If you are not legally allowed, or you don't like sometimes violent stories of Domination/Submission, don't read this. All others read it and enjoy it.

My Teacher, My Pet 10 - Mr. Atlanta

"Get on your knees, punk."


"You got a hearing problem?"

"Hey, man. I gotta ...."

"You busted your ass to get me here, so here I am. Now get on your knees."

"Come on, Ace. We ..."

"I'm on my way to a show in Augusta, so I've got better things to do. I stopped by this shit-hole town to see some punk who thinks he's hot shit. Some ass-hole who sent me a dozen pictures of himself in the nude. You're the ass-hole. Now get on your knees or I'm out of here."

I knew meeting 'Mr. Teenage Atlanta' was going to be something special, but this was definitely not the way I expected it to go.

Okay, okay, okay. So let me explain how I got here. I admit I actually begged Ace to come here. That's not my style, but yeah, I actually begged him to visit since he was so beautiful, and I was so hot for him. He had become an absolute obsession with me and I couldn't get him out of my mind. So when he said he'd stop by and meet me I was thrilled. Nothing was said about what we would do when we met, but since I'm bigger than him in every dimension, and I'm more dominant than anyone I've ever met, I guess I just assumed he'd want me to bang him. You know my style; I bang everybody, big/small, male/female, young/old, everybody. But, here was Ace, Mr. Atlanta, really throwing me a curve. I wasn't expecting this attitude at all and I wasn't prepared to deal with it. I was dumbfounded.

I'd asked him to meet me at the local Taco Bell, planning to talk to him for a bit while getting to know him before taking him to Carl's apartment, and then I planned to get to know him really, really well. So here he was; he drove up in his BMW convertible, an incredibly hot guy in an incredibly hot car. He was wearing snug white tennis shorts and white tennis shoes, and an old faded gray 'Atlanta Braves' t-shirt. The shirt looked to be at least two sizes too small, so that every inch of his perfectly defined body showed him to be truly magnificent.

I'd been waiting in the Taco Bell for over an hour for him to show up; he said he'd be in a white BMW, so when he drove up I went out to meet him. And then he says to me 'get on your knees, punk' before I even have a chance to say hello. And we were in the center of town in the Taco Bell parking lot, for God's sake. What was I supposed to do?

"Make up your damn mind" he growled at me. "I've got better things to do than put up with any shit from you."

So I got on my knees. Hell yes. This guy was so hot that he had the Mr. America title in the bag, and he was here with me. Yeah, he made a special trip just to be here with me. Hey, my ego is bigger than most anybody's, but even I don't think I'm so special the Mr. America is going to do my bidding. I was thrilled and gratified that he had replied and actually come to visit. I knew if I let him get away now I'd never forgive myself. Yes, he was that special. So, yeah, I got on my knees.

"Who won the Mr. Atlanta contest?" he growled, looking down at me with a smirk on his face. This must have been a real power trip for him, having a hunk like me on my knees in front of him right in the middle of town with people looking. I knew if any of the kids from my high school saw me I'd never live it down, but I had to have Ace; I had to.

"You did, Ace. I know ...."

"What have you won?" he asked, interrupting me.

"I was state wrestling ...." I started to say.

"Bullshit stuff" he said. "What body building contests have you won?"

"None, Ace. You know that." Was I groveling in front of him? Sure seemed like groveling.

"You think your body looks better than mine?"

"I didn't say that, Ace. I'm bigger than ...."

"Answer the fuckin question. You think you could have beat me in the Mr. Atlanta contest?"

"No, of course not, Ace."

"You think you're so fuckin hot because you're big. Bulky is what I call it. You look at me you see perfection."

"Hey, man. I know that. I told you that in my e-mails."

"I said I'd stop by so you could see what a perfect body looks like. You're seeing it. You're looking at sheer perfection. You ready to worship?"

"Worship?" I asked.

"Hell yes, worship" he answered. "I like having hunky stud's worshipping me, even a kid like you. I get it all the time in Atlanta. The guys line up to beg me to be allowed to worship."

"Kid! I ain't no ...."

"I don't like skinny guys, and most kids are skinny, so I don't do kids. You're built so I'll make an exception for you. Are you ready to worship this bod, or am I going to get on my way?"

"Okay, okay, I'm ready, Ace" I answered. Hell, worshiping guys is not my style, but for Ace I was more than willing to do it. In the back of my mind I still wanted to fuck him, but I'd take anything he had to offer. Absolutely anything; no limits. I'm bigger than he is and from the pictures I've seen of him, I know my prick is bigger as well. But the truth is, he is beautiful, and I'd love worshipping that gorgeous body of his. In actual fact, I'd never sucked a guy's prick before but I'd go down on him in a minute just to be able to watch his reaction.

"Hop in" he said as he walked around and got back into his hot BMW. I got off my knees and did as he said, hopping over the closed door into the passenger seat. I hope he was impressed.

So I took him to Carl's apartment; Mr. Jameson's. I told Carl to lock himself in the guest bedroom, but Ace had kept me waiting at Taco Bell for well over an hour so I didn't know where he'd be now. The way it was going so far, I might have to kick him out of the apartment completely, because I certainly didn't want him to see me being a submissive. I'd never been dominated by anyone before; never, but it was looking like Ace was going to turn me into his boytoy.

Anyway, I wasn't surprised when Carl met us in his living room.

"Who's this? Your Daddy?" Ace growled.

"Carl," I snapped. "I told you to stay in the bedroom."

"No problem. I'll get out" he said. "I just wanted to see him. He is beautiful isn't he?" I'm not sure what Carl was trying to prove, but he was standing there completely nude with his five inch dick fully hard. I'd never really paid attention to Carl's body because he was too skinny for me; he was only there for me to fuck. And right now, I was actually embarrassed that Ace would think that this was the best I could do, a skinny older man.

"You like them skinny, huh" Ace said. "But I suppose he's paying the bills."

"He's my teacher" I said. "My school teacher."

"JD is mine" Carl blurted out. "I belong to him and he belongs to me."

"Shut the fuck up and get out of here, Carl" I said, totally embarrassed now. Grabbing him by the shoulder I jerked him around and forced marched him to the guest bedroom. "Don't you dare fuck this up" I growled softly in his ear "or I'll kick your ass from here to kingdom come."

"Sorry about that, Ace" I said as I went back into the living room. "I've been fucking him for a few weeks now and he's getting a little too possessive."

"You didn't tell me you had a sugar daddy." Ace said.

"He's my math teacher. You ever fuck one of your high school teachers?" I said proudly.

"Hell yes" he said nonchalantly, totally bursting my bubble. "Male and female; several of them. Ain't no biggie. They can't resist me. So, who's going to pay me? You or your sugar daddy?" he asked as he pulled his t-shirt up and off.

"Pay you?" I said in surprise. "Pay you?" I repeated. Why would I pay him? He said he wanted to come visit me. He wanted to.

"Hey, man. This is Mr. Atlanta you're looking at. You fuckin think I give this away for free? You're out of your fuckin mind."

"Hey, man. I was ...."

"I'll tell you what" he said. "Since you're just a kid; I'll give you a discount. One hundred bucks."

"Come on, Ace. You didn't say anything ...."

"One hundred bucks. I'll give you a great afternoon. One you'll never forget." I now started to sweat. He took his shirt off just to drive me crazy, and it was working. Any idea I had of fucking him went on the backburner, because right now I wanted to get my tongue working on those gorgeous muscles of his, starting with those spectacular looking pecs. Hell, I'd always been a muscle hound, but I'd never had the opportunity to be with someone as gorgeous as Ace who was so deserving of being worshiped.

"You didn't say anything, Ace" I groused. "Where would I get ...."

"Sorry, kid. I gotta go" he said and put his t-shirt back on. I didn't know if he was playing with me or whether he was serious, but I sure as hell didn't want him to go. I thought he wanted me almost as much as I wanted him because he did come to see me. He was here! But now he was acting like he didn't care. He headed for the door.

"Wait, wait" I said. "Don't go." Shit, here I go; begging again.

"A hundred bucks, kid."

"Let me talk to Carl" I said in despair. I didn't want to pay but I didn't want him to get away either. I wanted him bad. "Hold on." So I went to see Carl. He was setting in a chair next to the bed with a book in his hand, still nude with his other hand on his cock.. "Carl, I need a hundred bucks" I said.


"Yeah, a hundred bucks. You got it?"

"What do you ....? You're kidding aren't you? You're going to pay him?"

"Damn it, Carl. Just give me a hundred bucks."

"I don't have a hundred bucks. I've got, maybe fifty or sixty."

"Give it to me" I said. He found his wallet and gave me sixty dollars.

"I've only got sixty" I said to Ace when I went back into the living room.

"I'll see you later, kid" he said. He'd been sitting on the sofa, but now got up and headed for the door.

"Wait, Ace. Don't go" I pleaded. "Please wait. I'll get some more."

"You keep me waiting and the price is going to go up, kid" he said, smirking at me. Then, just to rub my nose in it, he flexed his magnificent biceps. I drooled. "One hundred fifty now, kid." So I went back to Carl.

"I need a hundred dollars more, Carl" I said to him. "Go to the bank and get me a hundred dollars more."

"JD, you can't really ...." He started.

"Yes I can, really" I said interrupting him. "Now go and get me another hundred bucks."

"This is too much, JD. What if I don't?"

I was astounded. Amazed. And instantly furious. "Don't you even think about it" I growled at him in the angriest and most enraged tone of voice I could project. He stepped back in fright, from my incredible rage.

"Okay, JD. Okay" he said in fright. "I'll get it. I'll get it. Jesus, take it easy."

"You damn well better" I said, trying to control my anger. Carl could obviously see that I was on the verge of tearing him apart. "Go get it and then get your ass back here."

Ace was back sitting on the sofa with that smirk on his face as I led Carl, now in t-shirt and shorts, out of the apartment.

"One hundred fifty?" he asked me.

"Yeah, he's going to get it" I answered. "Now, what am I going to get for my money?"

"You're going to get a good time" he said, finally changing that smirk to a smile. "I guarantee it."

"Guaranteed, hey?" I said, smiling back at him.

"Yup" he answered as he stood up and flexed his biceps again, making me swoon. Stepping over to me, he pulled my t-shirt out of my pants, and pulled it over my head. Then he did the same to himself, removing his shirt so we were both naked to the waist.

"You're gorgeous, JD. I think I forgot to tell you that" he said as he put his arms around me and latched his lips onto mine. It was heavenly. The man of my dreams hugging me and feeling my muscular back and trying to stick his tongue down my throat. I moved my hands over his muscular back and shoulders as the kiss went on and on.

"You're even better than your pictures, Ace" I said as I finally broke the kiss and stepped back so I could look at his fabulous upper body. "You are sheer perfection. I swear, you're like a Greek God, perfect in every way." I couldn't help but load him with praise because there was no question he was as perfect as the human male could get.

"Did I say you were bulky?" he smiled. "Well, don't you believe it. I was just playing around, because, in fact, you are gorgeous. I can't believe you're only sixteen, because nobody looks like that at sixteen. I didn't look that good at sixteen myself."

"What is this?" I asked. "A mutual admiration society?" We both laughed.

"No doubt about it" Ace said. "But we deserve it because, hell, I know I'm dazzling. I'm Mr. Atlanta, for God's sake. But there is no question that you are dazzling too. I still can't believe how big you are."

"Thanks, Ace. Coming from you .... ahhh. Coming from Mr. Atlanta, that's really something" I said as I reached out and put my arms around him again.

"No big deal, JD, because you deserve it." With that, he latched his lips onto mine again. His arms were above mine so he was feeling up my delts and traps while I was feeling up his lats. This was definitely a mutual admiration society. While kissing and feeling each other up we couldn't help but rub our crotches together, and we were both hard. Really hard.

"Worship time, JD" he finally said as he stepped back. Walking over to the sofa he sat and removed his shoes and socks, and then unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts. I just watched as he stuck his hand inside and grabbed his hard-on. "Got something here you might like, JD" he laughed. "Come here and help me get to it."

He was making it pretty clear who was going to be in charge, which, in actual fact, was a problem for me, because this had never happened before; never. In all the dozens and dozens of times I'd fucked somebody I'd always been in charge. But, no question in my mind, Ace was a special case. I walked over and got on my knees in front of him.

"Pull 'em off, JD" Ace said as he raised his hips up off the sofa. I grabbed them and pulled them off leaving him with only a pair of white Jockey's. Did I say only nerds wear white underwear? Well, Ace was no nerd. My immediate interest anyway was seeing his thighs in their entirety. I sat back on my haunches and just devoured his body with my eyes, moving up and down his perfect physique but focusing on his legs.

"Let me see your thighs, Ace. Please" I said, totally lusting over his body.

"Yeah" Ace laughed. "You told me about your fixation with muscular thighs." He stood up with his crotch right in my face, but I just leaned back to be able to see his legs. He shook them out and then flexed them, and I couldn't help but swoon; audibly.

"They're gorgeous, Ace. Absolutely gorgeous."

Ace laughed. "They ain't even pumped, JD. I haven't worked out since this morning."

"Well, I love 'em." I reached forward and gently grasped his left thigh and caressed it and then leaned forward and kissed it. "I love 'em, Ace. I love 'em" I said as I started to lick.

"You're a real thigh muncher, JD" he laughed as I kept fondling and licking up and down his thighs. "You really know how to appreciate a guy's body." And he hit it right on the head. Who could really appreciate a perfect muscular body except someone else with a body almost as perfect?

Putting his hand on my forehead, Ace pushed me back away and I saw that his other hand was inside his Jockey's. "That's enough for now, JD. You're making me so hot. Get out of those shorts and let me see you. As Ace sat back down on the sofa, I stood up and kicked my shoes off; I wasn't wearing socks. Unbuttoning and unzipping, i pealed my cutoffs down and off. I wasn't wearing underwear either, and my big dong slapped up against my belly.

"Shit, you really are big all over, just like you said" Ace said in amazement. "Your pictures didn't do you justice." I grabbed my dick and tugged on it a couple times, giving him a good look. "I ain't got what you got but I'm hot and ready. Get me out of these shorts."

As he raised his hips, instead of pulling the shorts down, I grabbed them at the crotch and ripped them wide open. Then, quickly reaching under him, I ripped the ass out of them as well.

"Oh, shit" he said in a startled tone of voice. "You are one aggressive motherfucker, aren't you? Shit." His shorts were in tatters now and his super hard-on was sticking up and out. He had a pretty one, if not particularly impressive. It wasn't nearly as big around as mine, and looked to be seven, or maybe even eight inches.

"Not very big are you?" I said, which was totally rude and unfair, but what was I supposed to say? I was twice his size.

"Hey, I ain't got your donkey-dong but I do okay with this" he said defensively.

Then the door opened and Carl walked in. I glanced over and saw a really angry look on his face. He was really furious. Raising his hand and showing me the money, he threw it at me and it scattered on the floor at my feet.

"Here's your damn money" he said. "I hope he's worth it."

"Damn you, Carl" I started to say, but Ace interrupted me.

"It's okay, JD" he said. "Just let him go. I think we can find it."

"Get out of here, Carl" I growled. "I'll talk to you later."

"Yeah. Right" he said as he stormed out of the room.

"Testy, isn't he" Ace said with a smile. "And also very much in love."

"Well, yeah, I guess so" I said.

"A submissive sugar daddy who's mad for you. Shit, you're going to make me jealous. I'd like to have one of those."

"Maybe I'll give him to you" I chuckled. "He's really been pissing me off."

"Yeah, maybe" he laughed. "Now, pick up the money for me, JD."

"Ahhh, what? What?" I said, surprised at his tone. He was ordering me.

"I said, pick it up. It's my money and you're going to give it to me. So do it." I didn't like his tone, but I wanted to get back to the action, so I picked it up.

"Here you are, Ace. A hundred bucks." I handed it to him.

"Where's the rest" he asked.

"There's sixty right there on the table where you put it." Ace was being a pain in the ass, and I was getting pissed.

"Put this hundred dollars with it" he said as he handed it back to me. I was beginning to steam a little because he was being a total creep, but I stepped over to the table and put the hundred dollars on the rest of the money.

"Alright, there's your damn money" I said, but when I turned back I saw that Ace had gotten off the sofa onto his knees.

"Come here, JD" he said with a big grin. "Get that pretty ass over here." As I walked back to him he grabbed my cock with one hand and my balls with the other. "You have the most beautiful cock I've ever seen, JD. Absolutely spectacular." Massaging it gently with his hand he leaned in and gave it a kiss on the tip. I looked down completely startled at his change in attitude.

"What? What?" I said in amazement.

"You didn't really think I was going to charge you, did you, JD? A hunk like you? I was just checking to see if you were really serious about me. Hell, it's a privilege to be able to have sex with you." He gave me a big grin and then went back to kissing the tip of my cock over and over again.

"I don't fucking believe this" I laughed. "You are completely crazy."

"Yeah, crazy for you" he said as he nuzzled his nose against my cock and then started licking my balls. I just watched in complete amazement. This gorgeous creature whom I'd been lusting over for months was on his knees worshiping my cock. I'd pictured this a million times but to see it in the flesh was a million times better.

"Oh, shit, man. That's so good" I swooned. "So fucking good. Oh yeah, just like that." When he finally pulled his head back he looked up into my eyes.

"Let me make love to you, JD" he entreated. "I want to worship every inch of your body." I didn't need to say anything but you can believe that my smile was a mile wide. Standing up with my dick still in his hand, he maneuvered me to the sofa and pushed me down on it. "Lie down, JD. Lie down so I can kiss every muscle on your incredible physique."

As I lay down with my head on the arm, Ace got back on his knees and kissed my neck. "You are so beautiful, JD. And only sixteen. You make me so envious" he murmured as he kissed. Mr. body-beautiful; Mr. Atlanta; envious of me? Really?

"I'm going to eat you up" he said as he moved down and started nibbling on my tits. You know I'm a thigh man, but evidently Ace is a chest man, because over the next half hour Ace licked and kissed and sucked on my pecs over and over and over again. He covered them with spit and then pressing his nose in tight, lovingly rubbed his face back and forth over them, and then licked it all back up.

"Your pecs are magnificent, JD. I'm going to take you home with me so I can worship them every night."

"You're going to wear them out, Ace" I said finally as I fluffed his hair gently. "Don't you want to check and see what else I've got?"

"I could spend all day worshiping your pecs, JD" he said as he raised his head and looked up at me. "They are simply superb." Then he moved up and attached his lips to mine and we went into heavy French kissing. As we kissed he put one hand on my super hard prick, and started gently massaging it. "Mmmm, JD. You are incredible" he murmured.

Ace was still on his knees on the floor in front of me, and as he broke the kiss the slowly moved his head down my body licking as he went. First my neck and then the valley between my pecs and then over my rippling abs until he reached my prick.

"Your prick is just perfect, JD" he swooned as he kissed it a couple times and then pulled back and just admired it. "I think I could spend my life sucking on it."

Did I tell you before that my ego was so big that it would barely fit in my head? Well, now, as you can imagine, it was about to blow the top of my head right off. The most beautiful creature I'd ever seen, bar none, whom had been the image in my mind most every time I shot a load for months; this creature was worshiping me. This creature loved my body and was envious of me.

I screamed: "Yeeeeeaaaaooooh." I mean what else could I do but scream in total euphoria? As I screamed he took me in his mouth and started sucking. Almost instantly I started to shoot. Yeah, I came. He had pulled back for a second so the first shot went a couple feet into the air, but the second shot went into his mouth as he latched onto the head. I screamed again: "Yeeeeaaaaooooh" as I fired shot after shot into him, unquestionable the most exciting ejaculation I'd had in months.

"Oh, baby, baby, baby" I babbled as I continued firing into his mouth. As I opened my eyes I saw that Ace was watching my face, watching my contortions as he sucked up every bit of my ejaculation. Then he finally pulled back and smiled at me.

"Jesus, you go crazy when you cum, JD. I've never seen anybody enjoy a blowjob that much before."

"Oh, man, Ace. You are a marvel, and you are so gorgeous. I can't remember ever being so hot before. AND, I can't remember coming so quickly; after you'd barely touched me."

"That's a real compliment, JD, but I haven't really sucked you yet."

"That's okay, Ace. It was great anyway."

"No it's not okay" he said. "I'm going to show you what I can do." That's when Carl spoke.

"JD, the neighbors are going to call the cops again with all that noise" he said.

"Sorry, Carl" Ace said. "That was my fault. It won't happen again. Now, go away. We're busy."

"Do it, Carl" I said. "Leave us alone." Carl went back into the guest bedroom.

"Now, JD" Ace said. "Close your eyes and just lie back. I'm going to give you a blowjob that you'll remember for the rest of your life." So I lay back with my hands behind my head and just let him go at it. And Ace did exactly that, over the next half hour, giving me probably the finest blowjob I'd ever had, most definitely a blowjob to remember. I admit that I cheated and opened my eyes and watched him some of the time, a true superman, a god, sucking on my ten inch pecker.

When he was done and had licked my dick clean, he climbed up on top of me, our big muscular sweaty bodies sliding against each other. After giving me a quick kiss, he just lay there hugging me. He was so muscular, I just couldn't keep my hands still, but kept them moving up and down his lats and spine and up to his shoulders and traps. I was in heaven.

We may have lain there for a half hour or so, and I think Ace might have dozed off for a bit, but he finally got up off of me, pulled off the tatters of his underwear and got into his shorts.

"Wait, Ace. Don't go" I said. "I want to return the favor."

"What, you?" he said. "You ever sucked a cock?"

"Well, no. But I sure as hell know how it's done." And this was true. The number of times I've had my cock sucked, you think I don't know how to do it? Hell, I'd be a deep throat expert. For the first time ever, I really wanted to suck a cock. I wanted to suck Ace. I respected him so much I just wanted to give him pleasure.

"I hate to tell you this, JD, but I've got to go. I've still got an hour and a half to drive to Augusta."

"No, Ace. Please. Don't go yet" I said as I stood up, grabbed him and kissed him. "You haven't even cum."

"Sorry" he said. "But we'll do this again. I promise I'll come by again."

"Yeah, really?" I asked. "You mean it?"

"Hell yes. I wouldn't want to miss out on a blowjob from you. But, also, next time you'll fuck me." he said giving me a grin. "I want to feel that amazing weapon of yours up my ass. It'll probably tear me apart, but it will be worth it."

"Please don't go yet, Ace" I pleaded.

"Sorry, baby" (this was the first time he called me a pet name, and I loved it). "Sorry, baby, but I've got to go. Now go in there and sweet talk your sugar daddy."

I ushered him out of the apartment, and turned to go back to Carl. Carl would be pleased because the hundred and sixty dollars was still on the table. But Ace's comments about me fucking him had started to get me hot and I wanted to fuck. I wanted to fuck some ass right now. Carl wasn't Ace, but he had a fuckable ass which I was very partial to, so he was going to get my growing wanger up his chute as soon as I could get it up there.


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