My Teacher, My Pet 3

"Strip for me, honey" I said as I entered Mr. Jameson's apartment. "I like my fuck boys in the nude." I dropped my sack on a chair and wandered through the apartment checking out each room. It was a reasonably nice two bedroom. Mr. Jameson tagged along behind me.

I was wearing my usual out-of-school uniform: snug muscle shirt which really showed the spectacular definition of my huge arms, and short frayed cutoffs. Yeah, I know guys are wearing their cutoffs long this year but I've got massive muscular thighs and I like showing them off. Besides, I don't follow trends, I make them. And, the truth is, since I cut mine short, I've seen guys from my gym class that have cut theirs short as well. Anybody that works their ass off to get bulging thighs like mine would want to wear their shorts short.

"Why aren't you naked" I said as we went back into the living room.

"JD. Please don't say things like 'fuck boy'. I'm your teacher. I'm not your boy." Without saying a word I simply stepped up to him, grabbed the front of his shirt, pulled him up to his tiptoes, and slapped him; hard.

"Yeeeaaaoooh, JD" he screamed.

"For a teacher, Mr. Jameson, you're a slow learner" I said in a soft tone of voice. "I don't think you listen."

"JD, that really hurt." Holding him there, I slapped him again, just as hard as the first time. "Yeeeaaaooh" he screamed again. I held him for a few seconds and then let go.

"I'll bet that one hurt too" I said mildly. "Now, get on your knees before your Master." When he didn't move immediately I gave him a hard shove knocking him to the floor on his butt. He sat there with a shocked look as he held his hand to his reddening face.

"Knees" Is all I said as I pointed to the floor in front of me. He just sat there looking shocked.

"NOW" I yelled at him, raising my voice for the first time. "MOVE." I wouldn't say he was crying but there were definitely tears dripping down his cheeks. But he finally made the move, getting on his knees in front of me.

"Who's Boss here?" I asked as I grabbed a hunk of his hair and jerked his head back.

"You are, JD" he murmured through his tears. "But ..."

"Shut up" I said. "Who's Boss here" I repeated.

"You are, JD" he answered again.

"Yeah, I'm Boss. And I'm also the Master, and you'll be whatever the fuck I want you to be." Holding his head back, I got a wad of saliva and spit it in his face, hitting him on the left cheek. "And I'll do whatever the fuck I want to you. Got that?"

"JD...?" he started to say as he looked up at me and wiped the spit off.

"I said 'got that'?" I repeated as I gave his head a violent shake.

"Please, JD" he said.

"Answer me" I growled at him.

"Okay, JD. I got that."

"Go get my bag from the chair" I said. "CRAWL" I yelled as he started to get up. So he crawled over to the chair, got the bag and brought it back to me. He was still halfway crying as I pulled the black studded collar out of the bag.

"Please, JD" he pleaded, looking up at me. "You don't have to ..." As I cocked my fist and held it in his face he stopped.

"This is your collar; your slave collar" I said as I fastened it around his neck. "You're now officially my slave. Tell me you're my slave."

"JD, I ..."

"Tell me you're my slave" I repeated as I again put my fist in his face.

"Okay, JD. I'm your slave" he answered grudgingly.

"Call me Master" I ordered him. "Go ahead, say it. I'm your Master."

"Come on, JD" he pleaded.

"Say it" I snapped.

"Okay, yes, JD. You're my Master."

"Good boy" I said as I grabbed the collar and walked over and sat in the chair, dragging him along behind me.

So, we had a talk. Me in the chair and him on his knees in front of me. It took a while because Mr. Jameson (his first name is Carl); Carl had a hard time understanding what I meant by being one hundred percent submissive and totally obedient to me. It was obviously a new concept for him, particularly since I was about ten years younger than him and one of his students. But I was also twice his size and all solid muscle so it didn't take a whole lot before he finally understood that his sole purpose here was to satisfy me; to satisfy me in any way I wished. Okay, so I had to smack him a few times and I wasn't gentle, but he finally seemed to understand that I now owned him.

I enjoy working a guy over like that, even a skinny runt like Mr. Jameson so he was definitely crying by the time we finished and was probably going to have some bruises for a couple days. But I was pretty much satisfied that he didn't see a student any longer when he looked at me. He saw a demanding muscle stud that did not put up with bullshit.

"You got it now, slave boy?" I finally asked. "You don't do a fucking thing without me telling you to do it. Right?"

"Yes, Master" he answered through his sobs.

"Kiss my foot and tell me you're sorry for being a shit." H looked up at me through his tears as he sobbed softly. Then he bent down and kissed my Nikes.

"I'm sorry, Master" he said as he looked up at me.

"Get my shoes and socks off" I ordered him He dutifully removed my shoes and socks. "Now crawl out into the kitchen and get me a beer, and get back here." He looked up at me as if to question my drinking underage. "What did I say?" I growled at him.

"Sorry, Master" he said quickly as he crawled away. Abusing somebody like this always turns me on so I was about half hard already, but I was raring to go to get me some tight 'math teacher' ass. For the first time tonight I reached down and groped myself as 'Carl' crawled back into the room with my bottle of beer.

"Kiss your Master's feet" I said as I took the beer from him. "Show your Master how sorry you are." He reached down and started massaging my left foot. "I didn't say touch it, you dumb shit. I said worship it; with your mouth." Without a word he crouched down and started kissing my feet. I just let him go at it for a while as I sipped on the beer.

And let me tell you, this was heaven. Getting worshiped; getting my feet kissed by my newly trained slave who was cowering at my feet was delightful. The incredible power of me, at only sixteen, owning my very own slave. His being an adult and my teacher made it even more unbelievable.

"Suck on the toes now, slave boy" I said after I watched him worship my feet for a while. God I loved being in control.

He was definitely too skinny and I don't generally fuck skinny guys. There ain't nobody around that has the muscle that I've got, and there ain't nobody that I can't out-wrestle, so I liked the challenge of taking down and dominating kids with some muscle of their own. Of course his being my teacher made all the difference.

"JD, please" he said softly as he looked up at me. "Can I ...."

"Get back on my feet, you little prick" I growled at him. "You don't stop until I tell you to stop." So he went back to working my feet, and I just let me go at it for another five minutes or so.

"Okay" I finally said as I grabbed him by the hair and pulled him up, jerking his head back to make him look up at me. "What?"

"Ahhh ...., JD" he said with tears still dripping down his face. "I'll do whatever you want. I'll suck you or whatever; you know that."

"Hell yes I know that" I said. "So?"

"But ...., but ...., why do you have to be so mean?" I just looked at him for a moment, somewhat startled. Then I laughed.

"I told you that you were my slave, didn't I?" I laughed. "Didn't I?"

"Well, yes, JD" he whimpered.

"A slave doesn't question his Master and you don't question me. I'll damn well do whatever I want to you, and I'll do it whenever I want. If I want to kick your ass, I'll kick your ass. And If I want a blowjob from you, you'll damn well give me a blowjob."

"But, JD ...."

"If you forget to call me Master again, you're going to be one sorry son-of-a-bitch" I snarled at him.

"Ahhh .... okay. Sorry, Master. But ...."

"You have no idea how cool it is for me to turn my own teacher into my slave" I said, giving him a big smile. "I mean, it is totally awesome having you on your knees in front of me and calling me Master. You wouldn't believe how exhilarating this is for me. And you should be thrilled that a sixteen year old stud like me is willing to fuck a skinny old guy like you. Aren't you thrilled?"

"Huh" he replied.

"I said, aren't you thrilled that I'm giving you all this attention and letting you service me? The hottest young muscle stud in our school?" I asked again. "You gotta know how popular I am. Hell, the kid's line up to kiss my ass and they beg me to walk all over them. You should be tickled to death that I'm spending all this time with you."

"Ahhh .... J.... ahhh, Master. Ahhh ,,,,:

"Hell, I know this turns you on. You like being abused by your student. I can see that. You like having this muscle stud put you on your knees" I said as I flexed my bicep for him. "You are one total masochist and I know you love me controlling you."

"Master ...." he whimpered.

"Tell me you love it" I ordered him. "Tell me you love being my slave. Say it."

"Master ...." he said again.

"And you love me slapping you around too" I said giving his hair a jerk. "Hell yes, you love it. You love having a big muscle stud like me working you over. So say it. Say you love it."

He stared up into my grinning face with tears in his eyes, and I could see the acknowledgement slowly sink in as he gradually accepted what I said. "Yes, JD" he barely whispered, finally admitting it. "Yes, Master. Yes. I love it."

"Shit, yeah" I laughed. Leaning forward slightly, I developed a big wad of spit, and let it drip slowly into his face as he looked up into my eyes. It landed on his nose and upper lip. "Lick it up, puppy" I said as I grinned down at him. "Lick up your Master's spit." Keeping his eyes deliberately glued to mine to show his devotion, he stuck out his tongue and licked my spit off of his lip. "Thank me for it, puppy. Thank me for giving you a gift."

"Thank you, Master" he answered without any hesitation, as he looked up at me with a worshipful look on his face. "Thank you." Oh man, was he ready. A perfect masochistic slave that I could use or abuse in any way I wish. I hacked up some more spit and did it again, hitting him in the same place and watched as he looked into my eyes, thanked me and then licked it off. This was the real turning point, and I knew he'd take anything from me and love it from now on. I could be as mean and nasty or as sweet and affectionate as I wanted and he'd wag his tail and come back for more.

"Get on my dick now, baby." I pulled his face into my crotch and gave him a light slap to the back of his head. "Chew on it, hon. Chew on that big dick." And he started doing exactly that.

He was now my total fawning slave, but I had known from day one that he wanted to suck my dick. From the very first day when he walked by my desk and saw my dick hanging out of my pants, I knew he wanted to suck it. That boner he had had in his pants was a sure giveaway. Besides, last week he was almost delirious with delight when I allowed him to suck me off twice.

"Get it wet, baby. I want to feel that mouth of yours through my jeans." I gave him another light slap to the back of the head as encouragement. I was mostly hard to begin with, but now after only a couple minutes of his actions I stretched out to my full ten inches. My cutoffs were so short that a couple inches of my prick peeked out the bottom.

"Okay, get it out now, baby boy" I said. "Get it out where you can see it." He glanced up at me, evidently questioning the 'baby boy' comment. But then, as he unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants, he leaned in and kissed the base of my prick. Then he struggled with it for a moment, really struggled, until he was finally able to pull it up and out of my shorts.

Then he just gazed at it in total fascination. A look of complete wonderment on his face as he held my enormous prick in his hand. "Oh, JD, JD, JD" he muttered softly as he leaned in and gave it a kiss. "It's so beautiful." He gave it another kiss and then leaned back to admire it some more as he squeezed it with his hand. "It's so beautiful" he said again.

Yeah, he's a total cock hound. Totally mesmerized by a big prick, a really big prick. I didn't have to say a word to tell him what to do because he was in love with it. He wanted to worship it and make love to it. He was in such awe of my prick that I knew it'd be no time at all before I'd have him taking it deep into his throat. Hell, I think he'd be willing to strangle himself on it for the sheer pleasure of dying in ecstasy.

"Suck on it, hon" I said. "Take it in your mouth."

"Yes, Master' he murmured. "Thank you, Master." He slowly opened wide and took four or five inches of the massive dick into his mouth, and still holding it in his hand, started to gently suck on it and lap on it with his tongue. He was so worshipful that I just marveled at it. I'd had lots of blowjobs, maybe a hundred or more, but no one had ever treated it with such awe and admiration as 'Carl' was. So I just sat there fascinated as he made love to my prick. Every minute or so he'd take it out of his mouth and rub it all over his face, mixing his spit with mine and smearing it all over. Then giving it a kiss or two he'd go back down on it again.

Now, you understand that I'm a true dominant and wholly self-centered, so I'm always in control and my partners are there simply to be used for my pleasure. I make it clear to them that my dick is the center of their universe. I'm always in control and I like it rough. I like to fuck face and fuck ass or fuck cunt, ruthlessly showing my strength and power through somewhat tyrannical domination. So letting Carl give me a slow worshipful blowjob was not my style at all. But, I was loving it. Roughly fucking a trick's face is one thing but having him head-over-heals in love with my prick is quite another. It was wonderful.


Yes, it was wonderful, and it was making me super-hot, but I hadn't had his ass yet. Over two weeks and I still hadn't plugged that butt that had been driving me bonkers all semester.

So I had to stop him before I got to the point of no return.

"Baby, baby" I said as I pushed his head back off my prick. "You are terrific." I was actually panting as I held his head just out of reach of my cock. He pushed against my hand trying to get it in his mouth again for a moment, and then looked up at me.

"Master?" he asked.

"Not yet, honey. Not yet" I said as I pushed him away and took a deep breath. "Okay, strip for me now, honey. Let me see you naked."

"JD. I'm ..... I'm so skinny." Of course he was skinny, I'd already told him that, but I didn't know that he was embarrassed about it.

"That's alright, I know you're skinny" I said. "But all I'm interested in is that ass. So, strip."

He looked at me with a shocked look on his face. Shit, he had to know that I was going to fuck him. He can't be that dense. I now knew he'd sucked cock before, and I'll bet my bottom dollar that he'd had a dick or two up his ass as well.

"JD, please ...."

"Is that the only fuckin phrase in your vocabulary: 'JD, please'?" I growled at him and gave him a light slap. "Now do what you're fuckin told and strip." Obviously I didn't have him completely trained yet so I was going to have to kick his ass a few more times to straighten him out. One way or another he was going to learn to obey me instantly without question.

Tears were streaming down his face again as he removed his shoes and socks. After he got his shirt and pants off he looked over at me, as if to ask, 'my underwear too?' I just frowned at him, so he pulled them off. Yes, he was slim, but I wouldn't call him skinny. Actually, he had a compact little body and a nice flat stomach. His little prick looked to be about three and a half or four inches, but it was hard. Yeah, he was hard. Even though he was crying he was still turned on to my abuse.

I stood up and pealed my shorts down off my massive thighs and tossed them aside. Then I performed a front double bicep pose, followed by a most muscular, crunching my muscles and forcing them out to their best. I only had an audience of one, but I love doing the posing and I love seeing people's reaction as their mouths drop open in admiration.

Carl had already seen me pose showing my amazing upper body, but having my ten inch dick sticking out somehow made the whole package even more spectacular.

"You like, honey" I asked sweetly. "I know seeing my prick leaves you breathless, but do my muscles do it for you too? Hmmm?"

"You're gorgeous, JD. You're really gorgeous" he swooned. "Actually, I noticed you from the first day you walked into my classroom. I thought you were the best looking student in our school. The best looking student I'd ever seen."

"You thought it then, but now you know it for sure?" I laughed.

"Yeah, JD. I know it" he answered with true reverence. I sat back down and pointed to the floor in front of me, so he got down on his knees with his hands on my thighs.

"You ever have a prick up your ass, Mr. Jameson?" I asked, giving him a big grin. "Huh?" Of course this embarrassed him to no end and he started to say something.

"Ahhh .... JD .... please ...." he started to say, but then caught himself before I had a chance to react. "Ahhh .... JD. Ahhh, not really."

"Not really?" I asked. "What the fuck does that mean? I asked you if you'd been fucked."

"I ...., well ...., kinda. Yeah."

"Kinda?" I asked.

"I never told anyone, but I got raped as a freshman in college. He was one of the jocks at the fraternity I considered pledging for, who took me into his room. He was a really big guy and a real shit."

"Truly? Rape?"

"Yes, it was rape. He hurt me a lot and he wouldn't stop. Then he told his friends and they blackballed me. It was embarrassing. It was horrible."

"You went with him? It ain't rape if you went with him" I said.

"It's rape if he won't stop when I tell him to stop" he snapped giving me a dirty look.

"Okay, yeah. But this is your lucky day, hon, because you're going to love it this time" I said grinning at him. "I'm awfully big and it's going to hurt; in fact it's going to hurt like a son-of-a-bitch, but I know you're going to love it. All the kids I fuck love it, boys and girls both."

"JD, please. I don't know ...."

"Hey, this is for me, hon. This is for JD" I said as I grabbed his chin and looked him in the eye. "You'll do this for me won't you? Hmmm?"

"It really hurt, JD. He ...."

"So you had a bad experience, but I ain't no fraternity jock. I'm JD, your Master and your Lover" I said as I smiled at him. "You'll do anything for me won't you?"

"My lover?" he asked.

"Hell, yes, I'm your lover" I said matter-of-factly. "When I'm with you, I'm your lover. Why, you plan on fucking someone else?"

"No, JD, but ...."

"I own you, baby. You belong to me, and only me" I said. "Now get up and bend over my lap."

"Thank you, JD. Thank you" he said with a big smile as he got off his knees. He was obviously thrilled that I called myself his lover. It didn't matter to me if he wanted to think 'lover', but in my mind the word was 'owner'. As long as I was fucking him, I owned him and he'd dedicate himself to me and only me.

"Bend over and show me that ass" I said as I pulled him over my lap. I gave him a slap, not enough to hurt, but just to get his attention. "You've got such a pretty little ass, baby. I've been drooling over it even since school started. I can't believe I've waited this long to get my prick in there."

"JD, please. I'm afraid. I'm ...."

"Relax, baby" I said as I dropped a dollop of spit into his crack. "It's gonna hurt a little, but it won't be bad. I promise. And you're doing this for JD. You can take a little pain for your lover can't you?" I spread his sweet little buns and stuck my finger into the crack to spread the spit around.

"But I'm scared, JD." I spit again and spread it around and then eased a finger into him. He grunted.

"Don't worry, baby. I've fucked lots of guys up the bung, and I know how to do it. I'm very good at it so they were wild about it. So shut the fuck up and let me get to it." Sliding my finger in and out a few times, I spit once more and then eased two fingers into his tight little hole. And I mean tight; this was going to be a fuck to remember. Carl just lay there quietly while I worked to open up his butt hole.

"JD?" he said finally.

"What?" I asked as I started spreading his hole with my two fingers.

"I'm afraid, but ...., but .... I want you to do it. I want you to fuck me. But please, go easy."

"Good, boy" I said with a smile. "You got a sweet ass, baby, and I'm going to enjoy screwing the hell out of you."

"I want you to, JD. I want you to enjoy it. I want to do this for you. But .... But ...." he said softly, almost whimpering. Interrupting him, I grabbed his hair and pulled his head up and kissed him. Oh, yeah; he was afraid, but he'd do it for me. He was now so devoted and crazy over me that he'd do anything if it gave me pleasure. I held him in the kiss as I kept working my fingers in his ass.

"Mmmm" he murmured as he returned the kiss

"Up, baby" I said finally as I pulled away from the kiss and pulled my fingers out of his ass. As he got off of me, I picked him up into my arms and carried him into the bedroom. Into our bridal suite.

Dropping him on the bed, I stood next to it and pulled his face into my crotch. "Get it wet, honey. Lots of saliva so it'll slip right in." I pushed my cock into his mouth and let him suck on it, but only for ten seconds or so. "Give me some spit, baby" I said, putting my hand in his face "I'll do it."

He spit into my hand and I spread it up and down my very hard ten inch pecker.

"Here we go, baby" I said as I grabbed his legs and pulled his ass to the edge of the bed. Holding his legs up I took careful aim towards his little pucker with my big bludgeon. And I pushed.

"Oooooh" he groaned as his hole began to stretch to accept my enormous prick.

"Go ahead and scream, baby, if you need to" I said. "It's gonna hurt at first." He didn't scream, but he kept groaning as I forced the head of my prick into him.

"Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, JD" he groaned but I kept pushing until the head of my big dong popped into his ass.

"Oh yeah, baby. I'm there" I exulted. "Oh fuck, yeah."

"Jesus, JD. It really hurts" Carl whined.

"It's okay, baby. It's gonna hurt some, but it'll get better." With that I pushed in another inch or so. He groaned again, and his eyes were tightly closed and he was clenching his teeth in pain. "I can't believe how fuckin tight you are. So fuckin tight."

He kept moaning softly, and whispering 'JD, JD, JD' under his breath as I just held there giving him a chance to adjust to my meat crammed into his butt.

Then I started pushing again. The spit was eventually going to make it easy going once it got spread around, but for now, it was a tight fit and was forcing his ass to stretch like it have never stretched before. I knew it was hurting him but the feeling of my boner being almost crushed as I pushed was electric; totally euphoric.

"Oh, baby, baby, baby. What an ass" I said as I now started to slowly jack my cock back and forth into him. I only had about four inches into him, but as I continued the slow fucking motion I gradually pushed in deeper and deeper.

Carl kept whimpering and moaning but he didn't scream and he didn't ask me to stop. Obviously, he really meant it when he said he wanted me to enjoy it, no matter how painful it was for him.

And, hell yes, I was enjoying it. I'd been dreaming of this ever since the first day of class when Carl turned to the green board and wiggled that ass in my face. And it was turning out to be even better than my greatest expectations. He was damn near a virgin and tighter than a drum, and my cock was loving it.

I kept fucking him very slowly, letting him adjust as I went deeper and deeper. And then I was there; all ten inches jammed up his hot little butt. "Oh, shit, baby. I'm there" I swooned as I bent down, pushing his legs against his chest, and giving him a peck on the lips.

"Oh, thank God. Thank God" he moaned as he gasped fast and hard trying to lessen the pain. "It really hurts, JD."

"Hey, baby. I said it would hurt. I'm pretty damn big and you're damn near a virgin" I said. "But you'll take it for JD won't you? You can take a little pain for JD."

"It really hurts" he answered.

"Your very first fuck from James Degan Morgan is special, baby. Real special. A little pain will help you remember." I very slowly pulled back and then gradually pushed back into him again. And, oh shit, did that feel good. "Feels fuckin wonderful to me, hon. JD is loving your tight ass" I exulted. Then I did it again, slowly out and then slowly back in, sending bolts of pleasure through my system.

"JD, please. JD" he whimpered.

"It's fabulous, baby" I said with total delight as I pulled out and pushed in again. It went slightly easier this time, since the spit was getting spread around. "You're giving my cock pleasure like I never imagined." Carl kept moaning and whimpering. His tiny little asshole just was not ready for anything as big as my baseball bat sized prick to open him up, and it was having a hell of a time adjusting.

"Oh, baby, baby" I crooned as I began to speed up a little, pulling out almost to the tip and then bludgeoning my way back in deep, ten inches deep.

It had to be getting better for him at some point, but with all his weeping and whining, he evidently wasn't there yet, but I was beyond worrying about him because my pleasure sensors were going crazy. I'd been dreaming about having his hot ass ever since the first day of school, and it was turning out to be every bit as fabulous as I had imagined. Shit, it felt fucking fantastic.

So, yeah, I'd been thinking of fucking him for months and I'd already decided to make it special by trying something new. Pushing his legs aside and putting my arms around him, I pulled him up off of the bed into a hug with him sitting on my prick.

"Wrap your legs around me, honey" I whispered in his ear. He put his hands around my neck and wrapped his legs around me.

Putting one hand under his ass and leaning back ever so slightly, I lifted him and then let him slide back down on my prick. It was great but not quite what I was looking for, so I bent my knees slightly, pulled my crotch back and pushed up into him. That was it! I felt a lightning bolt of pleasure shoot through me.

Looking into Carl's face, his eyes were squeezed shut, but he wasn't moaning or grimacing any more. With my prick sliding against his prostate I assumed his pleasure sensors were beginning to take over from his pain sensors.

Holding him tight against me, I started slamming my cock up into his tight butt. Holding him in my arms like a baby made me feel like a superman and I had to laugh aloud in exultation.

"Oh, baby, baby. This is so fuckin cool" I laughed as I kept slamming my prick up into him. "Holding you in my arms and fucking you is out of this world." But even the most wonderful feeling in the universe have to end, and I could feel myself getting close. Already.

Dropping him back on the bed, I grabbed his legs and spread them wide as I continued slamming into his hot ass. With his legs spread I could get in even deeper so I really started banging it to him hard, actually moving the bed with each violent thrust.

"Baby, I'm coming" I yelled. "I'm cuming." In the excitement of my ejaculation I grabbed him by the hair and damn near pulled him up off the bed in the throes of delight.

"Yeah... Yeah... Yeah... Yeah" I screamed as I fired time after time into his hot ass.. "Fuckin hot, baby. So fuckin hot."

As I fired my last shot I finally came out of my elation induced stupor into the real world, and became aware of Carl below me. He had a look of surprise or maybe amazement as he stared up into my face. As I panted from exertion, dripping sweat into his face and looking into his eyes, that look on his face slowly turned into a smile.

I laughed again from the pleasure of the moment as I continued panting.

"Oh, baby. What an ass you've got" I said in elation. "Even better than I expected. How are you?"

"I'm okay, JD. It hurt, but I'm glad you enjoyed it" he said with a big smile.

"Yeah, it was great" I said with satisfaction as I grinned down at him. "Fucking Mr. Jameson; fucking my math teacher was pretty fabulous." I bent down and gave him a kiss on the lips.

"But what have we here?" I asked as raised back up and grabbed his very hard prick. "Mr. Jameson's got a hard on." I jerked it a couple times. "Milk it for me, baby. Jerk off while I've still got my prick up your ass."

He reached down and started jerking his prick, slowly at first and then speeding up, while I started gently fucking in and out of his ass again. He was staring up into my eyes as he speeded up and started groaning.

"Oh, oh, oh" he moaned as his little peepee finally started shooting his jism onto his chest and belly. I kept my fuck going as he quit shooting and lay back with a big smile on his face. "Thank you, JD. Thank you. It was wonderful."

"Yeah, baby" I said smiling back at him. "We've definitely got to do this again. (pause) And again. (pause) And again." Still continuing my slow fuck, I scooped up some of his jism with my fingers and put it against his lips. He opened his mouth and licked it off my fingers. I did it a few more times and he licked up his cum with pleasure.

Then pushing his legs down and pulling my prick slowly out of his ass, I climbed up on the bed on my knees, straddling his chest. Putting one hand behind his head, I pulled him up slightly and pushed my prick between his lips.

"Suck it up, honey. Suck those juices off your man's prick" I said as I pushed further into his mouth. "Yeah, baby, that's it. Suck on it." I was only now beginning to go soft but the sight of my cute teacher looking up at me with adoration in his eyes and my prick in his mouth was almost enough to get me hot all over again.

Pulling my prick out of his mouth, I rolled over and just lay back on the bed, getting my breath back. As I put my hands behind my head, Carl leaned over and started licking up and down my softening prick. He looked up at me to see my reaction as he licked up and down and I gave him a big smile. He just couldn't get enough.

Obviously he was still in the mood, so I grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head up to my chest. "Kiss my tits, honey. Worship your man's big chest." And he went at it, kissing and licking my big slabs of pectoral muscle and moaning in pleasure as he did it. Over the next fifteen or so minutes, with some direction from me, he worked his way over my chest and my shoulders and my biceps and even my arm pits. I was in heaven. I'm absolutely crazy for this kind of body worship, and Carl was doing it with an intensity and passion like I'd never imagined.

"Shit, honey. That was wonderful" I said as I pulled his face out of my armpit and kissed him. "I almost want to do it again." I knew he was sore and it wouldn't be as good for him a second time, not that I really gave a fuck whether he enjoyed it or not, but my primary reason for not fucking him again was because I wanted to savor it. It was so good. It was so, so good that I wanted save it for the next time and let the expectation of incredible pleasure build up over the coming days. Then I would fuck him royally. And no quickie next time either. I was going to fuck him for hours.

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