When we got our tests back on Monday I had a 'B' even though I'd finished only four of the ten questions. I smiled at this and decided I'd have to talk to him about giving me an 'A'. I laughed at the idea that since I'd be tutoring him (not the other way around) I deserved something in return.

I didn't say anything to him all week and barely looked in his direction, but he couldn't keep his eyes off of me. I don't know if it was obvious to anyone else but it was certainly obvious to me. On Wednesday he tried to speak to me after class but I brushed him off without a word.

I added another score to my game of 'fuck my classmates' during the week. His name was Stuart and he was a fairly good looking guy on the wrestling team. I just stopped him in the hall and invited him over to my house. Now, what does a guy think when the hottest hunk in the school and one of the most popular, without ever having spoken to him before, suddenly invites him over? Does he think I want to play video games? Does he think I want him as my best friend? I mean, really? They can't be that stupid.

He wasn't particularly willing, and I swear to god, I don't think he'd ever given a blowjob before. I said he was cute, and he was, so I think that was part of the problem. He was so hot that both boys and girls probably wanted to blow him and didn't expect anything in return, so I was the first person with a really impressive prick that was determined to make him suck it.

He wasn't a very good cocksucker but I give him credit for trying. He did swallow all my junk even though he didn't actually want to, because I held on to his head as I fired into him, and I threatened him with murder in my eyes if he didn't swallow it. All in all it was kinda fun, and he really did try to do his best. He even apologized for choking and not doing a very good job.

But now, Friday, test day in Mr. Jameson's class, I was ready. After putting my name on my test, I wrote at the bottom in block letters: HONEY - TODAY. I also put at 'A' at the top of the page. Then I waited. When he walked by my desk he looked but didn't say anything, but he did brush my shoulder with his hand as he went by. Oh shit, yeah. He was hot for it. He was hot for my prick.

When I entered his class after school he was setting at his desk with the tests piled in front of him, but he didn't have a pencil in his hand. He was just waiting for me.

He started to say something but I put my finger to my lips and said "no, don't talk". I removed my shirt slowly giving him plenty of time to look, and then gave him a double bicep pose again, showing him my magnificent arms.

"Jesus" was all he said but his mouth was hanging open and his look of admiration was almost comical. Oh yeah, this teacher knew how to appreciate a young body beautiful.

Walking up to him, I removed his tie slowly looking him in the eye as I did it, then tied it in a knot around his neck, and using it as a leash, pulled him to his feet. "Hi, honey. You miss me?" I said as I gave him a kiss.

"JD, ahhh ...."

"Don't talk, honey" I said as I pulled him into a hug, pushing my crotch into him and giving him a longer kiss. He put his arms around me and returned the kiss.

"Listen, JD ...." He started to say as I pulled back from the kiss.

"I said don't talk" I repeated. Lifting him up in my arms again, just like last time, I sat down in his chair with him on my lap, put a hand behind his head and started kissing him. Shit I liked doing this. He was so tiny compared to me that he was like a little toy that I could just play with. And, of course, I loved having an adult, my very attractive math teacher, on my lap as if he were a little child.

He kept trying to mumble something but I was holding him into the kiss so he couldn't talk. Yes, he was trying to talk, but he put both arms around my neck and returned my kiss with a vengeance. My prick started growing like mad.

"Feel that, honey?" I whispered, pulling back and letting him have a chance to breathe. "Feel my big boner pressing against your butt?"

"Yes, JD. Yes" he whimpered as he gasped for breath. Holding me tight around the neck, he pulled himself into a hug with me and he started the kiss himself this time. He surprised me by his aggressiveness, and doubly surprised me because it seemed that he wanted me more than I wanted him. I know he'd been eyeing me with those puppy dog eyes all week, but I didn't realize how enthralled he was. This was better than I could have ever imagined.

We must have kissed for a good ten minutes before he finally pulled back.

"Please, JD. Please. We can't do this here; in school" he finally said. "It's too dangerous."

"Hey, I like living dangerously. It makes it very exciting" I laughed.

"No, JD. Please. You'll get me fired."

"Am I supposed to care?" I asked rudely, giving him a grin and humping my hard-on up against his butt.

He got a shocked look on his face. "JD, don't. Don't be like that."

"Okay, honey. Okay" I laughed. "Don't get all upset. But you owe me a blowjob. What are you going to do about that? I don't think my parents would understand you coming over to my house to blow me."

"JD, please, don't be crude" He said with this sad look on his face. "I want you to make love to me. I've been thinking about it all week."

"As long as 'making love' includes a blowjob, I'm all for it" I giggled.

"JD, don't. Please don't. Don't talk dirty like that."

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry" I said contritely. "I'll behave. But where are we going? To your house?"

"No, we can't. My mother's there, but..."

"What? Your mother?" I laughed. "You a momma's boy? My math teacher a momma's boy?"

"JD, please don't make fun of me."

"Jesus, honey. Don't be so uptight. I'm just playing" I answered. "So where are we going? Where am I going to fuck you?" I said as I slid his body back and forth so he'd feel my hard-on against his butt.

"JD" he said in a shocked tone. "Don't use that word. Don't say that." And that was just about enough. Mr. Jameson definitely needing some straightening out.

"I'll use any damn word I please" I growled at him in annoyance. "What the fuck you think I'm here for? I'm going to fuck you. I'm going to stick my prick up your ass."

"Ahhh... wait, JD. Ahhh..."

"Who do you think is in charge here?" I snarled at him. "You don't fuckin well tell me what to do. Got it?"

He just looked at me with this shocked look on his face.

"I said: 'got it'" I snapped as I grabbed his hair and gave it a hard tug making him wince. Our faces were only inches apart, and as I frowned into his eyes I saw a tear appear. "Answer my fuckin question" I snarled at him.

There was a long hesitation as a tear dripped down onto his cheek. Then he finally whimpered softly: "Okay, JD. Okay."

"Who's the fuckin boss here?"

Again there was a hesitation as another tear dropped down his cheek. "You are, JD. You are. I'm sorry."

"You damn well better be sorry" I barked into his face. "You may be my math teacher but it's your ass that's going to get plugged. And it's my cock that's going to plug it."

I don't know what dream world Mr. Jameson had been living in this past week, but he somehow thought he was in some fuckin Disney movie with him being Cinderella and me being his Prince Charming and where everything was warm and fuzzy and wonderful. I know he was just trying to be sweet, but I don't want sweet. I want submission and obedience. And math teacher or no, that was what he was going to give me.

"Get my prick out" I ordered him as I pushed him to the floor in front of me. He looked up at me with such a sorrowful look and those tears in his eyes that I almost wanted to laugh. He looked like a little puppy dog who'd just been punished and was looking to be petted by his Master. I just kept frowning at him though, letting him know I meant business.

"JD, please" he said softly, pleading with me as I glared at him. "At least lock the door. Please."

"Alright, go lock the fuckin door and then get back here" I ordered him. He got up and went to the door and locked it. I unbuttoned and unzipped and pulled my pants open showing my half hard prick making a big bulge off to the right in my pants.

"Get it out" I repeated. Getting back on his knees and looking up at me, still with that 'lost puppy' look on his face, he reached in and tugged my growing prick out into the open.

"Just look at it" I ordered him. He looked up at me, then at my prick, and then back up at me again. "Look at it, I said. Tell me what you see." He just looked at it for a moment, holding it just inches from his face and gently massaging it with his hand.

"It's .... It's enormous, JD. And it's beautiful" he swooned. "It's the most beautiful cock I've ever seen." Then he looked up at me, evidently seeking approval; and hell, I ain't all bad. I understand that my subs need some encouragement, so I gave him a smile. And immediately that disturbed look on his face turned into a look of complete elation. Just that quick. It always amazes me how little it takes to make a submissive happy.

"Kiss it, honey. Kiss that big beautiful prick. Hell, go ahead and make love to it." Keeping his eyes open and holding it with one hand, he rubbed it against his cheek gently and then brought it to his lips and gave it a loving kiss, and then another and another. Very soft, sweet, worshipful kisses.

"It's so beautiful, JD. So beautiful" he swooned as he kissed. Pulling back to just admire it for a moment he rubbed it against his face some more and then went back to kissing it. Oh yeah, he was in love with it. I'm only sixteen, but my experience has shown me that the smaller a guy's prick is, the more he is mesmerized by a really big one and I guess Mr. Jameson's prick was about as small as they come.

"My balls, honey. Lick my balls. Get in there and worship them with that hot mouth."

"Mmmmm" he murmured as he looked up at me to see my reaction as he started slurping on my balls. I smiled at him. Reaching down, I got my thumb on one of my balls and pushed, forcing his mouth to open wide and take it in.

"Suck on it, baby. Suck your man's balls." I was no longer going to be his 'boy', but was going to be his 'dominant' or his 'man', or maybe his 'Master'.

He was looking up at me watching my reaction as he sucked on the big ball that was filling his mouth. I grabbed my prick, pushing his hand off, and started to bang it gently against his face as I smiled down at him.

"That's it, baby. Your man likes it."

After a few minutes I pulled his head back pulling my balls out of his face. Holding onto his head as if I were holding a basketball, I waved my cock in his face, just out of his reach. He kept lunging for it, but each time I let him almost reach it before I pushed him back. After several tries, he looked up at me.

"You want it, honey?" I crooned. "You want your man's beautiful prick? You want it in your mouth?"

"Yes, please, JD. Please" he said, pleading with me. "I want it."

"Beg me for it, honey. Let me hear you beg. Beg me to let you have my prick."

"Please, JD. Don't" he said. "Just let me suck it. I'll suck it for you."

"Of course you'll suck it for me, you dumb shit" I said, but I eased the comment by giving him a big grin and puckering up and throwing him a kiss. "But you gotta beg for it first."

"Okay, JD" he answered as he smiled back at me. "Okay. I beg you. I beg you to let me suck your prick." He laughed and I laughed along with him as I let go of his head and pushed my dick between his lips.

I didn't believe for a minute that he was a beginning cocksucker, because he was just too pretty. With a pretty face like that there must have been any number of guys showed him the pleasure of sucking on a dick. And I was right. He gobbled up my prick like a pro.

He put his hand back on it and I didn't try to stop him, because he was taking a good five inches or so and sucking and licking up a storm. I'd already decided that he was going to become my first regular fuck rather than just a one-timer, so I was going to train him to take me just the way I liked it, all ten inches deep into his throat. I'd had a couple tricks that could take me all the way, but none of them could take a rough face fuck the way I like it. Mr. Jameson was going to be the first.

I put my hands behind my head, closed my eyes and just enjoyed his mouth as he began to bob up and down on me. I pictured the stunning young body builder, teenage Mr. Atlanta, I'd seen on Youtube last night down there on my prick. Having a teacher taking my dick was pretty great, but a hot young muscle stud would have been even better.

Mr. Jameson was good; really good, and was giving me pleasure like I hadn't had for weeks. He was amazing. And he wasn't so much sucking it as worshiping it. He took it out of his mouth a couple times and banged it against his face and then went back to sucking. With most of my tricks I have to get forceful after about five minutes, because they get tired, but not Mr. Jameson. After fifteen minutes of good hard sucking he was still going strong.

But I was there. I felt my cock quiver in anticipation and then start firing. I just kept my hands behind my head and just let it go, shooting my hot jism into Mr. Jameson's mouth.

"Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm" he murmured as he started jacking my cock like mad and swallowing as fast as he could. I wasn't thinking about my muscle boy any longer, but was looking down at Mr. Jameson and seeing the look of sheer joy on his face as he moaned in ecstasy and swallowed my cum.

I was the one shooting my load, but there was no doubt Mr. Jameson was enjoying it even more than I was.

This was one of the best blowjobs I'd ever had, and Mr. Jameson just wouldn't quit. Even after I'd stopped shooting and he'd swallowed all my cum, he kept sucking and licking. Taking it out of his mouth a couple times to admire it and kiss it, he'd go right back to sucking.

He'd look up at me occasionally, but mostly his eyes were closed and he was living in some fantasy world where the only thing that existed was my big dick. I know he wasn't thinking of the young muscle stud I'd been thinking about, because he had a young muscle stud's dick in his mouth. He couldn't even fantasize a better situation than he was in right now.

It was finally me that had to call it quits by pushing his head back, because he just wouldn't quit. I mean, he was acting like he'd suck on it the whole rest of the day if I'd let him.

"Oh, baby, baby. That was so good" I gushed. "You were terrific. Did you like it?" (dumb question, right?)".

"Oh yes, JD. I loved it. I love your cock. I absolutely loved it."

"You're a great cocksucker, Mr. Jameson" I laughed. "I'll let you suck my cock anytime." I knew that would get to him, and it did. He started turning red in embarrassment.

"JD. Please don't say that" he whimpered.

"You are my cocksucker" I said, looking him in the eye. "You sucked my cock, so that makes you my cocksucker."

"That's so crude, JD."

"Yeah, but it's true." Grabbing him by the hair, I bent down so I was staring into his eyes from only inches away. "I want to hear you say it, Mr. Jameson. Say you're my cocksucker. Say it."

"JD, please ...."

"Say it. Say you're my cocksucker. Go ahead." Holding onto his hair, I gave it a slight jerk.

"Okay, JD. I'm your cocksucker" he said softly, barely a whisper.

"There you go" I said. "Now that wasn't so bad was it?"

"No, JD. I guess not."

"So when am I going to fuck you again?" I asked, grinning at him.

"JD, please" he answered his whole face red with embarrassment now.

"Will you get over that bullshit" I said in annoyance. "Fuck, screw, dick, prick, cocksucker. Those are just words, so stop the bullshit."

"Okay, JD. Okay. I get it" he answered contritely. "Ah, my mother only lives with me two months at a time and then she goes to my sister for two months."

"Yeah, I remember" I laughed. "You told me you were a momma's boy." I grabbed his nose and wiggled it back and forth as I laughed.

"She's leaving a week from tomorrow" he said, ignoring my laughter. "So after that I'll have my apartment to myself."

"So next Friday we'll do it here in your classroom again, hey? Give me a chance to stick my prick between those sweet buns of yours" I said, grinning into his face.

"No, JD, please" he pleaded. "Not here again. Please. It's too dangerous."

"You want me to wait more than a week? Don't be ridiculous" I said. "I'm not waiting more than a week."

"Please, JD. It'll only be a couple days. She'll be gone by Saturday."

"I guess you'll have to blow me again now then, to hold me over. How about it?"

"Ah, well, yes. I mean, yes. I'll suck you again" he said. "I'd love to suck you again."

"Well, get to it then" I said as I put my hands behind my head and let him perform his magic. It took longer this time, close to half an hour, as I relaxed and just let him go at it. And away he went. Totally mesmerized and infatuated with my enormous prick, and not so much sucking it, as making love to it.

I didn't move a muscle but just let him enjoy himself as he worshiped. I just lay back and let the heat slowly build up as I closed my eyes and imagined my teenage muscle god, Mr. Atlanta, sucking me off.

I didn't want it to end and neither did Mr. Jameson, but I finally had to shoot. Long after I creamed down into his throat I finally had to forcefully push him away.

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