Authors Note: Excuse me for this story being so wordy, but I believe erotic fiction can be a lot of things besides raw sex. I know that many guys skip over the 'slow' stuff to get to the sex, but as a writer I try to build images of dominant and submissive situations, which I believe can be more exciting than just describing the actual sexual event. I can sometimes spend a good part of an hour on a paragraph, getting the words just perfect to present the image I'm trying to project. I hope you enjoy every word.

Authors Second Note: Please note the bonus story at the end of 'My Teacher, My Pet 6. It has nothing to do with JD and Carl, but is a side issue about 'The Black Dragon'.

If you are not legally allowed, or you don't like sometimes violent stories of Domination/Submission, don't read this. All others read it and enjoy it.

My Teacher, My Pet 6 - THE COP

I arrived at Mr. Jameson's apartment a couple minutes after twelve, and saw James, the cop, setting in a Toyota Camry out in front. I held my hand up telling him to wait as I entered the building. I had neglected to tell Carl that I needed his apartment today, so I had to talk to him first.

When I entered the apartment I saw Carl sitting on the sofa in front of the TV wearing only a pair of Jockey's and a wife beater. He also had his little dick in his hand which was sticking out of the fly of his shorts. He looked up in surprise when I walked it, and then got the brightest smile I'd ever seen. He quickly pushed his dick back into his Jockey's and stood up.

"Thinking of me were you?" I laughed as I walked in. "Thinking of me and jerking off, I bet."

"Hello, JD" he said grinning brightly as he walked up and put his arms around me. "Yes, I was thinking of you." I grabbed his head, turning it to a kissable angle and gave him a quick kiss and then a pat on the rump. "I didn't expect you, JD, but I'm glad you're here."

"You're not going to be when you hear what I have to say" I said as I pushed him backwards across the room making him back pedal until he finally flopped back down on the sofa. I got on my knees straddling him and sitting on his thighs.

"What's that?" he said in surprise. "How could I not be happy to see you?" I pushed his head back and petted his hair as I looked into his eyes.

"Remember that cop from Friday night?" I asked. The smile on his face disappeared immediately and he looked surprised. "I told him to meet me here at noon today. I forgot to tell you."

"JD" he said in surprise. "You can't .... I mean, you shouldn't .... I mean, how ..."

"Yeah. He's outside waiting for me. He's really cute and I'm gonna fuck him. Sorry I didn't tell you."

"JD, no. Please. You can't."

"Yeah, I told him to meet me here so I'm going to do him here. Don't worry, hon. I'm not going to rub your nose in it. You don't have to watch. You can wait in the guest bedroom."

"JD, no. Please. Not here. You can't do this to me" he said as he got tears in his eyes. We were almost nose to nose so I gave him another kiss on the lips.

"Sorry, honey. But that's the way it's gonna be" I said soberly. "Now I got to go out and tell him to come in."

"NO, JD" Carl actually shouted at me, first time ever. So I slugged him in the mouth, splitting his lip. "Yeeaaooh" he screamed. I don't take that kind of shit from my fuck boys.

"Don't piss me off, Carl" I snapped at him. "I'll tie you up throw you in the corner if I have to. Now get your ass into the guest bedroom." I stood up and pulled him up with me and gave him a hard slap on the ass. "Move it" I growled at him.

Carl dropped to the floor and wrapped his arms around my legs and looked straight up at me. "No, JD. No" he sniffled. "Don't do this. I love you, JD. I love you." Shit, he was really making this difficult and trying to put a guilt trip on me besides, but I was really hot for that cop's ass, so I wasn't about to let Carl get in my way.

Reaching down, I pulled his arms off of me and jerked him to his feet. "No, JD. No" he said, actually crying now as I lifted him up in my arms and headed to the guest bedroom.

"Now stay here and don't make a sound" I growled at him as I dropped him on the bed. The little shit immediately got off the bed and dropped to his knees again and grabbed my legs.

"Please, JD. I beg of you. Don't do this" he pleaded.

I grabbed him by the hair, jerked his head back, and slapped him. He didn't scream this time but he let out a hell of a yelp. "That's enough god damn it. That's enough. I'll deal with you later." I put my foot on his chest and gave him a hard shove, knocking him over backwards.

He was crying aloud and still pleading: "JD, please. JD, please. JD, please" as I walked out of the room.

What a fuckin nightmare. Carl was making this impossible. He was becoming a total shit, and much too possessive and I knew I was going to have to do something about it. After all my training he still didn't understand what it meant to be owned by a Master.

James looked even better than I remembered when he came into the living room. "You look so sexy in that uniform" I said as I bent down and kissed him. Yes, bent down. He didn't look to be any taller than Mr. Jameson who was only 5'7" so I had him by at least six inches.

"But I didn't know cops came this short" I said as we kissed.

"All sizes and shapes" he answered. "But I didn't know teenagers came this big."

"They don't" I said. "I'm special. I'm JD. I'm not just any teenager."

"I can see that, JD. May I call you JD?" he asked.

"You can call me anything you want as long as I can get my hands on that muscled ass of yours."

He gave me a big smile. "It's yours for the taking, JD."

"Get on your knees" I said and he immediately dropped down in front of me, clasped his hands behind him, and looked up at me with a gorgeous smile, totally enamored by my herculean physique.

"I been thinking about this since Friday" I said as I stuck my hand inside my shorts to rearrange my growing pecker. "A cop in full uniform on his knees in front of me. You're beautiful down there, babe."

"I'm yours, JD" he said with a smile. "I'm yours to use as you will."

"Oh shit" I said with a grin as I rubbed my hand over his buzz cut. "You are a beauty, James." I stuck a couple fingers in his mouth and as he started sucking them he kept looking me in the eye.

"Mmmmm" he said as he sucked. Hacking up some spit, I pushed his head back and spit into his face. He didn't move and his expression of admiration didn't change.

"Thank you, Master" he said as he stuck out his tongue and licked up some of the spit that landed on his lip. No question; this guy knew what it was all about.

"Kiss my feet and thank me for giving you this pleasure" I said, and he obeyed instantly. Keeping his hands behind him he bent down and gave each of my shoes a kiss.

"Thank you, Master for allowing me to kiss your feet." Wow, this guy really knew how to be a submissive. I'd never met anybody who did stuff like this without me forcing him to do it.

"Oh, man, you are wonderful. You like me being your Master?" I asked.

"I'm well trained, JD. I already have a Master."

"Ahhh what? What?" I said in surprise.

"Yes, I have a Master. Have you heard of the wrestler, The Black Dragon?"

"The Black Dragon? Yeah, of course I've heard of him."

"Two hundred and seventy-two pounds of perfect gigantic steel hard muscle, and he is my Master."

"Wow, really?" I said in amazement.

"I have been with him for just over a year now, and I wouldn't have it any other way. He chose me and trained me and I feel honored for being allowed to serve him."

"So you're his slave?"

"Of course I'm his slave. He's my Master, and I'm there to fulfill his needs at his discretion. He is in control of every aspect of my life, but he allows me to continue my job as a cop. It's as great honor to be with him and be allowed to serve."

"But you're here with me? He allows you to play around?"

Of course not" he said in annoyance. "I said he was in control. He knows I'm here; I got his permission, and he knows you're planning to fuck me."

"Oh, shit" I laughed. "You are fuckin direct, aren't you?" What a fuckin turn-on. He has a Master and he had to get permission to come here to fuck with me.

"May I touch you, JD?" he asked.

"Well, yeah. Sure."

"You have the most beautiful thighs I've ever seen on a teenager" He gushed. My favorite body part, my muscled thighs which I was so proud of. He loved them. What an afternoon this was going to be.

I was wearing my usual short-shorts, cutoffs and a muscle shirt so my thighs were open for his deference. He reached in and started touching them gently, as if they were delicate china.

"They're beautiful, JD" he said.

"Tell me more, James. I want to know everything about your Master." This conversation was absolutely driving me crazy with lust. Here was a hunk, a real hunk, who had a real Master. Not a pretend one like me and Carl. I wanted to know everything.

"Yes, I'm his slave. And I'm willing to serve him in any way he desires, but mostly, I do his cooking. Dragon sent me to chef's school so I am a trained dietician. Being a top notch wrestler, he has stringent nutritional requirements so I prepare all the meals."

"Oh, man, that is so fuckin hot" I said as I rearranged my prick again. He was looking up at me with admiring eyes and continuing to rub his hands over my thighs. I was getting hard. "So you cook and clean and serve his cock as well?" I asked, wanting to know more. I wanted to hear every detail.

"I'm there for him to use, and you gotta know that having sex with a god like Dragon fulfills every possible desire I could ever have imagined. Actually, I'd be willing to be his slave just to be near him, even if he wasn't fucking me. But what I really do is just the cooking and serving. Larry does everything else."

"Larry?" I asked.

"Larry is Master's other slave." He grinned up at me because he knew this was going to blow my mind. And it did. Two slaves!!! Two slaves!!! "I'll introduce you if you like" he grinned up at me.

"Wow! Really? I can meet him?" I'd seen The Black Dragon on TV and he had a body that was like a solid chunk of steel, muscularity totally beyond belief.

"Yeah, he loves cute white muscle boys. You'd be just his type" he said with a grin. I guess I'm a little slow on the uptake, because it took me a few seconds before I realized what James was leading up to. Yes, I'd like to meet him, The Black Dragon with all those immense bulging muscles because he was one of my heroes, and I'd love to find out how he deals with two slaves, one of them being this really hunky cop in front of me. But I wasn't ready to serve him or be used by him. As big and evil as he seemed to be in the ring, I could only imagine how he would treat his fawning fuck boys.

But. The idea was swirling around in my mind, and my hard-on was now so hard it was painful. To be used by the Black Dragon, that giant muscleman. For just a bare instant I had a clear picture in my mind of being on my knees in front of that giant, crying and pleading and begging to be allowed to serve, and then struggling, my legs flaying about wildly, as he lifted me into the air with one hand on my neck and plowed a fourteen inch dick into me. Whew! If I didn't watch out I was going to cum before James and I even got started.

"Jesus," I gasped as I groped myself uncontrollably. "Jesus, two slaves."

"Yes" he said, grinning at my reaction. "Two slaves who are madly in love with him, and an endless supply of beautiful, muscle-crazy teenage boys. He likes them beautiful and he likes them young and he likes them to be muscle crazy worshipers. But all the kids that line up outside his dressing room after every match are muscle crazy. They show up by the dozens begging him to take their e-mail addresses."

"But you? You're beautiful" I said in awe. "But you're his slave?"

"He's one of a kind, JD" he said grinning at me. "He's a giant among men, and I love him. He is stern and demanding, and you don't even understand the words 'rough sex' until you've been with him. But he's also loving. He's a god, a muscle god, and he deserves to be worshiped, and I consider it an honor to worship him and be allowed to be part of his life."

"Wow! Two worshiping slaves! Is Larry built like you?"

"Of course he is" James laughed at me. "He's actually more muscular than me, but he's also short. Dragon likes his slaves short and built. Larry's also black but the Dragon is no racist. He fucks white boys like you all the time."

"Oh shit, James. You've got me so hot. Let's go fuck."

"Please, JD. Let me worship you a little. May I kiss you and lick you?"

"Go for it" I said. I was so hot I knew I couldn't wait long, but I wanted to see what he could do. My cock was hard as a rock and I couldn't help but rub my hand up and down it.

James leaned in and started kissing my thighs. Up and down and back and forth, covering both legs with soft kisses.

"Your thighs are so magnificent, JD. So beautiful." Then he started licking. I've told you that I think my best body part is my thighs; that's why I always wear short-shorts. But I'd never had a worshiper give them all this attention like James was giving them now. It was out of this world.

But, he was making me too hot. Hey, I'm just a kid; I know it, and I can get a hard-on in a second, and cum just as quickly. But I didn't want to cum before I got my dick in his ass. The whole point of getting him here was so I could fuck him.

Grabbing him by the hair, I pulled him to his feet and latched my lips onto his. Then putting both hands on his ass, I lifted him off the floor. James immediately wrapped his arms around me and started feeling me up again, and then wrapped his legs around me as well as he aggressively returned the kiss.

Carrying him, I started walking towards the bedroom.

"Mmmmm" he murmured as I sat him down on the bed. "Oh, JD. I can't believe your muscles. I want to touch every inch of your body."

"Maybe not every inch" I laughed. "But here's your chance. Strip me."

He immediately dropped to his knees and untied my shoes. I stood there and lifted each leg as he removed the shoes and my half socks. He bent down and gave each foot a long wet kiss.

"Thank you for allowing me to serve you, JD" he said as he stood up.

Hey, do you have any idea what this was doing to my ego? My head was going to be so big I wouldn't be able to get through the doorway.

James pulled my muscle shirt loose from my pants and pulled it up and off.

"May I kiss you, JD?"

"Yes" I gasped from excitement. "Yes, but get my pants off first. I gotta fuck you." As much as I like muscle worship, I was just too far gone to wait. James dropped to his knees, undid my shorts, and pealed them down and off. Then he leaned back looking up at me.

"You're beautiful, JD" he said. "Your muscles are big, but they're perfect. Absolutely perfect. And, you are right, there aren't any other teenagers out there like you. You're one of a kind."

Ego again? I was bursting with pride as I looked down at him.

"Strip now, babe. And hurry." As much as I loved a cop in uniform worshiping me, I wanted to see him naked, and he didn't make me wait. It wasn't more than thirty seconds that he was naked and on his knees in front of me.

And was he ever a beauty. I know that uniform fit him like a glove, but getting it off made him look ten times better. He may have been a little guy, but was he ever built; definitely a gym bunny. Beautifully shaped pecs, with bulging deltoids and delightful biceps and triceps; all of them superbly defined. There was no doubt that a star wrestler like The Black Dragon, the muscle giant, would only surround himself with the very best, and this guy was definitely the best. His features were every bit as handsome as Mr. Jameson's but he was definitely better built and more masculine looking.

"James, I've got a slave of my own in the other room." Even with all the action with James, I had been thinking about Carl, and what James said about being a slave.

"I thought so" he answered, evidently remembering Friday night.

"Does The Black Dragon make you watch when he's fucking somebody?"

"Yes, of course. Constantly."

"I ain't asking your permission, but do you think I should bring my slave in here."

"Yes, of course" he said. "It would be good for him. It would help him better understand his position as a slave. Besides" he said with a grin "I like an audience when I'm getting fucked by a God."

I got up, and with my ten inch dick sticking out and dripping pre-cum, I walked into the guest bedroom. Carl was lying on the bed staring at the ceiling. I walked over, grabbed him by the neck and jerked him to his feet.

"JD, I've decided..." he started to say. I grabbed him by the chin with my hand over his mouth and shook him.

"You shut the fuck up" I growled at him giving him another violent shake. "Not one god damn word." He looked really shocked as I grabbed him by the neck again, squeezing hard, and literally dragged him across the hall. When we got into his bedroom I slammed him against the wall, grabbed his wife beater and ripped it down the front. Then grabbing his jockey shorts, I ripped them to shreds, with the pieces dangling down from the waist band. He was now looking not only shocked and horrified, but terrified as well. He'd never seen me like this. But I couldn't take my time and be gentle because I was going crazy with lust and I wanted to fuck my cop's ass.

Grabbing Carl's shoulders and kicking his feet out from under him, I set him on the floor in the corner.

"Play with your dick" I growled at him. He just stared at me with this shocked look. "I said, play with your dick while you watch." I grabbed his hand and jammed it into his crotch. "And not one fuckin word out of you. Not one god damn sound" I snarled in his face. "You hear me?" He just sat there in shock. "You hear me?" I shouted again and banged his head against the wall. He was beyond words but he nodded his head once.

I stood up and grabbed my dripping dick. Shit, I was hot.

As I turned around, James climbed onto the middle of the bed. "Can you take me?" I asked as I got on the bed.

"Hell yes. I'm ready" he said as he raised his legs on his own, opening up his ass to me. I got behind him, grabbed his legs, and taking aim, pushed; hard. James was looking into my eyes and didn't even groan as I jammed all ten inches all the way into him in one hard assault. His ass was a big block of muscle and didn't want to open up for my onslaught so I was ramming hard and my dick was damn near getting crushed. Damn right he had a muscled ass.

"Oh, shit, yeah" I yelled in elation. I'd never jammed my cock into anybody in one shove before and it felt fabulous. I was so hot I wasn't about to mess around so I just started fucking him, hard and fast.

"Oh yeah, JD, you big stud" he said. "Fuck me hard. Ram that big dick into me." My best guess was that The Black Dragon, being a total giant, probably had a giant dick as well, so James was most likely accustomed to taking a dick even bigger than mine. And I'll bet he was taking it a lot rougher too.

James was whispering something as I fucked; I couldn't tell what, but he was obviously enjoying the hell out of me ramming my dick into him. It was great for me too because it was obvious he could take anything, and I slammed into him really hard over and over.

"Oh, Jesus, you are hot" I said as I slowed down so as not to cum too quickly. "And are you ever built." I had my hands on his traps and they were like steel bands of muscle. And the definition between his muscle groups was outstanding. I'd never fucked anybody built like this before. I mean, I'm the muscle kid, and I generally fuck kid's my own age, so I don't find guys built like James.

I definitely had to get a hold of that 'Mr. Teenage Atlanta'. I desperately wanted to fuck him.

I slowed down three times to extend the fuck, but really slammed it to him in-between times. His hands were busy feeling every inch of me that he could reach, and I was doing the same to him. Two muscle hounds totally enamored with each other.

But as I started slamming it to him again, I realized that I couldn't drag it out any longer. I had finally reached my peak and there was no stopping it.

"Oh, shit. Oh, shit. Ohhh Shhhiiiiit" I screamed as I slammed into him one final time and started firing into his hot ass. James' dick was hard as a rock but he hadn't once touched it as I was fucking. He had been entirely focused on my body and my muscles

But even so, his prick started to shoot. Yes, somehow he made it cum at almost exactly the same time as me. So he started howling right along with me, as we fired time after time; me into his ass and him onto his chest and abs.

"Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah" we both yelled in unison.

We were standing at the door taking our final kiss as I gave his ass a final squeeze. James offered to introduce me to The Black Dragon but I said I'd take a rain check, because I wasn't ready to be used as his sex toy. "Yeah, I know he's a bit depraved and usually violent, but that's just his style and anybody that gets picked to be fucked by him knows it and expects it. Let me tell you, it's an experience you'd never forget" he said.

"You're a beautiful kid, JD, and I loved getting fucked by you, now get in there and take care of your slave." I gave him one final peck on the lips as I closed the door, Two slaves, I thought to myself as I headed for the bedroom. Two slaves and an endless line of sycophants. I was very jealous.

As I entered the bedroom I just stood there looking at Carl. I was still nude with my mostly soft dick hanging down, still wet from James' ass. I just stood there arrogantly staring at him with my hands on my hips.

Carl was still in the corner where I put him, and looked up at me with a fearful look on his face. He didn't know how I was going to react and he was nervous.

I was still pissed at him. I mean, I didn't need these kinds of complications in my life. I just wanted him to be available when I wanted to fuck him, and not all this 'love' bullshit. I don't know why he couldn't understand that.

"Did you jerk off while I fucked him?" I asked in a stern tone of voice. He mumbled something which I didn't hear.

"Speak up" I growled at him.

He cleared his throat. "No, JD. No I didn't."


"Master" he answered.

"Did you like watching me fuck him?"

"Master, I.... I.... No .... No I didn't" he mumbled in fear, afraid of what I might do. "Please, JD, I want you to love me. I want you to love me like I love you."

"Get over here and kiss my dick" I said, not bothering to answer him. He just looked at me in surprise, not quite understanding what I said. I just glared at him until it finally got it through his head. Then he crawled over to me. At least he knew better than to walk over. He gave my completely soft dick a kiss and then looked up at me.

"I want to see you jerk off. Take my dick in your mouth and jerk yourself off" I said as I continued standing there looking down at him arrogantly, hands on hips.

"Huh" re responded but I didn't bother answering. There was a hesitation and then he took my dick in his mouth and started sucking it, and at the same time started to yank on his own dick. He said he loved me and at the same time I knew he worshiped me, so having my dick in his mouth was probably going to make him hot so he'd probably come in a hurry.

"Look at me" I said, so he looked up, watching me the whole time as he sucked on my dick and jerked his own little prick. I just let him go for a couple minutes.

How to handle Carl now? It was a quandary. I was beginning to think he was more trouble than he was worth. I mean, it was a challenge getting him, my own high school teacher, but I'd met that challenge. What I really wanted was someone like James. Someone really built. Carl was skinny.

The main thing Carl had going for him, was me sitting in his class. Every day while setting there I got a hard-on and grinned constantly knowing that he was my sex toy. I couldn't help but wonder what the other kids would think if they saw me fucking the hell out of our math teacher.

But what do I do now? I was still pissed at him for being so possessive, but I also was aware that I'd been kicking him around a lot. I've heard the saying that you can 'gain more with sugar than with vinegar'. I decided to try it.

"Feels good, honey bun. You're turning into a great cocksucker." His eyes were glued to mine as I looked down at him and smiled. "Keep it up. Nice and slow. But keep jerking off."

It's kinda hard to see facial features when a guy's got a beer can sized cock in his mouth. But I could tell that Carl's attitude had changed, and he was trying to smile. It is amazing how little it takes to make a submissive happy. A couple words and a smile was all it took.

"Open your mouth, hon" I said as I pushed his head back. As he opened his mouth, I hacked up a big wad of spit and let it drop. He swallowed it eagerly, smiled at me, and said 'thank you'.

See what I mean? A little sugar can go a long way. I let go of his head and he latched onto my dick again.

"Keep sucking and keep jerking, honey. You're doing good. But, make sure you cum first. You're gonna suck me off but you gotta cum first. I'll let you know when I'm getting close. Okay?" He nodded his head as he started taking more dick into his mouth. I don't know if he'll ever be able to take all ten inches, but right he had a good eight inches in there, with two or three of those inches pushing into his throat.

And no choking. Right now, I was pretty sure he'd strangle himself if he thought it would make me happy. I gave him another big grin, and damned if he didn't take another inch or so.

"Getting there, honey. Getting there" I said.

Then he started moaning. "Mmmm. Mmmm. Mmmm." He was obviously getting close.

"That's it, baby. Tug on that little pecker of yours. Shoot your load all over the floor." Then his tone changed, and I knew he was starting to shoot.

Grabbing his hair, I jerked his head back, grabbed my prick and started jerking it like crazy. He had this startled look on his face as my first shot hit him right in the nose.

He was groaning "Ugh, ugh, ugh" and so was I as I yanked his head back and forth and continued splashing my cum into his face as he continued shooting his load onto the floor.

And then I was done.

Still holding on to his hair, I reached down with my other hand and pushed my dick back into his mouth, and he sucked it clean.

"Good job, hon" I said as I pushed his head back again. "Real good." His smile was so bright it was almost blinding. Then he put his arms around my thighs, pushed his face into my crotch and hugged me as tight as he could.

"Thank you, Master" he whispered as he gave me a soft kiss.

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"Can he take me, James?" Dragon asked me.

"He says he can" I answered as I entered the room with a tray. "He's one of the blonds from Saturday night, the prettiest one I think. He has a cherubic face and pretty blue eyes, and looks to be about thirteen" I said as I set the tray on the table next to the bed.


"I didn't check his ID, but he says he's eighteen. But of course, they all say that."

"I don't give a damn whether he's eight or eighteen but he sure as hell better be able to take it. I ain't in the mood for any half-assed cocksucker this morning. Okay, bring him in." Dragon didn't give any direction so I had to guess how to dress the kid. Most often, in the afternoon anyway, he wanted them with a jock so he didn't have to see (in his words) their 'tiny little worms', but leaving their asses open for easy access. But in the morning when he was usually a little more playful, he liked them looking sexy in tight little Speedos that molded around their cute little buns. And he enjoyed tearing them off sometimes.

As I stepped out into the hall, the pretty, young blond kid was standing there in his underwear, hopping from one foot to the other in excitement. As required he'd been here waiting since five o'clock, so now at seven, he was a nervous wreck. But oh was he beautiful; a gorgeous young white boy, maybe 5'6" and about 120 pounds. Just the way Dragon liked them: young and beautiful and hot to trot.

"Do you think he'll like me?" the kid asked, obviously very nervous. "What should I do? What should I say?"

"You don't say anything and you don't do anything" I told him for probably the tenth time. "You just climb between his legs and take his prick in your mouth. He'll tell you if he wants anything else." Reaching into a cupboard next to the door which was full of skimpy underwear, jock straps, swim suits, and any number of sexy outfits, especially for Dragon's groupies. I guessed that Dragon would like him looking sexy, so I pulled out a tiny baby-blue swim suit. "Get out of those underwear and put this on."

"Oh Jesus, Jesus, The Black Dragon. I can't believe it. I really can't believe it. I'm so nervous" the kid said as he quickly changed into the clinging spandex see-through suit. James couldn't help but admire him, he was such a cute little thing and that tight baby-blue suit made his pretty little butt look absolutely delectable. And on top of being so enticing, he was totally ready and excited about getting a chance to climb into bed with The Black Dragon, perhaps the top wrestler in the NWA circuit. I smiled as I wondered if Dragon would be able to resist that little butt. He usually didn't fuck in the morning, but there were lots of sexy swim suits available so if another one got ripped, it wouldn't leave us short.

"You said you could take his piss, and if you can he'll be happy" James said. "If you can't you're going to be one sorry son-of-a-bitch, because, I assure you, he will be upset."

"I can, I can" he said as he nervously fluffed his almost platinum blond hair. "I know I can. I can handle it."

"Okay, show time" I said as I opened the door again to Dragon's bedroom. I took the kid by the hand and led him over to the bed. Dragon was lying there in all his glory, his incredible muscles bulging even in complete repose and his piss hard lying off to the left. I led the kid to the bottom of the bed, and pointed between Dragon's legs.

He climbed on putting his hands on Dragon's massive thighs and buried his face into his crotch. He didn't do what I told him which was to take Dragon's cock in his mouth, but he was doing the right thing anyway, by rubbing his face in his crotch and sniffing loudly of the musty man smell. He was also rubbing his hands up and down Dragon's thighs feeling his massive glutes. Yeah, the kid was doing okay.

I turned up the burner on the frying pan and picking up the bed tray I'd brought in, I set in in front of Dragon, straddling his stomach. On it was a tray of ice with three glasses in it. One with water, one with a small orange juice, and the third with a fruit drink with a half cup of hi-protean muscle building powder which I'd mixed only minutes before. Next to the ice tray was a plate and silverware, a cloth napkin, a vase with a flower, three pills, a capsule, and an injection cartridge.

I noticed that the kid was now on his cock and Dragon was smiling, so I knew he was pissing. He was good at it and generally thoughtful by going slow so as not to overwhelm whomever was drinking it. Besides, he didn't want piss in his bed.

So this was The Black Dragon's routine every morning. Basically nothing changed from day to day except for the cute boys he had on his prick. Sometimes a particular groupie would catch Dragon's eye, but usually I picked them from the endless crowds of kids dying to go with him, probably the hottest muscle man in the nation. He liked them young, and he liked them pretty, and he preferred white boys, blond white boys. He said, semi-jokingly, that he loved the way their rosy red lips set off against his coal black cock.

I'd bring in his tray and his groupie of the morning and start the burners on the hot plate. If he hadn't pissed yet he'd put them to work, otherwise they'd just suck him until he was ready. He'd take his pills with the water, and then drink his juice and power drink. Then I'd serve him his eggs, usually scrambled, and ham. Sometimes, if his hands were busy with the boy, he'd allow me to feed him bite by bite.

As I removed the tray, Dragon reached down and slapped the kid along the side of the head, knocking him off of his dick. The kid squealed, more in surprise than hurt I think.

"You ain't thanked me for giving you my piss" he growled, but he didn't look at the kid, he looked at me. "Where do you get these kids from, James?"

The kid and I spoke at the same time: "Thank you, sir"; "sorry, Master." But the kid continued. "Thank you, sir. Thank you sir." Dragon slapped him again.

"Get on my balls" he snapped. The kid dove in starting to slurp on Dragon's balls. "Nobody said you could touch me. Get your damn hands behind your back" he growled.

Oh, wow, I thought. He is in a bad mood this morning. Bad news for the kid.

Looking down for the first time, grabbed the kid by the hair and jerked him up, getting another squeal from him, Dragon slapped him. "You gonna thank me?" he growled.

"Yes, sir, thank you, sir" the kid said breathlessly. "Thank you, sir." He looked shocked as Dragon held him by the hair, but I knew he was thrilled to look up over Dragon's massive chest to his handsome face.

Dragon slapped him again and the kid immediately thanked him. "Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir."

"Do you love me" Dragon barked at him.

Sure it hurt and the kid grimaced as he was hit, but his look changed immediately to one of worship and longing. "Yes, sir. Oh, yes, sir, yes, sir, yes, sir" he blurted out all in one breath.

Dragon hit him again. The kids face was definitely going to be red for a couple days. "Tell me" Dragon growled at him.

"I love you, sir. I love you, I love you, I love you" the kid babbled.

"Tell me more" Dragon snapped and slapped him a fourth time.

"I love you, Master. I love you. Let me suck you. Please let me suck you. Please use me. I want to worship you. My friends will never believe.... Use me. Use me. Use me." Now this is a real groupie! Wow! The kid was damn near hysterical. Of course he came here knowing he was going to be abused, hell, he wanted to be abused. What else would a little runt expect when picked out of a crowd of cute young groupies to go with a superstar wrestler with a superman body? This kid would be bragging to his friends for years about how the biggest muscleman in the nation slapped him and fucked him.

"Use me, fuck me, beat me" the kid kept saying and probably would have gone on and on if Dragon had not stuffed his dick in his mouth. And what a mouthful he was; enormous girth, almost beer can sized and well over nine inches long. With one push, Dragon jammed the kid down on that enormous prick, ramming it in right up to the pubes. The kid didn't even have a chance to react as the ramrod forced its' way in, opening up his throat and closing off his windpipe.

And Dragon held him there. I couldn't believe it. The kid's eyes were bugged out, his face was red, and he was beating on Dragons abs with his fists, but Dragon just smiled at him and laughed.

Dragon must have held him there for twenty seconds, a lifetime for the kid, before yanking him up by the hair again. As the kid spewed out saliva Dragon slapped him again.

I was standing at the side of the bed watching as the kid gasped for breath. Dragon still had a hold on the boys platinum hair and was smiling down at him. He was really enjoying this. But why not? I had a hundred e-mails from kids who'd give their right arms to be where this kid was right now, taking Dragon's abuse and being allowed to service him; The Black Dragon, the superstar wrestler with a rock hard body of a Hercules, two hundred and seventy-two pounds of incredible rock-hard muscle. This kid may have been choking but he was among the few that were chosen among all the groupies that crowded around after each match. Dragon could do any damn thing he wanted to this kid, no matter how violent, and there would always be dozens more waiting in the wings to take his place.

He had a new kid with breakfast every day and he was always rough and always abusive, but that was just his style. Of course that was his style for god's sake; he was a wrestler and enjoyed beating up on guys. And if he enjoyed slapping cute young kids around for pleasure in his off hours, that was okay because he'd earned it by being a superstar. And most of them left with smiles on their faces.

"Clean me up" Dragon growled. The kid, who hadn't even got his breath back yet, started lapping up the saliva he'd spewed all over Dragon's crotch. Dragon gave him thirty seconds or so, then jammed him down on his cock again and rolled over. "Now James" he said. I immediately swabbed a spot on his ass, jammed the needle in and gave him his daily injection of steroids.

Dragon got up on his knees with the kid under him, his cock still in the kid's mouth. Grabbing two handfuls of hair, he started dragging the kid's face back and forth, ramming his cock in and out. Dragon wasn't moving, but was dragging the kids head violently up and down.

Then he slowed down a bit, evidently not ready to shoot yet. Letting go of the hair, he put one big paw behind the kids head and started slowly pulling him up and down on his cock.

"Look at me, boy" he said. "Look at your god as he fucks you." The kid opened his eyes looking at the miraculous muscleman above him, and even after all he'd been through, and with his mouth forced open to its maximum to take Dragon's gigantic dick, there was still a look of adoration in his face.

"This is a good one after all, James" Dragon said, giving me a smile. "Good choice."

"Thank you, Master" I answered.

He was pulling the kids head back and forth slowly now, but as I watched, he pulled and kept pulling forcing his dick deep into the kid's throat, jamming his face into his crotch. He didn't hold the kid as long this time, but the kid still spewed saliva from being choked and gasped for breath. Dragon slapped him.

"Do it again" he demanded. The kid looked up in shock as Dragon did it again, slowly pulling the kid in until his nose was jammed tight into his crotch. The kid didn't regurgitate this time but he looked frantic as Dragon, not even giving him breathing time, did it a third time. Cramming every inch of his monster cock deep into the kid's throat.

"Oh, yeah, that was good" Dragon said finally as he let go of the kid, pulled his dick out, and rolled over on his back. He grabbed his prick and stroked it gently as the kid started recovering and getting his breath back.

"Okay, kid" he said finally, and actually giving the kid a smile. "Suck me off. Show me how good of a cocksucker you are. Show me how happy you are to be able to worship The Black Dragon's dick."

The kid looked up, and seeing the smile, almost glowed with pleasure. Even with what the Dragon had put him through, he still felt honored to be allowed to suck off a superstar, a gorgeous muscleman superstar. "Thank you, sir" he said, looking up at Dragon's body with awe and admiration as he took the enormous cock in his mouth, and started giving the very best blowjob he could manage.

So, there you have it. A typical morning for superstar wrestling champion: The Black Dragon. He takes his piss, he takes his pills and eats his breakfast. He gets his injection and his morning blow job, and he's off to the gym to work out. This is a daily event so there are definitely some benefits to being a superstar.




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