't much care anyway. Banging into him hard a half a dozen more times I finally let fly, firing my first shot of man-juice into his ass.

"Oooooh Shiiiit" I screamed as I then fired into him over and over and over. Pushing his knees into his chest I literally fell on top of him, slamming him one final time as I finally finished shooting my load.

And it was over.

He was looking at me with a dazed look on his face as I dripped sweat down onto him. "Oh shit" I said again as pulled out of him and rolled over on my back, puffing like mad. "Ohhhh shit" I said one final time as I just lay there trying to get my breath back.

Carl put his legs down and turned his head and just watched me as we both panted from our exertions. After a couple minutes I finally looked over at him.

"I guess I was a little rough, honey. Sorry, but damn was that good. Every time I fuck you it gets better." And that's all it took. That pained look on his face turned to a beatific smile. A smile of true veneration.

I leaned over and gave him a peck on the lips. "You were terrific, baby. Fucking you is like nothing else in this world." He glowed with pleasure as I said this.

"Thank you, JD. Thank you" he whispered in my ear. I rolled over on my side facing him, grabbed his butt and pulled him towards me, and started kissing. A long kiss this time.

"You hurting, honey?" I asked as I squeezed his ass. "Hmmm?"

"Yeah, JD. It hurt. But ...."

"But it was okay if it was good for me, huh?" I said, interrupting him. "I've got a big prick, baby, and I get carried away when I'm fucking your hot ass. But this is JD, and JD is a stud, and this stud needs to be satisfied, baby. A hunk like me; I've just gotta do what I've gotta do. You gotta expect a little discomfort when you get fucked by me. That just goes along with the satisfaction of being able to serve me. Okay?"

"It's okay, JD" he whispered. "It's okay. I want you to fuck me forever, but I don't think you'll be able to do it again for a while." He leaned in and started the kiss again. That was okay with me since I wasn't planning to fuck him until next week anyway. I definitely had some other ideas of where I could stick my prick this week.

"That's okay, hon. I can wait" I said as I pulled away from the kiss, gave his ass a squeeze and then a slap. "Besides," I said as I started to laugh, "while my slave boy is teaching me math, I'm teaching my slave boy how to be my favorite cocksucker." I was really surprised this time when he didn't react from my use of that word. He had such a hang-up with the word 'cocksucker' that he always reacted badly when I said it.

"Yes, JD, I'll be your cocksucker if that's what you want. I'll be your math teacher and your cocksucker" he said, giving me a big smile.

"And what do you call me?" I said, trying to sound stern, but actually grinning at him.

"You're my Master, JD" he answered calmly. "You're my Master, and I'll be happy to be your slave, or your puppy or whatever you want."

"Good, boy" I laughed as I gave him another pat on the ass, and then got up to go looking for my shorts.

....More to come....



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