This story is about the adventures of JD, a very muscular dominant young man as he manipulates and controls his high school teachers, his family members, and others around him. This story is total fantasy and is for entertainment purposes only, and the author in no way intends it to represent any form of reality. If you don't like stories about heavy dominance and submission or you're not of legal age, don't read it.

My Teacher, My Pet

Chapter 13

Three hundred and fifty-five pounds. Yeah, 355. I'd benched 355 pounds today. I had a crowd around me yelling and screaming and urging me on, so of course I outdid myself. You always do better when you're on the spot and everybody's watching. So not only did I bench 355 but I did four clean reps. Well, almost four. I got a little help from my spotters on the fourth rep and maybe a tiny bit on the third but I ripped them off like nobody's business and everybody was cheering and congratulating me. So let me tell you I was pumped, both physically and mentally. And when I get this way I get horny, really horny, outrageously horny, unbelievably wickedly horny. I was going to fuck Carl so hard he was going to think I was drilling him a new asshole.

I hadn't even bothered showering so my tank and shorts were soaked with sweat, and sweat was dripping down my face. I deliberately wanted to be hot and sweaty when I fucked him. I was going to ram it to Carl so hard that he was going to think he'd died and gone to heaven. I'm not even sure that I could wait to get him into the bedroom, I might just take him right there on the floor by the front door.

Then I opened the front door. "What the fuck" I yelled. Carl wasn't there. I mean I was so hot and my dick was so hard that I thought it might explode without me even touching it.

"Where the hell are you?" I yelled out. "Get your ass in here." I didn't hear anything so now I was getting really pissed. Carl and I had been living together for over two months now and he was always here on his knees by the door waiting for me. Always. He'd be dressed in only his collar and his leather G-string and he'd be here with his head bowed waiting for me. I demanded it of him but he loved doing it anyway. It was incredibly exciting for both of us.

"Where the hell are you?" I shouted. There was still no response, so I knew that something was drastically wrong. I was pissed but now I was worried as well.

Dropping my gym bag I headed into the apartment. I stuck my head in the bedroom but he wasn't there. Then I heard his voice. "I'm in here JD, in the kitchen" he said.

"What the fuck" I said as I entered the kitchen and saw him. He was sitting on the floor in the corner by the outside door. Sitting on the floor with his hands covering his face. Yes, sitting on the floor with his elbows on his knees and it looked like he might be crying. He not only didn't have on his collar and G-string, but he was still dressed in a shirt and tie from school. Now I was really worried.

"Baby, what's wrong? I asked. "Carl, what's going on? Are you okay?" I hurried over and got on my knees in front of him, grabbed his hands and pulled them away from his face. "Baby, tell me what's wrong. Please tell me." He was crying.

"JD, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry" he whimpered.

"Carl, what's wrong?" I consider myself the original macho man and nothing fazes me, but Carl was scaring the hell out of me. "Carl, please, tell me what's wrong."

"JD, please. ImsorryImsorryImsorry. ItriedtostopthembutIcouldntdoanythingaboutit, andtheyaregoingtobeheretomorrow" he blurted out like as if it was one long word.

"What the fuck?" I barked.

"Please, JD. I'm sorry. ItriedtostopthemIreallytriedtostopthem."

"Will you fuckin calm down" I said to him. I was happy to know he wasn't hurt but so far he wasn't making any sense. But, I was getting an awful feeling about it. Something terrible had happened. . "What's going on? Slow down, and tell me."

"JD" he said and then took a deep breath. "My mother and sister are coming here tomorrow. They're going to move in here with me" he said it and just waited. He waited for the explosion.

"WHAT?" I bellowed. "What did you say?" I knew what he said, but somehow it wasn't registering. His mother and sister coming here?

"I'm sorry, JD" he whimpered in fear. He knew quite well what a temper I had. "My sister is leaving her husband and she's coming here with my mother tomorrow."

"Wait a minute" I said. "Wait a minute. This can't be happening" I barked. "There ain't no way they are coming here, to our apartment."

"They are, JD. They are" he said. "They're getting on a plane in the morning."

"Well, you damn well stop them" I growled at him. "I don't care what you do, just stop them."

"Please, JD. Please don't be mad" he said as reached out and put his hands on my shoulders. "Please don't be mad" he said softly. "I'm sorry."

"Please don't be mad? Please don't be mad?" I cried out in anger. "You dumb son of a bitch, how could I not be mad?" Now my temper was beginning to take control.

"Please, JD. Please. Take it easy."

"God damn it" I bellowed, pushing his hands away. "They think they're coming here? They can't, Carl. They can't."

"Please, JD. Please" he said. "I don't like this any better than you do. You know I hate it, but it's my mother and my sister. I can't do anything about it. They're coming. Their plane lands tomorrow afternoon."

"Start over again, god damn it, and tell me what happened. Why are they coming here?" I admit I can be a real pain when I've got my temper up, but I was trying to keep calm and listen to what he had to say. After all, this must have been bothering him as much or more than me, and he wasn't freaking out. Well, maybe he was, just a little. I mean, if sitting on the floor in the corner of the kitchen and crying isn't freaking out, I don't know what is. But at least one of us had to try to stay in control.

"I just got the call an hour or so ago, JD" he said as he reached out and took both of my hands in his. "I'm really sorry, JD" he said as he leaned forward to try to give me a kiss. I shook of his hands away and pushed him back, banging his head against the wall.

"Please, JD. Don't be mad" he whimpered.

"I'm not mad" I growled as I proved just the opposite by grabbed him by the collar and giving him a shake. "I'm... I'm... I'm... upset." Of course I was mad. I was madder than hell. And when I get mad I sometimes just lose it. "You stupid fuck. You let this happen." I let go of his tie and got my hand up to slap him, and he put his hands up and cringed in preparation, but I caught myself just in time and didn't hit him.

I took a couple deep breaths trying to calm myself. I actually formed my hand into a fist although I'd never hit Carl with my fist. But right now I wanted too. I really did want to hit him. I wanted to slam my fist into somebody, anybody. "What's the deal?" I shouted into his face. "What's going on?" Carl kept trying to back away, to try to get away from my anger, but of course he couldn't because he was already sitting with his back against the wall.

"Evidently my sister and her husband have been having some problems, JD" he said evenly, "and she wants a temporary separation. I guess she stormed out of the house last night with her mom and the kids and stayed in a hotel."


"I told you she had kids. A two year old and a baby" he responded.

"Shit" I said. "Just what we need, kids."

"She says it will only be for a few weeks, JD. She tells me she still loves him but thinks a cooling off period will help."

"Just a few weeks" I said sarcastically. "We know how that goes. A few weeks turns into months."

"I don't know" he said as he grabbed on to my hands. "I'm just telling you what she said, JD. Only a few weeks."

"Yeah, I'll bet."

"Why are you so wet, JD" he asked. I wasn't about to tell him about the major fuck I had planned, and I also now realized that my pecker had gone soft anyway, so I just ignored his question. Talk about plans going amuck.

"So where does that leave us?" I asked, finally making the connection on how this was going to affect us. "Where does that leave me?"

There was a long pause as we looked at each other and it sank in how this was going to change everything. Carl didn't say anything but just waited for me to come to the obvious conclusion. "I have to move out."

"Yes, JD" he whispered.


"Hello." It was my dad's voice on the phone.

"Hi, Dad. I'm coming back home. I'll be moving back in tomorrow."

"James? What? You're what?"

"I said, I'm moving back in."

"You're moving back in?" he asked. "Is that what you said?"

"Are you fuckin deaf? Yes, I said I'm moving back in." I found my Dad to be a real pain in the ass, and I never gave him any slack. He was such a wimp and he pissed me off all the time, and it even embarrassed me that I even had to admit he was my father.

"Ahhh, James Degan. You can't" he sputtered. "I mean, ahhh... you can't. Your mother...."

"What the fuck did you say?" I snapped at him. "I can't? You ain't listening old man. I said I'm moving back in."

"James, listen" he said desperately. "Your mother turned your bedroom into her sewing room. We don't have a bed in there anymore."

"You got rid of my bed?" I shouted at him. "You fuckin got rid of my bed?"

"James" he said pleadingly. "You said.... You said you wouldn't...."

"Well, you'd better get it back" I growled.

"We can't, James. We can't. It's gone."

"You better get another one then, pretty damn quick" I said. "Either that, or you and Mom are going to be sleeping on the floor."

There was a long pause. "James, you wouldn't. Where would...."

"I don't give a fuck where you sleep. You can sleep in the garage for all I care. I'm going to sleep in a bed."

"James Degan, listen, please. Be sensible. We weren't expecting you back."

"Well, you're expecting me back now" I said. "Get me a bed and get Mom's shit out of my room. I'll be there tomorrow." I hung up the phone.

"Dumb, son of a bitch" I growled. "He actually got rid of my bed."

"Well, what did you expect?" Carl said. "You told them you weren't coming back. As I recall, you told them in no uncertain terms that you weren't coming back."

"They shouldn't have changed anything in my room without my permission" I groused. "He knows that. They both know that. They don't fuck with me, ever. Once I get moved back in I'm going to have to straighten them out again."

"Go easy on them, JD" Carl said. "They are your parents after all, and you are putting them out. Try to see it from their viewpoint."

"I don't give a shit about their viewpoint" I grumbled. "My viewpoint is the one that matters. I'm their kid and they gotta do what I say. And don't you try to tell me how to treat my parents."

"Okay, JD. Okay" Carl said putting his hands up as in self-defense. "I know this is a sore point with you. But that doesn't change the fact that you're still under age and they're legally responsible for you."

"Responsible for me?" I laughed. "You've got to be kidding. Oh, shit! Responsible for me? What a fuckin laugh. My parents? Responsible for me?"

"Calm down, JD. That's the law, like it or not. And you are moving back in with them aren't you? There letting you move back? Seems like they must still feel responsible for you."

"Well, I don't like it, and law or no law, they're not going to fuck around with me" I grumbled. "And they damn well better get me a bed."

So I moved back into the house. They had moved my Mother's stuff out of my bedroom by the time I got there and put some of my stuff back, but they hadn't replaced my bed yet. I moaned and complained and bitched about it, generally giving them a bad time, but even I'm not crude enough to put my parents out of their own bed.

I mean, you should have seen the little twerp when he told me they hadn't been able to get me a bed yet.

"James Degan" he stuttered. Yes, stuttered. He was always nervous when he talked to me these days. Of course I was physically overwhelming with my massively muscled physique and I'd made it clear to him on several occasions, verbally and physically, that I wouldn't put up with any of his shit anymore. Yeah, physically too. I had him up against the wall one day with my elbow in his throat and made it perfectly clear how he was going to treat me. He'd been spineless with me ever since.

But to be perfectly honest, I loved hearing him and seeing him like this, nervous as hell, afraid of me and scared of how I might react. Yeah, it gave me a thrill that my old man was afraid of me.

"James Degan" he started again. "We've moved your mother's things out of your bedroom, but we haven't been able to get a bed yet."

"You shouldn't have gotten rid of it in the first place" I growled at him.

"I know, James, I know" he mumbled. "I hope we'll be able to get one by tomorrow."

"So where in the hell do you think I'm going to sleep? I told you to move a bed into my room, didn't I?" I snapped, but then I actually smiled at him. "A bed? Any bed?" I was putting the screws to him now. "Where exactly did you intend for me to sleep tonight?"

He visibly paled at my smile, or maybe it was a smirk. Yeah, it was a smirk, something that he recognized from previous encounters. He paled and gulped, and I could see I had him squirming as he spoke hesitantly. "James, please. Your mother... You know your mother has a back problem. You...."

And yes, that's the power I have over him. He knew if I was a mind to, I'd kick them out of their bed for the night and take it for myself. He knew I could do it and he knew he wouldn't be able to do anything about it. And I admit, I thought about how much fun it would be. I could just picture forcing my father to help me move their bed into my room. What a turn on. I loved having a power trip with him and watching him grovel and squirm.

"You'd better get a bed in here by tomorrow" I said and saw him physically relax knowing I wasn't going to kick them out of their bed. "I'll sleep on the sofa tonight."

Just to rub it in I had Trace over and fucked him on the sofa. They had to have heard us but they didn't say anything. Hell, they didn't dare say anything. Yes, I was being difficult, a real pain in the ass in fact, but I was angry about the whole situation and maybe I was taking it out on them. I didn't want to live with them, but as long as I had too, I wanted to make it clear to them up front that I'd do anything I wanted and there wasn't a damn thing they could do about it. I wasn't being fair to them but that was beside the point. I really didn't give a shit about being fair. I just wanted to find a way out of this situation.


So Carl's sister, her two kids, and his mother moved in with him. Talk about cramping our style.

Since my parents were pretty much under my thumb, I didn't worry about them cramping my style. If I wanted to bring somebody home and fuck them in my bedroom, I'd do it and I didn't expect them to say a word. I hadn't done it before I had moved out of the house, but now that I had experienced freedom, I wasn't about to go back to fucking guys in the backseat of a car, or in the bushes in the park.

But, Carl was the problem. My parents had met him. They knew he was my math teacher. We certainly couldn't fuck in his apartment with his sister and mother looking on, and Carl was not so loaded that he could get another apartment, or rent motel rooms. Besides, it looked like he'd be supporting not only his mother, but his sister and kids for the foreseeable future. He was actually giving me spending money but that was probably coming to an end as well.

I'd fucked guys in a car before, but it was too damn cramped and the sex Carl and I were accustomed to just would not fit in a car. I'd gotten blowjobs in the park any number of times, but I was damned if Carl and I were going to roll around in the dirt when I fucked him.

But we were used to fucking every day so it was a quandary. The only solution, as I saw it, was to face up to Carl and to my parents and let them know that I planned to keep right on fucking him in their house. This was a real quandary because I was still a minor and I knew my parents would not understand the Master/slave relationship that I had with Carl. They'd see him as a pedophile and me as a mental case no matter what.

Besides, even if I convinced my parents, I knew Carl would be against it. There was no question he wouldn't want to have me fucking him in my house with my parents knowing that I was his student. But I really couldn't see that we had any other choice.

And, let me tell you, I was used to getting it a couple times a day from a great cocksucker with a tight ass, and even if I made it work, I wasn't sure that I would be able to keep it in my bedroom. I mean, when Carl and I fucked, we spread out, using every inch of the apartment, anywhere from the living room floor to the kitchen table to the shower stall, and even in the bed. I simply wasn't about to give that up.

And I wasn't about to give up Carl. I don't know if I loved him, maybe I did, but I sure had some warm feelings for him and I loved being with him. I loved looking forward to being with him every day. That Carl was so madly in love with me, and showed it in every way he could every second of the day, was just phenomenal and almost overwhelming for me. How could I help loving him when he showed so much love for me? The way he'd light up when I walked into the room was just beyond description.


"I thought you were working out in the weight room with Trace and Coach Bryan today?" Carl said as I entered his classroom after seventh period.

"I told Trace I had a pressing engagement and he had to give me half an hour" I answered. "He said he'd get things organized in the weight room."

"Coach Bryan doesn't mind waiting?"

"You know damn well Coach will do anything I want him to do. You know that I had him, I told you."

"JD, please. I don't want to hear it" he said.

"Well, I did have him, and ill bet he he wants it again. It's no big deal" I said. But the reason I'm here is because I haven't seen you for three days. I haven't had you for three days." He got a big smile. I knew he was thrilled that I had missed him, and wanted him.

"Did you really miss me?" he asked, grinning from ear to ear.

"When was the last time you gave me a blowjob?" I said giving him a leer and groping my crotch.

"Is that all you miss? A blowjob?"

"Okay so I've missed your smile. I missed kissing you. I missed you in my bed this morning. I've missed fucking you. I've missed everything about you."

He gave me another big smile. "JD, I'm sorry. But you know we can't do it here, in school" he said. "It's too dangerous." I turned around and locked the door and closed the blinds.

"We've got to find a way around this" I said. "I can't go back to living at home like a hermit. We've got to do something."

"I wish I could think of something, JD. I really wish I could."

"Well, I've thought of something. How about Larry?"

"What? Larry?" he asked. "Larry who?"

"Stickle. Larry Stickle, the English teacher."

"Well, yeah. Okay. What about him?"

"He's gay" I said positively.

"Well, yeah. I think so" Carl answered. "I actually don't know him very well, and he's never said anything, but he could be gay."

"We can use his apartment" I said and laughed. "We can fuck at his place."

"How on earth are you going to manage that" Carl said in true puzzlement. "I don't know him well and I don't think you're in his class, are you?"

"I'm not in his class but I've seen how he looks at me in the hall. I know he's hot for me" I laughed. "You should see how hard he tries not to look. He wants it."

"You're making that up, JD, and you know it" Carl laughed. "How can you say he's trying not to look at you if he's not looking at you?"

"Well, it looks to me like he's trying not to look at me. I swear he looks the other way if I pass him in the hall" I said. "Besides, if he's gay he's got to want me. You know very well that all gay guys want me. I'm Mr. Irresistible."

"Okay, yeah. Mr. Irresistible" he said sarcastically. "But JD. How.... Ahhh.... what did you have in mind?"

"It's simple" I said. "I'm going to seduce him and I'm going to fuck him. Then I'm going to tell him we need to use his place."

"JD, ahhh" Carl said hesitantly. "I don't know. You ...."

"He's hot for me, Carl. I'm sure of it, but even if he isn't, it's no big deal making him hot for me. You know I can do it."

"Well, yeah, maybe. But, JD. He's a teacher" he said.

"So what? So are you. Once he sees my dick, he'll want to chow down on it in a second if I let him."

"JD, you better be careful. You can get into a lot of trouble."

"Don't worry" I laughed. "I've been honing my skills as a seducer and I know damn well I can take him."

"Yeah, but if you try something and he doesn't like it... I mean, you were lucky with me."

"Lucky? You think I was lucky?" I said in surprise. "I seduced you and fucked you, my math teacher? That was luck?"

"As I recall, you raped me" he said with a smile. "But I wanted it. I wanted it as much as you did. What if Mr. Stickle doesn't want it?"

"I'll make him want it" I said.

"Yeah, maybe" he said. "But that's dangerous, JD. Something could go wrong."

"Are you kidding me?" I laughed. "You think I can't do it? Are you out of your mind?"

"Well, okay" he laughed along with me. "I know you can do it. I have no doubts you can do it."

"Of course I can do it" I said. "I'm Mr. Irresistible. But right now Mr. Irresistible is horny. Are you going to do something about it?" I put my hands on my hips and just stood there not moving but staring at him. He waited a full thirty seconds or so before he finally got up, walked over to me and got on his knees.

"JD? You know I love you, and I love doing this, but what will we do if they catch us and I get fired?"

"We'll worry about that later. For right now, suck." He unbuttoned and unzipped my cur-offs and took my prick in his mouth.

"Our only choice, Carl, if Larry doesn't work out, is to do it at my house, my parent's house, in my bedroom. I don't see any other possibility. I'll simply introduce you and tell them what we are doing, and tell them to keep their mouths shut about it."

"JD...." Carl started to say, taking his mouth off my prick.

"Suck" I said, giving him a light slap along the side of his head. "Don't talk. Suck." He went back to sucking.

"I was thinking of telling them to stay out of the house a couple afternoons a week, and maybe Sunday so we'd have the place to ourselves. I mean, screwing you in my bedroom in my bed in the missionary position every day would get pretty damn old pretty damn quick."

"JD...." he tried to say again.

"Shut up" I said. "Pull my shorts down." He pulled my cut-offs down and I stepped out of them. Then I walked over and sat in his swivel chair. "Here" I said, grabbing my almost fully hard prick and swinging it back and forth a few times. He looked at me for a couple seconds, and then crawled over and took it into his mouth again. "Go to it, cocksucker" I said. "Do it good." And Carl went to town.

As much as I'd always liked being in control of the sexual act, Carl had become such a great cocksucker that I seldom touched him except maybe in the final seconds. He knew exactly what I wanted from minute to minute and damn near strangled himself giving me the utmost pleasure he could manage. He had become a genius, a master cocksucker. And he loved doing it. I know guys love sucking on a big dick and I've had them by the dozens, but I never imagined that anyone could get as much pleasure as Carl did from sucking me off.

So I put my hands behind my neck, leaned my head back, and just let the pleasure build and build and build as he performed his magic on me. He kept at it, getting me hotter and hotter over the next fifteen minutes or so until he finally got me to the point of no return.

"Ohhh, shit" I finally bellowed. "You incredible cocksucker. You son of a bitch. I'm coming." Grabbing his head and ramming his face into my crotch, I fired my first shot deep into his esophagus. Then letting go of him, he pulled back so the second and third shots fired into his mouth. Then he pulled off completely, leaned his head back and taking hold of my prick, allowed the final shots to land on his face and then on my belly.

"Oh shit, you're good" I gushed. "You are so fuckin good." He was still holding my dick in his hand, so, giving me a great big smile and looking me in the eye, he started rubbing it all over his face, smearing my jism from his forehead to his chin.

"I love you, JD" he said as he looked up at me worshipfully. "I really love you."

And then came a knock on the door.

"Oh, shit" Carl gasped in horror. "Oh, shit. I told you we shouldn't do it here." I think he saw his life coming to an end at that moment. His face went white and he looked like he was going to have a stroke. I got up and headed for the door. "JD" he cried. "Your shorts. Put your shorts on."

I looked at him and gave him a smirk. I didn't give a damn if anybody saw me with my dick hanging out. In fact I found it exciting. But I picked up my shorts and pulled them on. Carl got his cum towel from the bottom drawer of his desk and wiped my cum off his face. My dick was still semi hard and was making quite a bulge in my shorts, but again, I didn't give a damn. If we were found out it wouldn't make any difference anyway. But whoever was at the door was going to see for themselves that I had a big one. I opened the door.

Standing there, outside the door was a little cherub. A tiny little kid with the face of an angel. His eyes were drawn to my bulging crotch, then to my bulging pecs, and then to the frown on my face. My eyes were drawn to his face and I was actually taken aback. He was gorgeous.

"Excuse me, sir" he gulped. "Mr. Jameson?" he said as he tried to look past me. "Mr. Jameson?" Carl still looked white as a sheet, but he was trying to regain control.

"Ahhh... yes. Ahhh... Troy" he said hesitantly. "Yes, Troy." The kid was tiny, maybe 5'2" at the most, and while they say I have a baby face, this kid had the real thing. He was breathtakingly beautiful. He had a face and lips that you just want to kiss, or in my case, stick your dick into. And he didn't look skinny either. He may have been tiny but he seemed to be well filled out. I don't know why I hadn't seen him before, since he was obviously one of Mr. Jameson's students. This was the kind of kid I latched on to, seduced, and fucked. He was my perfect type.

And then I had a second thought. He did look vaguely familiar. I had seen him somewhere before, but I wasn't sure where.

I reached forward and put my hand behind his neck and pulled him into the room.

"Eeeek" he said as I gave him a shove towards Carl's desk. Then I stepped outside and classroom and closed the door. I leaned back against the wall and waited. If I'd been a smoker, this would have been a perfect time for a smoke.

Of course the kid had heard us. No telling how long he'd been outside the door, and I ain't quiet when Carl blows me so there was no doubt he heard every bit of it. Besides, he must have been listening because he waited for us to finish before he knocked on the door. I forgot to look to see if he had a hard on, but I have no doubts he did. The only question now was, what did this kid intend to do with this information. No, there was still another question; where had I seen him before?

I'd let Carl have a few minutes with him and then I'd take over. No matter what the kid said. I knew Carl wouldn't give anything away. The kid had no proof, and Carl was a good teacher and knew how to deal with kids. There was no doubt that Carl would know how to handle him.

Regardless of what Carl did, however, I'd straighten the kid out. I couldn't help but notice how his eyes damn near bugged out of his head when I opened the door. He couldn't help but see the tent in my shorts, I mean, his eyes were automatically drawn there. But then he looked up at my chest, and I think his eyes bugged out even more. He must have been admiring my physique. Hell, everybody admires my physique, but this kid was different, and what was different about him was that he was beautiful and he turned me on. He was a gorgeous little tyke and I wanted him.

And then I remembered where I'd seen him before. In the periphery. Now that I thought about it I could vaguely recall getting glimpse of him now and then. Not enough to get my attention since I'm always surrounded by hangers-on, but off in the background among the crowd. Thinking back on the times I may have seen him, it seemed that he was always there, almost invisible in the background.

No wonder he knew I was in with Mr. Jameson. He may have been stalking me.

It wasn't that long, maybe ten minutes, before he came back out of the room. He did a double take when he saw me, but then started down the hall.

"Hold it" I said and he froze. He froze and then turned his head to look back at me.

"Yes, sir" he gulped. I walked up to him, put my hand on his shoulder and started down the hall, tugging him along with me.

"I'll give you a ride home" I said.

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir" he said and gulped again and I felt his body quiver. He was either afraid or excited, or maybe just thrilled that I was giving him attention.

I can tell you about stalkers. A hunk like me, with muscles galore and a movie star face, a football player and a wrestler, and the most popular kid around; you can bet there were plenty of would-be disciples around. Some were aggressive and tried to talk to me, while others just looked on from a distance with longing while they creamed their britches. This kid was one of the latter.

I liked guys of all sizes but I preferred the ones with some muscle. But my favorites were little guys; little guys with nice bodies, and this kid was about as perfect as you could get. He was probably 5'2" and weighed about 110 pounds while I was 6'1" and weighed about 220. Part of the reason I loved Carl was because I could toss him around and play with him, and this kid was smaller than Carl. A lot smaller.

He kept glancing over at me as we headed out to the student parking lot. His eyes would go to my chest (remember, I always wear tight t's so my pecs really bulged out), and then they'd flick up to my face and back down again. This kid was wild about my muscular chest. Like most little guys, he was enamored by big guys with big muscles.

So I had his number already and knew exactly how to handle him. He'd do anything I wanted, and I wanted my dick in that pretty face.


"This is not the way to my house" he said into my ear. He was sitting behind me on my scooter with his arms around me.

I didn't bother answering him, but just drove to the picnic area in the back of the park. It wasn't particularly isolated, but it was in the back of the park and a long way from the street. And, as I expected, there was nobody here this time of day.

You know I'm a master seducer, and my gaydar works perfectly, but I knew it wasn't even necessary with this kid. As we got off my bike I stepped over to a picnic table and sat down. Looking him in the eye as he stood there watching, I unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out. Keeping my eyes on him I just waited.

He just stood there frozen, his eyes going from my dick to my face and back again, over and over. I didn't say a word but I did get a smirk on my face. That smirk was to let him know that I knew he was not going to be able to resist getting on my big wanger. My smirk said 'you're going to do it against your better judgement, because this is a dick that dreams are made of, and you can't resist it'. He knew I was making fun of him, but he wanted my dick so bad it didn't make any difference and he didn't mind demeaning himself because he wasn't going to let this opportunity get away. I reached down and diddled with it a little.

Very slowly, he walked over to me and got on his knees. My smirk changed to a big grin. Shit, I'm good. I'm always right-on-the-mark when it comes to determining a guy's interest in me and what he'll do for me.

He gave the head of my dick a kiss and looked up at me. My grin changed back to the smirk as I looked down at him.

"What's your name, kid?" I asked.

"Troy" he said, and gulped.

"Go to it, Troy. It's all yours."

Staring up into my face, he took my dick into his mouth. He was one of those kids who like to watch their Dom while they suck. It really emphasizes their submissiveness when their Dom is smirking down on them while they're looking up at him with his dick in their mouth, and that's what Troy wanted.

I let him go for a couple minutes before I said anything.

"You know about me and Mr. Jameson" I said. Not a question, but a statement. He pulled off my dick keeping his eyes on me.

"Yes" he said warily. I think he was wondering if I was going to beat him up or something.

"How?" I asked. He gulped and began to turn pale. He was afraid. "How" I repeated.

"I... I..." he murmured. "I was helping a friend."

"You what?"

"Yeah, I was" he said. "Ah JD, ahhh Sir. Trace is my best friend. I was .... He told me all about you and I was .... I was following you. Ahhh.... for him." .And there it was. He had been stalking me, just as I guessed.

"Trace Bryan wanted you to follow me?" I'd have to check this out with Trace.

"Well he .... Ahhh, he wanted .... I mean he said ...."

"What are you going to do about me and Mr. Jameson?" I asked.

"Nothing, JD. Nothing. Honest" he said, looking scared. "I think it's cool, JD. Really. I wouldn't say anything. I like Mr. Jameson. I'm in his advanced algebra class." One of those damn smart kids.

"You know what would happen if you said anything?"

"I wouldn't, JD. I wouldn't" he said slightly flustered. "I would never say anything."

"Okay, Troy." He sounded so honest that I believed him. I was sure he wouldn't say anything. "Now, are you going to suck or are you just going to talk?" I smiled at him and he smiled back and took my prick back into his mouth.

And the kid wasn't bad. He'd obviously had experience. He only choked near the end when I took over and started jamming it in. But he handled it well, and except of a little dribbling down his chin, he swallowed most all of my junk, and licked my dick clean when he was done.

I generally do a guy (or girl) maybe just once, or, if they're really good, twice, but this little kid was gorgeous. Tiny, and hunky, and totally enthusiastic about sucking cock, just the way I like them. You simply couldn't ask for better. I'd definitely consider him for repeat performances. That's plural, performances.

"Can we do this again, JD? Please?" he said. "I'll do it for you, anytime. Please?"

"Sorry, Troy, but I just moved back into my parent's house, and it's kind of cramping my style."

"We can do it at my house" he said excitedly. "I've got my own apartment, so it's completely private."

"Your own apartment?" I said in surprise.

"Well, yeah" he said, somewhat embarrassed. "I have my own apartment above the garage. I live over on East Street."

"Oh, yeah" I laughed. "On East Street, where the mansions are." Not only was the kid smart, he was rich as well.

"Well, yeah, I guess" he said sounding apologetic for being rich. "We could do it there, JD. Please."

I laughed and rubbed my fingers through his hair. "Okay, we'll see."

"Please, JD. I'll suck it all day long if you want. Come over on Saturday morning and I'll suck you all day. Please, JD, I'll do anything you want." He wasn't asking, he was pleading. He was really hot for me. I doubt he was following me because Trace asked him to. Trace told him about me and he wanted to get in on it. He'd been stalking me for who knows how long hoping to get my attention, and now that he'd got my attention and had a taste of my cock, he wanted more. He was a real cock hound.

"We'll see" I said and I gave him my cell phone number. He was such a cute little thing, I knew I'd see him again, particularly since he had his own apartment. In fact, I'd probably see him on Saturday. I'd never experienced an all-afternoon blowjob, but I'd read on the net about guys getting sucked slow and easy for two and three and even four hours, and shooting their loads any number of times, and it sounded terrific. Smoke a little weed and lay back with your dick in a hot wet mouth and just float. What could be better?

As we got on my bike I had another thought. This kid had his own apartment which he said was private, and he already knew that Mr. Jameson and I were having an affair. It looked like this might have possibilities. This could be the resolution to our problem.

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