If you are not legally allowed, or you don't like sometimes violent stories of Domination/Submission, don't read this. All others read it and enjoy it.

My Teacher, My Pet 11

As I closed the door to Carl's apartment and turned around Carl was there and jumped into my arms, grabbing me around the neck and wrapping his legs around me. I had no choice but to step back against the door and grab his ass. But I had a warm feeling inside and if Carl hadn't been sticking his tongue down my throat I would have had a huge grin on my face. Carl was so enamored with me, so completely enthusiastic and so totally in love that I couldn't help but have warm feelings for him.

"Ohhh, JD, JD, JD" he murmured as he pulled back from the kiss for a breath of air. "I've missed you so much." Then he went back to the kiss. He was naked except for his collar because he knew that was what I wanted and expected. I've always thought there was something really sexy about being fully clothed with your sub in the nude and having him undress you. That always turned me on.

I always thought I loved fucking big kids, kids with some muscle. And I liked taking them virgin; I seldom fucked them more than once. I guess it was as much the challenge of chalking up a new virgin as it was actually fucking them. But Mr. Jameson was skinny, he wasn't a kid, and he wasn't a virgin. But he was so devoted to me and my cock, and totally dedicated to giving me the best possible experience I could imagine. After all, I'm only sixteen, still a kid, I know that, but Carl always acquiesced to me, was content to defer to me on everything and was perfectly happy worshiping me. He was always one hundred percent focused on my reactions to his worship and was basically wild about the idea that I even allowed him to serve me and give me pleasure. I mean, he even bawled me out a few days ago for not being rough enough, and not slapping him around, because he knew I loved doing that. He still had a problem calling me Master, but Carl generally was a gem.

When I let go of his ass and pushed him back, he immediately dropped to his knees and pushed his face into my crotch, grabbing me around the thighs and rubbing his hands up and down my hamstrings.

"I've missed you so much, JD." I think that's what he said because it was muffled with his face in my crotch. After just a moment he pulled back and gave each of my thighs a kiss because he knew how crazy I was for my muscular thighs. Yeah, he was learning to love them too, because just a couple days ago he spent over half an hour licking them and kissing them. Delightful.

Finally he leaned back and looked up at me. "May I undress you, JD?" Of course he was going to undress me; that was a given, but it was only correct for a sub to request permission first. I picked up this kind of shit from the internet and taught him, but he was a natural submissive and was a fast learner.

"Is that all? 'may I'?" I asked.

He caught on quick. "Please, Master, please. I beg you. I beg you to let me remove your clothes." He was smiling as he said it and I was chuckling a little myself. We both loved this stuff.

I wasn't wearing much: shoes and no socks, cutoffs with no underwear, and a chopped off tank that barely covered my pecs. Of course I'm an exhibitionist and totally vain, but I bust my balls building this body so I've got no compunctions about showing it off. When I walk down the street I expect to be noticed, and I am; most definitely.

"Go to it" I said. He kissed each of my thighs again, and then bent down and kissed each of my feet; my shoes actually. As I raised each leg, he removed the shoe and gently massaged each foot and then gave it multiple kisses. Then, giving each of my thighs another kiss he stood up and pulled my tank-top up and off. As I flexed my biceps for him he thanked me for flexing and kissed each rock hard muscle several times.

This has become a ritual with us each time I came to his apartment. Kissing my feet, my thighs, my biceps, all to show his fealty and devotion.

I grabbed his collar, pushed him to his knees, and walked over to the sofa pulling him along with me. As I sat down I pulled his face into my crotch and then just put both my arms on the back of the sofa, leaned my head back, closed my eyes, and relaxed.

Carl knew that I liked having him chew on my prick while it was still in my shorts before getting down to real sucking. That's something I'd always liked, my sub chewing and sucking and licking my pants until my prick grew to its full ten inches. Carl went at it, gently at first, while humming softly to himself.

And you know what I was thinking; picturing in my mind? Mr. Atlanta, of course. But now that I'd actually watched him blowing me, I had a much clearer picture to lust over.

I reached down and grabbed my cock and started squeezing it. Carl kept trying to get to it but licked and sucked on my hand when he couldn't. This was another ritual. Carl's job was to keep his face in my crotch and keep working my prick no matter how hard I made it for him. For the moment, since he couldn't reach my prick, he worshiped my hand.

This went on for ten minutes or so, me sometimes getting in his way, sometimes slapping his face (not too hard), and sometimes pulling his hair. Not too terribly rough, but just enough to keep the domination/submission game going.

"Okay, bitch. Get them off." (Talk dirty? Yeah, he'd learned to like that too.) After unbuttoning and unzipping me, I raised up and he pealed them off over my massive thighs. Then he just waited there on his knees looking up at me.

I smiled at him, and then slapped him, a little harder than before, just enough to sting.

"Thank you, Master" he said, and then squinted since he knew what was coming as I slapped him on the other cheek. "Thank you, Master" he repeated. I reached and started fluffing and petting his hair as I continued smiling at him.

"You want to suck my cock, Mr. Jameson?" I asked. "Mr. Jameson, my math teacher. You want to suck your student's cock? You want to be JD's cocksucker?"

"Yes, Master. Please let me be your cocksucker. This teacher wants to be your cocksucker." See how well I've trained him? He used to hate that word 'cocksucker', but now he reveled in it.

"Can you handle it" I asked.

"I think so, JD. I want to try. I want to do it." From day one I'd been bitching about him not being able to take all ten inches of my wanger, and every time he blew me I'd make him choke and then complain about him not taking it all. "I've been practicing JD, you know that" he said. "You know I'm getting better. Don't you?"

"You ain't there yet, and that's what I know" I said gruffly. "I'm waiting for you to handle all ten inches, that's what I know."

"Please, JD. I'm sorry. But I'll do better. I will." He was so eager. And, yes he sometimes took all ten inches. He took all ten because I made him take all ten. But he choked and gaged every time. He still couldn't quite handle it without choking.

I reached down and put a hand on each side of his head and pulled him up to my cock. "You ready?" I asked.

"Yes, JD" he gulped. "I'm ready."

"Look at me" I ordered and he opened his eyes and looked up at me. "I said: are you ready?" I repeated.

"Yes, JD. Yes, Master" he said. "I'm ready." Then, very slowly, I pulled his face into my crotch, forcing his mouth to open wide to take my enormous bludgeon. Very slowly, I kept pulling him in as my fuck-stick went deeper and deeper into him, sinking well into his throat. I kept going until his lips were pressed against my crotch and all ten inches were buried in him.

He didn't choke. Five seconds; ten seconds, and I could feel his head shake as he started to choke. Fifteen seconds, and he choked some more and was starting to get frantic. Twenty seconds, and he was beginning to panic, so I let go and allowed him to pull back.

"You choked" I said accusingly.

"I'm sorry, JD" he gasped hoarsely. I .... I .... I almost got it."

"Almost ain't good enough, slave boy" I said. I hadn't called him slave boy for ages, but I wanted to emphasize his position with me. "You want to be my cocksucker you gotta learn to take my cock. All of it."

"Yeah, I know JD. I know" he answered contritely.

"Well, show me" I said. "You do it. Take it deep, all the way." Taking a deep breath, he got on my cock again and forced it into his throat, cramming it in deep, until his face was buried in my crotch. He didn't choke. "Yeah, that's it" I said.

He held it for about ten seconds before backing off, and gasping madly for breath.

"Okay. Now do it again" I directed him. Once more, taking a deep breath, he forced my bludgeon back into his throat. I waited until his nose was pressed into my crotch, and then grabbed his head and slammed my crotch into him, forcing at least another inch into his gullet.

He went into convulsions but I let go immediately allowing him to pull back. He was coughing and hacking, his face bright red as he backed off with saliva spewing out of his mouth.

He was looking up at me in shock, but I was smiling at him. "Yeah, honey" I said as I grabbed his hair, pulled his head back, bent over, and gave him a peck on the lips. "That's what you've got to handle" I said and gave him another kiss. "Can you?"

"I'm sorry, JD. I'll keep trying. I'll get it" he said. Can you believe it? No anger. He wasn't mad at me for choking him; he was upset with himself because he wasn't satisfying me. It's no wonder I was beginning to have warmer and warmer feelings for him.

"Lick my ass for a while, hon" I said. "You know how I like that" I said as I pushed his head back, spread my legs and slid down on the sofa. With my ass now hanging over the edge of the sofa, Carl grabbed my cheeks, pulled them apart and buried his face in my ass. Carl was still the only person who'd licked my ass and I was just wild about it. And he did it well. Not just licking, but juicing it up and sucking on my hole, and actually banging his face in my crack and fucking me with his tongue. Carl could do amazing things with his tongue while sucking me, and was every bit as talented when he was eating out my ass.

Carl was somewhat leery about worshiping my ass at first, but once he found out how much I loved it, he really got into it. Carl would do anything, absolutely anything, if he thought it would make me happy. Most every time we got together these days I spent some time sitting on his face. Yeah, sitting. Sitting on his face in front of the bedroom mirror as I played with my dick and sometimes flexed and preened while he did me. Absolutely incredible.

And then comes the blowjob. Carl had become a master cocksucker. He wasn't quite up to the deep throat sucking, but he could do things with his mouth and tongue that could drive a guy crazy. And I was the guy he was driving crazy.

Generally, I believe that if a cocksucker is good enough, he shouldn't have to use his hands. But I'm aware that that is not totally practical, particularly with a dick like mine. But Carl's technique was so good, using his mouth and tongue, his hands, and even his teeth to titillate me that I tried not to interfere with him. At least not until the final seconds before my ejaculation.

After almost ten minutes of impassioned ass worship, I reached down and pushed Carl's face away and stood up. Putting one hand under his ass and lifting, I got him cradled into my arms and headed for the bedroom. Other than the sex, this was my favorite activity; carrying Carl around like he was a baby. And, it was Carl's favorite too. He loved being treated like a toy, or a baby, or a pet. I was so big and muscular, outweighing him by about seventy pounds, and he was so tiny that it was just fun to toss him around and play with him like it was nothing.

Setting him down on the edge of the bed, I lay down on my back and spread my legs. I was still fully hard, all ten inches reaching up towards my belly button. I didn't say a word but Carl knew what to do as he climbed between my legs, bent down and gave my prick a kiss. Then he looked up at me with a big grin.

"May I suck you, Master?" he asked respectfully.

"What do you want, Carl" I said grinning back at him. "It's your choice. A suck or a fuck. Which do you want?"

"I want what you want, JD" he said, giving the political answer. I had to laugh.

"Alright, alright" I laughed. "But what do I want? You tell me. What do you think I want?"

"I want you to lie back and relax and let me give you the best blowjob you've ever had" he said earnestly, staring into my eyes.

"That's what you want" I laughed because he looked so serious. "I know you love blowing me, but what do you think I want?"

"I think you want to lie back and relax and let me give you the best blowjob you've ever had." Now he laughed and I had to laugh along with him. "You hit it on the head" I continued laughing. "You DO know what I want. Go to it."

"Thank you, JD" he said Carl may not be able to take all ten inches comfortably yet, but he was an amazing cocksucker. He never seemed to get tired and had suction like a Hoover. I just lay my head back with my arms behind my neck and relaxed as he took my enormous hard-on in his hand and started kissing and licking up and down its length.

He was lying between my legs on his elbows with his legs hanging off the bed as he kissed and licked up and down my prick. Then taking my balls in one of his hands and holding them up, he buried his face in them. Regurgitating lots of saliva he soaked them as he licked and sucked, and then rubbed his face back and forth over them, liberally covering his face with his spit.

Carl was so talented; the feeling was marvelous. I watched him sometimes, and closed my eyes and thought of 'Mr. Atlanta' other times, as he moved back and forth covering my entire crotch area with his mouth.

Then, prying my dick up from my belly, he took it in his mouth; just the head at first, swishing his spit around with his tongue. Then very slowly at first, he started bobbing his head up and down, creating some suction as he slowly took more and more cock into his mouth,

He wasn't in any hurry because he knew I was not in a hurry. There was nothing better than a long drawn-out blowjob. And he was so good that he was actually changing my habits. I mean, I was always in charge, and I usually grabbed my cocksucker's head and started ramming it to him (or her). But with Carl, I specifically avoided taking over, because he could keep the exquisite feeling going seemingly forever, getting me to the edge and then pulling back, over and over. He was a master cocksucker.

I heard him take a big breath, so I opened my eyes and watched as he forced my monster deeper and deeper into his throat until he had a good eight inches. He held it and held it until finally pulling back, taking a quick breath, and doing it again.

As he pulled back up he glanced up at me to see my reaction. I grinned at him and reached down and fluffed his hair. "Good, boy. Good, boy" I said. He grinned back at me and went back to sucking.

Carl seemed to have an innate ability to suck my cock, because he'd get me so close to the edge that I'd think I was cuming, and at the last second he'd pull back and keep my incredible pleasure going. He almost never went too far, except when he wanted to.

So for the next thirty minutes I had the most amazing pleasure imaginable. Carl would glance up at me occasionally to see the strains of enjoyment on my face, and when I groaned in pleasure, his whole body would quiver in excitement, him seeing how much satisfaction I was getting from his actions.

Because Carl was always so perfectly focused on my pleasure, I allowed him to get his own pleasure by rubbing his little prick against the sheets. He blew his wad the first time after about twenty minutes of sucking, and even though he was groaning uncontrollably as he ejaculated, he didn't hesitate for a second on his blowjob. At the thirty minute mark I could feel that he was finally going to bring me to the peak, and from his moaning, I could tell he was close again himself.

Carl is an incredible cocksucker, but I'm still a control freak. I reached down, grabbed a handful of hair with each hand, and started slamming him up and down on my prick with a frenzy. He was ready for this and just held on for dear life as I jammed his face up and down ten or twelve times. I know he was choking but I at this point in time I didn't give a shit, and besides I was only cramming about eight inches into him, not all ten.

"Yeeeaaaoooh" I screamed in joy as I fired my first shot into his throat. I might have heard him moan at the same time but I was too wound up in my own excitement to notice. Holding his head steady, I jacked my hips up a couple times, pushing my cock in and out of his throat, as I fired four or five times.

He was moaning, and as I jerked his head up off my cock, he started gasping madly. My spewing dick slapped against my belly, and then jerked up with each ejaculation as it fired onto my chest and abs. Seven, eight, maybe nine times I fired leaving a flood of cum on my body.

"Oh, shit" I finally said as I let go of Carl's hair and started to relax. "Carl, you're a genius" I gasped. I looked down and saw him swallowing my cum and smiling; looking like the cat that swallowed the canary. He knew he was good and he knew what he did to me. I know I'm the dominant here, but when Carl's got my dick in his mouth like that, he is definitely in charge.

"Thank you, JD. That was wonderful" he grinned at me. "Really wonderful." Isn't he a treasure?

We'd got into the habit of letting some of my cum spurt up on my chest so Carl could lick it off. That was one of his favorite activities, and of course I like it too. He'd lie flat on his belly so he could look up into my eyes as he gradually moved from my crotch to my chest, lapping up my cum as he went.

I think this was the ultimate in submissiveness, looking me in the eye as he worshipfully licked up the remains of my ejaculation.

"Next time, I'm going to fuck your face, and you're going to take all ten inches" I growled at him, trying to sound angry, but unable to stop grinning.

"Yes, Master" he said, grinning back at me.

-------------------------------------------------- Okay, now to the real meat of the issue: Carl wanted me to move in with him. And, I was actually considering it.

There were a lot of obstacles to this, not the least that I was only sixteen and had my parents to deal with. That was not as big a deal as you might think, because back when I was only fourteen I made it clear to my out-of-condition Dad that I was going to be independent.

What happened was he caught me fucking someone in my bedroom and tried to make a fuss, so we had it out. I didn't beat him up, but I did get him against the wall with my elbow in his throat as I laid down the law on what he could do and what he couldn't do. As far as I was concerned he and my mom were there for my use but they were not allowed to comment on my actions and activities. I admit I put the fear of God into him making sure that he understood he was never to mess with me.

We were civil with each other now and sometimes actually friendly, but they behaved themselves and didn't question anything that I did. So I knew they wouldn't raise a fuss and would carry on with the pretense even if I wasn't living with them.

In some ways I'd have more freedom living with Carl, and in some ways maybe less. Right now I could fuck anybody I wanted and my parents wouldn't say a word as long as I did it in my bedroom and kept reasonably quiet. With Carl I'd have the run of the whole apartment all the time which I liked; who said you're only supposed to have sex in the bedroom?

But I'd have to contend with Carl. I'd already slapped him down a couple times about his jealousy, but he has assured me that he now understands my complete dominance over him, and accepts that I make the rules. I'll fuck whoever I want whenever I want and if I want him to watch, he'll damn well watch. He seems to understand that I'm not going to change; I'm a bisexual hunk with an eye for the 'pretties' and a cock that requires regular hot action from long lines of revering fans. Ain't no way I'm going to deprive them of what this cock of mine has to offer. I'm not worried all that much about Carl because I can handle him. If he needs his ass kicked, I'd kick his ass.

Another obstacle was that Carl was still my teacher and I was still his student, and no matter how you look at it, I'm still sixteen and underage according to the stupid laws of the state. He suggested that I could stop at my parent's house every couple days to keep the fiction going that I was still living there, and that made sense.

It was helpful that Carl lived outside of town in an apartment complex that was ten miles from our school, so if we were reasonably discrete we wouldn't be seen by any students. Carl already agreed to get me a scooter to get back and forth to school, which was a definite plus on making the move. I told Carl's neighbors that I was twenty years old and since they knew a sixteen year old couldn't possibly look as big and muscular as me, this was easy for them to accept.

The biggest problem was Carl's mother. He and his sister shared her between them, two months at a time. I had been with Carl almost two months now and it was almost time for her to move back in.

"I don't know what to do, JD" Carl said as he lay back on the bed with his head on my shoulder. I'd just finished fucking that sweet ass of his, and we were just lying back and relaxing.

"Well, you can't move in with me" I said. "Well, actually you could; my parents wouldn't dare object, but it would look damn strange and we'd never keep it a secret."

"Of course I know that, JD" he said. "But once my Dad ditched her she got all clingy and said she couldn't manage alone, so without even asking she just moved in with my sister and then with me."

"Just say no" I commented. "Are you such a wimp that you can't stand up to your mother?"

"Come-on, JD. She's my Mom" he said. "Well, actually she's my step-mom."

"What?" I said in surprise. "She's not your real mom?"

"My dad has been married four times, each time with a younger woman. He dumped my real mom early on so I hardly knew her; I only met her a couple times. All I remember is that she had become hugely fat; a real blimp."

"He really goes for the young ones, hey."

"Yeah, you can believe it" he answered. "He's almost fifty and his current wife isn't as old as I am. I think she's only nineteen or twenty."

"So, tell me again: why is your step-mom living with you?"

"I don't really know" he said. "She just sorta moved in; 'feta accompli'; she was here and I couldn't very well throw her out. She did the same thing to my sister."

"Well, that's coming to an end right now" I said definitively. "You're going to tell her 'NO'."

"Do you want me to put her out on the street? Be serious."

"It seems to me you deserve a life of your own" I said. "Particularly since I'm getting pretty damn comfortable screwing you most every day."

"Sounds like true love to me" he laughed. "Are you really getting hooked on me?"

"Don't get carried away" I said. "Just because you're a good fuck doesn't mean you own me."

"JD, we're talking about you moving in with me. Doesn't that mean something?"

"Carl, we've talked about this" I said. "Don't pretend that you don't understand the deal."

"Yes, JD, I understand, but ...."

"I fuck whoever I want, whenever I want. That's the deal. Take it or leave it. No more talking about it."

"JD ....?"

"No more talking about it. Accept it or we'll just forget it."

"Okay, JD, but I'll be jealous if you fuck somebody else."

"That's your problem, not mine" I said. "You'll accept it and not raise a fuss. If you can't live with that, we'd better drop the whole idea. I don't need your shit."

"Sorry, JD. I'm sorry" he said contritely. "I'll accept that; you know I will."

"Don't worry" I said as I tussled his hair. "You'll get plenty of cock action. I told you I'm getting pretty damn partial to screwing you."

"Yeah, me too" he giggled.

"So, tell your mom she can't come" I said. "Or, maybe you want me to screw her too."

"Don't say that, JD" he said seriously. "As much as I love you, and as much as my mom pisses me off, I don't think I could take you fucking her. But I'm pretty damn sure she'd love it."

I laughed at that because it didn't seem to be that big of a deal for him. He wasn't shocked about me fucking her like I expected him to be, but just didn't seem to be comfortable with it.

"I wasn't serious when I said it, Carl" I said thoughtfully. "I don't fuck old ladies in there forties. But maybe that would solve the problem. Once I gave her some of my dick she wouldn't be able to get enough and probably wouldn't raise a fuss."

"Be serious, JD" he laughed. "But, to tell you the truth, the idea of you fucking my mom is hotter than hell. It turns me on." Can you believe it? My fuckboy wants me to fuck his mom.

"So, when's she due?"

"She's coming in next Saturday" he said. "She told me she already has her tickets."

"Were you listening to me?" I growled at him. "I said you're going to tell her 'NO'. If she arrives, you'll put her back on a plane and send her back where she came from."

"JD. How can ....?"

"You'll do it because I told you to do it" I snapped at him as I gave him a 'not too friendly' slap to the side of the head. "Maybe she can fuck with you, but she ain't going to fuck with me."

"Does that mean you've decided?" he said, looking me in the eye. "You're really going to move in?"

"Well" I said hesitantly," it sounds like I just talked myself into it." We both laughed. "Fait accompli".

So, right then and there, he called her and had it out. I listened in on another phone and there was a certain amount of yelling and screaming, mostly from his sister who was also on the phone. But in the end she had to agree to keep her. Carl really didn't have any obligation anyway because she wasn't his real mother; she was his sister's mother.

"Now, I think it's time for you to prove to me that its going to be worth my while to move in with you" I said as I walked into the living room. Going to the end of the sofa, I leaned back, partially sitting on the arm and spread my legs. Carl followed behind and got on his knees in front of me.

I reached down and rubbed my hand roughly over his face, tweaking his nose, pinching his cheeks, sticking my thumb into his mouth. He kept his eyes open as much as possible, looking up at me worshipfully as I just stared down at him with a cool dispassionate look.

"You want to be my slave, little man" I said as I grabbed his hair and gave it a bit of a jerk.

"Yes, Master. I'll be your slave" he said deferently as he cringed from my hair pull. "I'll be whatever you want me to be." I just held him by the hair and stared down at him for a bit, and then hacked up some saliva and spit it into his face hitting him on the nose and upper lip. Letting go of his hair, I smeared the big wad all over his face trying to cover every inch. He kept his eyes open and that look of reverence never wavered.

"Do you like that, slave boy?" I asked.

"Yes, Master" he replied. "I love everything you do to me, Master." Still not giving him a smile, I spit again and again smeared it over his face.

"Do you really love it?" I growled at him.

"Yes, Master" he said. "I love it. I love YOU, Master."

I slapped him. I never hit Carl very hard, but I did want it to sting. It stung.

"Well?" I said as I waited for a response.

"Ahhh... thank you, Master" he finally said. "Thank you, Master."

Now, I finally gave him a smile. "Good boy" I said as I pinched his nose playfully. "Good boy."

Then I slapped him again.

"Thank you, Master" he said immediately, at first squinting from the pain, but then giving me a big smile. "Thank you, Master" he repeated.

Now I did give him a really big smile, and chuckled as I petted his hair. "Good boy. My favorite little slave boy" I said. "Now show me what my favorite cocksucker can do."

Putting his hands on my thighs, Carl leaned forward and pressed his face into my crotch. Pushing my very hard wanger back and forth with his nose, he started lapping and sucking at my balls. At his request, I had allowed him to shave me the last time we were together, so now he had pristine balls to work on. Other than a light line of hair stretching down from my bellybutton, I had no hair at all in my crotch. It was going to take some getting used to, but so far I liked it.

Getting my balls wet, Carl pushed his face into them, moving his head back and forth, covering his face with his spit/ mixing it with my spit. I kept my eyes open, watching him as he worshiped. No Mr. Atlanta this time. Carl had been telling me that he was going to be able to take all ten inches of my prick, and whether he liked it or not, today was going to be the day. I'd been waiting long enough, and he was going to take it today no matter what.

Carl pulled back and glanced up at me and then kissed up and down my prick half a dozen times. "Thank you, JD, for letting me suck you" he murmured. "You have the most beautiful prick in the world." I didn't say a word, but just smiled down at him.

"Go to it, bitch" I said. He glanced up when I said that but saw that I was smiling. "Get that cunt mouth on my dick."

Grabbing my cock and prying it away from my belly, he took a deep breath and swallowed it. Yes, swallowed it; all ten inches. Slowly but steadily I watched it sink into his mouth and throat until his lips were pressed against my crotch; and he just held it there.

"Yeah, bitch. That's it. That's it" I said, exulting in the fabulous feeling of his really tight throat. He stayed there for a good thirty seconds before he pulled back. Giving it a quick kiss on the tip, he took a deep breath did it again, forcing all ten inches deep into his esophagus. The feeling was heavenly.

"Oh yeah, babe; bitch boy, cocksucker. Suck on your man." As he pulled back this time, I grabbed his hair, jerked his head back and stared into his eyes.. "That's it bitch. That's how it's done." Grabbing his hair with both hands, I pulled him in until his face was jammed into my crotch. I didn't hold him there, but pulled him back almost to the tip and pulled him in again. Getting a smooth slow motion going, I pulled him in again and again, forcing all ten inched into him over and over.

And he didn't choke; not until the tenth time or so. Wow! He really could handle it. Ten full inches of massive man cock.

"Oh shit, Carl. That's the way. That's the way" I exulted. What a fabulous feeling! But it was making me hot way too soon. I knew if I didn't stop now I was going to go over the top and have what might be called a 'premature ejaculation'. But it was just too good; I just couldn't stop.

Allowing him to get a couple deep breaths and holding his head with both hands instead of his hair, I started plowing into him; face fucking him. Just as I'd dreamed about, I was now standing next to the sofa, holding his head tight, and ramming my big wanger into him. Sheer ecstasy, I'll tell you.

I was being rough now, and even as good as Carl had become, I knew he couldn't continue to take this; no human being could. So, of course he was beginning to gag and choke. But I was there anyway. Slamming in all the way, I let my first shot go deep into his throat, and then pulled back. He was gasping and choking and spewing up saliva, so I went ahead and grabbed his hair and pulled him completely off my dick. He wasn't in any condition to swallow my gunk anyway.

Just holding him there by the hair I fired over and over into his face covering him with my semen. I'd only cum once today so I had a lot stored up so it was dripping down off his chin. And as I glanced down at his crotch, I saw the final sign of a really great blowjob; Carl had cum while doing me.

I don't know if he'd been helping himself with his hand or not, because I'd been too preoccupied with my ejaculation, but whatever the case, he'd evidently cum the same time that I had.

"Oh, Carl, baby" I cried. "Baby, baby, baby. That was the best." Carl was recovering but still gasping as he looked up at me. "That was the best damn blow job I've ever had, Carl. The very best." My grin must have been a mile wide as I looked down at him, and now, almost fully recovered, he started grinning back. "Carl, you're amazing. Absolutely incredible."

His grin got even bigger as I said that. "Thank you, JD" he said grinning madly. "I told you I could do it. Didn't I? Didn't I tell you?"

"You sure as hell did" I answered. "And did you ever come through." Bending down, I licked some of my cum off of his face and lips, and then started kissing him. Then, gradually, as I continued the kiss I pulled him to his feet. And, with the kiss continuing, I put an arm behind his knees and lifted him into my arms.

"There ain't no way I'm going home tonight" I whispered in his ear him as I momentarily broke the kiss. "I guess we'll start living together beginning tonight." He gave me a big smile.

Going back to the kiss, with my lover in my arms, I headed for the bedroom.


P.S.: "You'll learn this if I have to beat it into your skull" he snapped at me. I pulled him up onto my lap with my prick fitting nicely into his ass crack and laughed. He was holding the math book open to the current lesson. "You are going to learn this" he said firmly.

"Okay, okay, okay, Mr. Jameson" I chuckled as I put my arm around him and waited for him to begin teaching me, the biggest dummy in his remedial math class. I was two grades behind in school already, but maybe with Carl's help there just might be a chance that I'd actually graduate someday.

Besides, studying math gave us something to do in between our fuck sessions.

P.P.S. JD and Carl presumably lived happily ever after.


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