Supper time allowed the three horny men, horny, but still trying to act very polite and not out of proper character, ---they forced themselves into mostly conversation of the, `out in public' type. Todd and Mark did find out that John was the owner of a very small trucking company, and his load of carpeting, was not for his carpet business, but rather a customer's company. Much more to their specific interest, they did find out that he also owned a very small weight room that was much more of the types that used to be in existence before the large health clubs rather took over the

`lifting' business. He told Todd and Mark that it was small, did not make any money, but sure did give him the freedom and reasons for getting out of the house, for valid reasons, once in awhile. He then smiled and said, "If you understand the `valid reasons' concept!"

Todd and Mark looked at each other, grinned, then looked back at John, grinned, and each man uttered, "Yea, yea, got ya! Got, ya!"

John then looked at each of the two and asked, "No wife?"

Each of the two shook their heads, "No" as John then leaned over close and quietly stated, "I think every guy should be made to do gay sex at least twice, before he is allowed to get married, just to be sure he still wants to! Would have been a good rule for me!"

So one quick supper later, the men were back in their room, and laughing about how careful they had to be, in the restaurant, about not letting other customers or some of the waitresses hear some of their conversation.

As they were now rather quickly undressing and admiring each other's bodies, Mark leaned over and ran his tongue the complete length of Todd's back, all the way from his butt crack, up the middle of his back, and to the back of his neck

Todd asked, "John, you never got to finish that little story you were trying to tell us over there in the restaurant about you and that grocery store guy that you made it with last week."

"Oh yea! Yea, that older couple that sat down right behind us kind of stopped that one didn't it?" John smilingly replied. "Well, like I did tell you, ---I was in the grocery store last week-end and was standing there looking at the label on a jar of spaghetti sauce. This grocery store guy was squatted there on the floor kind of close to where I was, and he was stocking some spaghetti stuff. Anyway, I looked over toward him, guess I must have had this feeling I was being looked at, or something, and when I looked at him, he was staring right at my crotch. And I do mean, strongly enough that it made me look down to see if something was wrong or not. Nothing looked wrong, so I looked back at him again, and all of a sudden he realized that I saw him looking at my crotch."

"Were you showing something? Did you have a hard-on or something?"

Mark inquisitively asked!

"No, really I didn't, but I also didn't have any briefs on either, and yea, I do admit it was hanging down my leg. So anyway, when he realized he had been staring at it and that I had seen him looking, he just kind of quickly tried to look the other way. Well, being in kind of a joking mood, I guess, I asked him, `Oh hey guy, where can I find the polish sausage?'"

Laughing quite strongly, both Todd and Mark each, let out a quick,

"Oh shit!"

"I thought that kid, well anyway I call him a kid, was gonna fall over backwards when I asked him that! His face turned beat red, and that turned me on! Again, I know he did not intend to do it, but again he looked at my crotch! Well guys, gotta admit that with that happening, now my dick was starting to squirm in there some. He saw it! He knew I was getting horny, and I know he was too! Absent mindedly, he licked his lips.

Then he realized just what in the hell he had just done. Then, again in my joking mood, I held the spaghetti sauce down toward him and asked, "Hey, is this is the right kind of sauce to put on some `seggities' and some sausage?"

"Oh shit man, you didn't!? Oh God John, that poor guy! What in the hell did he say? What did he do?" Todd anxiously asked.

"Very calmly and very politely, he looked right at my crotch and just said, `Depends on the sausage!' Then looked up at me and quietly said, `I get off at nine'. I then quietly answered, `So that means I'll get off at nine-ten, right?" Looking around to make sure nobody else was getting close, he looked right back at my crotch, which by this time was starting to look like a sausage, and just said, `Depends on the sausage, man, depends on the sausage!'"

As John, Todd and Mark continued to undress and assemble in the queen sized bed, Mark grabbed John's dick and asked, "This sausage man, this sausage?"

"Yea that sausage! I looked down at him, ---remember he's squatted down on the floor with his face right at crotch level and I just said,

"We'll try this one as I tapped my dick a little, and then said, "Nine o'clock at the telephone booth. Don't be late!'"

"Oh shit man, really? Really did you guys meet?"

"Hell yea man, hell yea! And to just make things fun, I did go buy a polish sausage, you know those hard sausages, I think they're called Polish sausage, anyway the ones that are about 15 inches long and something that I know a lot of guys would love to feel going up their butt, ---well I had that with me. When he came out of the store right after nine, I just handed him the sausage. He grinned real big and just said, `This is the wrong sausage, but thanks anyway, -----I want the other one!'"

"Oh shit man, oh shit! Oh God John you have got me, ---this kid, so fucking turned on here telling me about you and that guy, while I'm getting to lay here and feel this sausage of yours, what in the hell did you guys do then? Shit man, hey-Todd, feel this dick! Yea, yea, oh yea, -yea man, this is getting so fucking hot! Hey, somebody grab my ass, but John I've gotta hear what in the hell happened with you and this guy. Was he hot? Was he built?"

"Oh shit yea! I will admit I did not know that until I finally got his clothes off since he likes to wear those baggy loose fitting pants and his shirt was pretty loose too, but shit yea-----the body of a God once I got him stripped down. Told me his name was Jimmy, but everybody called him "Shorty", he was 20, a former gymnast in high school, and still worked out a lot and was still kind of involved in gymnastics, some. He was not particularly short, stood about five ten or so, so I'm not too sure just how everybody understood the nickname! Yea, the boys in the locker room,

"So God man, I'm sure you guys didn't do it right there in front of the store, where'd you guys go?" Todd inquired.

"Well I asked him if he had a place we could go to, and he told me he was living with his older brother and his wife, so no, he didn't. I told him I had a wife at home, so we sure couldn't go there, but that if we killed just a few minutes, the guy running the gym, I own, would be gone, and we could go there and just leave the light off so it did not look like to anyone that it was open. So we did. We kind of killed about 10 or 15 minutes, then he followed me to the back door of the gym."

"Oh shit man, I can not believe this! Now I really do know why you have that gym. It's your secret little sex hideout, isn't it?" Todd laughed and asked!

"Yea I guess that's what you could call it! Well-anyway, sure does come in handy once in awhile! Like that night! Shit man, I'm sure glad I went to the grocery store that night. Little did I know that when I asked him if he knew where I could find the polish sausage, that all he needed to do was grab his crotch. Now I know why the baggy pants! The dick of death! Absolutely, the dick of death! When he's got those tight gymnastic tights on, whatever they're called, he has to show the basket of glory!

God that guy is hung. I have not measured it yet, but he told me, hard, it's like 10 or ten and a half. And I am damn sure it is!"

"Wait here-wait!' Todd jumped in! "Uhhh,-you said, have not measured it yet! Meaning? I assume that means you and he are gonna do it again? Is that right!?

"Hell yea! He got a free membership to the gym that night! Hell yea, he gets to use the gym as often as he likes, just a long as he accepts my phone calls and kind of acts like my, ---what should we say, `My stand by and be ready man?'"

"Oh shit man, damn! I guess he must have screwed you that night then, right?" Mark asked as he continued to play with and jerk on John's dick, ---continued to let Todd run two fingers up into his ass, and Todd presented his own ass, close enough to John's right hand, so that he too was getting an ass full of massaging fingers.

"Oh shit man! That is way too much to comprehend for me! I mean, yea I can comprehend it, it's just that I guess I wish I could have gotten stuck with that big thing too!" Mark stated calmly.

"Well, tell you what young man!" John quickly responded. "Mine just might not be 10 or ten and a half, but I sure do know how to use what I've got, don't I Todd? He got it for a couple of minutes earlier today, so he knows how fucking good it can feel up in your ass! Lay down here man and let me pound that sweet little ass of yours, and while I fuck the hell out if it back here, it looks to me like that big dick of Todd's could use some good warm sucking on, right Todd?"

"Yea, man, yea! This is gonna be kind of weird. I'm gonna let Mark, my co-worker, for what two years now Mark, finally get on my dick!

Shit man, I wish like hell I had known this a long time ago. Mark, take my dick and suck it man, suck it. Come on, let's make up for lost time!"

Mark was on his gut, with John now making pounding, slamming, hay in his tight little ass and finally, finally, Mark had Todd's dick stuck down his throat! All he could think of as he tried and tried to take even more dick than there was to take, was, "Todd,-you think you're excited about me sucking on your dick, well man if you only know how many fucking times I wanted to just reach out, grab it, and just tell you that if you didn't want to get sucked, too fucking bad! Man, I've wanted to take this dick for way too long now! Come on man, cum in my mouth! Fill me with your juice man, fill me! Make my day happy, make my day happy!"

"Oh God yes Mark, yea man suck me man, suck me! Oh shit I can not believe how fucking long I have wanted you on my dick! Shit man, if I'd been playing around a lot longer than I have, I know damn well I would have forced you to suck me! Oh shit man, I wish we had been doing this a hell of a lot longer!"

As John was pounding Mark's ass, he asked, "So Todd, kinda guess maybe for you, it's a good thing Mark was sucking me off in the restroom, right? You never had any idea he was guy friendly?"

"I had no idea, no idea at all! Really man, of the number of times when I'd kind of close my eyes and just try to imagine what it'd be like to have him on or me on him, whichever, it was just too much to imagine could ever happen. Wow! Shit yea man! I could care less about who propositioned who! Just thank God, I walked in right then! John, just as soon as you get done in that tight little ass of his, I want that rod of yours back up in my ass! I like what's happening to Mark! He's getting his ass pounded like some swinging base ball bat, and he's getting to chew on my hungry dick like crazy. I want you pounding my as like that, while I finally get that stick of Mark's rammed down my throat as far as it will go!"

"Mark pulled off for just a second and firmly stated, "And men, just as soon as John gets done fucking your ass, and you get done sucking on my dick, I want to fuck that ass of John's for hours and hours. God man! What a fucking good looking hairy, tight, muscled ass! God Todd, we need to double fuck him. Wanta do that?"

"Hey yea man, I want to do any fucking thing you two guys can think to do. Right now, I feel like I'm in heaven, maybe, `gay heaven', and I'm getting to do anything and everything, to two guys, and with two guys, that's out of this world! Shit man! All I can say right now is, I just hope I can walk and swallow tomorrow! Up the ass, down the throat, anything and everything, --- let's do it! Wow, what a day! I didn't know I'd ever be so glad to catch some guy, sucking on some other guy, than I have been today! John, we don't live too far away from each other, ---really! We need to make sure we do this again, and real soon! You bring your buddy Shorty along, and maybe Mark can bring Shane, and wait------hey wait! Maybe I can get the other Mark, the Officer Mark, that I know, to come and join in the fun! Hell man! I forgot! I've got me another Mark that likes to play like this. He's a State Trooper and he is hot, fucking, fucking, fucking, hot! Yea men, yea! We gotta do this! We need to get a real group orgy going! What you guys think? Interested?"

"Interested? Hell yea, I know I sure am!" John answered. You got a State Trooper fuck buddy that you think maybe could be there? Oh shit man, gotta tell you, ---I've dreamed of doing it with a cop sometime, and never have, as far as I know. Yea man, yea! That sounds hot as hell to me! Real hot! Oh shit man, that idea is really turning me on! Let's do it!"

"Oh God Mark, -----I'm gonna cum man! I'm gonnnnnnnnnna cum! Hey man, ---oh man------wow! Oh shit man, ---- oh God that was hot! Oh man that felt good! God, I guess maybe the idea of getting a lot of us together must have made me hot as hell too! Mark, you OK?"

Trying to take some deep breaths, Mark attempted a quick, "Yea, I'm OK, fucking mouth full of my buddies cum, but yea, doing OK and feeling good!"

Pounding Mark's ass like crazy, suddenly John let out, "Mark, hang on man, ----I'm about to let you have it! Oh Mark, --you're about to get it, -------Mark here it comes man----Oh God man, you're getting it in both ends man, ----here it comes------------Oh man, oh man! Oh God Mark! Oh, your ass is so fucking hot! Shit man, ---Todd you've gotta fuck this butt, you've gotta! It is so fucking hot!"

"Hey listen man! I'm gonna fuck that butt, you're gonna fuck my butt, he's gonna fuck your butt, --hey every fucking and sucking thing that can happen, is gonna happen tonight, agreed!? I'm not intended on getting ---------no sleep tonight at all!"


Wade Wright

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