"Hello, this it Todd." Todd's phone rang, and he had no idea of who in the world would be calling him at this time of night.

"Hello, Todd Underwood?"

"Yea, yes it is, who's calling?"

"Todd this is James Wilson. You installed some carpeting in our house a couple of weeks ago, right? You know Gary Wilson, right? Gary, he's my boy. "

"Yea, yes I did, and yes I know Gary. Yea, OK. So, -------- it's like almost midnight, what do you want?" The mention of Gary's name made Todd just a little nervous, when he heard Mr. Wilson mention it, and he immediately decided he needed to see just why Gary's father was calling him, ----at that time of night.

"Uh, Todd, everything is OK! Understand? Please understand everything is OK! I know you and Gary have become---what should I say, ---some pretty close friends, right?"

Now being very, very concerned, since he and Gary had made it together again, after their first session, Todd was getting a little more than just a little uncomfortable, that Mr. Wilson was on the phone, ---this time of night, and was now mentioning that he knew that Gary and he had become "pretty close friends," as he called it.

"Yea, we know each other. He OK? Something wrong?"

"No Todd, no. Everything is OK! Uh,--Todd, I know you and Gary have been making it with each other lately. It's OK-listen Todd---it's OK!

I'm not calling you to scare you. What you two do together is OK. Please understand me, it's OK!"

"OK, so why are you calling me then? What in the hell is going on?"

"Todd, be patient with me a minute. This is pretty hard for me right now. Uh------you home by yourself? You by yourself?

"Yea, yea I am, but so what? Mr. Wilson, why are you calling me?"

"Todd, first, please don't call me Mr. Wilson. Please just call me Jim. Todd, I want to come over. Can I come over? I'd like to talk to you."

"Come over? Why in the hell do you want to come over? What are you talking about?"

"Oh Todd, I'm so sorry, I'm really having trouble here. Oh Todd, I don't know how to say this. Uh Todd, -------uh Todd, I want to play with you like Gary does. Oh man, I want to have sex with you like Gary did!"

"What!? What did you say!?" Todd almost screamed back into the phone.

"Todd please be patient with me. I'm trying to tell what I want, but I've got to admit, I'm shaking in my shoes just making this call.

Todd, I saw you guys in Gary's bedroom the other day. I watched and I wanted to come in and be part of what you guys were doing. Gary thought I was gone for the day when he had you come over, but I had to come home to get some papers that I forgot, and that's when I saw what was happening.

Todd, please, can you and I do some stuff?"

"Oh shit man! So you just stood there and watched us have sex? Is that what you are saying? Is that right?"

"Yea, yes I did. I'm not proud of it, but it looked so fucking good to me, it got me so fucking turned on, I couldn't just turn around and walk away! I watched both of you guys suck on each other, and I watched you fuck Gary's ass, and then he got up on top of you, and he fucked yours.

You kept yelling for more, more!"

"Oh shit man, I can't believe this! So did you tell Gary that you watched us?"

Oh no! Oh no! No Todd, I can't do that! Todd, I can't let Gary know I called you either! Please, please don't tell him about this call, please! I can't let him know anything about you and I talking. Please!"

"Yea OK, I hear you, but I'm still confused. Why did you call.

Why did you say you wanted to come over here? Did you ask if we could do some stuff? Did you actually say you wanted to have sex with me like I did with Gary? Is that what you said? What's up? What's up?"

"Yea Todd, yea that is what I said. Todd, I would love to be in bed with you. I really want to have sex with you. I really do! I kind of did that once, ---one time, when I was a freshman in college, and I've never done it since then, and after watching you two, I really want to do it again, and you are the only guy I know to ask. I don't know any other gay guys to call! Oh Todd watching you guys doing that together made me have such a fucking big hard on. I was standing there wanting to pull it out and jerk it off so bad! Oh it made me hard and stiff. I didn't know until then how much I've been wanting to make it with a guy. Oh Todd, can we? Please, oh Todd, please!"

"How in the hell did you even get my phone number to call me? If you haven't told Gary you watched, how did you get my number.

"Oh Todd, I looked at Gary's cell phone this afternoon when he left it on the table. I knew your first name was Todd, so I looked and found it. Please don't be mad that I did. I know I should not have looked, but I sure couldn't ask him what your number was! We can't let him know about this! Please, can I come over? Just for a little time. I really want to do it. Ever since I stood there and watched you guys, I've just been out of my mind wanting to do this. Todd, I'm supposed to be out of town on business today. I told my wife I had to be gone overnight, just so I could be out of the house for a while. Todd, may I come over to your place, or you come over here to the motel, please?"

"Wow, man oh man! I never expected to ever get this type of a phone call. Ya, I guess. Mr. Wilson, I mean, Jim, you sure about this?

Really you are not pissed that you caught Gary and I doing it? Seriously, I'm not in some big fucking trouble if I let you come over here?"

"No Todd, you sure are not in trouble. Even if you say we can't do anything, I still won't be mad. Gary's a grown kid. He's old enough to do whatever he wants, and it's not up to me to be his policeman. No Todd, I'm not mad. I'm just fucking anxious to get another chance to do this with a guy, and you looked pretty damn hot when you were with Gary. I know I'm begging now, but please I haven't thought about doing anything else since I watched you two making it together. Todd, I've even jerked off twice each day since then, and I will admit, it's been years and years since I've jerked off. Oh Todd, I am so fucking hot for this, can we please?"

"Shit man, I'm getting really kind of confused here! Gary and I are doing some stuff together, you watched us, and now you want to do it with me? Is that right?"

"Yea Todd, yea that's right! Please? If you don't want me coming to your place, you can come here. I'm at the Country Hill Motel on Rt. 54.

Please Todd, please! You have no idea how much nerve it took to just make this call to you. Really man, I drove around for probably two hours just hoping to find some guy out on the street that I could bring back here, just so I didn't have to call you and tell you what I want. I couldn't find anybody. I finally decided that if I was gonna have to call you, I'd better do it before it got any later. Oh Todd,--can we?"

"I guess, I guess. Got to admit, this is way too weird, but if you are that fucking hungry for it, I guess so. What room you in? I'll come over there. It'll take me about 30 minutes to get there though. You sure about this? You're not gonna change your mind once I get there, are you?"

"Oh no Todd, no I sure won't. Oh thanks man, thanks! Oh hurry man, hurry! I'm anxious for this! Oh Todd, you have no idea of what this means to me!"

"Well let me tell you, I don't think it could be any more weird or feel any more funny on your end for you than it is over here for me! I mean after all! I fuck some nice young guy, and a few days later his dad calls, tells me he watched us go at it, he hasn't done this except for once back in college, and now he wants me to fuck around with him too? I hope like hell I'm not getting set up for a beating or something. I never thought I have some guy's father call, and then tell me he wants to fuck around too, and especially after he watched me fuck his own son. I may be stupid as hell, but yea, I'll come over there! Hope like hell I don't regret this later though!"

Todd got the room number and actually wrote a note, ---of where he was headed, and who he was supposed to meet, and left it on the kitchen table, so that just in case he did not return, somebody would find it. He liked the idea of doing it with Gary's dad, even though he had no idea of what the man even looked like, but yet he was still nervous about this mysterious type of a meeting. The unknowing of just what Mr. Wilson was like, was part of Todd's suspense and excitement! He was actually going out, in the middle of the night to have sex, gay sex, and with some guy he had no idea of just what he was like. But he could not escape the knowing, that this is Gary's dad. The idea that he would now have played around with, and fucked, both Gary and his dad, was a real turn on. For somebody that just started doing the guy thing, so recently, Todd knew he was getting to do some sessions, and some playing around, that a lot of much more experienced guys had never done. He wondered just how many guys have had the chance to fuck a guy, and then have that guy's father actually call and tell him he wants to fuck around too.

For Mr. Wilson to call and be pissed off about him having sex with his son, ---that he could understand, but for him to call and actually be glad it was happening, and that he wants to be part of the action, now that was pretty hard for Todd to accept.

Getting to the County Hill Motel and finding that room number 86 was well in the back area of the motel, Todd decided that Jim Wilson certainly did not want anybody to just happen to see him going into a motel room. Todd knocked on the door. Quickly, very quickly, the door opened and Todd realized that the man, opening the door, was fully naked! He pulled the door open, and made no attempt of hiding his full nudity, nor even his full hard-on. Stunned and shocked, Todd took a gasp, and after checking out the eight and a half inch rod that was pointing at himself, he asked, "Jim Wilson? Are you Jim?"

"Oh yea Todd, yea! Come on in man, come on in! Oh Todd, thanks for coming! Thanks!"

"Shit man, shit! Damn man, I sure did not expect to be greeted quit this way! Hi, I'm Todd Underwood."

Extending his hand out to shake hands with Todd, Jim replied, "Oh man, I am so damn glad you agreed to come. Todd I know this is weird, but man, I just had to see if we could get together and do some stuff together.

Todd, I'm sorry I'm acting so goofy, but man, like I said, after I saw you and Gary having sex together, I have not been able to think of anything else! Watching you guys doing that was hot, fucking hot man! I've never watched two guys fucking each other, or even sucking on each other, and man that really turned me on! Man I'm so glad you're here!"

Looking around slightly, Todd finally asked, Uh,-Jim. We here by ourselves? Just you and me?"

"Yea Todd, yea, ---just you and me. Why? Think somebody else would be here?"

"No! Just being a little uncomfortable with a guy's dad calling me, in the middle of the night, telling me he watched me fuck his son, and now he wants to do the same thing. Not exactly what somebody would expect.

I just want to be sure this is not a set up, to really get at me, for fucking around with Gary."

"No, it's no set up Todd! No! Seriously man, I just want you and I do some playing around. Nothing funny man, ---nothing funny's going on.

I'm just begging that you'll let me do some stuff with you! After watching you two go at it, I really, really, want to do what I watched you guys do!

I've never done it with a guy and now I want to, and I want to do it tonight! Oh Todd, I want us to have sex, OK?"

Looking around and finally deciding that they were all by themselves, Todd slowly started to calm himself down and accept what Jim was telling him. "You want you and me to have sex, right? You don't intend to beat the hell out of me for having sex with your boy, right? I mean, let's face it! The way you are built, you could beat me to a pulp in a second. Seriously man, you are strong and you could kill me if you wanted just by strangling me or something. That's why I decided to come over here, instead of letting you come to my place. I figured if you're gonna do anything to me, better be here where somebody will find me. I'm safe, right? Really, the fact I fucked Gary is OK with you? You just want me and you to have some sex, right?"

"Right Todd, right! That's all, that's all. But Todd, please we can't let Gary know about this. Seriously man, I can't let anybody know about this. I can't let anybody know I played around with a guy! I'm serious! I'm fucking horny to play with you, and I'm damn anxious to do this, but I can't let anybody find out about this! This has got to be our secret, OK?"

"Yea I guess so, I guess so! Got to admit though, this is really weird! Fuck some guy and then have his dad call and say he wants the same thing! I'm game, I mean shit man, look at you! You are one hot looking dude! Maybe we met in a real funny way, but I will admit that if we had met in a bar or someplace, I'd have been all over you trying to get in your pants. You are one hot stud! If I'd have met you someplace else, everything would be kind of normal, but just knowing you are Gary's Dad, wow, that makes this feel kind of funny. You sure you're Gary's Dad? You sure you're not just one of his older brothers? To know I fucked a boy and fucked his dad both, wow, that feels kind of weird!"

As Jim reached down and grabbed his own hard on and shook it in front of Todd, he pleaded, "Please Todd, please grab this! Todd, let me feel you grab my dick! I want to feel your hand on my dick!"

Todd looked down, watched Jim jerk his rod back and forth a few times and watched him actually make it harder than it was before, and he then took a total look at Jim, head to toe.

"You are Gary's dad, right? This is not some fake thing, you really are Gary's dad?"

"Yea I am, yea. I'm Gary's dad. You don't believe me?"

"Well, I don't know! Gary's like what, 21, right? How old were you when you had Gary? Shit man, you don't look old enough to be his father. How old are you anyway?"

I'm 49. I was 20 years old when we had Bobby, Gary's older brother."

"Shit man, for being 49 you sure as hell are in good shape. You a coach or something?"

"No, I'm a company president. Company that sells vitamins and supplements and stuff like that, so yea, I need to keep myself in pretty good shape. Gotta look like I use the stuff we sell."

"Well shit man, you sure as hell do! I mean you do look like you use something. And I can sure as hell see just where Gary gets that big dick of his! He's hung just like you! Shit man, now I'm wishing I could see what his older brothers are hung like! I'll bet they're hung just like you two guys are! Right? A good part of the family genes, I guess! I mean, Gary's hung like a horse, and now I see he's hung like his dad!

Guess maybe his brothers have to be hung pretty good too, right?"

"Really, is Gary is pretty well hung? I mean, I haven't seen his dick for so long, I've kind of wondered for a long time now of how well he's hung. That day you and he were together was the closest for me to get a chance to see it, but I never got a good view of it. When he got up on you, he poked your ass so fast, I never got to really see it. So it's pretty good sized, right?"

"Oh yea, right! Big, and feels like a glory pole up in my ole ass hole! Feels good!"

"Hey Todd, you gonna get undressed? I'm standing here all naked and supporting this raging hard-on, and you're still dressed. You gonna get your clothes off?"

"Yea, yea I am! I mean, looking at you all naked there, and especially with that fucking enormous stiff pole on you, you better be sure I'm gonna get naked. I'm getting real anxious for you and I to do some stuff together, now. Jim, I'm getting real glad you got up the nerve to call me. Yea, I wanta fuck you. I wanta feel my dick going up in those tight butt muscles. Yea, I want to see if you can feel my dick up in there! You want fucked?"

As Todd quickly started to remove his clothes, he looked up at Jim to see if he was going to get an answer for his question.

"Well,--I asked man, I asked. You want to get fucked?"

"Oh Todd, oh shit man! Yea, I guess! Oh Todd I never even thought about the possibility of me getting fucked. For some reason in my excitement, I guess all I thought about was you and I just being together and feeling each other, and definitely me fucking that ass of yours. I watched it a lot when you were fucking Gary's butt, and Todd, you have got one hot ass. I mean it man, it is hot! I guess I never really thought about any other details of what we'd be doing once we were together.

Seriously man, I never thought about me getting it up in the ass. All I thought about was how I really wanted to poke yours. Shit man, I never thought about me getting fucked. Guess I was only thinking one sided. Hey you know us married guys. We only think about doing the fucking, never about getting fucked! But Todd, I do know I really do want a chance at that ass of yours! Man, I've dreamt about getting in it ever since that day I watched you and Gary together. Your ass is so pretty!"

"Hey man, you want some sex, and there ain't nothing better than getting a dick up in your ass! I know for damn sure, --you are gonna fuck me with that damn rod of yours before I leave here. I know that for damn sure! I sure as hell am not gonna be in a bedroom with a dick like that and not have it up in my ass!"

Todd finished getting himself all undressed, and he then stood up in front of Jim and let him see his hard-on. "Come on man, grab it! Let me feel you grab it!"

Looking directly at Todd with a big smile on his face, Jim reached out and solidly took a hold of Todd's dick.

"Yea man, yea! That feels good, pull it! Yea pull on it!"

"Oh Todd I can't believe this! Seriously man, ever since I watched you and Gary going at it, I've been praying for this. I did this just once in my life, and all of a sudden, I just had to do it again. Can we kind of suck on each other? I've never done that before, and I want to so bad now.

I want to see what it's like."

"So that time in college, you didn't suck on that guy? What'd you guys do?"

"Oh man! At that time I thought we did so much, but now I'm not so sure we really did much of anything. I guess we were both too scared. He did suck on me for a minute, but I never sucked on him. I jerked him off and felt his ass, and he ran a finger up in my ass, but then I made him pull it back out. We were in the locker room of the gym and I guess we were so damn afraid somebody would come in, that's all we did. So, can I do it now? Can we suck on each other? I want to finally see what having a dick in my mouth is like. OK?"

"Yea sure we can, of course! Not so sure I can get all of that rod of yours in my mouth, but I can try. Guess I'll just have to remember how I did it when I took Gary's. Gagged like hell, but I finally managed. Now I get to do his Daddy's. Hey, this is kind of exciting!"

Todd and Jim laid down on the bed and immediately went into the ole usable 69 position and took the other man's rod into his hands. Todd immediately took Jim's rod into his mouth and tried to swallow as much of it as he could. Jim stroked Todd's dick and took a minute or two to actually start putting his mouth on it. Slowly, but firmly, he started taking it, and Todd knew that sucking on a guy's dick for the first time, was a pretty nervous thing for Jim to be doing. Pulling off of Jim's rod, Todd softly encouraged Jim with, "Yea man! Yea! Oh man that feels good!

Glad you're doing that? Yea, keep it up Jim, that feels good! Yea man, yea take all of it! Take it man, take it!"

Jim slowly managed to take all of Todd's rod, and rather quickly he appeared to be a quick learning, true, cock sucker. He was using Todd as if he was a true professional. Man to man, face to crotch, cock to mouth and beyond, the two men were involved in each other like they had been partners for years. Todd was using Jim's enormous rod to his fullest enjoyment, and to him it was obvious that even though this might be Jim's first time sucking on another man's cock, he was truly into it and truly enjoying it.

As they laid there enjoying each other, and the rods on each other, Todd suggested, "Hey Jim. My ass is really anxious to feel you up in there! Ready to fuck my butt man, you ready?"

Jim immediately pulled off of Todd and quickly answered, "Oh God yes man, oh yes! Oh Todd ever since I watched that ass of yours pump up and down when you were fucking Gary, I've wanted to feel me pushing in on you, yea man, yea, let me fuck your ass!"

Not knowing if Jim would be prepared, or even know, that he needed to be prepared, Todd pulled a small tube of KY out of his pants pocket and coated Jim's rod and also slid a little up into his own ass.

"There man, I'm ready! I'm gonna lay down and you lay on top of me. Got to admit, even though you may not be aware of it, I'm pretty new to this too, so when you start in, go kind of slow until I get opened up enough to take all of you, OK?"

"Oh yea Todd, yea, I will! Oh man I've wanted to do this pretty ass for days and days now. Oh Todd I can't believe I am actually getting to lay on top of you and play with you. Oh Todd, I want to lick and suck on you some before I push my dick up in there, OK?"

"Yea man, yea! Hey, I'm here for you to use and enjoy. I'm trying to make this session as fun for you as possible. Jim, I've got to tell you, I sure don't want this to be our only session. You are so fucking hot! Really man, you look like you should be one of Gary's older brothers, not his dad. Jim, I hope like hell I can look as hot as you do when I'm your age! I love feeling and touching you, and of course, you damn well know, you've got the dick of death on you. Kiss my ass, lick my butt!

Hey, if that KY I put up in my ass is in the way, wipe it out so you can bite my ass if you want. I do know I love to have somebody pull my butt apart and get his face right up at my ass hole and bite the edge of it!"

"Oh shit Todd, really? Really, can I do that? Can I actually bite on the edge of your ass hole?"

"Hell yes man, hell yes! You bite my ass and when I get on top of you, I'll bite yours and let you see just how fucking hot it is! Yea man, do it! Bite me!"

Jim took the instructions and without hesitation. He had his face firmly planted right up against Todd's ass hole and managed to get the edge of Todd's butt hole in his mouth, ---and he bit."

"Oh yea man, --------Oh yes! Yea bite it, bite it! Oh Jim that feels so fucking damn good'! Oh I love that! Oh God I am so glad you finally got the nerve to call me tonight. Scared the hell out of me at first, since I figured you probably wanted to beat the hell out of me for fucking around with your boy, but man, this is working out great. Yea, bite me, yea, ---bite harder!"

Todd continued to push his ass up in the air so that Jim could push his face in good and solid, and he kept begging for Jim to bite and to bite harder. Finally Jim could not resist any longer.

"Oh Todd, I've got to fuck you, I've got to fuck you!"

Immediately the two men rearranged themselves, and Jim found the eager and anxious hole that Todd was making available to him.

"Oh go slow, --go slow man, --go slow! Oh shit Jim, your dick is so fucking big going in back there! Yea man push, but push slow! Let me get my ass open for it. Yea, push, just go kind of slow. How you doing, how's it going?"

"Oh man it's going good! Oh Todd, I can't believe I have actually got my dick up in this pretty little tight ass of yours! Oh what a feeling! You OK? You taking this OK?"

"Yea man, yea! Yea I'm doing OK! Keep pushing, keep pushing! Oh man, it feels like I've got your boy Gary up in me again! Oh man you guys have got big cocks! Oh Jim I feel like I'm getting all of it, -- ain't I?

You got about all of your dick up in me?"

"Yea I do! Yea, oh yea, there, that's it man! I'm all up in you!

Oh yea, I'm pushing on your ass! Yea, you've got it man, you've got it!

You OK?"

"Oh shit yes man, hell yes! Oh Jim that big rod up in there feels so fucking good. Push on me man, push on my ass!"

"I am, I am! Can I kind of pull out some and then push it back in?

Can I do that?"

"Oh hell yes you can, yes you can! I'm open for it now! My ass is real ready to really get fucked now! Jim, fuck the hell out of it now!

Slam my ass, fuck me hard! Use me and use my ass! Fuck me hard! You can fuck harder this time than anytime you've ever fucked before. Fuck me hard man! Fuck me hard! Oh use my ass!"

Immediately and without further instructions, Jim did! He started fucking Todd's ass like it was some concrete sidewalk being broken up!

"Oh God Todd, is this too rough? Is this hurting?"

"No it's not too hard and hell no it's not hurting! Keep it up!

Oh Jim that big rod of yours is so fucking good up in there, yea man, yea!

Keep it up, keep it up!"

"Oh Todd, ---Todd I'm about to cum. Todd I can't hold it! Todd, can I cum in your butt?"

"Yes, yes! Yea cum man, cum! Yea let it fly! Shoot me! Let me feel your jazz up in my ass. Oh yea ------oh, -------- yea, oh it's so fucking warm! Oh Jim, my God man, how much you dumping in me? Oh man I can still feel you dumping and shooting in me! Oh my God Jim, you're still cumming man, your still cumming! Holy shit man! Jim I've felt you shoot off in me at least five or six times and each one felt like a cannon going off! God of God man! My ass must be full of your juices man, I must be full! Oh man, you still breathing?"

As Jim totally and completely collapsed fully on top of Todd's prone body, he attempted to answer, but was completely out of breath!

"Oh wait, wait. I need to catch my breath!"

"Hey lay there man, just lay on me for a minute! God man, I know I haven't been with too many guys yet myself, but shit man, I know damn well most guys can't shoot off like that! My God Jim, what does your wife say when you unload that much in her? Jim, what in the hell does she say?"

After regaining his breath somewhat, Jim managed to say, "Todd, I've never, ---never shot off like that before! Oh Todd, I was wondering if I was ever gonna stop! Really man, I have never shot like that before.

Man, my whole body was just going off like firecrackers! Wow-what a fucking feeling! Oh man! Fuck and shit man, I knew I was really anxious to get in that ass of yours after I saw it standing up in the air so nice and shiny in Gary's bedroom, but man oh man, I never expected something like that! Oh shit Todd, I'm fucking exhausted. I am exhausted!"

Jim rested on top of Todd, and as he started to roll off to Todd's side, he exclaimed, "Oh shit man! Todd, my cum is cuming out of your ass!

Todd it's streaming out like a flowing hose. Hey, let me get something to wipe you up. Shit man, I guess I must have filled that hole of yours.

Man, I did not know I even had that much cum in me! Oh Todd, stay there.

Let me get some toilet paper."

After Jim tidied Todd's ass area up some, Todd then looked at Jim and asked. "Hey man. I kind of think that after that little cumin session, I might be wrong, but I'm kind of under the impression that fucking your ass tonight is not a real probability, right?"

"Oh shit, I think you're right. Oh Todd as much as I want to try that, I'm pooped man, I'm pooped. Fucking your ass like that really took it out of me, it did! God man, I have never, even when I was a lot younger, I have never cum like that! I thought I was gonna explode! Oh yea, I want to, but Todd, I'm beat. I'm fucking beat right now!"

"Hey Jim, don't fret. Like I said earlier, I sure don't want this to be our only session, so let's plan on doing that later, OK?"

"Yea, Ok, but I feel bad since I've dumped my juices and I came, but you haven't. Todd, I feel bad about that!"

"Hey, tell you what! Why don't you just lay there and let me straddle you and let me jerk off on your chest! OK? Yea, got to admit, I'm pretty anxious to let it fly after that fucking I just got, so how bout if I just jerk off on you. That's a pretty good turn on to me anyway. I wanta sit there and watch your face while I let my juice fly all over the front of you! OK? Can I do that?"

"Oh shit man, that sounds like fun! Yea Todd, I'd like that!

Let's do that!"

With that encouragement, Todd straddled Jim's body and it only took about a minute for Todd to be letting out the ole hollering, that he was getting ready to cum. "Oh my God Jim, I'm cumin man, I'm cumin! Oh Jim here it comes!"

Suddenly, without further warning, Todd was shooting all of his juices all over Jim's massive chest! Squirt after squirt, Todd sprayed Jim's chest. Jim laid there with his eyes wide open watching the end of Todd's dick shoot out it's juices. Three big squirts, and each one got just a little higher on Jim's chest. The last one landed right under his chin and landed on his adams apple!

"Oh shit man! Oh man. Todd, I've never watched another guy shoot off like that! Man I like that! Wow! What a sight to be laying here and watching you shoot all over me! Damn man! Never thought about something like that happening! Shit man, that was hot! Oh Todd, I can't believe that I'm this excited about having some guy sitting on top of me and jerking off his dick onto me! Oh Todd, I never expected to ever feel this way. Shit man, this is outrageous! Fucking outrageous!"

"Oh wow! Shit man, now I'm the one that is exhausted! Damn, that felt good! So you like that, uh? You like watching my jazz come flying out of the end of my rod at you, uh?"

"Oh Todd, I never saw anything like that before. Yea, I've watched my own cum flying out of my dick, but that's the first time I've ever been in this position watching some other guy jerk it off and let it fly. It was flying right at my face! Hey man, we've got to do that again sometime, OK?"

"Hey, like I said before, I sure don't want to this to be our only time together, so of course we can. You know Jim. For a guy, well actually maybe even kind of an older guy, one with a bunch of kids, and being a guy that has never played with some other guy before, you sure do learn fast! I'm glad Gary and I are fucking buddies, but I've got to admit, now that I've got to meet his Daddy, this makes it even better.

Gary is good, but I kind of think his Daddy is gonna be a whole lot better!

I'm glad we did this. And hell, I guess I'm even more glad that you stayed there and watched Gary and I fucking around. I can't imagine what it must be like for a Daddy to be standing there and actually watching his son get fucked in the ass, and then fuck some other guy in the ass, ---but it sure is paying off for me! Who in the world would ever think that once a guy's dad finds his own son getting fucked in the ass by some other guy, that the Daddy would actually call that guy, and tell him he wants to do that same thing? Seriously Jim, when I realized who in the hell was calling me tonight, I thought for sure you wanted to come over and `beat the hell out of me.' Little did I know it was really `fuck the hell out of me!' Come on man, let's go shower. I don't know if you know it or not, but I'm staying here for the night! It's too late to drive, and you are too hunky of a guy, to leave behind, and besides, ---I need to fuck that ass of yours in the morning. OK?"


Wade Wright

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